Volcano Bay Rides

A Guide To Volcano Bay: The 15 Best Volcano Bay Rides

Do you want to plan a trip to Universal's Volcano Bay? Are you curious to know what the best Volcano Bay rides are? Want some insider Volcano Bay tips?

Awesome, I can't wait to tell you all about it! The Volcano Bay attractions are amazing!  This Volcano Bay ride list is going to be super helpful as you plan your trip!

Volcano Bay is one of the best water parks in Orlando.  It is also the newest.  It was built in 2017. The Universal water park option is amazing! 

In this post, we will talk logistics, parking, pricing, food, and of course, the best Volcano Bay rides.  Universal's Volcano Bay is one of the best amusement parks in the USA and one of the best things to do in Orlando

Let's explore all of the Volcano Bay rides!  

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Let's Plan a Trip to Volcano Bay

Plan a trip to Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay is an amazing water park!  As you plan a trip to Universal Volcano Bay there are a few questions you might have. Let's explore the most common questions now.  These Volcano Bay tips will help you plan your trip! 

How Many Days Do I Need at Universal Volcano Bay?

Allow yourself at least one full day at Volcano Bay. If the crowds are low, you will be able to ride all the Volcano Bay rides and enjoy the Volcano Bay attractions.

Do I Need to Bring My Own Towel?

Volcano Bay towel rentals are available for about $6.  

Can I Wear Water Shoes at Universal Volcano Bay?

Yes, you can wear water shoes except on some of the drop slides.  

What is the Water Temperature at Volcano Bay?

The Volcano Bay rides and water is heated to 80 degrees. When it is cold outside the water is still warm.  

How Many Volcano Bay Water Slides are There?

20 Volcano Bay water slides

Does Universal Volcano Bay have Showers?

Yes, there are many restrooms and locker rooms within the park that have showers. 

Can I Bring Snacks into Volcano Bay?

Yes, water bottles and small snacks are allowed in the park. An insulated bag is allowed.  

Hotels Near Universal Volcano Bay

Hotels Near Volcano Bay

There are two Universal Resort hotels that are near Florida Volcano Bay: Cabana Bay and Aventura Hotel

Universal has different levels of resorts: Value, Prime Value, Preferred, and Premier. 

Both Cabana Bay and Aventura Hotel are Prime Value.

What are the Benefits of Staying on a Universal Volcano Bay Property?

There are two main benefits of staying on a Universal property.  First, you can enter Volcano Bay an hour earlier than the public.  Second, you can walk from your hotel room to the park.

There is no need to get on a bus.  You can access the Volcano Bay attractions much easier by staying at either Universal water park resort. 

Cabana Bay

Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Cabana Bay is a great family-friendly resort.   The hotel offers great amenities such as bowling and games, a full-service restaurant, and a fabulous pool.

Cabana Bay has family suites that can sleep up to six people.  These suites are very spacious and offer a kitchenette. 

Our Experience

We stayed at Cabana Bay on our first trip to Universal Orlando.  We really liked it.  It has a retro feel and we love that it is close to Universal's Volcano Bay Orlando.  

Aventura Hotel

Aventura Hotel at Universal Orlando

Aventura opened in 2018, a year after Volcano Bay opened.  You can walk out of your hotel and literally be at Volcano Bay.  It is reasonably priced and a great option.  

If you stay at another onsite hotel, busses will pick you up from your hotel and take you to Volcano Bay.

Can I Stay Off-Site?

Yes, you can easily stay off-site and drive to the Universal Orlando parking garage and take a bus to Volcano Bay.

Taking the Bus to/from Universal's Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay Bus Transportation

Parking at Volcano Bay

Parking at Universal's Volcano Bay is located in the same parking garage used for Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.  You will park on the lowest level.  There is no parking lot near Volcano Bay.  

Riding the Volcano Bay Bus 

After you park, you will proceed to the bus line.  There are tons of transport buses!  The line can be long but don't worry you will get on!   The buses also pick you up from Volcano Bay and transport you back to the parking lot.  

Security Line

You will have to go through security before you enter the bus.  They have a great system in place.  There are plenty of employees to direct and make the process seem easy.

Tickets to Universal's Volcano Bay

Tickets to Volcano Bay

Single-Day Ticket Price: $80 (online)

When you plan your Universal Studios Orlando vacation you have the option to add Universal Studios Water Park – Volcano Bay to your ticket.  This is a 3-park ticket.  

You can also buy a single-day ticket if you plan to just go to Volcano Bay.

Our Experience

We initially bought a 2-day ticket and got 2 free (this promotion is common).  This did not include the Universal Studios water park.

We decided that we wanted to go to Volcano Bay during our vacation.  I received an email the night before we were planning on going that if we spoke to guest services that they could offer us a great deal. 

We decided to give it a try.  We went to Volcano Bay water park and spoke with customer service.  They offered us a day at Volcano Bay plus an additional day at Universal for only $35 per person.  We thought that was amazing! 

Hot Volcano Bay Tips

Ask customer service if they can upgrade your ticket.  The longer you stay the more discounts they can give.

Express Pass

Express Pass is available at Universal's Volcano Bay.   There are two options: Express Pass Plus (about $39)  and Express Pass (about $19). The Express Pass has a limited number of rides where you can skip the line . 

The Express Pass Plus allows you to skip all the lines on every Volcano Bay ride.   Both passes only allow you to ride each Volacno Bay ride one time.  

Hours at Universal Volcano Bay Water Park

Plan a trip to Volcano Bay Hours

Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (hours can vary by season)

Hot Volcano Bay Tips

Go early!   During the busy season, you will want to be in line as the park opens.  We went at Easter and the park hit capacity by 10:00 am!  

We went early (without tickets) and were still able to get in.  There was enough time to ride the bus and talk with customer service. 

Volcano Bay Water Park Tapu Tapu

Tapu Tapu at Volcano Bay

As you enter the park you will be given a Tapu Tapu watch.  This will allow you to reserve a time slot to ride the Volcano Bay rides. It is amazing!  You do not need to wait in line, you just come back when the watch tells you.

This feature makes this Universal water park better than any other water park out there! 

Virtual Lines – Scan Your Tapu Tapu

All of the lines at Volcano Bay are virtual.  This means that you can reserve your time for a Volcano Bay Orlando ride without having to wait in line. 

Reserve a Time

Tapu Tapu at Volcano Bay

There are stations located near each ride.  You can scan your watch and it will give you a time to come back and ride. 

You can switch rides at any time.  Scan your band and it will ask you if you want to switch rides.  

Ride Now

When you see a Tapu Station that says “Ride Now” you can walk right on the Volcano Bay ride.  

Hot Volcano Bay Tips

Your watch might say 35-minute wait but in 10 minutes you might get a message that says to go ride the ride.  Sometimes the wait times are shorter than what is displayed.  Your watch will adjust automatically.  

Plan Ahead

If you plan ahead and create an account you can pay for food, drinks, and merchandise with a tap of your Tapu Tapu.

Take Photos

There are some photo opps located throughout the park.  You can scan your Tapu Tapu and take a few shots.  These photos will be available to purchase when you are ready to leave.  You could also prepay with a photo package (about $40)

Tap Tu Play

Tapu Tap

Tap Tu Play is an interactive experience at the Volcano water park.  You can scan your Tapu Tapu at different locations throughout the park. 

Some areas squirt water, some areas light up, some actually make the Tiki talk.  Take advantage of the Tap Tu Play areas at the park! 

Lockers at Volcano Bay Water Park

Lockers at Volcano Bay

There are lockers available at Volcano Bay.  There are three locations throughout the park where you can rent lockers. (Rainforest Village, River Village, and Wave Village)

Mini Lockers $9

Small Lockers $13

Family Locker $16

We decided to pay for a family locker to store our stuff. We thought it was worth it! One nice thing about the lockers is that you open them with your Tapu Tapu watch, no need to have a key.  

Cabanas at Volcano Bay Water Park

Cabanas at Volcano Bay

There are 51 cabanas at Universal Studios's Volcano Bay.  They range in price depending on where they are located and what view they have. 

There are cabanas that seat up to 6 guests and bigger cabanas that can host 16 guests.  Prices start at $159 and go up to $600.

What are the Benefits of a Universal Volcano Bay Cabana?

  • One of the biggest benefits is that there is a Tapu Tapu station in your cabana.  Instead of running all over the park to reserve a Volcano Bay ride you can do it in your cabana. 
  • There is a small fridge 
  • A fruit and snack basket is provided
  • Towel service 
  • Padded lounge chairs
  • Concierge service
  • You can order food from the four restaurants from your cabana. (no waiting in line)

Premium Seating

Premium seating and Cabanas at Volcano Bay

Premium Seating is a shaded spot in a great location.  Each premium seat comes with 2 chairs.  Prices range from $29 -$139

What are the Benefits of Premium Seating?

  • Padded loungers with shade canopy
  • Area attendant who will take food orders

Volcano Bay Ride List

Volcano Bay Ride List

Here is a list of the Volcano Bay Orlando Rides:

  • Krakatau Aqua Coaster
  • Ko'okiri Body Plunge
  • Kala and Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides
  • Punga Racers
  • Wave Village
  • Ohyah and Ohno Drop Slides
  • Honu and Honu Ika Moana Slides
  • Ika Moana and Honu ika Moana
  • Kopiko Wai Winding River
  • TeAwa 
  • Taniwha Tubes
  • Maku and Puihi Round Raft Rides

These are great Volcano Bay attractions! 

Best Volcano Bay Rides

Rides at Volcano Bay

There are four villages where the Volcano Bay rides are located.  

  • Krakatau (Volcano)
  • Wave Village
  • River Village
  • Rainforest Village

Krakatau is the volcano and has some of the most intense drop slides at the park.  Wave Village is a place for relaxation but does have two water slides. River Village has Volcano Bay attractions for families and younger visitors. Rainforest Village has thrill and multi-rider lines. 

Let's explore each Volcano Bay ride! I will let you know which are the most popular and the ones you have to ride.  

1. Krakatau Aqua Coaster

Aqua Coaster at Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay Height Requirement: 42″

Max Weight: 700 pounds

Type: Family

Although its namesake would make it appear that you would ride this ride in the Volcano, the entrance is actually located in the River Village.  While on the ride it does enter the volcano.

The Ride

This is one of the most popular Volcano Bay rides.  You will enter a four-person canoe and begin your journey up into the Volcano followed by a thrilling drop through a waterfall.  

We loved this ride! It was fun and probably our favorite Volcano Bay ride. 

Hot Volcano Bay Tips

If you go on a busy day, scan your Tapu Tapu right before lunch.  You can eat and rest for a bit.  You can also hit the lazy river or wave pool while you wait. 

2. Ko'okiri Body Plunge

Best Volcano Bay Rides Ko'okiri

Volcano Bay Height Requirement: 48″

Max Weight: 300 pounds

Type: Thrill

The Ride

Ko'okiri is the best Volcano Bay drop slide.  You begin as a trap door opens and drops you straight down!  (70-degree angle)  You will fall 125 feet! The slide actually goes through the volcano attraction.  It is the largest body slide (that drops you) in the world.  

Our Experience

This Volcano Bay ride sounds scary! But it really wasn't that bad.  My 8 and 12-year-old loved it.  I went on it and the only thing scary was the stair climb up to it!   It is located at the top of the Volcano.  I typically do not like body drop slides but this one did not hurt my back at all.  

Hot Volcano Bay Tips

This is the crown jewel of Volcano Bay Universal.  You will want to scan your Tapu Tapu and enjoy some pool time while you wait or look for the “Ride Now” options.  The wait can be long. 

3. Kala and Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides

Volcano Bay Height Requirments: 48″

Max Weight: 230 pounds

Type: Thrill

The Ride

There are two slides to choose from. These slides are body drop slides. They are similar to Ko'okiri but are longer. Two people are dropped at the same time.  As you slide down the tubes cross over one another.  

Hot Volcano Bay Tip

The green slide is said to be the most intense Volcano Bay ride in the entire park. 

4. Punga Racers

Punga Racers at Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay Height Requirement: 42″

Max Weight: 300 pounds

Type: Family

The Ride

If you love a little competition, you will love the Punga Racers.  This is a four-lane race track where you compete to see who finishes first.   It is a great Volcano Bay attraction.

5. Wave Village - Waturi Beach

Beach at Volcano Bay

Wave Village is designed for sunbathing and relaxing.  There are one and two-story cabanas available to rent in this area.  There are also a few Volcano Bay slides and leisure pools located here. 

Wave Pool

Volcano Bay Height Requirements: Anyone under 48″ must wear a life jacket.

Waturi is a multi-directional wave pool.  It is at the center of the park directly under the Volcano.  

Hot Volcano Bay Tips

The deeper you go the waves will be stronger, however,  I didn't think the waves were very strong at all.  

The Reef

The reef is a calm pool with fewer waves. 

Puka Uli Lagoon

A pool intended for relaxation. 

6. Ohyah and Ohno Drop Slides

Ohyah of the Ohyah and Ohno Drop Slide at Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay Height Requirement: 48″

Type: Thrill

There are two drop slides Ohyah and Ohno.  They are both thrilling, however, if you want a more intense experience Ohno is the best choice. 


Ohyah drops you four feet into a pool. You do need to be a strong swimmer to ride this Volcano Bay ride. 


Ohno is a little more intense with a six feet drop.  

7. River Village

Volcano Bay Rides

The River Village contains Volcano Bay attractions for families with young kids.  

8. Honu of the Honu Ika Moana Slides

Honu of Honu Ika Moana

Volcano Bay Height Requirement: 48″

Max Weight: 700 pounds

Type: Thrill

The Ride

This ride has a five-passenger raft.  There are twists and turns but also two massive walls that you slide up and then down.  It is fun! 

9. ika Moana of Honu ika Moana

Volcano Bay Rides Ika Moana

Volcano Bay Height Requirement: 42″

Max Weight:

Type: Family

The Ride

This is a family-friendly five-passenger ride.  It is not as intense as the Hona.  This Volcano Bay ride didn't have too long of a wait when we went. 

10. Kopiko Wai Winding River

Lazy River at Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay Height Requirement: none

This is a traditional lazy river.  It is the perfect place to relax and wait for your next ride.  

11. Runamukka Reef and Tot Tiki Reef

Volcano Bay Attraction - Runamukka Reef

Volcano Bay Maximum Height: 48″

Type: kids

Ranumukka Reef

Ranumukka Reef is designed for children under 48″.  There are slides, bubbling geysers, squirt guns, and dump cups. It is fun for younger kids.  

One thing to look out for is the tiki statues.  You can scan your Tapu Tapu and they will squirt water.

Tot Tiki Reef

This play area is specifically for toddlers. There are smaller slides for the little ones. 

12. Rainforest Village

Volcano Bay Attractions

The Rainforest Village has many thrill Universal Volcano Bay rides.  It also has multi-rider raft rides. 

What is nice about the Volcano Bay ride is that you do not have to carry the raft up. There is a raft lift.  

13. TeAwa The Fearless River

Volcano Bay Rides The fearless River

Volcano Bay Height Requirement: 42″

Type: Thrill

Life Jackets are required for everyone entering the river.

The River

This is a fast river! It is the opposite of a lazy river. The current zips you around the river.  There are also waves along the way.  This is a great place to come as you wait for your next ride.  This is one of the best Volcano Bay attractions! 

14. Taniwha Tubes

Volcano Bay Rides Tonga and Raki Taniwha Tubes

Volcano Bay Height Requirement: 42″

Weight Max: Combined weight of 450 pounds

Type: Family

Tonga and Raki Ride

These two separate rides are located on the same Puka tree. There are four Volcano Bay slides total.  Two tracks for Tonga and two tracks for Raki.  They are green and blue on each side.  This is a great family option for Volcano Bay Orlando rides. 

15. Maku and Puihi of Maku Puihi Round Raft Rides

Volcano Bay Atrractions Maku abd Puihi Round Raft Ride

Volcano Bay Height Requirement: 42″

Weight Max: 850 pounds

Type: Family/thrill

The Ride

There are two lava tubes that twist and turn.  There is a moment of zero gravity before coming back down the slide.  This is a six-person ride.  

Hot Volcano Bay Tips

This is a Volcano Bay ride that is very popular.  Wait times seem to be longer on busy days. 

Food At Volcano Bay

Food At Volcano Bay

There are four dining spots located at Volcano Bay:

  • Kohola Reef Restaurant & Social Club
  • Whakawaiwai Eats
  • Bambu
  • The Feasting Frog

There are also two full bars:

  • Dancing Dragons Boat Bar
  • Kunuku Boat Bar

There are also snack stands located throughout the park.  

Our Experience

We ate at Whakawaiwai Eats.  We ordered pizza.  It was really good.  Unfortunately, it was so busy that the lines were very long and it took forever to order the food. 

We also wanted to buy a snack at one of the stands but they close early.  This was very disappointing! 

Universal Dining Plan

There are two dining plans available: The Universal Dining Plan and the Quick Service Dining Plan($25-$35). 

Are you Ready for the Volcano Bay Rides?

Volcano Bay Rides and Attractions

Hopefully, this gives you enough information to plan a trip to Universal's Volcano Bay!  There are so many fun Volcano Bay attractions you are sure to have a great time! 

The Top Universal Volcano Bay rides in my opinion:

  • Krakatau Aqua Coaster
  • Ko'okiri Body Plunge
  • Ohyah and Ohno Drop Slides
  • TeAwa The Fearless River

Still, trying to decide if you should go to Universal Volcano Bay?  Read some reviews on Trip Advisor.  It is good to get lots of opinions! Personally, I would go back to Volcano Bay Florida in a heartbeat!  It is one of the best water parks in Orlando.

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