Visit the Beautiful Midway Ice Castle in Utah

Winter is here!  We live in Utah where winter is in full throttle. Our favorite event is the ice castle in Midway Utah. 

I have been thinking about all the Salt Lake City winter activities around town and trying to do as many as possible. The ice castle in Utah is always at the top of the list! 

We have been able to go to the Midway Ice Castle for the last few years! It is amazing every time we go! 

Let's explore the Midway Ice Castle and learn all the fun things to do once you arrive! 

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What is the Midway Ice Castle and Why Should it Be on Your Salt Lake City Winter Activities List?”

Midway Ice Castle

The Midway Ice Castle is a hand-crafted ice structure.  There are tunnels and ice slides to explore.  It really is a beautiful work of art.  The ice castle is built entirely by hand using hundreds of thousands of icicles.  The Utah ice castle includes LED-lit ice sculptures (at night), ice thrones, ice-carved tunnels, and slides.

Ice Castle Locations in North America

This frozen attraction is located in six cities across North America. These cities include Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Utah, and Alberta.

I feel pretty lucky that there is an ice castle in Utah and that I do not have to travel too far to see it.  If you are traveling to Utah in the winter this really needs to be on your Salt Lake City winter activity list!

Where is the Midway Ice Castle? 

Midway Ice Castle

The ice castle is located in Midway, Utah.  Midway is an up-and-coming mountain town.  It is about 25 minutes from Park City.  The area is really beautiful.  A few years ago it was chosen to house the HGTV Dream Home.

The Midway Ice Castle is about a 50-minute drive from Salt Lake City and about 43 minutes from Provo.

Homestead Resort

The ice castle is at the Homestead Resort and Golf Course. The location is great because if you wanted to make a weekend of it you have a nice place to stay at the resort.  There is also a crater located nearby with warm natural hot springs.

Midway Ice Castle Tickets and Reservations Ice Castle Tickets

Opening Date for 2022

January 14th


Reservations are needed.  There are time slots all day starting at noon on weekends and 4:00 pm on weekdays.

This attraction will sell out!  You will want to plan ahead and book a time to visit! 

Opening day is a great time to go.  Many people may not know the exact opening date.  You should have your choice of both daytime and nighttime slots.  At nighttime, it is lit up and even more beautiful.

We chose to go at  3:00 pm.

Ticket's to the Midway Ice Castle

Ticket prices vary from weekday to weekend.  During the week adults are $15 and children (4-11) are $11.  Weekend Prices for adults are $22 and $15 for children.

Buying tickets online is pretty important to guarantee your spot.  But if you want to risk it, there are standby tickets available that are more expensive.

Coupons for the Midway Ice Castles

Use code Planningaway to get a 15% discount on your tickets.  

What are the Midway Ice Castle Hours?

Utah Winter Adventure Ice Castle

Hours for the Midway Ice Castle are as follows:


4:00 pm – 9:00 pm


12:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Prepare for The Midway Ice CastleSalt Lake City winter activities

What to Wear to the Ice Castle

With all outdoor Salt Lake City winter activities, certain clothing should be worn. For starters, put on some good-quality snow boots that will keep your toes warm.

I wish I would have put my little kids in ski bibs. Not so much for the cold, but mostly because there are ice slides and if you are sliding down without the proper material you will get wet and be cold.

Gloves, hats, face masks, and earmuffs would be a good idea to take with you.  I happened to go and it was only 32 degrees out so it wasn't super cold.  If you go at nighttime I would prepare to bundle up!

Bring a Sled

Bring a sled for your little children.  I saw a few parents pulling sleds around the castle and thought that was a genius idea.

Parking At The Midway Ice Castle

Parking at Midway Ice Castles

Parking is pretty easy.  You will park at the golf course because the Midway Ice Castle is actually built on the golf course.  There are four lots available.  If you park farther away there is a shuttle tram to take you to the entrance.

Entering the Midway Ice Castle

Salt Lake City winter Activities - Midway castle

As you enter, you will go to a ticket area and be directed to the right location.  You will need to show your online purchased tickets which will be scanned.  The ticket master will give you a card with your party size on it and you will proceed to the ice castle entrance.

Rules at the Midway Ice Castle

Rules for Ice Castle

There are a few rules that you can read in this picture.  I think the most important ones were to not touch the ice and that if you leave the ice castle you may not re-enter.

Meet Elsa and Anna at the Midway Ice CastleMidway Ice Castle Elsa and Anna

Before you enter the ice castle there is a great photo opportunity.  There is a sign that says, ” ice castle.” Plus Elsa and Anna from Frozen will be there to greet you and take a picture with you.

My little kids were so excited to go to the ice castle and then the added bonus of getting to meet the princesses was pretty awesome!

What to Expect at the Midway Ice Castle

Midway Ice Castle

I really wasn't sure what to expect when I went in.  As you enter,  you get to walk between tall sheets of ice crystals.  It is pretty awesome.

Once inside the area opens up and you are surrounded by the walls of the castle.  Within the ice castle, there are mazes, ice chairs, and slides to explore.  You can explore the whole area and take as many photos as you want.

What Surprised Me

I knew that it would be fun to take pictures and see the castle but I had no idea there were slides and mazes.  There were 3 slides.  Two of the slides are short and fast. In my opinion, one slide stands out above the rest at the Midway Ice Castle.  It is both long and fast! You will know which one I am referring to because it is the only slide that a mat is provided.

Slides at the Midway Ice Castles 

Salt Lake City winter Activities - Midway castle

There is really something for everyone at the Midway Ice Castle.  Even toddlers can enjoy one of the slides.  It is designed especially for little children.  My 4 and 7-year-old went on this smaller slide and loved it.

Salt Lake City winter Activities - Midway castle

 Height Requirements

Two other slides do have a height requirement of 42″. The first one we went on was not extremely fast and I think kids ages 4 and up would do just fine.

The more intense slide that I mentioned above is extremely fast.  With that said my four-year-old loved it but if you have a timid child it might not be the best option. One thing I liked about this particular slide was the mat to sit on.  This was nice so your pants would not get wet!

Salt Lake City winter Activities - Midway castle

My kids loved the intense slide and went down multiple times. Even adults will love this.  I went down and thought it was fun!

What is the Best Time of Day to Go to the Ice Castles?

Midway Ice Castle


This is solely my opinion.  I have little kids and I thought it was tough to keep track of them at the ice castle.  They were running in all the mazes and coming down different slides.

I would be so stressed out if it had been dark and I could not see where they were running off to.  So, I would say daytime is best with little kids. Plus, it is more crowded at night!

One benefit of going in the daytime is that the time slots do not sell out as quickly.  When we arrived, the crowd level wasn't bad.  We did not have to wait in any lines for the slides.  As the next time slot opened it became busy.  The lines grew rather large toward the end of our visit.


Now if this had been a date, nighttime would totally be the way to go.  You might not be able to stay as long because you may get cold but the Midway Ice Castle will be lit up with beautiful colored lights.

If you are there for photography in mind you should be able to get some great shots. I like the contrast in colors at night for sure.

The nighttime time slots are usually sold out, so you can expect it to be pretty crowded.

How Long Should I Plan to Stay at the Utah Ice Castle?

Ice Castles

I would plan to stay 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.  If the weather is nice you can easily stay longer.  We were able to go on all the slides multiple times and we stayed over an hour.

Obviously, if you go later and they are sold out it is going to take you a lot longer to go down all the slides.  You will also have to wait in line to take pictures at particular spots as well.

Will I Be Warm Enough at the Midway Ice Castle in Utah?

Ice Castle Midway

First, I would say dress warm no matter what.  We went and it wasn't bad at 32 degrees.  I was chasing kids around and was not cold at all.

Space Heaters

In the middle of the Ice Castle is an open space with huge space heaters.  There are log benches available to sit and relax on as well.

Salt Lake City winter Activities - Midway castle

Refreshment Stand

If you are still too cold there is a refreshment stand that sells hot chocolate.  You can grab a cup and head to the space heaters to warm up.

Some people in our party got too cold because they didn't have the right shoes.  Shoes really make a difference (get snow boots).  They decided to go back to the car because they couldn't handle being in the cold for any longer!

Are you Ready to go to the Midway Utah Ice Castle?

Ice Castle

The Midway Ice Castle is a great activity but if you need more ideas for your Salt Lake City winter activities list, be sure to check out my Ultimate Salt Lake City ski trip post.

Soldier Hollow is another great place for snow tubing. And of course, heading to Park City for some winter fun is always an option!

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If you have any questions or know of other great places to add to our Salt Lake City winter activities list please comment below!

Also, join my Planningaway Travel Community on Facebook.  This is a place where I post travel deals, and you can ask any questions about your Salt Lake City skiing trip or any other upcoming trips!

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  1. What a great, thorough, and informative article. If I’m ever in the area, a stop at Midway Ice Castle is a must!

  2. I think it is great that Elsa and Anna from Frozen are there to greet you. I also would go down the slide many times over.

  3. Great post about the ice castle! You answered many of my questions that I wondered if I was going to visit. I can’t wait to visit Utah one day.

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  5. Having lived in Georgia and now D.C., an ice castle is something I’ve never come across before, but it sounds awesome! It would be hard to choose between day and night, but I would love to see the ice all lit up. What a fun winter activity!

  6. So cool you finally got the opportunity to go…it is so popular! And love the day shots – just as magical as the night. Wish I would have went down the slides last season but was much too cold when we visited in Minnesota. Maybe this year!

  7. What a great article. I’ve heard people mention this in the past but never really knew much about it. Now I want to go! I’m assuming it would be best to stay in Salt Lake as far as that is where there are the most things to do? Enjoyed the article. Pinned to refer to later.

    1. I would probably stay in Park City or on the Homestead Resort where the ice caste is located. The Homestead resort has a natural hot spring that is really cool.

  8. This is so cool! I didn’t think about ice castles having slides and mazes, either. My family would be all over this!

  9. I cannot believe ice castles exist in the US and I didn’t know about them! Thanks so much for the heads up!

    1. Such a cool thing huh! You should look up Alex boye frozen on youtube from a few years ago. It is a really cool video.

  10. These have become so popular. I am not sure how the one in New Hampshire is doing this winter. We are having a relatively warm season.

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    1. Ha Ha. That is funny. I think I am good until it gets below 20. I have been in Park City at 0 degrees and that was cold! I could handle 32!

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