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13 Amazing Things To Do In Midway Utah

Do you want to plan a trip to Midway, Utah? Want to explore all the fun things to do in Midway Utah? 

Awesome! You are in the right spot! There are so many cool Midway Utah activities! 

We love going to Midway, especially during winter.  Seriously, winter in Midway Utah is amazing! There are so many fun things to do in Midway during this time.  

Because I love going in the winter, I am going to list a lot of things to do in Midway in the winter, but don't worry I will have a few Midway Utah activities you can do other times of the year as well. 

In this post, we are going to hit on the best Midway attractions, including the Midway Utah crater, the ice castle, snow tubing, ice skating, and cross-country skiing. 

We will also list some fantastic hotels in Midway Utah, such as the Homestead Resort and Zermatt. 

Let's explore all of the fun things to do in Midway Utah! 

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1. Midway Utah Ice Castle

Things to do in Midway Utah - Ice Castle

One of the best things to do in Midway Utah comes around at the very end of December or the beginning of January each year.  This is the Midway Ice Castle

The Midway Ice Castle is fun! It literally is a castle made of ice.  There are ice slides, fountains, and lots of tunnels to walk through.  

At night the castle lights up with bright colors, and during the day Elsa and Anna may be nearby saying hello. There is even a snack stand inside the castle.  

Don't worry about getting too cold, there are space heaters where you can warm up.  

The Midway Utah Ice Castle is magical and really fun to visit! 


Prices vary from around $15 – $22 for adults depending on the day of the week.  


2. Midway Utah Crater

Homestead Crater Midway Utah

Of all of the fun things to do in Midway Utah, visiting the Midway crater should be at the top of your list! The Midway Hot Springs crater is a natural thermal geothermal paradise. The temperatures are around 95 degrees. 

The Utah Midway crater is located on the property of the Homestead Resort.  You do not have to stay at the resort to experience the Homestead Crater Utah experience. 

Swimming in the Midway Utah Crater

You can purchase a ticket that will allow you to swim in the crater in Midway.  Prices are less expensive Mon-Thurs.  Weekend prices are a little higher.  Prices range from $12-$18.  

Life jackets are provided for each hour-long session. 

Scuba Diving Midway Utah Crater

Have you ever wanted to scuba dive?  The Midway Utah crater is one of the best places to learn in Utah.  The crater is 65 feet deep.  You can book group lessons.  It is really cool!   

The Midway crater is really cool and worth booking. But book early because sessions fill up quickly, especially on the weekends! 

3. Homestead Resort

Homestead Midway Utah 700 homestead dr midway ut 84049 -

Homestead Resort Address: 700 Homestead Dr Midway UT 84049

If you are looking for Hotels in Midway Utah consider staying at the Homestead Resort.  It is a fantastic location. 

The golf course,  ice castle, and the Midway Crater are located on the property of the Homestead Resort.  If you want to stay the night and enjoy all of the fun things to do in Midway Utah, this is a great option.

Our Experience

One thing I liked when we stayed at the  Homestead Resort was that there are suites that can fit bigger families and large groups.  We had my daughter's sweet 16 party and rented out a condo.  It was awesome. 

The Homestead Resort is close to all of the fun Midway attractions! It is a great place to stay. 

4. Hotels in Midway Utah - Zermatt

Zermatt Midway Utah

Since I mentioned the Homestead, I should also mention the Zermatt.  This is another locally owned hotel in Midway. 

The Zermatt is a Swiss-themed hotel and a trademark collection by Wyndham.  You can book large suites at the Zermatt, which I love!  

It is worth checking out if you want to stay the night in Midway Utah! 

5. Cafe Galleria

Cafe Galleria Midway Utah

The most popular restaurant Midway Utah has to offer is Cafe Galleria. When I found out this restaurant existed, I had to go! How cool is it to eat in a bubble overlooking the beautiful mountains and snow? 

Holy Cow, Cafe Galleria is worth visiting.  You can invite 8 of your best friends and have the coolest lunch or dinner ever!

Eating in a Bubble

Eating in a bubble is perfect for any celebration.  From anniversary to birthday.  The bubbles are nice and warm and offer incredible views! 


Flatbread pizza was a big hit but there are lots of fun things to try off of the menu.  The price range is around $12- $16 per plate.

You will want to make reservations well in advance! There are only 8 Globes available to book. Each reservation is 90 minutes and costs $30 to reserve.  

Our Experience

We booked a globe for my daughter's sweet 16. It was so fun for them.  It is such a unique experience and one of the best things to do in Midway Utah! 

5. Midway Utah Swiss Days

Swiss Days Midway Utah

Swiss Days is one of the most popular things to do in Midway Utah.  This event happens in September every year the Friday and Saturday before Labor Day.

Midway is known as Little Switzerland.  With the beautiful mountains and the main street homes and buildings decorated with a Swiss influence.  Many people who settled the area where pioneers from Switzerland.  They loved that the area resembled their homeland. 

Swiss Days

Swiss Days is a festival known for its food and vendors.  People from all over the state love coming to Swiss Days.  Literally, over 100,000 people come each year! 

Again if you are planning a visit be sure to book your hotel well in advance.


6. Snow Tubing Midway Utah

Soldier Hollow Snow Tubing Midway

If you are in the mood to Snow Tube head to Soldier Hollow.  This is one of my favorite things to do in Midway Utah.  

I actually did this last year for my birthday.  It was awesome. My birthday is during Christmas break so if you want to go during that time, word of advice plan ahead. These sessions will sell out! 

You are usually given a 2-hour block to ride as many times as you can.  There is a walking lift that gets you back to the top of the hill.  It does take a while so be prepared

It is fun to go down in a big group! 

7. Cross Country Skiing Midway Utah

Solider Hollow Cross Country Skiing Midway Utah

Cross-country skiing can be added to your things to do in Midway Utah list.  

There is a track located at Soliders Hollow. Cross Country skiing is actually really hard but Soliders Hollow has groomed trails which makes it so much better!  

A few years ago we just went up and watched the cross-country skiing.  It is so impressive!   

If you are in the mood for a workout go try this out! 

8. Ice Skating Midway Utah

Park City Utah winter activities - ice skating

Midway Utah has an outdoor ice skating rink! How cool is that! If you want to grab some friends and have fun on the ice this is for you. 

I love outdoor rinks! Just be sure to dress warm and bring some hot chocolate to share! 

The Midway Utah ice skating rink is open most weekday evenings and on the weekend it is open all day. 


It is $8.00 for adults. There are group rates if you plan to bring a large group. 

9. Mountain Biking

Midway Utah activiites - mountain bike

Mountain biking is one of the best things to do in Midway in the summer.  Soldier Hollow offers Mountain E-bike rentals. 

There are fun mountain trails to check out nearby.  If you have ever wanted to try out mountain biking this is a great place to explore! 

10. Heber Cheese Factory

Utah Valley Milk & Artisan Cheese Midway Utah

Do I have some foodies out there? I am a total foodie! 

One of my favorite things to do in Midway is visiting the Heber Cheese Factory.  There are so many fun cheeses to try.  You can shop around and find the perfect one! 

Tours and Classes

  • Farm Tour
  • Mozzarella Making Class
  • Cheese Tasting
  • Charcuterie Board Making Class

Heber Valley Cheese is one of the best things to do in Midway Utah any time of the year!

11. Heber Valley Historic Railway

Heber Train Midway Utah

Heber Valley Railway is technically not in Midway but it is so close that it has to be added to this list! 

The train station is in Heber which is about an 8-minute drive from downtown Midway Utah.  

Heber Valley offers a 16-mile scenic ride from Heber through the Provo Canyon.  

Heber Valley Train Themes

  • Heber Creeper
  • Halloween Express
  • Pumpkin Train
  • North Pole Express
  • Adventure Train
  • Monday Night Train


12. Golf Course

Midway Golf Course Utah

If you are looking for things to do in Midway in summer, golfing might need to be added to your list. 

The mountains are absolutely beautiful and the temperatures are pretty nice in the mountains.  

Golf Courses in Heber Valley

  • Soldier Hollow
  • Homestead
  • Red Ledges

There are some great options for mountain golfing! 

13. Hiking in Heber Valley

Blood Lake Trail

Midway Utah is beautiful and because it is located in the mountains you can be sure to be close by to some of the best hikes in Utah

Cascade Trail was one of the first hikes I went on in Utah.  It is less than a mile paved nature trail. This will take you through some of the most beautiful forests in the area.

Bloods Lake Trail is another must-see. It is located along Guardsman Pass.  We have hiked this trail many times.  If you are hiking in the summer you can wear your swimsuit and swim in the Lake.  We have seen moose hanging out by the lake which is really cool! 

Things to Do in Midway Utah

Things to do in Midway Utah

There are so many fun things to do in Utah in winter and Midway is a hidden gym. 

We love visiting year after year! I know you will have a blast in Midway Utah!

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  4. Midway Utah looks like a winter wonderland! How beautiful. I would love to visit and explore during the winter.

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