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Rent An RV! (The Best Rving for Beginners Guide and Checklist!)

Rent an RV from RVshare
Have you ever wanted to rent an RV? Looking for the best 5th wheel rentals, airstream rental, popup camper rental, or maybe you want to try out a Mercedes camper van rental.  

You are in the right place! We are going to give you all the information you need so you can rent a luxury RV rental or a small RV rental.  This post will make rving for beginners easy! 

In this post, we are going to give you a detailed description of a RV rental by owner company called RV Share.  We will also give you some helpful tips for choosing your camper.  We will let you know the average RV rental cost and get you on your way with some important RV tips.  

Renting an RV for a road trip is an amazing experience.  You will have the freedom to see so many places! National Parks with all their beauty, unique state parks, and sparkling lakes to explore can be all part of your exciting adventure!

Let's get started with the first step of renting an RV for a road trip through RV Share. 

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Rent and RV on RVshare

I did work with RV Share to create this post.  All opinions and information are my own. I have been able to rent from RV Share so I have first hand experience working with the company.

This post may contain affiliate links that will give me a commission at no additional charge to you,

Renting an RV for a Road Trip on RVShare

Renting an RV for a Road Trip

Do you love the idea of buying an RV and hitting the road?  Have you ever had to opportunity to see what it is like?  Renting an RV for a road trip is the best way to see if this is something you might want to invest in in the future. 

We are going to learn how to rent an RV for a road trip, some RV for beginner tips, and how to care for your RV on your vacation!  We will also help you pick out the best rv for beginners! 

Also, if you read the entire post I have a special Free Cheat Sheet to get you ready to go on your RV Trip!

I love RV Share, an RV rental company.  What is really nice is that RV Share brings local RV rentals at your figure tips.  The website allows you to view campers for rent by owner.

Let's Rent an RV for a Road Trip!

It would be really cool to rent an RV for road trip in the USA!  I dream of an epic road trip, in a luxury Winnebago, all the way to Canada. 

Traveling down the Oregon Coast would also be amazing! Or visit some of the best National Parks in the USA.  Exploring the unknown areas of the United States in a luxury RV rental  or an airstream rental is where it is at!

Average RV Rental Cost

Rv Rentals by Owner

Renting an RV can be very expensive.  From my online searches, many of the options I found were very cookie-cutter, offering me a very standard RV to rent!  Average RV rental cost depend on what type of RV you would like.  

What I found with RVShare is that I have lots of options. The website is also very user-friendly.  Think Airbnb's for RVs!  There is something for every budget!

Browsing the website, I could easily search by location, cost, type, and time.  There is a handy map to aid your search.

And there is a great selection of campers for rent by owner!

RV rentals by owners! Different people post their RV's on the site just like Airbnb!  That means there are some very luxury RV rentals and also very small RV rentals or basic types!

RVShare allows you to choose what type of RV you would like to rent and the price that fits into your budget! 

How Do you use RVShare to Rent an RV for a Road Trip?

Rent an RV for a Road Trip

Let me show you how to rent a RV for a road trip!

Step One to Rent an RV for a Road Trip

Go to

Step Two to Rent an RV for a Road Trip

Enter the location and dates you wish to travel. 

RV Share

Step Three To Rent an RV for a Road Trip

Scroll down and look at the different choices

  • Prices will be different depending on the type of RV you want to rent.
  • Check out the location of the RV to know where you will have to pick it up. (there is a map on the side)

RV Share

Step Four To Rent an RV for a Road Trip

Time to book! Once you decide on an RV click on the image. You will see exactly how much it will cost.

  • Total cost for dates entered
  • Taxes and fees
  • Total for booking
  • You will need to create an account or sign in using Facebook

That is it!  It is so easy to rent an RV.  You can now plan to rent an RV for a road trip!

RV Share
Booking on RV Share

Learn More About Features and Types of RV's

Rent an RV for a road trip - RV travel for beginners


There are lots of RV's to choose from.  From 5th wheel rentals, airstream rental, popup camper rental, and even a Mercedes camper van. 

You are about to learn a few new vocabulary words here as we explore the different types of RV's.

What is the Difference Between Winnebago, Motorhome, and RV?

Lets start with the terms Winnebago, motorhome, and RV.  They are all the same. A motorized recreational vehicle that has mobile living accommodations.   Winnebago is a manufacturer of motorhomes or RV's. 

What is the Difference Between Drivable Vs. Towable RV's?

If you don't have a car that can tow you will want to find a RV rental that is drivable.  This is super important RV information for beginners! 

5th wheel rentals require a truck.  They actually attach inside the bed of the truck.  

Types of Motorhomes

Small RV rental

Class A RV rental, class B RV rental, and class C motorhome rentals are terms you should get to know.  We will learn what they mean so you can rent an RV for a road trip with confidence. 

Class A RV Rental

If you are thinking of rental a class A RV rental, you should be comfortable driving a bus.  These are huge! Think semi-trucks! 

Class B RV Rental

The class B RV rentals are about the size of an oversized van. These are small RV rentals that are streamlined.  They are great for smaller groups. Also, another benefit is they have better fuel efficiency compared to the other classes. 

Class C RV Rental

Class C is the most popular RV rentals for beginners.  It is a medium sized motorhome.  It is most recognizable by the over head sleeping area above the driver.  We rented this class on our last trip. 

I was very impressed with myself because I was able to drive it easily.  I drove it along windy mountain roads and even off-roaded a little bit!  

Luxury RV Rental

Luxury RV Rentals

If you want to camp in style, as you search the website you will find Luxury RV rentals available.  It is really fun to look at all the pictures. 

Some have heated floors, big fancy bathrooms, granite counter tops, camera monitoring system, retractable TV's, electric window shades, and they are equipped with land assistance and adaptable cruise control. 

My Experience Renting an RV for a Road Trip

Rent a RV for a road trip

The whole experience of renting an RV on RVshare was easy! The owner may have specific requirements, be sure to look through these before you book. 

We had to empty the RV tote tank which required us to find a dump station before we returned the vehicle.  It was a learning experience.

Our owner also wanted to charge more for running the generator.  We tried to be cautious, so we wouldn't have too many added fees.  

We really enjoyed our RV camping trip.  It was fun to get out in nature but have a nice comfortable place to sleep! 

Time for your RV Checklist! 

RV beginner tips

 I have created a Rving for Beginners Checklist!  This will help you as you rent a RV for a road trip! There are some RV gadgets and tools you will need for your RV trip!

Before you hit the road make sure to do a thorough check!  This list will help you know where to begin! Hopefully, the owner has done all of this for you but just in case here is a list of to-do's before your trip. 

1. Check the Roof's Seals

It is important to make sure there is no water damage or anywhere water could leak through, you may experience all different types of weather and want to make sure that you are secure!

2. Tighten your RV's Lugnuts

The owners' manual on most RV's says you need to re-torque every 100 miles.  You do not want to have your wheel coming off 1000 miles into your journey.

3. Check Tire Pressure and Tread

Make sure that the wheels are in good shape.  Tire pressure and the tread are a basic safety precautions that you do not want to overlook.

4. Check the Battery

The last thing you want is a dead battery!  Make sure to bring jumper cables.

5. Check Electrical Connection

Testing the electrical connection is very important. You want to make sure your tail light, brake lights, and turn signals are working. There are three ways to connect to your towing vehicle, I suggest watching a YouTube video.

6. Know Your Measurements

You need to know your height and length for certain campgrounds.  Make sure you have that on hand.

7. Level Your RV While Parking

This is important because the liquid will not flow uphill. One common problem is ammonia can pool and cause a blockage in your refrigerator.

8. Lock and Secure

Checking all compartments both interior and exterior is very important before heading out.  You do not want to lose valuables on the road. You probably will not get them back. We had to pull over because one of our exterior flaps was not secure! 

9. Know-How to Dump Your Tank

Watch YouTube video's on how to dump your tank before you go or ask someone at a campsite.  You do not want to do this the wrong way!

These Rving for beginners suggestions are just to keep you safe and on your way to having fun.  Most likely you will not run into any problems.  Just be sure to communicate with the owner to make sure you know how to handle if anything goes wrong. 

Rving for Beginners Guide 

rv share road

You will probably be fine but just in case, here is a little more RV information for beginners in regards to what you should have on hand.  

1. Lug Nut Wrench

Having this tool is essential!

2. Tire Monitor Tool

Checking the Pressure is key as temperatures changes.

3. Water

Bring 1-5 Gallons of Water,  just in case of overheating or refilling water tanks.

4. GPS

Most phones have this option but cell phone service is not always available!

5. Disposable Gloves

To be sanitary this would be a great option! Especially when dumping your tank! 

6. Walkie Talkies

In remote locations, these come in handy. We used them alot on our RV trip. 

There are so many travel trailer accessories but hopefully, you now feel comfortable and prepared to Rent an RV from RVShare!

RVing for Beginners App List

Rving for beginners Apps

It's time to get your Free Cheat Sheet on the Best Apps and Websites that help you know where to Park/Camp!

If you do decide to book a RV please do so through my Link! This helps me out so much! 

Are you Ready to Rent a RV for a Road Trip? Utah National Park Road Trip

Hopefully, this Rving for beginners guide will help you book your RV and hit the road. 

Is renting an RV worth it? Yes!! We had such a fun time when we rented an RV.  We will do it again for sure! 

So where are you going? Nees some RV Road Trip Ideas? A Utah National Park Road tripEast Coast National Park tour? West Coast National Park trip? How about an Idaho Falls to Yellowstone road tripAnywhere you decide to go you will have a wonderful time!

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Do you have any more questions? Join my Travel Community on Facebook.  This is a great group that can help answer any travel question you might have.  I also try to add any deals that companies send me as well.

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