Spring Break in Utah

Plan a Spring Break in Utah (25 Awesome Utah Spring Break Ideas!)

Do you want to plan a Spring Break in Utah?  Awesome! I am a local with some great suggestions of where some of the best Utah Spring Break spots are. 

There are so many things to do for a UT spring break, a ski trip to a national park adventure, Utah is one of the best places to spend your spring break! 

In this post, we will include the best Spring Break Utah places to visit.  There are so many great areas!  This will help you know where to go in Utah and ultimately plan the places to vacation in Utah for Spring Break.

And Guess What?! If you live in Utah, this will give you great ideas for a staycation in Utah as well! So whether you are planning the best places to visit in Utah in March or the best places to visit in Utah in April, this post is for you! 

Let's explore all of the best Spring Break in Utah destinations! 

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Weather in Utah

Spring Break In Utah - scenic shot

Spring break in the United States is usually in March and April.  For Utahns, spring break is usually in late March or early April.

Utah still can be cold in March and April, with the trees not blooming until early April. The weather can be a determining factor as you are planning your spring break in Utah, particularly northern Utah.   

Northern Utah

In northern Utah, the average temperature in March is around 55 degrees. In April, the average is 63 degrees.  But, there are definitely days that are warmer in April. 

Southern Utah

In southern Utah, the average temperature in March is 68 degrees. In April it is closer to 77 degrees.  The best places to visit in March in Utah are in Southern Utah! 

Most Utah destinations during Spring are wonderful! Especially, Southern Utah. The weather makes Spring Break in Utah wonderful!

Popular Utah Destinations for Spring Break in Utah

Utah Spring Break

Utah is a great state with so many things to offer.  Utah has 5 national parks, 7 national monuments, and mountains surrounding its most populous corridor.  There is skiing, hiking, and every outdoor activity you can imagine!

Great Place for a Family Vacation

Utah also has the most kids per family in the United States, so you can guarantee there are museums and fun indoor activities to keep you busy the entire Utah Spring break week. 

Planning a spring break in Utah is perfect because the weather allows you to do both winter activities and summer activities within the same month. 

Utah Destinations for your UT Spring Break Vacation Spring Break in Utah

There are some great Utah destinations to visit on your UT Spring Break vacation.  In this post we will include:

  • UT Spring Break Skiing Trip
  • Salt Lake City
  • Vernal
  • Moab
  • St. George
  • UT Spring Break National Park Trip

1. Spring Break in Utah – Ski Trip

ski gear for beginners - ski bib

Many people plan Spring Break ski tripsSpring is a great time to ski! Spring break skiing in Utah is one of my favorite times to plan a Salt Lake City ski trip I like the warmer temperatures and the sun shining down on the mountain.

Skiing is best with lots of snow and fresh snow.  With the warmer weather, snow levels can dip, and it’s harder to get the powdery goodness. 

The later your spring break, the greater the likelihood of decreased snow levels.  With that said, we’ve been skiing in May, and the resorts will almost certainly be open during the UT spring break times.

Local Tip for a Spring Break in Utah Ski Trip:

If you plan to make your trip exclusively a Spring break skiing trip and are considering Alta, Brighton, Solitude, or Snowbird (all great resorts), consider staying at a resort

These resorts are located in two canyons — Little Cottonwood (Snowbird and Alta) and Big Cottonwood (Solitude and Brighton). 

While local traffic tends to thin out some as spring comes, if there is a snowstorm, locals can flock to the canyons, making it a headache to get up and down the canyons if you are not staying by the resorts.

Plus, you can usually get a great deal on lodging during the Spring.

Park City is another great area to ski, however, this resort typically closes earlier than other resorts that are higher in altitude. 

Where Should I Plan a Utah Spring Break Skiing Trip 

The highest elevation for ski resorts in Utah is Alta and Snowbird.  Both of these resorts will have the best snow compared to other resorts in Utah.  The resorts are next to each other up Little Cottonwood Canyon.

But, two critical things to keep in mind.  First, Alta does not allow snowboarding.  Second, Snowbird has difficult terrain, which is going to make the trip tough for a beginner.  I suggest looking at Park City (lots of terrains, including good terrain for beginners), Brighton, or even one of the resorts further north.

Free Ski Packing Checklist

Free Ski Checklist

I created a free ski packing checklist that you will want to grab. Plus, you will want to check out the ultimate what-to-wear skiing guide.  

Planning a Spring Break skiing trip is always a good idea!

2. Spring Break in Utah – Salt Lake City

Utah Spring Break Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City and the surrounding suburbs are a great place to spend your spring break in Utah.  Salt Lake City is a very family-friendly area of the country with lots of fun things to do in Utah. All of the following activities are great for a staycation in Utah as well. 

3. Downtown Salt Lake City

Ut Spring Break The City

There are a few things I love about Salt Lake City, it is safe, it isn't too big, and there are fun activities always going on.  Downtown offers fun concerts, events, eating, and shopping. 

4. Temple Square

salt Lake City Temple Square

Temple Square is a great place to visit.  There are some great museums located all around this area.  If you get a chance to listen to the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, you will not be disappointed. 

As a head-up, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is currently doing renovations in certain areas of Temple Square, which renovations are planned to continue through 2024.  Most of the surrounding buildings will remain open.  You can learn more at the Temple Square website.

5. Shopping in the City

Utah Spring Break Shopping

Located across the street from Temple Square is City Creek Center.  City Creek is a shopping area with a food court.  City Creek has some of the best shopping in the city!  Fashion Place in Murray is another great shopping area to consider.  

Spending a Utah Spring Break shopping doesn't sound too bad to me!

6. Hotels in Salt Lake City 

Grand America

There are nice restaurants and hotels all around Salt Lake City.  The Grand America is unique to Salt Lake City and would be a fun place to stay for a spring break in Utah trip. 

You may also want to check out its sister hotel across from it — The Little America — which is still a great place in a central location but with a lower cost.

7. Places to Eat Downtown

Restaurants in Salt Lake

When visiting downtown Salt Lake City, there are quite a few places to eat.  Here are three of our favorites:

  1. Takashi my husband loves the sushi here!  It’s probably his favorite.  But if you’re like me and sushi is not your thing, there are other options.  
  2. Caffé Molise I love this place.  Wonderful Italian food.  
  3. Red IguanaOkay, this is another husband’s mention.  (I am not a big mole fan and had an unfortunate encounter when I was pregnant and got sick.)  Red Iguana is a well-known Salt Lake City fave for Mexican.  My husband is all about Mexican food and also recommends checking out Alamexo, Taqueria 22, and Cancun Cafe.

My all-time favorite place to stop when I am in the city is Ruby Snap.  It is a cookie shop with not only delicious but unique flavors you can not find anywhere else! I also have to mention Banbury Cross – the best donuts in all of Utah! 

8. Utah Places to Visit East of Downtown 

This is the Place Heritage Park

The Hogel Zoo, This is the Place Heritage Park, The Natural History Museum, and the Red Butte Gardens are all located east of Salt Lake City.  

We really love all of these attractions! But if I had to pick a favorite it would be This is the Place, Heritage Park.  It is an interactive living history site.  There are so many crafts, activities, and hands-on experiences to see and do. A cute train gets you from point A to point B which is really fun.  

9. Hiking in the Mountains

Utah Mountains kid friendly hikes in Utah

My husband and I love hiking!  You can get some great hikes staying at lower elevations hiking in Utah in April (though melting snow and rain can make trails muddy, depending on the year) 

Hiking in the mountains just east of Salt Lake City is one of the best ways to experience the outdoors.  If you have young ones in tow, check out some great kid-friendly hikes in Utah. 

10. Places to Visit in Utah – North of Salt Lake City – Lagoon

Lagoon Amusement Park Utah

Lagoon is the major amusement park in Utah and is located just north of Salt Lake City.  I am a huge amusement park fan and I can honestly say Lagoon is a legit park. 

There are plenty of roller coasters and rides that entertain all ages.  They even have a small zoo.  I love the historical area.  It has an amazing collection of 1800's memorabilia. 

Lagoon is open on weekends during Spring Break in Utah. 

11. Places to Visit in Utah South of Salt Lake City – Aquarium

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

In Draper, which is south of the city is an incredible aquarium. The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

I have been to the Shedd Aquarium (Chicago) and other amazing aquariums around the country, and I must say that this one holds its own.  It is pretty amazing! I highly recommend a visit! 

12. Paragliding

Paragliding in Utah

At the point of the mountain, which is an area that divides Salt Lake County and Utah County, there is a small area that is known for paragliding.  If you want a paragliding adventure while on your spring break in Utah, this is the place.

There is another flying adventure over the Great Salt Lake.

13. Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point Garden Utah

Thanksgiving Point is amazing!  There are five venues located in this one area. 

  • Farm
  • Dinosaur Museum
  • Butterfly Biosphere
  • Curiosity Museum
  • Garden

At the farm, you can feed animals, ride a pony, and go on a tracker ride.  The Dinosaur Museum has interactive exhibits and a sand digging area.   The Curiosity Museum is a hands-on children's museum.  The Butterfly Biosphere has over 100 species of butterflies. 

The Garden at Thanksgiving Point 

 The Garden at Thanksgiving Point is unbelievable!  During the Spring Break in Utah (usually April) the tulip festival is held.  It is a breathtaking experience!   The garden is huge and if your kids like to roll down hills this is the place! 

If your kids don’t like to walk, this still can be a great Utah Spring Break destination.  You can rent golf carts to get around and explore!  There are also food carts and booths and live music.

14. Theater 

Hale Center Theater
Image Courtesy of roofingcontractor.com

The theater is a big deal in Utah.  It seems like most people love to see a good show in Utah.   The main theater in Salt Lake City is the Eccles Theater. This is where you go to see Off-Broadway shows when they come to town.

A little farther south is the Hale Center Theatre.  This is a local theater. The quality is exceptional.  If you are planning a spring break in Utah check out shows that are playing to see if any interest you!

15. Spring Break in Utah - Vernal

Vernal Utah Murals

If you want to get further from Salt Lake City, one place to check out is Vernal, Utah – Dinosaur Land.  If you have a big dinosaur fan in your family this is exactly where you want to spend your spring break in Utah.

16. Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument

The Dinosaur National Monument is located near Vernal.  This site has a dinosaur bone quarry where you can actually view partially excavated dinosaur bones.  13 dinosaurs have been excavated from this area.  

Visit Vernal

Dinosaur Museum in Vernal

There are some other fun things to do in Vernal.  The town is so cute! There are murals all around to take pictures in front of. 

17. Flaming Gorge and the Green River

River Rafting on the Green River

Close to Vernal is a beautiful lake called Flaming Gorge. You are also close to the Green River. While these locations are great for boating, rafting, and fishing, the water will be cold this time of year.

18. Spring Break in Utah - Moab

Hells Revenge Hummer Tour

Okay, so let’s talk about a Utah destination located in the South part of Utah.  Here you can find warmer weather.  It is a great place to start a Utah Spring Break National Park tour. Utah's Mighty 5 National Parks are located in Southern Utah. 

Spring is the best time to plan a trip to Moab, Utah.  The weather during the day is very nice however, it gets a little chilly at night.

There are so many outdoor adventures and other things to do in Moab including two national parks: Arches and Canyonlands.  

19. Arches and Canyonlands

Mighty five road trip Utah National parks

Arches National Park has the famous arch that is on most Utah license plates!  It is called Delicate Arch.  The hiking at Arches National park always leads to…well arches!  The red rock and natural rock formations are what attracts so many to Moab.  

Canyonlands is another great National Park located not too far from Arches.  Canyonlands has amazing hikes, stargazing, and technical rock climbing options.  

20. Spring Break Utah Accommodations in Moab

Marriott Moab - Hotels in Moab

Moab has both hotels and camping accommodations.  There are a lot of choices!  If you are planning a spring break in Utah and Moab is on your list I would book early.  These sites and hotels get booked up fast!  It is important to plan ahead! 

21. Things to Do in Moab for a Utah Spring Break

Spring Break Utah Moab bikes

Some of the most popular things to do in Moab are:

We decided on a guided jeep tour of Hell's Revenge off-road adventure.  It was amazing and I highly recommend it! 

22. Add These Stops to Your Moab Utah Spring Break Trip

Hiking in Goblin Valley

Dead Horse Point State Park is located less than an hour away and has spectacular views of the Colorado River.  Goblin Valley State Park is another amazing place to add to your Moab trip. 

And if you want to hit one more national park Capitol Reef National Park isn't too far.  These locations are all less crowded than Arches and Canyonlands

23. Spring Break in Utah - Saint George

Utah Spring Break in Saint George

Another southern local favorite is Saint George. This is a great place for a Utah staycation.  Saint George has great weather but also has more of a city feel.  That gives you a few more options than strictly the outdoors.  

Word to the wise everyone that lives in northern Utah loves heading south to Saint George for warmer weather. 

Lots of people own second homes so they can escape the cold weather.  Saint George is a great place.  There is plenty to do: Zions National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Escalante National Monument are all nearby.

Things to Do in Saint George

There are many state parks in Saint George.  Red Cliffs Conservation Area, Snow Canyon, Quail Creek, and Sand Hollow State parks offer a lot of outdoor entertainment.  Hiking, biking, and as it gets warmer boating are all fun activities to do in Saint George.

24. Zions National Park

UT Spring Break Zions National Park

In my opinion, Zions National Park wins the best national park prize!  I love the hikes and the beauty of Zions and spring is the perfect time to go.

Make sure to go early! And check to see if a reservation system is in place. Zions has a shuttle system, and you need to go early to park in the main parking area.

25. Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon best place to visit in Utah Spring Break

Bryce Canyon is located about two hours away from Saint George but is worth a day trip to see this magnificent place.  While you are in the area Escalante National Monument is a must-see. 

There are a couple of other options closer to St. George.  Depending on the weather, one place I love hiking is at Cedar Breaks National Monument (if you are afraid of heights, I don’t recommend this for you).

St. George is probably the #1 Utah destination for a Spring Break in Utah!

Time for a Spring Break in Utah!

Spring Break in Utah Arches National Park

A Spring Break in Utah is a perfect idea!  Hopefully, this helps you plan which Utah destination you want to go to! These are some of the best places to visit in Utah for Spring Break!

Get ready for an amazing trip! Utah is an incredible place with so much to see! Utah Spring Break is a great idea! 

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