Disney Wish Cruise Ship

27 Best Disney Wish Cruise Ship Activities

Are you looking to book on the Disney Wish ship? Maybe you already have and now you want to see all of the fun things to do on the Disney Wish cruise! 

You are in the right spot! We recently went on the Disney Wish cruise line and loved it! The Disney Wish cruise ship is amazing! I am excited to share all of our favorite things with you.

In this post, we are going to talk about the best places to eat on the Disney Wish cruise, the new Disney cruise ship Wish entertainment options, the kids club and Disney cruise activities geared towards kids and teens, and all of the fun things to do on the Disney Cruise Wish Ship!  

One thing we love is how detailed the Disney Wish is! It is incredible and beautiful! 

Let's explore the best things to do on the Disney Wish Cruise Ship! 

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Things to do on a Disney Cruise

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1. Disney Wish Pool Deck

Disey Wish pool deck

There are six different pools on the Disney Wish Ship! Some are small and others are a little bigger.  They are located on both decks 11 and 12. Each has a Disney-themed name.

Disney Pools on the Disney Wish Cruise Ship

  • Mickey's Pool (Deck 11)
  • Minnie's Pool (Deck 11)
  • Daisy's Pool (Deck 11)
  • Pluto's Pool (Deck 11)
  • Donald's Pool (Deck 12)
  • Goofy's Pool (Deck 12) 
  • Adult Only Pool (Deck 13) 

The pools are open all day, but close early at night.  Some of the pools are actually covered by a slide-out deck so parties can happen at night. 

We were surprised at how early the pools closed.  We wanted to swim after dinner and it wasn't an option even in the adult-only area.  

2. Hot Tubs on the Disney Wish

Disney Wish Cruise Line - Hot tubs

Are There Hot Tubs on the Disney Wish?

There are no hot tubs in the general area where families are allowed.  This was kind of a bummer!  I love sitting in the hot tub while my kids swim in the pool.  It is not an option on the Disney Wish cruise ship! 

There is one hot tub in the adult-only area. 

There are a few more hot tubs located at the front of the ship in the spa area. (These are an additional fee.)  They look really nice, private, and relaxing! 

3. Aqua Mouse and Water Slides on Disney Wish Cruise 

Disney Wish Cruise Water Slides

Is There a Slide on the Disney Wish? 

There is a water slide on the Disney Wish cruise ship called the AquaMouse.  It is located on Deck 13.  

The line can get really long! We were able to go on it a few times.  The best day to go was when our boat docked at Castaway Cay.  The lines were much shorter! 

Aqua Mouse Disney Wish

The water slide on the Disney Wish cruise ship is pretty cool.  It starts on a conveyor belt that takes you slowly up. During this time you get to watch animated Disney cartoons.  The rest of the ride is pretty short but fun! 

There is another smaller water slide on the Disney Wish as well. 

4. Tot Splash Pad on Disney Wish Cruise

Disney Cruise Toddler SPlash Pad

Also located in this area on the Disney Wish cruise ship is a tot splash pad.  This is the perfect place for little ones to enjoy their time on the ship.  

This area is blocked off so little ones can play and not run off!  It is perfect for busy toddlers and pre-school-aged kids!  It has a theme of Toy Story. 

Disney Wish Kids Clubs

Disney Wish Ship - Kids Clubs

There are 3 kids' clubs on the Disney Wish cruise.  Oceanier Club for kids 10 and under, the hideout for tweens, and the Vibe for teens. The Kids club is a clear winner on the Disney Wish Ship! 

5. Oceanier Kids Club

Disney Wish Cruise Ship Kids Club - Oceanier

The Oceanier Club is the coolest cruise kids club I have ever seen! It is even cool for adults! 

Star Wars Cargo Bay

There is a Star Wars area that is so detailed you feel like you are in Batau.  There are ipads where you can scan in and hunt for different species of creatures.  It is pretty awesome.  

Marvel Super Hero Academy

The Marvel room is pretty awesome.  Kids can design their own superhero suits and then test them out with a virtual reality game.  There are screens on the walls where you can shoot webs using your arms against bad guys.  

Fairytale Hall

At Fairytale Hall, kids can be creative with Rapuntzel, Role Play in Belles Library, or use Elsa's Icy Powers.  This is a fun area that is as detailed as all of the other areas. 

Walt Disney's Imagineer Lab

This lab is awesome! There are kiosks where you can scan in and design your own roller coaster track.   Once you design it you sit down at a virtual reality area and ride.  It is awesome!

There is also a large area with tables where crafts and Disney cruise activities are available. 

Pre- School Area

The large area designed for preschool-age kids is amazing! There are interactive tunnels in a large play area for younger kids! It is pretty cool! 

6. Edge Tween Club (11-14)

Disney Cruise Wish Tweens Club Hideaway

The tween room was small. After checking out the Oceanier Club, it felt lame.  There were lots of video game consoles and group-led Disney cruise activities but not a lot of space.  

My daughter who is 11 was so sad (like crying)! She would have much rather been downstairs in the Oceanier Club.  She felt the Edge was designed for boys who like to game.  The one positive note is that during certain times of the day, the Edge kids could take-over the Star Wars area and Marvel areas.  

7. Vibe Teen Club (15-17)

Newest Disney Ship Wish Teen Club Vibe

The Vibe is a fun place for older teens to hang out.  There are planned Disney cruise activities throughout the ship such as deck parties and silent DJ parties for teens.  These activities are designed just for them. 

Located nearby is the Hero Zone which is a really cool area with ping pong, foosball, and basketball.  The teen club took over this area during certain times of the day. 

All Kids Clubs

During certain times or during days that the Wish ship is at port, these clubs are open for families to explore together. 

8. Hero Zone

HeroZone Disney Wish Cruise Ship

This area is a fun area where the entire family can come (most of the time.)  There is a basketball court, foosball tables, ping pong tables, and air hockey.  

It has two levels with lots of entertainment options! This is a fun area to come and explore on the Disney Wish cruise ship! 

9. Neverland and Wonderland Movie Cinema

The Wonderland and Neverland Cinema on the Disney Wish Cruise Ship

If you are looking for Disney Wish cruise activities head to the theater. There are two movie theater rooms showing some of the newest Disney movies.  This a fantasic 

The detail in the design of both of these rooms is incredible.  When you go look at the railings, chairs, and ceilings you will see a little bit of Disney magic.  

Popcorn on the Disney Wish Cruise

The movies play all day long! The best part is there is a popcorn stand located right outside.  It does have an additional charge.  We ended up buying a bucket that we could re-fill throughout our cruise.  We used it a lot! Not only in the theater but in the Disney Wish shows each night! 

10. Incredi-Games Inflatables

Disney Wish Cruise inflatables

The Disney Wish Cruise has an “Incredible” inflatable obstacle course.  Two members of your family can go at the same time.  The race is on through all of the obstacles that stand in your way. 

Disney Cruise Wish Activities

This is one of the best things to do on the Disney Wish cruise! It is so much fun.  This Disney wish activity is not available all the time.  When we sailed it was only offered during a day that the ship was docked. 

It is located in the Hero Zone during certain times during your Disney Wish cruise.

Disney Wish Cruise Activities

Disney Wish Cruise Activities - game show

There are lots of Disney Wish Cruise activities to do throughout your time on the ship.  From family game shows, scavenger hunts, crafts, and more. 

You can check on your Disney App once you board the boat to know exactly what is going on, on the Disney Wish cruise ship! 

The Disney Wish cruise activities are primarily located in the Bayou, Luna Lounge, and Triton Lounge.

11. The Bayou

Disney Cruise Activites at the Bayou

The Bayou is located on Deck 3.  Typically this is a nice lounge where you can get specialty drinks.  During certain times, there are Disney cruise activities located in this area.  

We were able to make cabin door signs to hang up on our doors here.  

12. The Luna Lounge

Disney Wish Lounges - Luna

The Luna Lounge is two stories.  It is located on decks 4 and 5.  This area has some awesome tech.  The sound capability paired with smoke and other fun interactive experiences make the shows so fun.

Most of the shows are around 30 minutes.  We participated in the villain game show and the family game show. There is also bingo in this area (Bingo is an additional cost.) 

13. The Triton Lounge

Disney Cruise Activiites - Triton Lounge Disney Wish

The Triton Lounge is designed specifically for Disney cruise activities.  There is a sound guy and a screen. It is located on deck 5. 

My son loves going to these activities because they always have prizes for the winners! 

We went to a family scavenger hunt and name that tune. My son actually won the name that tune challenge.  These Disney cruise activities are so fun to do!  

There are multiple times you can do these activities through out the day.  Just check your app to know when to go! 

14. Broadway Disney Wish Shows

Disney Wish Cruise Activities - Broadway shows

The entertainment on the Disney Wish cruise ship is phenomenal. All of the actors and performers are of Broadway quality.  

Every night you are on the ship, there will be a show located in the Walt Disney Theater.  The Walt Disney Theater is located on decks 2 to 4.  It is a 3-story theater.

Disney Wish Entertainment

I am sure over time the shows will be different but on our Disney Wish cruise,  we were able to see Aladdin, Little Mermaid, and a Disney Cruise Show with the Fab-5 (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy)

These shows are available two times per night. Each show is 30 minutes – 1 hour.  They are perfect for younger guest attention spans.  The Aladdin show was out of this world! The tech used in the background was unlike anything I have ever seen.  

This was one of my favorite things to do on the Disney Wish Cruise Ship each night! 


15. Character Meet and Greets

Disney Wish Characters - Minnie pirate

If you have kids that love the Disney characters be sure to buy an autograph journal before you board the ship! 

You can literally meet so many characters while on board the Disney Wish ship.  On certain days, like Pirate Day they may be dressed up like pirates! 

You will want to look at your app to check out the locations of where they will be.  Towards the end of your Disney Wish cruise, there will be a big night where many of the characters will be in the Grand Hall.  

This is one of the best things to do on the  Disney Wish Cruise ship if you love the characters! The lines are so much shorter than at Disney World


16. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

If you have a little princess or pirate, the Bibbidi Bobbidid Boutique is one of the best Disney Wish activities available.  

The Bibbidid Bobbidid Boutique is essentially a make-over.  You can purchase different packages which can include a new outfit, hair, and make-up.  Typically a lot of sparkles are involved.

You must book this experience before you even board the ship.  They book out fast! 

Disney Wish Deck Parties

Disney Wish Cruise Activities - set sail party

Some of the best Disney Wish cruise activities are the on-deck parties.  There is usually a set sail party, a pirate party, or if you are going during Halloween or Christmas there will be other deck parties offered. 

17. Mickey's Set Sail Party

Disney Wish Cruise activities Parties

Everyone is so excited to set sail! This party is well attended so if you want to get a good spot come early.  The whole Mickey gang sings and dances and basically gets the party started.  It is a great way to kick off your Disney Wish cruise experience! 

18. Pirate Night and Fireworks

Disney Wish Cruise Activites - Pirate night

Pirate day/night is so fun! You can dress up and enjoy all of the activities on board the Disney Wish! As you are packing for a Disney Cruise be sure to include Pirate gear! 

There are two pirate parties! One is designed for kids with the Fab 5 dress up and sing pirate songs.  Later in the night, there is is 1980 pirate band and a firework show.  

Disney Wish Fireworks at Sea

Disney is the only cruise ship that has fireworks at sea! It is pretty awesome.  The pirate band plays for a while and the grand finale is the fireworks.  It is pretty awesome! 

19. Get a Ice Cream Cone

Disney wish dining ice cream station

The ice cream station is one of my favorite things to do on the Disney Wish cruise ship! 

All-you-can-eat ice cream cones! YES! I love a traditional twist cone with vanilla and chocolate but that doesn't mean I won't try all the varieties on the Disney Wish.  

On our Disney Wish cruise, we were able to try blueberry, banana, and mango. 

I still prefer traditional twist cones but it is nice to have variety! 

20. Visit Sweet Shop

Disney Wish cruise ship food

One of the best things to do on the Disney Wish cruise ship is visit the Sweet Shop. Even if you do not buy anything! The detail in the area is unbelievable not to mention the dessert creations! 

As a reward for being awesome, I let one of my kids purchase an item for this fun Sweet Shop.  He picked out gelato.  He loved it! 

There are also some traditional candy treats like you would find at Disney World located here. 


21. Eat at Festival of Foods

Food on Disney Wish Cruise Ship

The Festival of food was one of the first things we did on the Disney Wish Cruise Ship.  All of these quick-service restaurants are included with your cruise.

The Festival of Foods is open from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.  

Festival of Foods Restaurants

  • Donald's Cantina
  • Mickey's Smokestack
  • Daisy's Pizza Pie
  • Goofy's Grill
  • Sweet Minnies Ice Cream

We tried all of these restaurants while on our cruise.  The cheeseburger at Goofy's Grill was so good! We loved the pizza at Daisy's, and Donald's Cantina was unbelievable! The smokehouse was okay.  

If you ask my kids this was one of the best things to do on the Disney Wish cruise ship! I have a bunch of foodies in my family! 

22. Marceline Market

Disney Wish Buffet Marceline Market

Marceline Market is the Disney Wish buffet! This is another one of the best things to do on the Disney Wish cruise ship! There is so much food, dessert, and delicious options at Marceline Market.

3 days was not enough time to try everything!  We went a few times and wanted to go more however the hours are limited.  Basically breakfast and lunch.   

What we did try was really good! 

Disney Wish Main Dining Each Night

Disney Wish Dining - 1923

On the Disney Wish cruise ship you will have a rotational dinner plan.  Each night you will be assigned a different restaurant.  Arendelle, Marvel, and 1923 are your options for a 3-day cruise.  So each night you will eat somewhere new! 

23. Arendelle Disney Wish Restaurant

Disney Wish Food Options - Arendelle

The detail of Arendelle is incredible! Even Disney World character dining experience cannot compare to what you get to experience at Arendelle. 

As you walk into Anna and Elsa's Castle take a look around. The details are amazing.  You will see all of the paintings from the movie where Anna sings the song For the First Time and Forever.

Attention to details is what you will find all around you.  All the characters from Frozen are at the party as well as a live band.  Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff come around to each table.  This is a great time to get a picture with them without standing in line! 

The food here was my least favorite of the 3 nights, but the entertainment was awesome! 

24. Worlds of Marvel

Disney Wish Restaurants - Marvel

The Worlds of Marvel was my favorite Disney Wish dining night.  It was very interactive.  We were able to grow and shrink things with PYM's technology.   Spiderman also paid us a visit.

The food here was really good! We loved it! It was an awesome experience and one of the best things to do on the Disney Wish. (So if you are booking a specialty dining experience, do not do it when you are assigned to come to the Worlds of Marvel!) 

25. Disney Wish 1923 Restaurant

Disney Wish Food resturants

1923 is exactly what you would expect for dining on a cruise ship.  it is very similar to main dining halls on other ships.  

There is not a show or characters at 1923.  The food is incredible! We loved the choices at 1923.

This was one of the best things to do on the Disney Wish.

26. Enjoy the Disney Wish Lounges

Disney Wish Cruise line star wars lounge

There are lots of fun lounges on the Disney Wish.  These are great areas to hang out.  All of these lounges have incredible detail.

Lounges on the Disney Wish

  • Nightingales
  • Hyperspace Lounge
  • The Bayou
  • Cove Cafe
  • The Rose
  • Luna

We were able to explore some of the lounges. They are great spaces on the Disney Wish to enjoy a specialty drink! 

27. Shop on the Disney Wish Cruise Line

Disney Wish Ship Merchandise

One of the best Disney cruise activities is to explore the stores and get some Disney cruise souvenirs! There is some fun cruise-inspired merchandise. 

There are also other jewelry, watches, and other fun stores to shop at on the Disney Wish. 

At some of the jewelry stores, they have contests or just hand out free charms during certain times. Check your app. 

Stores on Disney Wish

  • 3 Wishes
  • Dory's Forget Me Knots
  • Enchanted Castle Jewels
  • Once Upon A Time
  • Royal Regalia
  • Treasures Untold
  • Mickey's Mainsail

Are you Ready for Some Fun Disney Wish Cruise Activities?

Best things to do on the Disney Wishes Cruise

Are you so ready to go on the Disney Wish Cruise Ship?!!!  There are so many fun things to do on the Disney Cruise Wish Ship! 

There are definitely more things to do on the Disney Wish cruise. With only 3 days we did as many as possible! Hopefully, this list will help you decide what Disney wish ship activities you want to do! 

Have so much fun! 

We Love To Cruise! 

We love cruising.  We have been not only on the Disney Wish but both the Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas. We have gone out of Orlando, Miami, and Galveston

We have visited Thrill Water Park at  Perfect Day, and have been to port stops in the Bahamas We have also hit a private island in Roatan, checked out Costa Maya to see the ruins, and visited Cozumel. Castaway Cay is awesome.  We did the Castaway Cay 5k If your itinerary includes these stops, take a look at some of the fun tours available. 

Want a Free Disney Cruise Packing List?

Packing for a Disney Cruise - Checklist

I made a fun Disney Cruise packing list so you will not forget anything.  If you would like a copy I will send one to you! 

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