Italian gifts for Italy Lovers

50 Best Italian Gifts For Italy Lovers

Do you know someone that LOVES Italy? Maybe it is a family member or close friend. If you are looking for Italian gifts for Italy lovers you are in the right spot! 

Picking out the perfect gift for a birthday, holiday, or Christmas is tough! This Italian gift guide will hopefully make the process super easy.  These Italian gift ideas will please any Italy lover! 

In this post, we are going to give you a good mix of Italian-themed gifts, Italian Christmas gifts, and so many general Italian gift ideas that you will be able to purchase the best Italian Christmas present or an Italian birthday present for an Italy lover! 

Let’s explore all the Italian gifts for Italy Lovers! 

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Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers - Books and Learning

Italian gifts for Italy Lovers - books

One of the best Italian gifts for Italy lovers is books.  There is a wide range of Italian books that serve different purposes.  Let’s explore some of the best learning tools and books that will make great gifts. 

1. Language Learning Program

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers - Language program

Learning the language of the place you love is not uncommon.  Buying a language learning program is a great Italian gift idea for someone traveling to Italy.  

My Experience

I have used both Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur.   I like Rosetta Stone because it teaches using visual aids. It teaches a lot of grammar rules. I didn’t think it helped me as much in the conversational part of learning a language. 

Pimsleur really helped me actually understand what people were saying.  I would listen to it in the car and by the end of 6 courses, I felt like I could actually speak a little. However, it is all auditory and does not teach grammar rules or conjugation. 

2. Italian Cookbooks

Another great Italian gift is a cookbook.  Italy is known for its wonderful food.  An Italian cookbook is a great Italy gift that really feels like you are bringing a little bit of Italy home! 

Different Types of Italian Cookbooks:

3. Italy Coffee Table Books

Italy Coffee Table Book

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves Italy, consider a coffee table book. The best thing about coffee table books is that they are usually large and full of beautiful images and helpful information.   They are also great for adding pops of color to your room. 

Italy Coffee Table Books

Italy is one of the most beautiful places in the world which makes a coffee table book a great gift for Italy lovers!  

4. Italy Guide Books

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers

If your friend or family member is headed to Italy soon a guidebook is a great gift.  This will allow them to plan their Italy itinerary and get great Italy travel tips for their trip.

Rick Steves Guide Book

I highly recommend the Rick Steve Italy book.  It is amazing! His suggestions helped us eat at some of the most amazing places in Italy!  There is also great information on how to avoid lines and the best ways to get from point A to point B. This book will give you a million reasons why you need to go to Italy!

A phrasebook may be helpful as well.  There are also travel guide books for kids. 

This is a great Italian gift for someone traveling to Italy.

5. Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers - Food and Drink

Italian gifts for Italy lovers - Food and Drink

Food and drink gift sets are great because you can easily order them on Amazon or put them together yourself.  I am excited to give you a few Italian gift basket ideas.  This is a great Italy-themed gift for the Italy lover.

Italian Gift Basket Ideas:

  • 6. Italian Sodas Gift Basket

Purchase some Torani syrup, S. Pellegrino  sparkling water, and creamy whipped topping.  Add a beautiful basket and maybe one of the books I mentioned about and you will have a perfect Italy Christmas gift 

  • 7. Pasta Gift Basket

Do you know someone who loves making Italian food? One of the best Italian cooking gifts is pasta!! You could also buy a few bags of pasta, pasta sauce, and some parmesan cheese for a cute Italian gift basket idea.

  • 8. Italian Bakery Items

Italian bakery Items are great gifts for Italy lovers!  If you live near an Italian bakery you could pick up some cannoli’s, biscotti, and an Italian cream cake for a sweet Italian gift basket idea. 

  • 9. Italian Olive Oil Gift Set

Italian Olive Oils are the perfect gift from Italy. It is easy to find high-quality Italian Olive Oil even in the United States. 

  • 10. Limoncello Gift Basket

Along the Amalfi Coast, Limoncello is locally made.  There are so many fun Limoncello products you could include in an Italian gift basket. 

Making Italian gift baskets are perfect Italy gift ideas for Italy lovers.

11. Italian Olive Oil

Italian gifts Olive Oil

We received Italian olive oil as a gift last Italy Christmas gift.  I loved it! It is a practical Italian gift that people will actually use. 

I love that Italian olive oil is quality.

Fun Fact

Research indicates the levels of cycloartenol, a sterol that lowers cholesterol levels are higher in Italian virgin olive oil.

12. Pre-Made Italy Gift Basket

Now, if you do not want to put a basket together yourself, Amazon has a lot of great options to choose from.

Save Time

These options are a little more expensive than doing it yourself, but sometimes it is nice to save time and know that the package will have a beautiful presentation when delivered.  There are some great Italy-themed gifts on Amazon. 

13. Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers - Limoncello

Gifts of Italy - Limoncello

When we visited the Island of Capri and the Amalfi Coast, Limoncello was everywhere.  There are so many great products that have the Limoncello flavors and smells.  

You do not have to drink alcohol to enjoy these Limoncello products.  However, you can purchase Limoncello itself.  These gifts of Italy are perfect for an Italian Christmas present. 

14. Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers -Home Décor

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers - Home Décor

If your friend or family member is an Italy lover then home decorations might be something that they will really enjoy.  The following are great Italian themed gift ideas.

Types of Italy Home Décor:

Home decor is a great idea for gifts for Italy lovers. 

Italian gifts for Italy lovers  -décor

Italian gifts for Italy Lovers - metal signs

15. Italy Map Gifts

Italy map decor - Italy gifts for Italy lovers

Anything that has a map of Italy is a good Italy gift idea. 

Printable Maps and Posters Gift Idea

You can purchase a printable map of Italy. Once you print it, you can frame it and it will be a beautiful Italian gift.  This is a perfect Italy gift idea! 

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers Map art
Map of Italy luggage tag

Italy map art Italian gifts for Italy lovers

16. Italian Themed Candles

Candles are always a hit!  These are great decorations, but also bring that wonderful smell of Italy into your home.  They make perfect Italian birthday gifts! 

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers - Candles

17. Italy Christmas Ornaments

Buon Natale Italian Christmas gifts

Christmas ornaments are very thoughtful Italian gifts.  Many people like to buy Christmas ornaments as souvenirs when they travel.  It is a great idea for a souvenir, but it is even more special if a friend or family member gives it as a gift to an Italy lover. 

Ornaments by Location:

There are a lot of fun choices to pick from, so think about the person’s favorite place in Italy and start there. 

18. Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers - Kitchen Items

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers - Pasta Maker

Eating in Italy is my favorite pastime.  I loved the food in Siena and Capri. Italians love to cook and maybe your Italy lover friends do too! 

Italian Kitchen Items

There are fun plates, mugs, or aprons that would make great Italian gifts for Italy lovers.

19. Funny Italian Gifts

funny Italian gifts

If your Italy lover friend or family member has a funny sense of humor.  There are so many great Italian gifts for Italy lovers that will make them laugh. 

“I’m not yelling, I’m Italian”

My Father-in-law comes from an Italian family and they do get loud when they are all together….It is great!!!! These are great gifts for Italians. 

20. Italian Gifts - Art

Italian Gifts - Art

Florence is known for its art exhibits.  We loved visiting the Uffizi Gallery. If your Italy lover friend loves Italy because of the art, then a nice Italian art piece is a great idea.

21. Photography

Photography is another form of art. The beauty of Italy is undeniable. Many photographers also have portraits that would make excellent gifts for Italy lovers.  Our favorite places to take pictures in Italy were Gaeta,  Venice, and Pisa.

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers - Clothing and Gear

Italy gifts for her

There are so many fun Italian gift ideas that are more practical.  Clothing, bags, and accessories are great options of Italian gifts. 

22. Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers - Jewelry

Another great option is a piece of jewelry in the shape of Italy or something that reminds them of Italy. These are great Italian gifts for “her”

Made in Italy

Jewelry is a great gift in general, but jewelry made in Italy is an awesome gift for Italy lovers.   

Italian gifts for Italy lovers - Jewelry

23. Italian Bags

Italian gifts for men

Italian leather bags are all the rage.  Italian leather is a durable and well-made material.  Verify that your product is in fact made in Italy.  It is a great Italian gift for men and women both! 

Italian City Bags

Another option is a bag that has images of Italy.  I love reusable shopping bags. 

24. Italian Hats

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers

Italian Men’s gifts are hard to find but a nice Italian ball cap is the perfect gift.  

Maybe a chef’s hat….(all the men in the Manderino (my) family cook like true Italians) These are great Italy gift ideas and perfect gifts for Italians! 

25. Italian Shirts

Shirts are always a fun gift.  They are actually one of my favorite things to buy for myself.  This is a great gift for someone going to Italy. 

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers - Games and Toys

Board games

A great family Italy-themed gift to consider are games and puzzles. 

26. Italian Puzzles

I love puzzles! A puzzle of Italy is the perfect gift for a puzzle lover. This is a great family Italy gift as well.  This is a great Italian birthday gift idea.

Types of Puzzles:

27. Italian Games

I love playing card games, board games, and guessing games.  Games are a great family gift.   These Italian games would be great to learn to play and the perfect Italian gift for Italy lovers.

Random Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers


Small Italian gifts are fun mementos to let the Italy Lover in your life know that you care. You can get all of the following in Italy, so they are gift ideas from Italy to your Italy lover friend.  

28. Key Chain

 Some people love collecting key chains.  There are so many key chains that would make perfect Italian-themed gifts.

29. Snow Globe

We have a few snow globe lovers in our house.  A snow globe is a fabulous Italy gift idea! 

30. Coasters 

Coasters are one of the best Italy-themed gifts for an Italy lover.


31-46. Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers - Experiences

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers Experiences

If you know someone that is headed to Italy, an experience or tour would be an amazing.  If the city is not listed below you can head to Viator, or Isango.  

These tour companies are amazing.  I have booked with them and had great experiences.  These are perfect Italy gift ideas for someone traveling to Italy.  


47. - 50. + Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers - Recap

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers - Italy Flag

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers – Kitchen

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers – Gear

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers – Games and Toys

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers – Food and Drink

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers – Experiences

  • Walking Tours
  • Food Tours
  • Cooking Classes
  • Boat Excursions 
  • Skip the Line Passes
  • Special Day Trips

50 Ideas for Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers

Italy gifts

Hopefully, this helps you as you shop for gifts for Italy lovers in your life.  There are so many fun Italian gifts for Italy lovers!  

My Favorite Italy Gifts

It is really hard to choose my favorites!  My top three would be any experience in Italy (please sign me up!), any Italian food basket, and honestly, I love puzzles, so that is what I would pick! 

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    1. I really liked it. I did Spanish. If I didn’t know the grammar rules of the language going into it, it would have been super confusing. I had studied enough Spanish that the conversational aspect was super helpful.

  3. So many great ideas! The coffee table books are beautiful. I’d be content if anyone wanted to gift me a basket of Italian treats! I also love the Christmas ornaments. We’ve been known to grab some of those on our trips along with the magnet we get. Wonderful ideas!

  4. Hubby and I both have family in Southern Italy. Some of these gift ideas brought back some wonderful memories of our time there! Great suggestions!

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