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Hell’s Revenge 4X4 Trail – Moab, Utah – The Craziest Off-Road Trail

Have you heard of Hell's Revenge 4X4 trail in Moab, Utah? We just went on a Hell's Revenge tour and loved it! 

It is an off-roading adventure of a lifetime! People from all over bring jeeps, UTV, and other Sports Utility Vehicles to have a little fun on one of the most thrilling trails in Utah.  

We recently decided to try the Hell's Revenge Moab trail out.  I had no idea what I was getting into.  It was crazy, scary, and thrilling all at the same time.  

I am excited to tell you all about it so you can decide if this is something you would like to do when you plan a trip to Moab.  

Let's explore the Hell's Revenge 4X4 trail in Moab Utah!

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Planning a trip to Moab -Welcome to Moab sign

Hell’s Revenge is located in Moab, Utah.  Moab is 3 hours and 46 minutes from Salt Lake City or 1 hour and 46 minutes from Grand Junction, Colorado.  It is a great place to stop on your mighty 5 Utah National Park tour

Entrance to Hell's Revenge 4X4 Trail

 The entrance to Hell’s Revenge is just past the Sand Flats Recreation Area.

What is the Scenery Like Near Hell's Revenge? 

Moab, Utah is dry with sandstone clifts and canyons. Located near Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and the La Sal Mountain Range, Hell's Revenge 4X4 trail overlooks the Moab Valley.

What is the Hell's Revenge Trail

Hells Revenge Trail in Moab

Hell’s Revenge is an OHV (off-highway vehicle) Slickrock trail.  This off-road experience offer’s incredible views and is accessible year-round. This trail is difficult.  It is a very technical trail.  If you are not an experienced driver, I would recommend getting a guide or a Hells Revenge tour. 

How Long is Hell's Revenge 4X4 Trail?

There is a total of 6.5 miles and it takes 2-3 hours to navigate.  Here is Avenza map to guide you along the Hell's Revenge 4X4 trail. 

Road Surface

Hell's Revenge 4×4 trail is a slickrock path. There are steep cliffs and descents that are not for the faint of heart. Blown sand and broken rock and sand and dirt line the path. 

Difficulty Level

6 (by Red Rock 4 wheelers inc)


The first obstacle on Hells Revenge is Trailhead Fin.  It was the most intense for me.  There are other major obstacles such as Hell's Gate, Dragon's Tail, and the Escalator.  Each are challegening.  We will talk about them a little more as we explore Hell's Revenge 4X4 Trail. 

All vehicles need to stick to the trail and not exceed 15 mph.

Is Hell's Revenge Moab Dangerous?

Hells Revenge Trail in Moab

Yes, Hell's Revenge jeep trail is dangerous. This trail is amazing and extremely popular. However, it is recommended for experienced drivers. There are some extreme drop-offs and technical driving skills needed. 

If you want to drive it yourself but are not experienced, you can hire a Hells Revenge tour guide.  Most UTVs on the trail stay in guided groups.

Our Experience

I felt completely safe with our Hells Revenge tour guide. He knew the trail well and was confident in his driving abilities. That made me feel better and I was not as worried! 

I can not even back out of my driveway without going crooked, so there is no way in this world I would ever attempt to drive on Hell's Revenge 4X4 trail. 

Should I Bring My Kids on Hell's Revenge Moab Trail?

Hell's Revenge Trail in Moab Utah

I took my 5 and 8-year-old on Hell's Revenge.  I almost backed out, but my tour guide assured me that it would be okay.  My kids had a great time. 

There are plenty of stops along the Hell's Revenge trail, where they could get out and explore.  They loved seeing dinosaur tracks and looking out at the La Sal Mountains. 

Was the Moab Hell's Revenge Tour Too Long?

My kids thought the tour was a little long but still had a great time.  

What is the Hell's Revenge Moab Trail Like?

Hell's Revenge Trail in Moab Utah

Describing this trail is difficult.  It is something you have to see to believe.  There are so many incredible obstacles.  It is good to do the obstacle and then watch someone else do it.  You will think, “Holy Cow I just did that!” 

Trailhead Fin 

The first obstacle is Trailhead Fin.  Right at the start, you will go up a steep incline.  There are drop-offs on both sides.  The top is very narrow.  

Our Experience on the Hell's Revenge Jeep Trail

I really thought “what did I get myself into?”  “Was I crazy for bringing my 5-year-old on this trail?”  This is scary!  Luckily, our tour guide said this was one of the scariest parts of our tour and sure enough it wasn’t too bad the rest of the time.  

First Stop- Dinosaur Footprint

Dinosaur Print on Hell's Revenge Trail in Moab

You can pull your car over and jump out to check out dinosaur footprints embedded in the rock.  It is really cool.  Our Hells Revenge tour guide said that this area was probably a watering hole at some point based on the different sizes of footprints in this area. 

One footprint was stolen in 2014.  Our tour guide said that the man who stole it was intoxicated and supposedly threw it off a bridge.  Unfortunately, the area where he threw it is inaccessible for divers to access.  There is barbed wire and other harmful materials from a collapsed bridge in the water. 

Luckily, we live in an age of infrared images and an image had been taken and a mold was made.  The mold now sits on this area of Hell’s Revenge Moab trail. 

He Drove Backwards up Hell's Revenge! 

After the dino tracks, you will continue on the path.  The trail has a steep incline.  Most people just drive up, but our tour guide decided to go up backwards!   It was crazy.  I was slightly scared! 

Hell's Gate Moab

Hell's Revenge Trail in Moab Utah

Hells Gate Moab is a narrow ravine with an incline. If you were standing watching the cars go up you might think it is impossible for a car to make it.

For jeeps, balancing and going airborne on two wheels is common.  It is like watching a car crawl on the rocks. 

Hot Tubs 

The Slick Rock Trail continues passing the Black Hole and comes to the Hot Tubs.  The Hot Tubs are a popular place to watch the vehicles dip down into holes. 

Some vehicles may tip so be careful. I don’t think our tour guide took us in any hot tubs.  We did however go on an area he called the roller coaster.  It was exactly what it sounds like down and then back up. 

The Dragons Tail

Hell's Revenge Trail in Moab

The Dragon's Tail is a steep decline.  

The Escalator 

The Escalator is a spot that a lot of people get out and watch as others attempt it.  It is one of the most difficult obstacles on Hell’s Revenge Moab trail. 

It has an incline and halfway up there is a dip.  If you do not go to the left you will be on two wheels….not a good thing! 

Challenge Tip Over

This is fun to watch.  Jeeps struggle a little more on this area of the Hell's Revenge trail.  Jeeps can tip over so that is why it is named as it is. 

Our Experience

One of our favorite stops was looking at the La Sal Mountains.  There is a great photo opp, where it looks like you are falling off a cliff.  We had to take that! 

Best Off-Road Vehicle for Hell's Revenge 4X4 trail

Hells Revenge Trail in Moab

If you are going to book a Hells Revenge tour you have a few options. A group tour on a hummer.  These hummers can hold about 12 people.  You can also book an individual UTV or a Hell's Revenge Jeep tour.  

Hells Revenge Hummer Tour

Our tour was on a Hummer.  Hummers are amazing. They can handle the terrain with ease.  It wasn't jerky. I would recommend a Hummer tour for families.

Hells Revenge Jeep Tour

Jeeps have a slightly harder time on the Hell's Revenge Trail.  There are spots where you can easily get stuck. Hell's Revenge Jeep tours are super popular. 

Hells Revenge UTV Tour

UTV's tours are for very confident people.  There is a guide but you are in control of your vehicle.  Some of the individuals in our tour did the UTV tour the day before and said it was very jerky.

Should I Book A Hell's Revenge Moab Tour Ahead of Time?

Hell's Revenge Trail in Moab Utah

Yes.  If you are going to Moab during the high season, you will want to book ahead of time.  Weekends will sell out fast.  It is better to plan ahead to guarantee a Hells Revenge tour.

Are you Ready for Hell's Revenge Moab Trail?

Hell's Revenge in Moab Utah

We had a great time off-roading on Hell's Revenge Moab trail.  I highly recommend going on a Hummer tour.  I really enjoyed doing something exciting and thrilling. 

Hopefully, this helps you decide if Hell's Revenge is something you want to experience. 

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  2. Hells Revenge in Moah Utah looks like a place to go for adventure. What a thrilling ride in the buggies.

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