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The Best Family Reunion Locations in Utah

Are you looking for the best family reunion locations in Utah? Awesome! Multi-generational family vacations are on the rise.  More and more people want to plan a trip to be with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  

 I have some great ideas for amazing family reunion locations in Utah to consider. 

The family reunion sites in Utah are perfect because of their close location to the Mighty 5 Utah national parks and amazing kid-friendly hikes in the mountains and surrounding areas.  The recommendations in the post are more of the outdoor adventure type.

Family reunions in Utah have become one of our favorite destinations as it is a great place to congregate. My husband has five siblings spread out from Chicago to California.  It is nice to be able to get together once a year and spend time making memories.

Let's plan a family reunion and explore some of best places for a family reunion in Utah!

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Family Reunions in Utah

Utah Mountains kid friendly hikes in Utah

I am so excited to share with you some of the amazing places to have a family reunion in Utah family!  There are so many great options.  I will give a brief overview, some things to do, and the benefits and disadvantages of each area.

Let's Explore the following Utah Family Reunion Sites:

  • Duck Creek
  • Bear Lake
  • Heber/Park City
  • Lake Powell
  • Eden 
  • Flaming Gorge

1. Duck Creek Village/ Brain Head - Utah Family Reunion Location

Utah family reunion location duck creek

Duck Creek Village is located 42 minutes east of Cedar City, UT.  It is a great family reunion location in Utah, in the summer, because it is up in the mountains (easier to stay cool!).  There is plenty to do in the area such as hiking, ATV riding, horseback riding, and visiting national parks.

We have spent several summers in Duck Creek Village and highly recommend it.

 Utah Family Reunion Lodging Cabin Choices:

Duck Creek Cabin View

One thing that we love is finding a great place to stay.  Duck Creek Village is an amazing community.  There are many large cabins in this area that you can rent through VRBO.

Fun Places to Stay in Utah

My husband's family consists of about 22 people; consequently, we need a huge cabin so we can be together.  We usually use Airbnb or VRBO.comWe have had a lot of luck with finding really fun cabins that include entertainment rooms with air hockey, video games, and movie theater rooms.

There are also campsites and RV Parks in the area. Another thing we love about this area no matter where you decide to stay is that the ATV/UTV trails are right out your front door.

Things to Do in Duck Creek Village:

There are some fun activities to do near Duck Creek Village. Let's explore some of the options. 

ATV/UTV Trails 

ATV Rider at Duck Creek

Duck Creek Village has amazing ATV/UTV trails.  The trails are right outside of the cabins!  There is a great trail system in the area, connecting Duck Creek Village with Panguitch and other locations.

After renting UTV/ATV's in this area, (which is a great option and very convenient) we decided to purchase 4 ATVs to use every summer.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding Duck creek

Horseback riding is one of my loves.  I do not get to do it very often, but I really enjoy it.  It is great to get a group and go on a horseback riding tour.  It is always such a great experience! This is a perfect family reunion in Utah activity. 


Fishing is a favorite pastime. Panguitch Lake is nearby.  The men and kids in my family usually rent a boat and spend a day fishing!


We love to hike. Utah is an amazing place to enjoy nature and hiking trails are not in short supply.  Staying in a cabin in the woods offers a great opportunity to walk along paths and see wildlife.

Brian Head Ski Resort

Summer at Brian Head

Brain Head Resort is a ski resort but offers summer activities.  Brain Head is about 50 minutes away from Duck Creek Village.  When you are in the country a 50-minute drive is no big deal.

We love the summer activities at Brain Head. Riding up the ski lift and hiking down is so fun.

The resort has a scavenger hunt that the kids can participate in on their way down.  At the lodge, there are ziplines, bounce houses, and other fun activities.  We love spending a day exploring Brain Head!

National Parks and Monuments

Cedar Breaks utah

Cedar Breaks National Monument:  I absolutely love this stop.  Cedar Breaks is a very short hike and is gorgeous.

It sits at 10,000 feet and overlooks a mile-and-a-half amphitheater of nature. Those who are afraid of heights may not enjoy this, but I didn't think it was that bad! I love national parks and monuments.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Family REunion Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park is within an hour's drive from Duck Creek Village! If you love national parks this one is beautiful and worth a visit.

When we stay in this area it is on our list of places to visit! There are other  National Parks located close to this area including Bryce Canyon, Zions, and the Grand Canyon is not too far.



Duck Creek Village is in the mountains so it will be 10-15 degrees cooler!  This is awesome in the heat of the summer.  A lot of people from Las Vegas come here to beat the heat!  Also, the UTV/ATV trails are amazing!


It is very far away from stores and civilization.  You have to be very organized and planned for the week.  You need to do the majority of shopping before you head into the mountains.

My Experience

This is a great Utah family reunion location!  I personally love this location because it can be 100 degrees at the base of the mountain and as you go up you can watch your temperature gauge in your car go down!  I love that!  It is a way to beat the heat of summer and still do all the fun things summer has to offer! This is a great family reunion location site! 





2. Bear Lake Utah Family Reunion Location

Family Reunion Bear Lake

Bear Lake is in Northern Utah on the border with Idaho.  The water at Bear Lake is so blue it feels like you are in the Caribbean (keep telling yourself this, as it will help you with the shock of the cold water most times of the year!)

Bear Lake has a lot to offer. This lake is surrounded by mountains. There is a nice beach on the Idaho side to relax and have a great time!

Family Reunion Lodging Utah: Bear Lake Cabins 

There are many cabins in the area to rent. Airbnb and VRBO are great options as well as local cabin rental websites.

There are a few KOA sites and Eden Campground for tent camping but these 4 sites are very primitive.

The Idaho side is where you will find the best Bear Lake Cabin Rentals. Honestly, the last time we ended up staying in Logan, Utah, and then just heading over to the lake for the day.  Logan is a great city to explore as well.

Things to Do at Bear Lake:

There are some fun things to do in the Bear Lake area. Let's explore them. 


Boating is the number one activity!  We do not own a boat but have rented a ski boat and jet skis at Bear Lake!  It is so fun!  It is very convenient as well.  There is a rental store right near the lake ramp.  You can park your car right there and jump right onto the water.  It is kind of expensive to rent a boat but if you have a few families all pitching in it is worth the cost!

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is available on the east side of the lake. I have not been but, in this water, it would be awesome because it is so blue and clear.  The water is very cold all year long so you will need a wet suit for sure.

Cave Exploring

Minnetonka Caves is about 50 minutes away. You may want to send someone early in the day to buy tickets. Wear a jacket as it gets a little cold.  You probably want to be in good shape as there are 414 stairs in the cave.

Raspberry Shakes

Raspberry Shake from Bear Lake

Raspberry shakes are famous in this area! There are many places around town to try these delicious shakes. Want to find out the best shakes in town? Project Bear Lake Raspberry Shake Showdown is a great place to start.

Hiking, Hunting, and Horseback Riding

Utah Family Reunion Hike

Hiking, hunting, horseback riding, and enjoying the beauty of Utah is everywhere in this location! There are so many family reunion ideas and activities that we can not list them all!


Gorgeous lake with amazing views.  A true place to make memories and have a great time!


The water is freezing, you can swim in August but early in the summer, you might want to wear a wet suit.  This is another place that is pretty far away from stores and planning ahead is essential.

3. Heber/ Park City - Utah Family Reunion Location

Heber Utah family reunion location in utah

Heber and Park City are located about 20-40 minutes east of Salt Lake City, in the mountains.  These locations are not as isolated as some of the destinations in this list.  There is great shopping and lots of activities to do! It is a perfect family reunion site in Utah.

Family Reunion Lodging Utah: Park City and Heber Cabins 

We have stayed at Timberlake Estates in Heber. I have had some friends rent a cabin in Park City. Both places are great!  Park City is a little harder to find a cabin for a large group.  Heber had more cabins available for larger families.

As a tip, some cabins are in private communities that have an association ( like Timberlake Estates). This may limit short-term use of the cabins, and may also limit the activities that you may engage in.

There are a few campsites near Heber and an RV park in Park City!

Things to Do Heber and Park City:

Park City has Olympic Park. The park has a mountain coaster, alpine slide, and other fun activities. There are also outlets if you love shopping.

The town of Park City is cute and fun to walk around and see local art galleries.  There are local restaurants that are fun to try. A trolley ride through town is available for free.

Heber Train

Heber has a fun train that is always themed. We have been on a wild west train ride and the North Pole Express.  There is always an exciting adventure with a theatrical aspect as you ride the train.

State Parks

Lake Playground

Jordanelle State Park is located between Park City and Heber.  Swimming, fishing, and enjoying outdoor water activities is what this reservoir is all about.  They also have a water trampoline playground!

Enjoy The Cabin With Your Family

Cabin play

Obviously, there are lots of entertainment options nearby but one of the best parts of renting a cabin is playing games and spending time with cousins!


This could be a positive or negative depending on the person.  It is closer to stores and more everyday living! You are not as isolated from the world!


No trails for UTV/ATVing. Depending on where you stay, you may have to drive a little way to hike.  You are not completely one with nature!

4. Lake Powell - Utah Family Reunion Location

family reunion location site Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a favorite family reunion location in Utah for many Utah families! It is located on the border of Utah and Arizona. This Lake is unique because it is surrounded by the red rock of southern Utah.

Family Reunion Lodging Utah: Lake Powell Cabin 

Most people have or rent boathouses at this location.  There are campsites nearby. Cabins are not as accessible in this area but there are a few houses and houseboats to rent from places like Airbnb and VRBO.com

Things to Do at Lake Powell:

The main reason to go to this area is boating. But there are amazing hikes nearby.


Lake activities are the most obvious; skiing, fishing, and swimming.


Utah family reunion locations Lake Powell

Antelope Canyon, which is a slot canyon, is close by depending on which part of the lake you are on.  It is an amazing hike


Some of the benefits of Lake Powell are hanging out on the lake all day, swimming, and enjoying the view.


This part of the country can get really hot in the summer. The heat could be a disadvantage for sure!

5. Ogden Canyon; Eden, Utah - Utah Family Reunion Location

Ogden Canyon family reunion Location Utah

I am adding this Utah family reunion location because this is where we have gone the last 2 years.  It is not as glamorous as some of the other locations, but my mother-in-law has cancer and we want to be close to a hospital.  It is still located in the mountains and offers that cool, refreshing air.  There are two lakes nearby that offer water activities as well.

Utah Family Reunion Lodging: Eden Cabins 

We rented a really nice cabin in a Eden, UT neighborhood.  We like the cabins that have huge movie and game rooms.  This community has a pool and running trails around the neighborhood.  There is also a hot tub right outside every cabin.

Things to Do in Eden:

Boat on a Lake


Renting a boat for tubing was a first for us at our family reunion. We have always rented boats for fishing.  We had so much fun that we are going to be adding this to our family reunion activities again and again!

Spending one day on the lake is not enough!  The following year we will add two and it was great!

Downtown Ogden

Union Pacific Museum

We went into town and visited the Union Pacific Museum.  They have some really cool trains on display and parts of the museum are interactive for kids. We also stopped at a really cute snow cone and ice cream store.


Close to town and hospital. There is a lake and hiking close by.


No ATV trails nearby.

6. Flaming Gorge/Vernal - Utah Family Reunion Locations

Things to do near Vernal - Flaming Gorge

Vernal, Utah is a great place to have a family reunion.  We were really excited to visit this part of Utah and see everything it has to offer.

Utah Family Reunion Lodging: Flaming Gorge Cabins 

Lodging is not as easy to find in this area for a large group.  There are some entire houses or cabins you can rent on Airbnb.com.  A few other options are staying separately at a resort such as the redcanyonlodge or even at the Springhill Suites.

Things to Do in Vernal

There are a lot of family-friendly things to do in Vernal, Utah.  Dinosaur National Monument, boating on Flaming Gorge, river rafting down the Green River, hiking to Fantasy Canyon and Moonshine Arch, fishing, and horseback riding.

River Rafting

River Rafting on the Green River

River Rafting was probably our favorite thing in Vernal.  You can rent a raft that can seat up to 15 people.  A lot of groups had multiple rafts.  This self-guided trip was inexpensive and really fun.

From the Flaming Gorge Dam to Little Hole is mild class I and II rapids, so most people can do this without a guide. If you are more adventurous there are higher classes of rapids also in this area.

Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument is a fun family activity.  There is a large quarry with partially excavated dinosaur bones.  Thirteen actual dinosaurs have been found in this area giving it the nickname “dinosaur land”.

There are many hikes and petroglyphs in this area.  It is a fun activity to do at your Utah family reunion.


There are lots of outdoor activities to do.  Vernal is a good size small town that has plenty of supplies, places to eat, and things to do.


Lodging is harder to find for a big group.

7. Salt Lake City - Utah Family Reunion Locations

salt Lake City Temple Square

Salt Lake City is a great city.  There are lots of fun things to do and see which makes it a great place for a Utah family reunion location.  One really great thing about Salt Lake City is that no matter when you go Fall, Spring, Summer, or Winter, there is always something fun for large groups to do.  

Utah Family Reunion Lodging: Salt Lake City Cabins or Big Houses

Salt Lake has some amazing Airbnb and VRBO.  You can choose to stay downtown, Draper, or Daybreak and have a great time.  Most of the houses you will find will be in the city, however, Salt Lake County does include the mountains with beautiful mountain homes.  

Things to Do in Salt Lake City:

We are going to break this down into Summer activities and Winter activities. 

Family Reunion Summer Activities

Let's explore some of the best things to do in Summer in Salt Lake.


Hidden Falls best hikes in Utah

Salt Lake City is surrounded by beautiful mountains.  One great family reunion activity is to plan a hiking day.  There are some great kid-friendly hikes in Utah.  Early in the season, you will see many waterfalls.

Summer Ski Resorts Activities

Alpine Slide at Snowbird

Temperatures can be hot during the summer, but the ski resorts in Little and Big Cottonwood Canyon are perfect to beat the heat.  Summer at Snowbird Ski Resort is so fun.  There are alpine slides, rope courses, a mountain coaster, and so much more.  

Local Attractions

Train at this the place Heritage park

There are some great options for things to do in Utah with kids in the Salt Lake City area. You could do a few on the following list:

Family Reunion Winter Activities

Let's explore the winter activities in the Salt Lake City area.

Ski Trip

Gifts for Skiers - staying warm

If you want to plan an ultimate Salt Lake City skiing family reunion trip Utah is a great place.  Utah has eight ski resorts within an hour from Salt Lake City.  Your home base could easily be in Salt Lake Valley.  

Ice Castle

Ice Castles

The Midway Ice Castle is one of the best Utah family reunion activities.  It is a short drive from Salt Lake City.  You can even get a group discount if you have enough people. Just remember to reserve your time slot ahead of time.  

Snow Tubing

Beginner Ski Resorts Wintergreen Virginia

Snow tubing is a great Utah family reunion activity.  There are few locations near the Salt Lake City area.  Woodward Park City and Soldiers Hollow are the best locations. 


There are tons of activities in the Salt Lake Valley that are geared towards families.  You could easily plan your days full of fun.  


You will not be able to do as much outdoor recreating (besides hiking) because you are in the city.  

8. Sundance/Provo/ Utah County - Utah Family Reunion Locations

Utah Family Reunion Location Site - Sundance Utah County

Utah County is a great family reunion location.  This area includes Sundance. Sundance is a beautiful location in the Provo, Canyon.  There are so many great outdoor activities to keep your family busy. 

Utah Family Reunion Lodging: Cabins

One of the most popular Utah family reunion locations is Aspen Grove Family Camp.  This is an all-inclusive (non-luxury) cabin experience.  It is a family camp where there are camp counselors for ages 0-18. Adult classes and 6 hours of planned activities each day.  Food is included in your stay.  

There is typically a 2-3 year waiting list to attend this family camp.  After that amount of time, there is still a lottery.  The reviews are awesome.  

If you can't get into Aspen Grove there are some beautiful family-style cabins to rent on Airbnb and VRBO.  Sundance Mountain Resort is very nice but they do not have rooms large enough for big families. 

Things to Do in Provo Canyon and Utah County:

Let's explore some of the best Utah family reunion activities in this area.


Timpanogos Cave hike 

One of the most popular hiking trails in this area is Steward Falls. It is a great family hike that ends with a fantastic view of a waterfall.  You will also want to go on the Provo River Trail and have a picnic.  

Brigham Young University is located in this area and it is extremely popular to hike to the big Y on the side of the mountain. 

American Fork Canyon

The Timpanogos Cave National Monument is located in American Fork Canyon which is just a short drive from the Provo Canyon.  This is a great hike that ends with a tour of a cave.  You do have to purchase tickets ahead of time.  The hike is steep but when you are hiking as a group it is easy to distract yourself! 

Local Activities

Thanksgiving Point Garden Utah

There are some fun Utah family reunion activities in Utah County.  You can explore the following list to see if these would be of interest to your family. 

  • Thanksgiving Point
  • Evermore
  • Splash Summit 
  • Visit BYU (creamery, Museums)
  • Provo Beach
  • Raft/Tube down Provo River
  • Adventure Zip Line
  • Utah Lake


There are so many fun activities in Utah County.  You can have the best of both worlds with city amenities and mountain canyon access.  It really is a great Utah family reunion location site. 


You may not be able to find accommodations as easily as in other areas. 

9. St. George - Utah Family Reunion Locations

St. George family reunion

St. George Utah is a favorite Utah family reunion location.  The best times to visit are Fall – Spring.  The weather is a little hot in the summer but if you are okay with that there are plenty of things to do in St. George all year round.  

Utah Family Reunion Lodging: Cabins

There are so many people from Salt Lake that have 2nd homes in St. George.  This is nice because you have a lot of options for Airbnb and VRBO.  Many people rent out their homes to tourists.  

Things to Do in St. George Utah:

There are so many amazing Utah family reunion activities in St. George.  You can also include some of the itinerary items from Brian Head.  

Let's check out the local attractions!

Local Attractions

St George family reunion Utah things to do

  • Tuacahn
  • Pioneer Park
  • Sand Hollow
  • Zions National Park
  • Snow Canyon


St. George is an outdoor playground.  There are so many adventurous things to do in the area. Especially if you love National Parks.  


The heat is a big disadvantage if you go in the summer.  It is almost unbearable!

10. Moab - Utah Family Reunion Locations


Moab is a great Utah family reunion location site.  Especially if you love the outdoors.  There are two national parks, great off-roading trails, and beautiful landscapes. Planning a trip to Moab for a family reunion is a great idea.

Utah Family Reunion Lodging: Cabins

Finding lodging may be a little harder for a big group.  You will want to make sure you book early! VRBO has a few great options.  The majority of people who come to Moab plan to camp or have or rent an RV. 

Things to Do in Moab:

Let's explore the Utah family reunion activities in Moab! 

National Parks and State Parks

Mighty five road trip Utah National parks

There are two national parks located in Moab.  Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.  You can easily spend a day at each of these parks.  You will also want to stop by Deadhorse State Park and Goblin Valley if your family loves exploring the red rocks of Utah.  

Hells Revenge

Hells Revenge Hummer Tour

If your family likes off-road adventure Hell's Revenge is one of the most famous trails in the USA.  It is an exciting ride.  You can go on a tour or rent UTV's and drive yourself over the red rock obstacle courses.  

Other Moab Activities

Moab has some international dark sky parks.  Star Gazing is incredible in this area.  Hanging outside and viewing the stars is a great family bonding activity!

You can also go on a river rafting trip or do some canyoneering, or enjoy mountain biking in the area.  


There are so many outdoor adventures to keep your family entertained for days.  


Booking accommodations for large groups can be hard in this area.  Also, in the summer the heat is pretty intense. 

Are you Ready to Plan a Utah Family Reunion?

Utah Family Reunion

(The kids are on the trailer strapped up, we wouldn't put our kids with no shoes on a motorbike)

I hope this gave you a few ideas of fun places to have your next Utah family reunion.  We have had a lot of fun and made some great memories over the years.  I hope you can start some fun traditions with your family and plan a family reunion!

Utah is one of the best locations for family reunions

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I hope this gave you some great family reunion ideas and locations in Utah.  If you have any questions follow me over on Facebook and join my private community where I personally answer any travel-related questions!  FACEBOOK COMMUNITY


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