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42 Cruise Gift Ideas (The Best Gifts For Cruise Lovers!)

Are you looking for the best gifts for cruise lovers?  Seriously, there are so many people who are obsessed with cruising! Friends and family members will love these cruise gift ideas.

We have caught the cruise fever! We went on our first cruise this year and already have one booked for next year!   Cruising is fun and one of the easiest vacations to plan! 

In this post, we are going to focus on gifts for people who go on cruises all the time, gifts for someone going on a cruise for the first time, and basically all of the practical and essential cruise gifts anyone would need.  

I hope this post will help give you the best cruise gift ideas for all of those cruise lovers in your life. 

Let's start with cruise gifts that would make great Christmas or Birthday cruise presents. (We will get to practical cruise gifts a little later.)

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1. Christmas Cruise Ornaments

For all of those cruise lovers out there, the perfect cruise presents for Christmas could be as simple as an ornament. 

Christmas ornaments are one of my favorite things to buy all year round when I travel to different places.   If you are looking for a specific Christmas gift for cruisers this is a great option.  

Holiday-Themed Cruise Presents

There is also some really awesome holiday-themed cruise presents you can check out on Etsy.  We love shopping locally but you will have to plan ahead because Etsy does take longer to ship than Amazon! 

This is a good option for gift ideas for cruisers.

I love matching shirts! If you are looking for some pre-cruise gift ideas shirts are perfect. This cruise gift idea will be a hit! If you or someone you know are going on a cruise soon this is one of the best gifts for cruise lovers.

Custom Cruise Shirts

There are so many great options.  One thing I really love about Etsy is that you can customize your shirts.  You can put everyone's name that is going and the year.  These shirts are usually inexpensive you can check the price hereIf you want personalized cruise gifts, this is perfect!

Cruise ship mugs are great gifts for cruisers who do not have a cruise planned but love all the memories they have made so far.  Every time they look at their mug it will bring them joy and make them happy! 

Thoughtful Gifts for Cruisers 

Having a fun mug is a perfect cruise gift idea that is practical for everyday use but also just simple, not too expensive, and very thoughtful.  

A water tumbler or water bottle makes great gifts for people who go on cruises.  Many people like to have water on hand while cruising.  You do not want to get dehydrated.

They also are very practical while you are on vacation or just at home making them the perfect gift for cruise lovers.  The Stanley Tumbler is one of the hottest items on Instagram right now.  Everyone has them! I personally still like the Hydro Flask but it is not as “cool”.

Customizable Water Tumblers

Customizing is the best part of this cruise gift! There are so many cute ways to decorate water bottles with cruise-themed vinyl. I love these personalized cruise gifts! 

If you have been on cruises you will know that sometimes there are art shows on board but that might not be the best cruise gift to give someone because I'm sure the price tag is a little higher.  

Cruise Art Décor for the Home

A few options for gifts for people who go on cruises are paintings, photographs, and artwork.  There are some great options online.  You could also take a photo from a past cruise and use Shutterfly and print and frame it. 

Home décor is the perfect gift for cruise lovers.   

My Favorite Cruise Gift Idea

I think the signs that count down till your next cruise are the perfect gifts for cruisers.  It is so cute!  In fact, I am going to buy it for my cruise-loving parents.  They seriously cruise over 5-6 times a year! This will be useful! 

Another cute option for a post-cruise gift is a “cardholder”  This is a little place to put past cruise ship cards in.  

Cruise home décor is so fun and the perfect cruise present for cruise lovers. 

Another great home décor item is a picture frame. A lot of times on cruises there will be professional photographers ready to take your picture.  I am sure your friends who are cruise lovers have a few that are laying around.

Display the Fun Times

A picture frame is a great present to help them display all the fun times they have had.  These make perfect gifts for Caribbean lovers because you can always find a beautiful spot to take a picture! 

Are you ready for the best cruise essential gifts?  An excursion bag is a perfect gift for cruisers. 

Gift Ideas for Cruisers

If you have never been on a cruise, then listen up.  As you check-in, your luggage is taken and will arrive at your cabin.  Whatever you think you might need until your baggage arrives should go in a carry-on beach bag.  

Not only is a bag great for boarding the cruise ship but also perfect for shore excursions.  When you go on shore excursions it is nice to have a bag to keep your stuff. 

If you are looking for gifts for someone who cruises all the time this is perfect. 

9. Cruise Ship Essentials

Cruise gifts

If you need a gift for someone going on a cruise, these are the cruise essentials gifts that are ultra-practical. 

Cruise Essentials Gifts

There are lots of cruise essential gifts you can give. I have a few ideas that we have used and love! 

Lanyard Cruise Gifts

A cruise lanyard is a great way to keep track of your room key/ID card.  You need this card to not only get into your room but to enter/exit the ship for excursions. 

Power Strip Cruise Gifts

An extra power strip is super practical.  I didn't really notice a shortage of plug-ins on my last cruise but maybe if you are on an older ship this would be handy. 

Magnetic Hooks Cruise Gifts

Magnetic hooks are awesome to save space and hang up whatever you need to.  You can also get a shoe holder to store different items as well. 

Waterproof Items for Cruise Gifts

Another really practical MUST-HAVE is a waterproof phone case.  I love these. I take them on every beach vacation.  I want my phone, so I can use the camera!!!  These cases keep them safe from water.   Another great option is a waterproof waist strap

Towel Bands for Cruise Gifts

Towel bands are like the coolest thing ever.  You can always lay your towel on a beach chair but it falls, this cool contraption keeps your towel in place.  It is perfect to claim your spot on the pool deck. 

More Practical Cruise Gift Ideas

All of these items might be great to add to a cruise care package.  You could also add your cruise lover's favorite book, walkie-talkies if there is no cell reception or a portable charger for a phone. These are also great cruise gift basket ideas.  I have a few more ideas I will share in a minute. 

If you are looking for cruise gifts for women, jewelry is always a win.  Now there are two thoughts.

Formal Night

One thought is if your cruise has a formal night and you are looking to buy someone something fancy and stylish.  You can always go to a jeweler or even Sams has some great options. 

Trendy Jewelry 

The other thought is simple cruise-themed gift bracelets or earrings you can wear anytime.  These are fun little cruise gifts! 

You can never have too many swimsuit coverups on a cruise.  Seriously! These would be perfect options for cruise gifts for women. 

The Best Cruise Gifts For Women

There are so many cute options! It is nice to have swimsuit cover-ups for all of the shore excursions. Plus, just the time you walk from your room to the pool deck.  

I actually loved having a cute swimsuit cover-up at our stop at Royal Caribbean's Coco Cay.  It was nice to get off the ship and be ready to swim. 

You know someone that just loves to relax in the sun!!! Beach hats are perfect cruise gifts for the cruise lover! 

Personalized Cruise Gifts – Beach Hats

There are lots of options for beach hats. You can go more sporty with a ball cap or fancy with a big beach hat.  These can be personalized cruise gifts. If you know someone getting married, there are some cute options.

If you are brave enough to buy someone shoes, there are some good-better and-best options for cruises.  


If you are going on a cruise that has a lot of tropical port stops you will probably want a good pair of flip-flops,water shoes or Keens.  

For casual walking the deck a nice pair of Birkenstocks or other easy-to-put-on shoes is nice to have.  

The easiest shoe to give as a cruise present is water shoes.  A good cruise gift for men is Keens.  Unless you really know the cruise lovers' style casual shoes are going to be much much harder to buy. 

Our Experience

We used our water shoes at the Royal Caribbean's private island Perfect Day at Cococay, where we went on a Cococay excursion to the Thrill Water Park. I would have been really sad if we didn't have water shoes! 

Sometimes it is nice to bring your own beach gear on a cruise.  I love having my snorkel setI know you can rent them but I prefer my own.  They do take up space so some people might not want to bring them on a cruise.  But if you are like me, I think it would be a great cruise gift! 

Shore Excursion Cruise Gifts

Some other fun items that might be helpful for your shore excursions are sand coasters and sand removal products. After a fun day on the beach, you will want to clean up before heading back to the ship.  This makes a great gift for cruise lovers

15. Cruise Gift Packing Essentials

gifts for cruisers

Packing essentials are great gifts for cruisers.  Everyone has to pack and it is nice to have fun toiletry bags and the right items to pack for a cruise! 

Packing Cruise Essentials Gifts

There are some great packing cubes that will help your cruise lovers stay organized.  there are also a lot of nice carry-on luggage options.  

16. Electronic Cruise Gifts

gifts for cruisers -binoculars

If know a cruise lover that would love an electronic cruise gift. I have a few ideas.

Go Pro Cruise Gift

A Go-pro is so cool to take with you on all of your shore excursions.  They are a little pricey but worth it.  I bought a knock-off and it was lame.  It didn't work. So I recommend going with the better product.  

Watch Cruise Gift

Another nice thing to have is an Apple Watch or a Garmin Watch.  Want to know why?  It is so cool to see how many steps you take on a cruise ship.  I seriously was hitting over 25,000 steps a day.  It was awesome! 

Airpods Cruise Gift

If you know someone who loves music or listens to books on audio AirPods are a great gift for cruisers. 

Binoculars are not an electronic in the traditional sense, but they are awesome gadgets to have on a cruise ship. 

17. Cruise Gift Basket Ideas

Cruise gift Basket

If you want to make this cruise gift really special, wrapping it up in a nice cruise gift basket will be perfect!  I am going to put a list together and you can click on and order everything off of Amazon and be done! 

Cruise Gift Basket Items

Cruise ship gift baskets are fun gifts for someone going on a cruise.  It is all about presentation. You can seriously put anything in it!

18. The Best Cruise Gift a CRUISE

First time cruise royal Caribbean

Do you want to give the best cruise gift EVER….Giving someone a cruise vacation would be awesome. It would be very generous of you for sure! 

The most common times people will gift cruises are for honeymoons, birthday trips, family reunions or just wanting to go on a warm winter vacation with friends.  

Need Help Deciding When to Go on a Cruise?

Best time to go on a cruise

I have created a really cool breakdown of the best times to book your cruise. by month and area. (Caribbean, Europe, Alaska….)  If you want a copy I can email it to you! 

Book A Cruise 

I highly recommend going through Priceline for most cruises.  They typically offer more onboard spending credit.  If you are going on a Disney Cruise you should book with a Disney specialist like GetAwayToday.  They know Disney! 

Surprise Cruise Gift Ideas

If you are looking for ideas to surprise someone with a cruise. There are some fun goodie bags you can fill with “cruise tickets or you could have a puzzle custom-made that says “Surprise we are going on a cruise!”  

This year our family reunion is was on the Allure of the Seas cruise ship.  We have talked about it for a long time.  We wanted to give everyone time to save up and not have to worry when we go.  

Grandma and Grandpa did a big reveal on Thanksgiving.  They had cruise ship-shaped cookies made.  There were cute boarding passes and money to go towards our cruise.  Grandma actually booked everything ahead of time so all of our cabins were close together.  

The kids do not know which cruise or when so the surprise will be for the kids!  My kids had been on the Oasis of the Seas so they new how much fun this surprise was going to be. 

42 Cruise Gifts Ideas

Gifts for Cruise Lovers Recap

Texas family attractions - Cruise

Wow, that is a lot of fun ideas for gifts for cruise lovers! Now, I want to go on a cruise.  I hope this post helps you buy the perfect cruise gift for your friends and family members.  

Good Luck on your quest on finding the best cruise gift for cruise lovers! 

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