Are you looking for a few reasons to visit Italy?

If you are visiting Europe and are thinking about visiting multiple countries, this post is going to convince you that Italy needs to be on your list!

Let’s explore all the reasons to visit Italy!

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Reason To Visit Italy Number 1

Reasons to Visit Italy

Italy has five major cities that are full of culture, art, beauty, and hours worth of entertainment.

Top Cities to Visit in Italy 

  1. Venice
  2. Rome
  3. Florence
  4. Milan
  5. Naples

Clearly, you really cannot go wrong! Every city has something amazing to discover!

Venice has amazing waterways unlike anywhere in the world.  Rome is full of history and religion.  Florence embraces art and has the finest galleries in the world.  Milan is a business and fashion mecca with beautiful lakes nearby. Naples is the birthplace of pizza!

Reason to Visit Italy Number 2

Italy has the most amazing food.  There is a reason why we all love Italian food. Undoubtedly, it is so delicious.

Imagine what you know and love and then increase that value by 20 and that is how much better Italian food tastes in Italy.  We tried many restaurants in Italy and we were never disappointed (when we used the recommendations from Rick Steve’s Book).

Verginiello in Capri Italy
Italian Food
Eating a Canoli in Positano italy

Reason to Visit Italy Number 3

grand hotel le rocce

The Mediterranean Sea is so beautiful!  There are also the Tyrrhenian Sea and Adriatic Sea (I lump these all together in my American way).  The water is so blue!

Coastal Cities in Italy

We were able to visit the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Venice, and a small town called Gaeta, which all bordered the sea. There are some great hidden beaches in Italy! We wish we would have had time to visit Cinque Terre.

It was truly unbelievable how much joy you will feel seeing such magnificent surroundings.  There are also beaches throughout the southern coastline. Beauty is abounding and enjoying nature is a must! Just another great reason to visit Italy!

Reason to Visit Italy Number 4

Italy is known for fashion and style.  Shopping even if it is not the high-end stores is fabulous in Italy.

We loved shopping at all the unique places around the cities.  Particularly, Venice and Siena had some really awesome stores. Milan is the fashion capital of the world.

Venice Stores

There are other unique stores in Italy. Especially in Venice. We found the most amazing candy and chocolate shops.  There were tools made out of chocolate in one of the stores! Totally unique!

Reason to Visit Italy Number 5

Colosseum Rome

History is preserved!  In Rome you get to see the Colosseum which has been standing for almost 2000 years.  It was completed in 80 AD.  Rome at night is also an incredible experience!


Pompeii is another place that is frozen in time because of the preservation by the volcanic ash.  Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.


Many cathedrals were built at the meridian of time and are l located a cross Italy.   Almost every city has a church to explore.

Pompeii Italy

Reason to Visit Italy Number 6

Leaning Tower of Pisa

One of the seven wonders of the medieval world is in Italy!  The Leaning Tower of Pisa is incredible!

It is totally worth a day trip to see this amazing building that was built in 846 AD.   This is a great reason to visit Italy! It is pretty amazing that it is still standing!

Reason to Visit Italy Number 7


The Vatican located within Rome is a really an amazing place to visit!

It consists of the Basilica of St Peter,  St. Peter’s Square, the Vatican Museums, Raphael Rooms, and the Sistine Chapel.  In the Sistine Chapel the Creation of Adam is depicted on the ceiling and painted by Michelangelo.

Pro Tip

Everywhere in Europe is family friendly but Italy has remarkable family centered amenities. If you have a family with little kids ask for a family entrance.  At the Vatican they let us right in without having to wait in the 2 hour line!

Reason to Visit Italy Number 8

Baptistery Gates of Paradise

If you love art, Florence is the place to visit.  The Uffizi is one of the world’s top art museums.  It houses prominent frescos from Michelangelo, Leonardo di Vinci, Rembrandt, and other pioneers of Renaissance art.

Within Florence is also the Accademia Gallery where the Statue of David is located.  Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise is in the heart of the city.

Clearly, if you are interested in art Florence is an important reason to visit Italy! Maybe consider visiting Florence at night as well!

Reason to Visit Italy Number 9

Hiking Mount Solaro Capri Italy

Do you enjoy nature?

Recreation abounds all around the Amalfi Coast.  Amazing hikes are located in this region of the country, which is excellent because it may be one of the most beautiful areas in the country.


Another great place to visit is the Island of Capri.  You can take a chair lift up to the top of Mount Solaro and hike down.


Mount Vesuvius located in this same region, an active volcano, is another great place to explore and hike.

Reason to Visit Italy Number 10

La Taverna Di Cecco

La Taverna Di Cecco Siena Italy

Do you really need another reason to visit Italy?  Alright.  The countryside in Tuscany is fabulous.

Things To Do In Tuscany

Try staying at a farm.  Or riding bikes around the walls of Lucca.  How about some great food and drink?  If you are looking for relaxation, this is the place to be.

The Best Tours of Italy

Classic Rome Tour

Guided Rome City Tour

If you love history and learning be sure to book a Guided Rome Tour.

Rome Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

Hop on Hop Off bus tour

The Hop on Hop off Bus Tour is a great way to explore Rome!  This is a very inexpensive and great way to see the city!

Venice Grand Canal Tour

Venice Grand Canal

The Venice Grand Canal Tour is pretty amazing.  A city built on the water!  It is an amazing place to visit!

Milan Last Supper Tour

Last Supper Milian

The Last Super Tour is one of the most popular things to do in Milan (besides shopping).  Tickets sale out weeks in advance.  If you are interested be sure too book ahead of time.

Milan Hop on Hop off Bus Tour

Milian hop on hop off tour

I think the best way to see any city is a Hop on Hop off Bus Tour. Milan has a lot to offer and this is a great way to see it all.

Florence Bike Tour

Bike Tour Italy

The guided Florence Bike Tour is a great way to see the city and learn all about the art and beauty of the city.

Treasures of Tuscany

Tuscany tour

This is a wonderful tour of the beautiful Tuscany country side.  The tour includes the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Pompeii and Amalfi Coast Tour

Pompeii tour

This area is my favorite part of Italy! The tour includes a Pompeii Tour and Amalfi Coast Tour which are both reasons to visit Italy.

Amalfi Coast Tour

Amalfi Coast Tour

An Amalfi Coast Tour is a great choice because the road all long this most beautiful part of Italy are terrifying!  Letting someone else drive is worth the investment!

Naples Street Food Tour

Naples food tour

Naples Street Food Tour is a foodie dream!  Naples is the birthplace of Pizza!  This is a tasty treat you don’t want to miss out on.

Naples Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour

Bus tour in Naples

This is a great Hop On Hop of Bus Tour of NaplesI love to get an overview of a city and orientate myself better.

Are You Ready to Visit Italy?

Ufizzi Gallery

Ufizzi Gallery in Florence Itlay

Are you ready to go to Italy?  Be sure to explore my other posts on Italy.  Hopefully, I have given you enough reasons to visit Italy and you are getting excited to plan a trip.

I highly recommend getting an Italy Travel Guidebook before you plan your trip.

If you have one week in Italy it is possible to visit lots of cities.  We started in Venice with a Romantic Venice getaway. Then headed to Florence, Pisa and Lucca, and SienaAfter visiting Tuscany we headed to Gaeta, NaplesCapri , the Amalfi Coast, and Pompeii.

In addition, if you are looking for a few more reasons to visit Italy or some great Safety Travel Tip’s for Italy before you travel be sure to check out my other post.

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