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25 Of The Best Souvenirs From Italy (Legit Italian Souvenirs)

AHHHH! Italy!!!  I love Italy!  There are so many amazing places to visit! We love getting the best souvenirs from Italy to bring home. There is truly something special and unique in every region of Italy. 

If you want to plan ahead and know exactly what Italy souvenirs to get, you are in the right spot.  We are going to list some of the best Italian souvenirs! Most of these items are famous things made in Italy. 

Get ready because there are so many items from Italy that make perfect Italian souvenirs! 

In this post, we are going to list some of the best souvenirs from Italy as well as fun tours you can take where these items can be found. 

These will include specialty food items as well as unique and popular souvenirs from Italy. we will also include Italian souvenirs with online availability.  All of these items are the best things to buy from Italy. 

Let's find the best souvenirs from Italy! 

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The best souvenirs in Italy

Location: Northern Italy

Among the Italian souvenirs to get in Italy, there are certainly the precious knives of Maniago.

Maniago is a town in Friuli Venezia Giulia, it is located at the foot of the Friulian Dolomites in a wonderful landscape, it is 100 kilometers from the more famous Venice.

City of Knives

It is known as the “city of knives” because there are many handcrafted cutlery shops starting from the fifteenth century when the city experienced its maximum splendor under Venetian rule.

The skilled cutlers from Maniago forged knives and blades, which they also supplied to the troops of the Serenissima.

Over the years the techniques have been refined, using the perfect combination of innovation and craftsmanship.

Today the knives produced are of different kinds and types, from classic kitchen knives to sports and hunting knives, but also military items and many other useful tools for manual professions and domestic life. 

Surely you will find a knife that suits you.

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2. Lace from Burano Italy

The best Italian souvenirs Lace from Burano

Location: Northern Italy

One of the famous Italian souvenirs to bring back from Italy is Burano’s lace cloth. Though artisanal lace cloths can be found in many places in Italy, they originate from the island of Burano.

Burano Island

Burano Island is located just a short boat ride from Venice and visitors to Venice often take a day to visit sister islands Burano and Murano.

Note that though Burano is visited by tourists from all around the world, it is useful to know how to say hello in Italian to be able to communicate with locals. You can book a guided tour from a local which will help you learn about Burano and the culture. 

Burano's Lace

Burano’s lace cloths are famous for their detailed designs and signature stitches. They are known for being handmade by women of Burano in the comfort of their homes.

Back in the 16th and 17th Centuries, the Burano lace cloths were used in courts and banquet halls in the country but also beyond. 

Prices for Burano’s lace cloths vary based on the size of the cloth and the amount of detail. Visitors can usually expect to find a simple lace cloth souvenir for about €30 if bought in Burano.

Visitors who adventure in less touristy areas of Italy might be able to find Burano lace clothes for less. This is one of the best souvenirs to bring home from Italy because it will not take up much space in your suitcase. 

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3. Ceramics From Orvieto Italy

Italian Souvenirs Ceramics

Location: Central Italy

Orvieto in Umbria, Italy, is famous for its hand-made and hand-painted ceramics. Originating all the way back in the 13th century, the craft has been passed on through the generations. It is a souvenir of Italy that you will want to check out. 

You will find many ceramics stores in Orvieto, both in the Piazza del Duomo and along the little streets in town. Booking a walking tour of Orvieto can help in finding the best stores. 

Bright Colors and Patterns 

Look for brightly colored plates, bowls, cups, vases, decorative figurines, and ceramic creatures like fish and roosters. Green, red, yellow, orange, and blue are the predominant colors.

The pottery is fairly pricey, with individual pieces ranging from $20.00 to several hundred dollars, depending on size, pattern, and uniqueness. You may get a discount if you buy several pieces.

Some of the stores will ship for you if you do not want to risk breakage while you are bringing the ceramics home.

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4. Cornicello (Lucky Horn) from Naples

Best Italian Souvenir Lucky horn of Naples

Location: Southern Italy

Even if you are just visiting Naples for one day, you are bound to run across one of Naples’ most famous Italian souvenirs, the cornicello. 

The cornicello, or lucky horn of Naples, is a local good luck charm.  This protective charm, believed to ward off the evil eye and bad luck, is shaped like a twisted horn.  Since their traditional color is red, they look rather like a chili pepper.   

Lucky Horn

The cornicello can be carried with you for luck, worn as jewelry in the form of a charm or pendant.  Fancy ones are made of silver or gold, but for the strongest luck be sure to select a red one – red coral is a good choice. 

Looking for something more affordable?  The Naples souvenir shops offer a wide variety of lucky horns strung dangling on a ribbon (similar to a hanging Christmas ornament) for only a couple of euros.

Another important rule is that you must receive the lucky horn of Naples as a gift! If you are looking for the perfect gifts from Italy this is it! 

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5. Cuckoo From Matera

Cuckoo di Matera Italian souvenir
Location: Southern Italy
Cuckoo di Matera is the most famous Italian souvenir from the city of Matera in southern Italy.
The cuckoo is a symbol of Matera. It is a traditional clay whistle with a centuries-long tradition of good luck and protection talisman in Matera. 

Matera Italy

Booking a tour of Matera is a great idea! The spectacular city of Matera is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in Italy. Matera has been continuously inhabited for the past 9000 years. But there are archeological records that life in Matera existed even in prehistoric times. And the story of the cuckoo goes back to prehistoric times.

Cuckoo Whistles

The cuckoo whistles were found in the prehistoric graves of kids in Matera. The tiny whistles were kids' toys. But, over the centuries, the iconic whistle became more than a toy. It became one of the most popular gifts in Matera.
Cuckoo whistles are gifted among lovers as a symbol of love. But also to newlyweds as a symbol of prosperity and to newborn baby boys as a symbol of fertility. Besides that, a cuckoo is a traditional protection talisman against evil in Matera.
Today cuckoo whistles are sold in craft and Italian souvenir shops in Matera. So, if you are planning to visit Matera, remember that getting a tiny cuckoo whistle is among the best things to do in Matera.
Charming cuckoo will unquestionably put a smile on your face every time you see it. And it will remind you of the glorious city of Matera! 
It is one of the best Italian souvenirs in Italy! 
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6. Triangel Doll

The Venetian doll Souvenir From Italy

Location: Northern Italy

Venice in Italy has a rich and unique history and culture that fascinates the entire world. It is the original “floating city”, and so apart from walking, tourists can explore Venice from the water. 

Hop on a gondola or a water boat that shuttles all around the canals, the island is filled with spectacular landmarks and Italian souvenir shops that celebrate Venetian art. 

While some shop windows are dominated by luxurious fashion items or masks, there’s one local handicraft that may be lesser known, but quite special to be offered as a unique Italian souvenir or gift. 

Triangel Doll

The Triangel doll is a traditional hand-made doll in Venice, and they are usually made of porcelains by local artists and are dressed or accessorized with different high-quality costumes.

One thing that’s unchanged is that they are always wearing a three-pointed hat and that’s how they got their name, the “Tri”angel.  

These dolls are believed to be guardian angels and legend has it, they bring love to their owners. Girls like to place the Triangel in their bedroom, hoping to be blessed with true love.

They can be found in many local art stores in Venice and they have different sizes and forms.

The store Magic Venice Carnival is located within walking distance from the Piazza San Marco, and each doll has a certificate of handmade authenticity, and the most popular dolls are between 50 to 70 euros.  

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7. Murano Glass

Venice Italy Souvenir - Murano Glass

Location: Northern Italy

If you're looking for a truly unique Italian souvenir and meaningful memento from your trip to Italy, look no further than Murano glass.

This exquisitely handcrafted art form has been around since the 13th century and makes a fantastic keepsake to remember and the perfect gift to bring home from Italy. 

Blown Glass

Murano glass is a type of blown glass that originated in the Venetian city of Murano, near Venice. The artisans make this glass using centuries-old techniques that have been passed down through generations.

As such, each piece is unique and handmade with skill and care. Murano Glass is known for its bright colors and intricate patterns, which are often created using special techniques such as “vetro a fili” (threading) or “vetro a massello” (solid).

Every piece is handmade in Venice by expert craftsmen using centuries-old techniques passed down through generations. Each item is one-of-a-kind, bursting with all the beauty and vibrancy that only Venice can offer up.

There is something in every budget too! You can get a small trinket or an elaborate piece of art. Just be sure to shop in a reputable Venice souvenir shop and ensure the glass is handmade, not. machine made.

Whether you choose a glass, chandelier, or figurine, it will be like nothing else on earth! Be sure to book a Murano Glass Factory Tour.

It is one of the best Venice Italy souvenirs. 

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8. Venetian Mask

Best souvenirs in Italy - Venice Mask

A Carnival mask from Venice may be one of the most typical yet interesting Italian souvenirs to bring home from your trip to Venice. You can actually book a class to learn to make them.

The Carnival masks represent a tradition that is centuries old, and they can be found in several shapes and colors. A few characters are extremely popular, such as the Plague Doctor mask or the Columbina.

History of the Mask

Back in the day, the Carnival in Venice was celebrated for months, starting on December 26th until Lent, which happens in February. It was the only period of the year when all different classes of society would get together during extravagant parties and celebrations.

During that time, the Carnival parties involved many illicit activities such as gambling, so the mask protected their identities, especially for the nobles, politicians, and aristocrats.

Venetian Masks

Even though the Venetian Carnival takes place during only one month of the year (usually in February), the city and Italian souvenir stores are filled with masks all year round.

They are sold in every corner of the city, but I would recommend buying from an authentic Venice souvenir shop specializing in masks, instead of buying it from a typical Italy souvenir store.

The traditional mask shops make the masks by hand and will have authentic designs, so you can be sure you are going home with the real thing.

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9. Cured Meats

Italian souvenirs cured meats

Location: Many Regions

Cured meats are a well-known and must-have Italian souvenir for meat lovers to bring back home from Italy!

There are many different varieties of cured meats (think salame, mortadella and pancetta for starters) and they all taste so delicious! 

Every region of Italy has its own specialty: for example, Milan specializes in bresaola, Parma produces the world-renowned prosciutto di Parma, Sardinia produces wine soaked sausages, and down in Calabria you’ll often find sausages cured with chili!

Meat Tours

Whether you want to bring cured meats back home to make an aperitivo charcuterie board to impress your friends, add them to your pizza or your spaghetti carbonara, or simply have them as a snack, they sure are a great gift!

Best Places to Get Cured Meats in Italy

The best places to buy cured meats is any deli shop (‘alimentari’ in Italian) or the deli counter of any Italian supermarket. If you’re not sure what to get, ask the staff for recommendations as specialties vary according to each region. 

Cured meats make a great souvenir from Italy as they are easily packaged, compact and aren’t too expensive. Prices vary depending on the item, but they are generally reasonably priced.

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10. Chocolate From Turin Italy

Italian souvenirs Chocolate from Turin

Location: Northern Italy

With 40% of Italy's chocolate production, Turin is a chocolate powerhouse, making its sweet treats a must-buy Italian souvenir.

It was the first city in the country to be introduced to chocolate as a beverage when it became the capital of the Duchy of Savoy, and it was the first city in the entire world to produce solid chocolate (that's right!).

At the beginning of the 19th century, when Napoleon annexed the region of Piedmont, there was a shortage of cocoa, so Piedmontese hazelnuts were added to make up for it, and so the heavenly combo of hazelnuts and chocolate was born.

Chocolate Shops in Turin

When visiting Turin, some of the shops you should check out include Caffarel, Stratta, Venchi, Baratti & Milano, and Guido Gobino.

They sell all kinds of chocolates, including local favorites (most of which contain hazelnuts from the region), such as the iconic triangle-shaped gianduiotto (invented by Caffarel), the layered cremino, and the gianduja spread. 

You can even take a Turin chocolate tour and bring home some chocolate.  It is one of the best souvenirs of Italy! 

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11. Marzipan From Sicily Italy

Best Souvenirs in Italy- Marzipan

Location: Southern Italy

If you’re looking for an Italian souvenir to bring back from your trip to Italy, then consider picking up some marzipan from Sicily.

While you can purchase marzipan in many parts of Italy, the best is still found where this sweet treat originated. This delicious, almond-based dessert originated in Palermo during the 10th century when the island’s Arab rulers introduced sugar and almonds into the cuisine.

Traditionally, marzipan was made and sold by nuns, and many convents across Sicily continue to carry on this tradition. Marzipan is hand molded and painted into hyper-lifelike semblances of fruits and vegetables, earning it the Italian name of frutta Martorana (marzipan fruits).

Best Things to Buy From Italy 

Sicilian marzipan is more than just a dessert: it’s an edible work of art. This tasty Italian souvenir makes a perfect gift for friends and family with a sweet tooth. The beautiful appearance of the marzipan fruits and vegetables, along with its sweet almond taste, will delight recipients.

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12. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

best souvenirs from Italy
Location: Central and Southern Italy
Extra virgin olive oil is one of the best foodie souvenirs from Italy. While you can find premium EVOO in every region in Italy, some regions are more well-known for having different characteristics.
While Puglia and Calabria produce the largest quantities of olive oils, many EVO tours are available in this region. 
Some of the smaller producing regions like Tuscany and Lazio are more renowned for superior products. You can also find EVO tours in the Lazio region.


Look for the Italian product protection designation, “DOP” to ensure a quality product from the region you are visiting. In Lazio, the region that includes Rome, Sabina DOP reigns king.
In Tuscany, the Chianti Classico DOP rules with deep olive flavors and a greenish hue. This famous Tuscan food is said to be so fine that it should never be heated and used for salads or dipping.
Many of the best olive oils come from small farms or even wineries. So if you visit, a bottle of olive oil will mean much more than your typical souvenir. You should probably get two.
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13. Parmesan Cheese

Best souvenirs in Italy - parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese is made all over the world. But Parmigiano Reggiano (the only DOP-recognized parmesan cheese) is only made by a select number of dairy farms in a specific region of northern Italy—Emilia Romagna—comprised exclusively of the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna, and Mantua. 


The Consortium formed in 1934 takes great care to make sure that any parmesan cheese made in this area follows strict rules and processes in order to be stamped DOP, Denominazione di Origine Protetta (literally Protected Designation of Origin). Meaning, if the cheese does not pass strict standards and is not produced in this region, it can't be called Parmigiano Reggiano. 

In fact, there are 44 DOP products that come from this region of Italy alone. So if you've ever wondered why “real” parmesan costs so much outside of Italy, this is why.

Dairy Farms in Italy

If you plan to visit the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, you should definitely take a day trip to Parma or the surrounding area to visit one of the ~300 DOP dairy farms and see exactly how the cheese is made. It's fascinatingly simple, highly regulated, and the farmers that make this cheese have been doing it for generations. 

Whether you visit one of the dairy farms, or simply spend some time in this area of Italy, don't go home without some of this deliciously authentic cheese. At a dairy farm, 300 grams vacuum packed will cost you somewhere in the ballpark of 10-15€, whereas the equivalent in a U.S. grocery store will easily be twice or three times as much!

Italy Cheese Tasting Tour

There is a 2-hour cheese factory tour in Parma that will give you the experience and one of the best Italian souvenirs to bring back from Italy! 

While you're in the area, don't miss an opportunity to snag DOP balsamic vinegar from Modena. Only a few train stations away from Parma—where many of the Parmigiano Reggiano dairy farms are located—you'll find Modena.

A super cute little town with a plethora of places to taste and buy authentic balsamic vinegar to take home with you.  You can take a balsamic vinegar tour in this cute city. 

Like DOP Parmigiano Reggiano, balsamic from Modena adheres to strict regulations while being made and nothing around the world compares to the real thing!


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14. Mandorlato

Souvenirs in Italy - Mandorlato

When it comes to Souvenirs from Italy, Mandorlato from Veneto is one traditional food product that you can't afford to miss.

Translating to nut brittle in English, the Mandorlato is an authentic Italian dessert made from just 4 ingredients which include honey, sugar, egg whites, and various types of toasted nuts that can be found all over Italy.

The difference between the Mandorlato that comes from Veneto is that it is made using a special recipe that comes from a small town called Cologna Veneta and as the name (mandorle) suggests, it is made exclusively using almonds.

Mandorlato Festival

The recipe is so special to the region that each year around Christmas time there is the Mandorlato festival where all the local producers from the small medieval town gather to offer this sweet and chewy treat to its residents.

It is no secret that Italy is known for its high-quality desserts so if you happen to be in Venice or around the Veneto region you will find this product in most Italy souvenir shops and supermarkets.

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15. Piedmont Honey

Venice Souvenirs - Honey
Location: Northern Italy
Many travel to northern Italy for the beautiful cities, gorgeous lakes and stunning mountains. There are vineyards, forests, and glaciers, making it well worth a visit to this area rich in both agriculture and beauty.

In extremely mountainous regions, like Piedmont, honey is a specialty product that makes for a great Italian souvenir. Even if you aren’t a big fan of honey normally, you should try a small taste because it might just convert you – it is that good!

Though you can easily find great honey in Turin, if you have time to venture further into the mountains, you will be likely to find the best product.

See How it is Made


With a local tour, you have the chance to see directly where it is made. You will appreciate the honey so much more when you see the time and effort that goes into it. These honeymaking practices have been passed down from generation to generation.

Plus, you have many options because there are different varieties of high-quality honey that they produce in this Alpine environment. The main kinds available are made from rhododendron, fir honeydew, and wildflower honey, which is estimated to have around 30 botanical species in it.

Prices vary depending on the seller and method, but a small container would make a great Italian souvenir to take home for your family to try.
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16. Barolo Wine

Souvenirs to bring home from Italy Wine

Location: Northern Italy

A bottle of Barolo wine is the perfect Italian souvenir from the northern Italian region of Piedmont. Wine connoisseurs know that the dry wine with ist nickname “King ofItaliann wines” is one of the best red wines in the world.  

The village of Barolo with a population of only 700, is located 15km south of Alba and is a great day trip from Turin. The beautiful village is surrounded by the rolling hilly vineyards of the Langhe. This cultural region is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.  

Barolo is made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes and is characterized by relatively high alcohol, tannin and acidity levels. A normal bottle of Barolo wine costs from € 30.00 upwards. Top products are priced between € 45.00 and € 200.00 per bottle.   

Barolo Wine Tour 

Barolo wines can only be produced in and around Barolo and must be aged for 38 months. Therefore their quantity is limited, prices are higher than other wines and it is the perfect connoisseur Italian souvenir from Piemont.  Taking a Barolo Wine tour is a great way to experience this area. 

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17. Italian Schnapps

Best Italian Souvenirs- schnapps

Location: Northern Italy

Schnapps is a clear distilled liquor specialty, which can be found in the South Tyrol province in Northern Italy. The custom is that local farmers distill their own batch of Schnapps every fall.

Fruits grown on their fields, such as Williams pears, local plum varieties, and apricots are left to ferment in a mash before they are distilled into a high-quality spirit.

The ideal percentage of spirit is 42% and those are usually higher valued as well. A good quality drop can be bought in local farmer's markets held in every major town in the South Tyrol valleys.

Look out for Schnapps priced not less than €15 for 200 milliliters. Some market sellers will let you try some as well, and that should help you decide on the best Schnapps to take home.

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18. Colatura di Alici

Best Souvenirs in Italy Colatura de Amici

When we visited Amalfi coast with our kids, we decided to avoid the super popular towns of Positano and Amalfi, and instead opted to stay in Cetara, a small fishing village further down the coast.

We love seafood, and Cetara’s tuna and anchovies are world-famous. In fact, the name Cetara even comes from an ancient method of trapping Bluefin tuna.

Colatura di Alici

In Cetara, we encountered a special local product that makes for a totally unique Italian souvenir. Called “colatura di alici”, literally “anchovy drippings”, it is a kind of fish sauce that has origins going all the way back to Roman times.

Living in Asia, we were already familiar with fish sauce used in Southeast Asian food. But we had no idea that they made something similar in Italy! 

We first tried colatura di alici in Cetara’s restaurants. You can get the colatura de alici experience with just one drop on top of pizza, pasta, or bread makes it taste so delicious. Small bottles of Colatura di alici can be purchased all over town for around 10 Euros.

We also noticed them for sale in other towns in Amalfi Coast, so you don’t have to go to Cetara to find it – just ask around in Amalfi Coast souvenir shops and you should be able to find it!  You can also 

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19. Limoncello

Souvenirs of Italy - limoncello

Location: Southern Italy

Limoncello is famous all along the Amalfi Coast.  As part of your Italy itinerary be sure to include a day on the Island of Capri.  Here you will find many lemons and limoncello products.

Limoncello is an alcoholic drink that originated in the southern part of Italy in the early 1900s.  It has become a symbol of the Amalfi Coast.  

Where to Get Limoncello

Of all of the towns along the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento is most famous for limoncello.  You can be sure to find this drink in almost every restaurant in Italy but Sorrento is most known for its lemons.

Limoncello is one of the best souvenirs of Italy! 


20. Rosanna Candy

Souvenirs of Italy - candy

Location: Many Regions

Perugina is one of the best-known confectionary candies in Italy.  It has become a nationwide staple as the company expanded into local markets. 

One of its most renowned candies, Rossanna candy has a delicate flavor, a mix of hazelnut and almond on the inside, a milky filling with an exterior caramel hard shell.  The candy has become very popular over the years and is a staple in Italy.

Rossanna candy can be found in most major and small supermarkets throughout Italy.  The candy is relatively inexpensive, costing on average, about 2-3 euro for a bag (175 grams). 

Rossanna candy is worth trying and it has the right balance between taste and texture.  It’s worth buying just one bag and getting a chance to experience one of Italy’s favorite candies

It is one of the best Italian souvenirs! 

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Souvenirs of Italy Online Options

Italian Gifts for Italy Lovers

If you are looking for an Italy gift for an Italy lover, I actually wrote another post that you have to read.  Some Italy souvenirs are nice to have shipped directly to your house.

I will list a few of my favorites! All of these are the best souvenirs from Italy!

21. Italian Shirt

Italy souvenirs - Shirts

I love to wear shirts that match my favorite travel locations.  Rome shirts are one of the most popular souvenirs from Italy. This is one of the best souvenirs from Rome. 

Found in Major Italian Cities

You can find shirts in all major cities.  This is an item from Italy that you can purchase while you are traveling or online.  

Shirts are one Italian souvenir I love to bring back from Italy. They make great Italian gifts and souvenirs! 

22. Italian Leather

Souvenirs of Italy - Leather


Italian leather is one of the most resistant and strongest leathers.  It is a high-quality leather because it is made of the top layer of the hide.  Italian leather is the best leather. Fashion designers such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton only use Italian leather.  

Italian leather can be found worldwide. It is an Italy souvenir online option. The most popular Italian-made products are shoes, bags, and wallets.  These can be purchased online.  If you are traveling in Italy most major cities will have high-end shopping. You will be able to find Italian leather almost everywhere you go.  

Milan, Venice, and Siena are great cities to find high-end stores with Italian leather.  This is a practical Italian souvenir that will last. 

Italian leather is one of the best souvenirs from Italy!

23. Italian Art

Souvenirs of Italy

Italy has been a leader in art since the Renaissance. From sculptures of Roman leaders to the Sistine Chapel and even artistic architectural design, Italy is a clear winner in the art department. 
Most of us would love to take home an original piece of art from Italy but they are very expensive.  I love to take pictures of all of the masterpieces or purchase a copy of a famous piece of artwork.  

Art Tours

 Florence is a fantastic place to view art and find the perfect Italian souvenir.  You can also book an Art Tour in Rome


If you love art, these are the best souvenirs from Italy. 

24. Italian Photography

Travel books for Italy - Rome

One thing I have found when I have visited Italy is that no matter where you go it is beautiful.  You can literally take a picture and turn it into an Italian souvenir you could hang on your wall. 

There are so many beautiful and incredible places to take pictures.  Pisa, Venice, Pompei, and Gaeta are just a few locations where you can find some amazing shots. You can also purchase beautiful photographs of Italy souvenirs online.

Photography Tours

Making memories and capturing those memories to me is the best souvenir from Italy! 

25. Standard Souvenirs 


You might want to get an Italy Christmas ornament, hats, bags, or an Italian shirt.  I love that there are so many vendors all around Italy.  We loved getting magnets and replicas of famous landmarks.  

These might not be as exciting as some of the Italian souvenirs that come with experiences but they have a place! 

These items from Italy are perfect Italian souvenirs!


Let's Go Get Some Italian Souvenirs

One week Italy itinerary

I hope this list of amazing Italian souvenirs has given you a few reasons why you need to visit Italy! This list has hopefully given you plenty of ideas for souvenirs.  

I love how most of these Italian souvenirs are more than just things.  They come with experiences that you can only have in Italy.  All of these items from Italy would make great gifts from Italy! 

These ideas are some of the best souvenirs from Italy! 

Good Luck finding the perfect Italian Souvenir! 

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