Disneyland hotels for families

10 Best Disneyland Hotels for Families

Are you looking for the best Disneyland hotel for families? There are so many Disneyland hotels for families! Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with how many choices you have? Need a little help?

You are in the right place! My family has been to Disneyland more times than we can count! We have stayed in a variety of family hotels near Disneyland. I am excited to share with you what we think are the best family hotels Disneyland has to offer! 

In this post, we are going to focus on best Disneyland hotels for toddlers but also Disneyland hotel rooms for kids that are older.   We will look at distance, amenities, and suite size.

We are only going to focus on the best Disneyland hotels near Disneyland. That means if it is more than a mile away NO WAY.  There are so many great Disneyland hotels for families within walking distance! 

Let's explore all of the best Disneyland hotels for families! 

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Map of 10 Best Disneyland Hotels for Families

Disneyland Hotels for Families (Disney Resorts)

Tickets for Disneyland - plan a trip to Disneyland

Disneyland has 3 Disney-owned properties.  Are they the best Disneyland resorts for families? Not all of them! Let me tell you why! 

Let's start with one that really is the best Disneyland hotel for families the Grand Californian. 

1. Grand Californian

Grand Californian Disneyland Hotel


The Grand Californian is the best Disneyland hotel for families. It is the closest hotel to Disneyland located in Downtown Disney

Distance to Disneyland

This Disney hotel is right next door to the parks. You actually have a special entrance to California Adventure and you can jump on the monorail from the hotel and enter in Tomorrowland of Disneyland! 

This is by far the best Disneyland hotel for toddlers and babies and young children who need a nap during the day.  It is so easy to go back to your hotel and rest! (Also great for grandparents who need to rest!) 

Amenities at Grand Californian

There are some awesome amenities for staying on-site at a Disney Resort.  

  • Closest Hotel to Disneyland
  • One Hour Early Admission to Disneyland
  • Character Dining on Site
  • Direct Entrance to California Adventure
  • Direct Access to Downtown Disney
  • Luxury Hotel
  • Purchases Can Be Delivered to Room
  • Early Access to Dining Reservations
  • Themed Disneyland Hotel Rooms for Kids
  • Club Level Available

Grand Californian Disneyland Hotel with Kids Suites

Grand California has many hotel room options.  They have standard rooms and 3-bedroom suites that will sleep up to 13! Seriously! 

I am sure by this point you are like “Why wouldn't I want to stay at the Grand Californian? ” It is amazing and offers so many cool amenities and perks. 

The one downside for a lot of families is the price!  The Grand Californian is expensive!  I have a little secret to help you save money.  

Davids Vacation Club

There is a company called Davids Vacation Rentals.  This company allows those who are Disney Vacation Club members who do not want to use their points to sell them to you. 

You do not have to be a part of the Disney timeshare to use David's Vacation Rentals! 

Davids vacation Rentals

They have a cost calculator on their website where you can check the prices during the time you want to go. 

The best deals are on the larger rooms and family suites. Booking in advance is necessary if you want a larger room.  The standard room prices on smaller rooms do not save you quite as much.  

Our Experience

We used Davids's Vacation Rentals on our Aulani Stay in Hawaii and it seriously saved us $1000 for one night compared to what was on the Disney website!  

I 100% recommend them! It was easy to use and saved us so much money! 


2. Disneyland Hotel

Closest hotel to Disneyland - Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Hotel is another Disney-owned property.  In the past, I would have said to save your money and stay off site of Disney property. 

Primarily, because you still have to walk 10 minutes to the park entrance and Disneyland hotel is much more expensive than staying off-site.

Now that the new Villas at the Disneyland Hotel are opened.  These fit larger families!  Which is awesome! I also love that you can save money using Davids Vacation Club on the villas!  This is new! 

Distance to Disneyland

The Disneyland Hotel is located near Downtown Disney.  It is a great location if you want to shop and grab a bite to eat as you leave the park.  

I might still stay the walk might not be worth the price unless you get a good deal through David's Vacation Rentals. 

Amenities and Perks at Disneyland Hotel

  • One Hour Early Admission
  • Disneyland Hotel has a Character Breakfast 
  • Near Downtown Disney
  • In walking distance of Disneyland
  • Pools with Water Slides

Davids Vacation Club

If you want to stay at the Grand Californian or the Villas at Disneyland Hotel book through Davids Vacation Club!  

3. Paradise Pier

Closest hotels to California Adventure

The last of the Disney-owned properties is Paradise Pier.  Paradise Pier would not have made my list of the best Disneyland hotels for families until now.  

Disney has recently renovated Paradise Pier with a Pixar theme.  It is incredible. So if your family loves Pixar, this ultra-themed Disneyland hotel is for you! 

Distance to Disneyland

Paradise Pier is a 10-15 minute walk to Disneyland.  This has also turned me off from booking.  I couldn't justify the price when there are so many non-Disney hotels that are closer! 

Amenities and Perks 

  • Use Grand Californian Entrance to California Adventure
  • One Hour Early Admission
  • Lowest-priced Disney Resort
  • Pool with Water Slide
  • Cool Themed Rooms

In the past Paradise Pier has had special perks such as guaranteed reservation for a new ride! Be on the lookout, if any promos pop up because it might make it worth the walk to stay at Paradise Pier.  

Paradise Pier is not a DVC property so no additional discounts through Davids Vacation Club are available.

Best Disneyland Hotels for Families Off Site

Best family hotels in Disneyland Marriott

If you have been to Disney World, you know that staying on-site is amazing because you are close to everything. At Disneyland, everything is more compact. You can walk pretty much everywhere.

There are so many non-Disney hotels that are just as close as Disney properties. These are the best places to stay near Disneyland for families.

Most of these properties are less expensive than staying on-site. You will notice that at different times of the year, prices fluctuate.  These hotels are often called “Good Neighbor” hotels.  

There are so many options! We have been to Disneyland so many times and have stayed in all of the areas around Disneyland. Some Disneyland hotels are better than others and some locations are better than others.

I am going to list the best hotels for families at Disneyland that are super close and the benefits of each hotel! 

There are some amazing off-site hotels right across the street from Disneyland. There are also a ton of older hotels that have been there since the park opened in 1955.   

I am going to list some amazing Disneyland hotels for families from this area.  I am going to include 2 hotels: Courtyard Marriott and Howard Johnson which are some of the top-rated Disneyland hotels for families across the street from Disneyland but also include an older hotel that people rave about Tropicana Inn and Suites.

I have stayed in the older hotels and they are incredibly close to Disneyland.  The rooms tend to be smaller and as our family grew it was harder to accommodate us unless we booked two rooms. 

I also prefer the newer family hotels near Disneyland that are just as close.  

The Marriott Courtyard is the best Disneyland hotel for families off-site! It wins the Disneyland hotels for kids category! Mainly because it has Disneyland hotels with kids' suites.

What I love about it is that it is seriously across the street from Disneyland. This makes it so easy to come back during the day and rest!  This is the perfect Disneyland hotel for toddlers and young kids who need a break during the day.

Disneyland Hotel Rooms for Kids

We love that It has large rooms with bunk beds!  This is so great for larger families as well as fun for the kids! 

The water park is also amazing on hot summer days.  Seriously, it is okay to come back to the hotel and rest and swim for an hour! We do it all the time! Then we get with renewed energy to hit the parks until closing! 

Distance from Disneyland

It takes about 5-7 minutes to walk to Disneyland.  

Amenities and Perks

  • Across the Street from Disneyland
  • Water Park
  • Big Suites for Larger families (Sleeps 6)
  • Newer Hotel

Marriott Status

Another reason we love Marriott is that we have status.  This allows us to get free breakfast and extra points.  Just as a side note, I love my Marriott Credit Card I get so many free a nights a year.  It is a good one if you want to play the point game and save money.  

Howard Johnson by Wyndham is another great option for Disneyland hotels for families. It is one of the Closest hotels within walking distance to the parks and it also has a water park! 

This is one of the best Disneyland hotels kids love to stay at. 

What kid doesn't love a water park?! Howard Johnson is close enough to walk back and rest during the day.  I find this really important with little ones.  

Family Suites Disneyland

Howard Johnson is a little bit older than the Courtyard and the rooms are not quite as big. However, the location is amazing and it has a fantastic water park.  

Distance to Parks

.6 miles 11-15 minutes walk

Amenities and Perks

  • Close to Parks
  • Water Park
  • Bigger Rooms (Sleeps 5)

Tropicana Inn and Suites is an original 1955ish hotel that was built when the park was built.  It has doors that face to the outside and we would probably consider it a motel in today's standards.  

Don't let that sway you! Tropicana is well-kept and up-to-date.  It is literally the closest off-site family hotel to Disneyland. This is perfect if you want to bring kids back to nap during the day.

Family-Friendly Hotels near Disneyland

I have had friends who love Tropicana.  They highly recommend it for young families. 

One thing you have to ask yourself is whether the price of this hotel is worth the convenience of the distance to the parks. Yes, it is less expensive than Disney-owned properties but it is pricey and you are not getting the luxury of Disney.  

Distance to Disneyland

.3-.5 miles 6-8 minute walk

Amenities and Perks

  • Right Across the Street from Disneyland
  • Kept Up
  • Nice Pool

This makes the list of best hotels near Disneyland for families because it is right across the street from Disneyland.  

Disneyland Convention Center Hotels

Best food at California Adventure

Disneyland California hosts tons of events throughout the year. The Disneyland Convention Center is where a lot of these are held.  There are lots of hotels in this area that are fantastic.

Best Disneyland Hotels for Families

I am going to list a few hotels for families in the Convention Center area.  This area is farther from the parks but tends to be less expensive compared to those hotels that are across the street from Disneyland.

One of my favorite Disneyland hotels for families is the Springhill Suites Anahiem Convention Center.  The Springhill Suites is newer and nice.

Disneyland Hotel Rooms for Kids

It has large rooms that can accommodate up to 8 people.  There are some rooms with bunk beds which is awesome for kids.  

Distance to Park

.7 miles 17-20 minute walk

Amenities and Perks

  • Lower Cost 
  • Still Pretty Close
  • Nice pool
  • Bunk Beds
  • Large rooms (Sleeps up to 8)
  • Great View of the Fireworks
  • Overlooks California Adventure
  • Free Breakfast

We stayed here the last time we were at Disneyland. It was really nice. We loved the big rooms and it wasn't too far of a walk to the parks.  

We were able to come back and rest during the day and swim, which was awesome.  I would recommend this Disneyland family hotel option for sure!  

Residence Inn is a great option for family hotels near Disneyland.  The Disneyland Convention Center has newer Disneyland family hotels with great perks included in the price of your stay such as free breakfast! 

Disneyland Rooms for Kids

If you are looking for Disneyland rooms for kids that will make them so excited this is the place!  There is also an awesome splash pad by the pool! They really cater to families. 

Distance to Disneyland

.7 miles or a 17-20 minute Walk

Amenities and Perks

  • Large Themed Kid Suites (Sleeps 8)
  • Splash Pad
  • Lower Cost
  • Pretty Close to Disneyland
  • View of Fireworks
  • Free Breakfast

Westin Anaheim Resort is a newer Marriott property located in the Disneyland Convention Center area.  It is nice and offers a luxury that most hotels in the area do not.

The Westin makes my list of the best Disneyland hotels for families because it is a great option for teens.  You get the luxury atmosphere without paying Disney prices. 

This is a great option for a luxury Disneyland hotel for families.  This is the Disneyland area so of course Westin offers family packages that include fun activities within the resort. 

With that said, it is not a great option for bigger families unless you want to book two rooms.  The room sizes are standard.  

Distance to Park

.7 or .8 miles but only a 12-minute walk

Amenities and Perk

  • Luxury
  • Nice restaurants on site
  • Nice Pool
  • Pretty Close to the Parks
  • May have a family package with Free Breakfast

Budget Friendly Disneyland Hotels for Families with Shuttle

Family Friendly Hotels near Disneyland

Do you want to save more money on family hotels near Disneyland?  That is totally fine! There are lots of budget family-friendly hotels near Disneyland.

Will you be able to walk, maybe? I have stayed in a few hotels near Disneyland where transportation was provided by the hotel. 

Family Hotels near Disneyland California

Some of these hotels are really close to Disneyland but you have to cross over  I-5 highway. This could make some kids very uncomfortable! Lots of hotels in this area offer shuttle service so you do not have to worry.

Shuttle Service at Disneyland

There are family Disneyland hotels located near the Disneyland Parking lot that are a little farther away that offers this same shuttle service.  

The bus does cost money. The bus runs about every 15 minutes or will come when you call a number. 

We tried the bus out and it was okay. You really do have to stop at every hotel on the route before you get to yours.  

Do you Want to Save Money?

You have to ask yourself should I save money on a budget family-friendly Disney hotel and know I will have to take a shuttle or walk which adds time to my day?

If that doesn't bother you then book a Disneyland family hotel farther away.  

I am going to list the best family Disneyland hotel that is a little farther but share a trick that will make it worth it! 

We have stayed at Holiday Inn a few times and loved it! It was reasonably priced and offered everything our family needed at the time.  We have out grown it now with a family of 6.  

Best Family Hotels near Disneyland

Holiday Inn is a part of the shuttle drop-off area but what is really nice about it, it backs up to the parking lot of Disneyland.  You can walk through the parking lot and jump on a free tram that will drop you off at the park. 

We loved this!  It is a little far and inconvenient to go back and rest during the day.  But totally worth saving money!  

Holiday Inn offers themed rooms and even a splash pad and pool area. 

Distance to Park

.6 Miles to Downtown Disney 25 minute walk to Park Entrances

Free Tram ride from Parking lot much faster

Amenities and Perks

  • Close to free tram ride
  • Themed Disneyland rooms for kids
  • Kids Eat Free
  • Pool and Splash Pad

Best Disneyland Hotels for Families

Disneyland with kids

We have a big family, so we are always looking for the best Disneyland hotels for families of 6!. We love Disneyland!  I hope you have enjoyed my top 10 best Disneyland hotels for families.  

 I know the areas well and have stayed in almost every single one of them.  My top two locations would be the Disneyland hotels across the street (the newer ones) and the convention center area.  

These hotels are the best family hotels Disneyland has to offer! 

Have so much fun! 

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