Thrill Water Park at Perfect Day at Cococay Bahamas

Thrill Water Park – The Best Guide To The Coco Cay Water Park

Are you headed to the Perfect Day at Coco Cay Royal Caribbean water park and cruise port?  Wondering if the Thrill Water Park is worth it? 

We recently went to Coco Cay water park and loved it! However, it might not be for everyone.  I'm excited to share what we learned and hopefully, help you make a good decision if you should go to Thrill Water Park.  

In this post, we will explore all that CocoCay Water Park has to offer, as well as what makes Thrill Water Park thrilling!  

As you continue to make a cruise plan and pick your top excursions at Cococay, Cococay Water Park is a fantastic option. 

Let's explore the Royal Caribbean water park “Thrill Water Park!” 

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Map of Perfect Day at Cococay Bahamas

Thrill Water Park is located on the Royal Caribbean private island Perfect Day at Coco Cay.  It is a Caribbean water park located in the Bahamas.  The only way to go to the island is by cruise ship. 

Only Royal Caribbean ships can port at Perfect Day at Cococay. Even big ships like Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, and even Icon of the Seas can easily dock.  

The Coco Cay water park is located at the front of the island.  You will see it as you walk off the cruise port and onto the island.

If the Thrill Water Park is something that excites you be sure to book a Royal Caribbean Cruise that has Perfect Day at Coco Cay on the itinerary. 

Do You Have to Pay for Thrill Water Park?

Perfect Day at Cococay Bahamas

As you port and exit the ship onto the Island of Perfect Day at Coco Cay you will head straight to the Thrill Water Park.  You can enjoy many parts of the island for free however the Thrill Water Park does cost an additional amount and is considered an excursion.  

How Much is the Water Park at Coco Cay? 

The cost of Thrill Water Park depends on the time of year you are going.  It can range from $55 to over $100.  We went in April around Spring Break and it was $99 per person.  

Book Ahead of Time

It is best to book Thrill Water Park before you go on your cruise.  Royal Caribbean limits the number of people allowed into the Cococay water park. So it can sell out! This is the perfect cruise gift for your kids! 

Who Will Enjoy Thrill Water Park?

Thrill Water Park at Cococay

Thrill Water Park is great for families.  However, it isn't really set up for kids under the age of 8.  There are other areas of Perfect Day at Coco Cay with water slides that are geared toward younger kids and Guess What?  They are FREE

Thrill Water Park is perfect for teenagers and older kids.  We took three kids ages 9, 13, and 15.  These were perfect ages for Thrill Water Park.  

One thing that I loved was that it is not huge, this made me feel very comfortable letting my kids go on the slides together while I relaxed! 

What To Bring to Coco Cay Water Park?

Perfect Day at Cococay Bahamas ships at port

Before you exit the ship make sure to bring a few items.  If you don't already have these items be sure to get them before your cruise! 

How To Get Into Thrill Water Park

Royal Caribbean Water Park - Thrill Water Park

If you pre-purchased your Thrill Water Park full day passes then they will be attached to your Royal Caribbean room key card.  You will need this card to exit and board the ship as well so DO NOT FORGET IT

As you enter there are kiosks where you will scan your cards.  It is simple to enter Thrill Water Park. 

Amenities at Cococay Water Park

Restrooms at Cococay

There are some nice amenities located inside of Thrill Water Park for your convenience.  


The restrooms are located as you enter the park.  They are nice and clean! Only those that have paid for admission to the water park at Coco Cay can use them. 

Lockers at Thrill Water Park

Lockers at Cococay

There are lockers also located at the entrance of the park where you can store your belongings.  These lockers are included in your admission to the park.  They are very easy to use.  You simply make up a code and set it up. 

Life Jackets for Thrill Water Park

Life Jackets at Perfect Day at CocoCay Water Park

Life Jackets are available to use at Thrill Water Park.  They are located near the Adventure Pool and the Wave Pool.  You can just grab one and return it when you are done. 

Shoe Bins Cococay Water Park

Shoe Bin at Coco Cay Thrill Water Park

There are shoe bins near every water slide.  This is nice so that you can walk to each area with shoes and then while you are on the slide have a safe place to store them.  

Water Slides at Thrill Water Park

Water Slides at Cococay water Park - Thrill Water Park

One of the best things about Thrill Water Park is the water slides. There are 13 water slides to choose from! And believe me, they are fun! 

Devil's Tower

Coco Cay Water Park - Devils Tower

Devils Tower is the tallest water slide tower in North America.  It is 135 ft tall.  Don't worry as you climb to the top it is fully enclosed so it isn't as scary as it could be! 

Devils Tower Slides

Cococay Water Park
Let's go over all the slides that are on Devils Tower.  

Devils Peak

Location: Top Level

Tallest Slide: 135 ft

Minimum Height Requirement: 48 inches

This is the highlight of Thrill Water Park.  The line may get long as it is the main attraction.  It is worth the wait.  The ride is actually quite long.  It is a fast and fun water slide ride! It is the most thrilling ride at Thrill Water Park! 

Dueling Demons

Location: 2nd highest level

Drop Slides: 75 ft

Minimum Height Requirement: 48 inches

The two drop slides are called Dueling Demons.  These drop slides allow you to race to the bottom! It is a fun ride.  I am super sensitive to drop slides, they usually hurt my back but this one did not! I am grateful for that! 

Green Mamba

Location: 2nd Level

Tall Slide: 50 Ft

Minimum Height Requirement: 48 Inches

This is an easy-going slide.  It is not intense.  This is a great ride to build up to the more thrilling rides.  It gives you the confidence to go up to the next level.  

Screeching Serpent

Location: 2nd Level

Tall Slide: 50 Ft

Minimum Height Requirement: 48 inches

This ride is thrilling. It may only be on the 2nd level but it has a drop that will make you airborne.  I was determined to go on every slide and this one caught me by surprise because it was more intense than I thought it would be. 

Manta Racers

Location: 1st Level

Water Slide: Lowest Level

Minimum Height Requirement: 48 inches

You will want to start the Devils Tower on the first level and do both the Manta Racers.  One is faster than the other.  This is a great way to get ready for the more intense rides on Devils Tower. 

Splash Summit

Splash Summit at Cococay Water Park - Thrill water park

The rides on Splash Summit are less intense but still really fun.  They are geared more to families than Devils Tower.  

Sling Shot

Ride Type: 4 person raft

Minimum Height Requirement: 40″ with a life vest 48 without

This is one of the best family rides.  It is fun and you may feel a little air as you slide down.  It is one of my favorites.  


Ride Type: 2 Person Tube Ride

Minimum Height Requirement: 40″ with a life vest 48 without

This is a 2 person tube ride.  It is a thrilling ride that takes you on twists and turns.  It is pretty mild so your little ones will like it.  

Splash Speedway

Ride Type: Mats

Height Requirements: 40 inches with a life vest and 48 without

Splash Speedway is a racing ride where you use mats to go down.  You go face-first down the slide on your belly.  It is fun and fast! 

Largest Wave Pool in the Caribbean

Wave Pool at Perfect Day at CocoCAy

The largest wave pool in the Caribbean is at Thrill Water Park.  My kids loved the wave pool.  One thing I noticed is that it never stops.  The waves keep coming non-stop.  

My kids were in heaven! They loved it! It is easy to spend a lot of time splashing around.  

Adventure Pool

Adventure pool at Thrill Water Park

Adventure Pool is a cool place to check out at Thrill Water Park.  You can start with the lilly pads and then hop over to the rock wall.  If that isn't fun enough jump into the water from the rope swing.  

It is a pretty fun place to hang out and enjoy your Perfect Day at Coco Cay! 

Eating at Cococay Water Park

Eating at Cococay water Park

One thing we love about Thrill Water Park is that there is a Snack Shack located inside the park.  All food is included in the price of your cruise.  You can order as much as you want! The food is amazing! In fact, I liked it better than some of the options on the cruise ship.  

Menu at Snack Shack at Coco Cay

Snack Shack Menu at Cococay Bahamas

We tried everything on the menu!  Everything is so good! It might be one of the highlights of your Thrill Water Park experience.  After you try all the slides you have to come over and eat! 

You really can't go wrong no matter what you choose! Everything is so delicious! 

Seating and Cabanas at Thrill Water Park

Seating at Thrill Water Park

There is plenty of seating inside of Thrill Water Park.  We did not have a problem getting a spot.  

Cabanas at Thrill Water Park

If you have a bigger group you may want to look into renting a Cabana at Thrill Water Park.  When you rent a cabana it includes water park tickets for up to six people!

Do some research and see what makes sense.  The prices change depending on the time of year and the cruise ship you are on. Having 6 full-day Coco Cay water park passes included can be worth it depending on the price of the cabana.  You will also have a personal server with a cabana purchase, a private locker, water, and a place to call home base.  

Are you Ready for a Perfect Day at Coco Cay Thrill Water Park?

Thrill Water Park at Perfect Day at Cococay Bahamas

Are you ready to go to Thrill Water Park on Perfect Day at Coco Cay?  I know you will have so much fun! We did! The Royal Caribbean water park was worth it for us.  Our kids were the perfect ages to enjoy everything at the Thrill Water Park.  

We really loved experiencing Devils Tower and Splash Summit! Whether this is your first-time cruising or you love cruising it is always fun to check out new ports with fun activities.  

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