Best Beaches Near Disney World-Orlando to Vero Beach

Do you need some ideas for a great beach near Orlando?  I know I am always looking for the best beaches near Disney World.  Let's plan a trip from Orlando to Vero Beach. 

Why Vero Beach?  Because it is awesome!  It is on the Treasure Coast which has a “rich” history and even a sunken ship that you can explore! 

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Beaches Near Disney World

Beaches near Orlando
Image Courtesy of Florida Nature Guide

When we visit Disney World or Universal Orlando we usually plan to spend a few days at the beach.  Finding a beach near Disney World is always a tough choice because there are a lot of great options.  

Beaches Near Disney World

This post is all about Orlando to Vero Beach but before we get to why I think Vero Beach is the best choice let's explore some of the beaches near Disney World.

  • Clearwater 
  • St. Augustine
  • Cocoa Beach 
  • Canaveral National Shore
  • New Smyrna
  • Daytona Beach (closest beach to Disney World 59 min)
  • Vero Beach

There are benefits to all of these beaches. I have been to almost all of them and I am here to tell you that Vero beach is at the top of my list! 

Where is Vero Beach?

To get from Orlando to Vero Beach is about a two-hour drive.  Vero Beach is located on the Atlantic side of the ocean. 

Atlantic Side of Florida

Let's talk about the benefits of the Atlantic Ocean side of Florida.

  • Waves
  • Cool breeze
  • Sunken ships all along the Treasure Coast
  • Snorkeling options
  • 82-86 degree water temps in the summer (the Gulf Coast is 92 in the summer) 

Why Vero Beach?

Best Beach in America - Vero Beach

Why is Vero Beach the Best Beach near Disney World?

Vero Beach is not crowded which makes that a huge selling point to me. Vero Beach is called the jewel of Florida's Treasure Coast and even has a motto: Sunrises not high rises. One visit and you'll understand how special Vero Beach is.

Is Vero Beach Water Clear?

Yes, Vero Beach has clear water.

Can I Swim at Vero Beach? 

Yes, Vero beach is a perfect place to swim

Is Vero Beach Good for Families?

Yes, why else would Disney build a resort on this beach! Disney's Vero Beach Resort is a great option if you need a break from the parks but still want the Disney vibe. 

Beachfront Properties

Even if you do not stay at the Disney Vero Beach Resort it is still a great beach for families.   Most of the hotels are beachfront properties.  You can go from your room to the beach!  I love that! 

The top two reasons I think that Vero Beach is the best beach near Disney are: 

  • Low Crowds
  • Beachfront Properties

What is the Treasure Coast?Beaches near Disney - Vero Beach Best

If you look at the map above, the treasure coast is a little southeast of Orlando.  The treasure coast is named after a Spanish fleet of ships that encountered a hurricane and sank in 1715.  Eleven out of twelve ships sank.  Many of these ships carried gold and silver.  Survivors tried to recover the lost treasures but the ocean currents were too strong. 

After another hurricane in the 1950s, the Spanish fleet shipwreck was discovered and the treasure hunt began.  

Strike it Rich

Treasure Coast of Florida

Because so many ships sank along this coast, it is a treasure hunter's dream coast. If you find treasure on the public land it is yours.  If it is under the water you need a permit. 

Many people have found gold coins worth millions along the treasure coast, even as recently as February 2020.  You will see people walking along Vero beach with metal detectors searching for treasure. 

Vero Beach and the S.S. Breconshire 

S.S. Breconshire
Image Courtesy of Indian River Magazine

One thing that makes Vero beach amazing is that there is a sunken ship (the S.S. Breconshire) 400 yards from the beach.  This ship sank in 1894. 

You will be able to know exactly where the wreckage site is because a tall white flag pole and American Flag are connected to the ship which is visible from the beach for miles. 

If you are a strong swimmer you can swim out to the wreckage and snorkel.  Don't worry, if swimming isn't your thing you can rent a kayak and paddle your way out.  

Snorkeling at the S.S. Breconshire

Beaches near Disney World Snorkel

As you snorkel above and around the wreckage, don't be surprised if you encounter larger marine life like rays, jellyfish, snappers, and other vibrant schools of fish. 

We loved snorkeling at the ship!  Before our trip we purchased snorkel gear, making it very convenient to start our adventure.  We decided to swim out to the wreckage site. We were able to see all sorts of fish.  It was really cool!

Where To Stay on Vero Beach?

Places to stay in Vero Beach

There are many amazing resorts to stay at along Vero Beach. Most of which are beachfront properties.  Here are a few of my top picks. 

Disney's Vero Beach Resort

Disney's Vero Beach Hotel
Image Courtesy of DVS resales

You may not know that Disney actually has a property on Vero Beach. Disney's Vero Beach Resort is top-notch.  The sand is perfectly groomed and the resort is perfect for families.  

Save Money at Disney's Vero Beach

Disney's Vero Beach Resort is a Disney Vacation Club property.  Sometimes owners will not use all their points. You can rent them from Davids Vacation Club Rentals.  We used this service on our Disney Aulani trip and it saved us over $1000 for one night! 

Having a Disney resort located right on Vero Beach may make it a winner of the best beaches near Disney World.

Things to Do at the Disney Vero Beach Resort

There is an incredible pool, which includes an awesome water slide.  The resort shares the beach with sea turtles, which make their nest throughout the summertime.  You can also enjoy the beach and rent boogie boards, sailboats, jet skis, kayaks, or banana boats at the beach.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort is the perfect destination for families!  It is the perfect place to relax after a busy Disney trip

Costa d' Este

Where to stay in Vero Beach

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, Costa d' Este is the perfect place.  This hotel is owned by Gloria Estefan.  Not only are the rooms and pool amazing, this is a beachfront property that is directly in front of the S.S. Breconshire (the sunken ship).  Kayak tours are available at the resort to see the ship.  

We stayed here on our last trip and loved it.  This is a local favorite where many people come for a weekend getaway. Rest and relaxation are exactly what you will experience at Costa d' Este. 

Things to Do in Vero BeachThings to do in Vero Beach

There are some fun things to do in Vero Beach! Let's explore some of them. 

S.S. Breconshire

Sunken Ship at Vero Beach

As mentioned above, the sunken ship is 400 yards off of the coast.  Swimming out to the ship and snorkeling was the highlight of my trip. I can't believe how many fish were swimming all around the ship!  


Things to do in Vero Beach - Golf

Vero Beach has more than just ocean views and relaxing beaches. There are three major golf courses: Vero Beach Country Club, Vista Plantation Golf Club, and Bigshots Golf Vero Beach.  So if golfing interests you Vero Beach has some great options.  

Observe the Nesting Sites of Sea Turtles

Things to do in Vero Beach - Sea Turtles

Vero Beach is one of the most important turtle-nesting habitats in the western hemisphere.  During the summertime, you can observe the nesting areas as you walk along the beach. You will recognize them because they will be flagged for protection. 

Explore the Town on Bike

Things to do in Vero Beach -Biking around Vero Beach

Vero Beach is a cute town! We stayed at the Costa d' Este where complimentary bikes were available to use.  We loved jumping on the beach cruisers and exploring the beach town.  Along the main street near the beach area, there are little shops and restaurants.   

Fishing Charter

Fishing at Vero Beach

If deep-sea fishing is on your list you can hire a fishing charter at Vero Beach.  You can also do inshore fishing. There is an abundance of Snook, Redfish, Spotted Sea Trout, Mangrove Snapper, and Black Drum.

Find Gold

Metal Detector at Beaches near Disney Wiorld

Get your metal detector ready! I saw so many people out on the beach searching for treasure! You might get lucky and find your fortune.

Where to Eat in Vero BeachPlaces to eat in Vero Beach

Because we planned a short trip from Orlando to Vero Beach we didn't get to try too many restaurants in Vero Beach.  We did try two amazing places that are worth mentioning.


Where to eat in Vero Beach - Mulligans

We went to breakfast at Mulligans in Vero Beach.  What an experience!  This is a bright and colorful, right on the beach restaurant. Outside seating right next to the ocean, you really can't beat that!  The food, service, and atmosphere were wonderful!

The prices were moderate around $10 a plate.  The food was great but the view was better.

Waldo's Restaurant and Bar

Where to eat in Vero Beach - Waldos

If you love the local vibe this is your place! The food was great and the company was even better. My friend Tricia from the blog Borntobeboomers met up with us to eat at this historic beachfront restaurant.  We had a lot of fun chatting and learning all about the Vero Beach area.

If you love seafood, you will love Waldo's.  There are lots of fresh items to choose from.  The average price is around $20 a plate.

The restaurant has some amazing artifacts to historical pieces special to the city of Vero Beach

Ocean Grill

Where to eat in Vero Beach - Ocean Grill in Vero Beach

Ocean Grill is also located right along the beautiful Vero Beach.  This restaurant came highly recommended but we were unable to try it out.  Hopefully next time!  You can not beat the location!  

Best Beaches Near Disney World - Orlando to Vero Beach

Orlando to Vero Beach Vacation

Are you ready to make a trip from Orlando to Vero Beach? I hope this gave you a few ideas for a great beach near Disney World. 

Florida is one of my favorite vacation spots.  No matter if I am traveling from Tallahassee to Orlando or Miami to Orlando, I know I will find amazing beaches near Disney World!

Have so much fun! I know you will have an amazing time! 

If you have any more questions about the beaches near Disney World, Disney World, or even planning a trip to Harry Potter World I have lots of information about the best rides at Universal Studios or the Islands of Adventure, and even Volcano Bay.  There are so many things to do in Orlando and in the areas close by. 

If you have questions, be sure to ask in the comments or join the Facebook Group.

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  1. Man, I’ve been missing Florida, and your pictures are great! We go to St. Augustine after our Disney trips, but I’ve always wanted to go to Vero Beach. I’m also hoping after our next trip to go to New Orleans before driving home, so perhaps some other beaches are in our future. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Vero is one of our favorite beaches – we visit at least once a year. Love the beaches, the town, Waldo’s and all the rest!

  3. Great photos! When we visit Disney, we tend to stay in the parks and not venture out to the beaches. Looks like we missed out on a couple of good ones!!

  4. I’m so glad they flag the nesting area of the sea-turtles. It’s so important to keep people away from the area. But Vero Beach is such a beautiful area to visit. The beaches here are really quite special.

  5. When we were in Orlando last spring, we ventured northeast up to Daytona area to get our fix on ocean beaches. Vero sounds really great too!

  6. We usually stay on the Gulf side when we visit Florida, but this last trip we stayed in Cocoa beach. It was great being so close to everything like Orlando. Quite a few people mentioned heading down to Vero Beach while we were there but we ran out of time. Next time we will be stopping there as it looks absolutely beautiful!

  7. Great photos and information. I really want to visit Florida right now–especially since it is cold and snowy where I live. I love the idea of finding treasure on Vero Beach or snorkeling by the sunken ship. How fun!

  8. We are hitting WDW next month and have one day off from the parks. I am extremely tempted to make the drive to see the Atlantic, but am not sure we can make it work. I did not know Disney has a beach resort at Vero Beach. I think we may have to make a return trip to Florida just to stay at the coast AND to treasure hunt!!

  9. I am almost embarrassed that we’ve never gone here. We’re DVC members and have the option of staying at the Disney resort, but we’ve never taken the opportunity. I am thinking now that perhaps we should split a trip, doing part at Disney and part at Vero.

  10. After taking a few trips to Disney World when our kids were younger, we never considered taking a day off for a “beach” day. What a great suggestion and Vero Beach looks like a perfect destination.

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