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The Perfect Romantic Venice Getaway

Are you excited about a romantic Venice getaway?

Whether you are planning a Venice honeymoon, anniversary, or maybe just a little getaway, Venice is a great location to make your dreams come true.

Maybe you already have it planned or maybe you are dreaming of a future trip.  This will be your guide on what you can do to make this the most magical, romantic time of your life!

Venice is a great choice as a destination for love.  The Italian people are in love with love.  Going on a romantic Venice honeymoon or anniversary is a great option!

Let’s plan a romantic Venice getaway! 

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Romantic Venice – Private Gondola Ride

Venice gondola- Romantic Venice

I want you to imagine a beautiful canal between picturesque buildings, the sun is setting and you are in a gondola with the love of your life.   This may be the most romantic thing you will ever do in your life. Really!  What can beat it?

The gondola rides offered in Venice are the best in the entire world.  The whole experience will bring you great joy. Your private gondolier will take you down many canals and out into the Grand Canal.

The water is so blue and your surroundings are breathtaking. You can add a musician and have romantic songs sung in Italian the entire time.  This will really set the mood for your romantic Venice Getaway!


Romance comes with a price tag! 80-100 euros for a 40-minute ride, and an extra 120 euros for the musician!  Is it worth it?  You will have to decide!  Personally, I would book ahead of time so you do not have to negotiate a price when you arrive.

Time of Day Makes a Difference

St Marks Square Romantic Venice Itlay

As you plan your romantic Venice trip, remember timing is everything. One of the most romantic times of day is the sunrise in Venice.

If you are coming from the United States you will most likely be jet-lagged and will want to wake up early.  My advice is to do it!  Wake up at 5:00 AM and hit the streets.  Having the feeling of being completely alone with your love is one you will not regret.

Romantic Venice Vaporetto Ride

A Vaporetto ride in any other part of the day will not be romantic because it will be crowded and uncomfortable.  The rides begin at 6:00 AM.  It is almost as good as the gondola ride at this hour.

If you want to learn about the history of the city and about the Grand Canal, download an audio tour from Rick Steves.  Relax and enjoy a romantic ride down the Grand Canal.

A sunset cruise is also another amazing time of day to explore romantic Venice!


Venice is overly crowded until 4:00 pm each day because of all the cruise ships that port nearby. This may take away some of the romantic vibes but don’t let it.

Getting Lost in Venice 

Romantic Venice Walk

Take your sweetheart on a long romantic walk.  Venice has amazing narrow alleyways and, as a result, you can truly get lost!  But not too lost. The city is three by two miles, so you can eventually find your way. But who cares. When you are with the one you love, being lost is both an adventure and a dream.

Holding hands and passing the time talking about your dreams and hopes will be one of the highlights of your trip.  We actually went on one of these beautiful long romantic walks and found that we were actually lost!


Make sure to download Google Maps before you attempt this walk or your night may go from romantic to frustrating!  We were so grateful for Google Maps!

Romantic Hotels in Venice

Westin in Venice Italy Romantic Hotels

The ambiance of a hotel really makes it or breaks it for me.  We stayed in the heart of the city.  As we looked out of our window there was nothing but blue water.  We could see the gondoliers rowing around. It was the ultimate romantic experience.

We stayed at the Westin that overlooked the Grand Canal.  Ultimately, my discovery was staying at the right place really does set a romantic mood!

Personal View

I personally think staying in Venice is the way to go. We had family and friends suggest staying outside of Venice in Mestre and then taking a train in.

I’m glad we didn’t. I loved staying in Venice. Being able to wake up early and be in the streets of Venice, by simply stepping out of my hotel.  Not having to worry about a commute at the end of the night. Having the city more to ourselves when the cruise ships left. It was great!!


Keep in mind that most hotel rooms are very small in Europe.  This hotel was beautiful and very romantic but was no exception.  I still felt very comfortable and loved being there with my husband.

We stayed at a Marriott Hotel and it was perfect. 

Some of our friends suggested Airbnb’s but if you are going for the romantic vibe it could be tricky to find one that meets your standards.

Murano Glass Blowing Murano Glass Blowing

While the crowds are high in the middle of the day, a great little boat ride away is a place called Murano.  If you want a romantic date, take a Vaporetto (water taxi) to the Colonna stop to Murano. 

Murano is famous for glass making. If you walk down Fondamenta dei Vetrai street, you will see all the glass shops along the canal, which are incredible!

Glass Museum

There is a glass museum that displays the history of this amazing type of artwork.  We also saw a demonstration with a true Venetian glassmaker; so cool!  Murano is also a great place for a romantic walk.  There are little stores along the dock that are so inviting.

Tours and Things To Do In Venice 

Walking Tour in Venice

Venice Walking Tour

Now, if you and your sweetheart love to learn and want to gain a great grasp of the Venice area a walking tour might be something to consider.


Walking tours are affordable and fun. The only downside is that you will be with other people on this adventure!

Cooking Class In Venice

Venice Food Tour

This tour is at the top of romantic choices!  A local will take you on a food walking tour to sample some of the best local cuisines.  Then they will take you to their home and you will prepare a 3-course meal.  Amazing!

Venice Photography Tour

Venice gondola

If having a guided tour of Venice at sunset is appealing to you this photography tour would be a must.  A local will guide you around the city and help you capture the most romantic pictures.  If you love photography this is for you

Time for a Romantic Venice Dinner Date Eating Italian food

Romantic Venetian Restaurants Along the Grand Canal

I think food is essential for any great romantic date atmosphere.  Dining along the Grand Canal would make your night unforgettable!  I love the idea of sitting at a little table staring into the eyes of my one and only.

Keep in mind, you are paying for the view and the experience and not necessarily the delicacy of the food.

Top Recommended Romantic Venetian Restaurants 

One place that may have it all is called Taverna al Remer.  This restaurant is in a candle-lit warehouse that has a private pier to overlook and enjoy the canal.

Five restaurants over look the Grand Canal;  Bancogiro Stretch. Bar Naranzaria, Caffe Vergnano, Osteria al Pescador, Bar Ristorante Bancogiro, and Bar Ancora that invite you to have a stunning view of the canal.

Another option is a four-course meal prepared just for you.

I wish a romantic picnic in the moonlight was an option, but in most parts of the city, it is forbidden.  So don’t count on that.  I am not exactly sure why but it is a law.


A popular place at night is St. Mark’s Square. There are restaurants and live bands. It is a bit crowded, but a wonderful experience! Personally, I think that St. Mark’s Square in the morning is a better way to experience the romantic Venice atmosphere.

How Long Should We Stay In Venice

Should you stay in Venice your whole honeymoon or other trips? No, you should plan maybe two or three days, but you can do most sites in Venice in a relatively short time.

What Other Italy Cities Are Romantic


La Taverna Di Cecco
La Taverna Di Cecco Siena Italy

(Just think about eating amazing food in the area of the country)

Italy is a very romantic place, and other areas give you different experiences.  I would recommend going to Tuscany. Driving through the beautiful countryside and stopping in Siena and other towns.

Lake Como

Lake como Italy

Or if you love nature, take your significant other on beautiful hikes near Lake Como to the North of Milan.  This area can be very magical because of all the natural beauty all around.

Amalfi Coast

Consider skipping Florence on your romantic getaway, unless you love art and museums.  Personally, I would head straight down south to the Mediterranean Coast.

Amalfi, Positano, and other cities along the Amalfi coast give you scenic views of the mountains and sea and provide beaches, eateries, and streets carved into the mountainsides.


Love in Florence

(We just ran 3-4 miles from our hotel to get to the top, sweaty kiss but who cares when you are in love)

If you love art Florence maybe a romantic stop for you.  Florence is more of an art and history city. It is beautiful but can be crowded, and we enjoyed it more for the museums.

If you are in Florence, consider going on an early morning run up Michelangelo’s Hill to get a panoramic view of the city. The trek up the hill is pretty in its own right, and the view from the top is gorgeous.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre Italy
Image Courtesy of EU. org

If you don’t make it down south, consider visiting Cinque Terre. These villages are beautiful and give you the coastline feel that is similar to what you would get down south, but at the same time unique!


Many of the places I listed above can be very touristy. One way to avoid the crowds is to stay at the location of choice. Crowds take a while to gather and dissipate in the evenings.  We found this to be true not only in Venice but in other places as well.


During our stay in Capri, we loved experiencing it without crowds. While we had a wonderful time doing the Blue Grotto, our absolute favorite part was when the crowds took the boats back to the mainland. This made taking strolls down peaceful lanes compared to crowded alleys earlier in the day.

One exciting thing we found was a restaurant that was hidden and unlike many other places that were closed since they catered to tourists, this one stayed open.

We had a beautiful view of the sea and a nice quite dinner. That is until later in our meal, when the locals started to arrive! Then we got to “people watch” as the place filled up. We felt like we got a taste of both Italian food and culture!

Hidden Gems

Grand Hotel le Rocce

Also, consider going off the beaten path. We loved Gaeta. Look for some hidden gems that do not have many tourists, but offer a local flare, serenity, and a relaxing time with the person you love!

Check out my How Rick Steve’s Saved My Italy Trip Video!

Are You Ready for a Romantic Venice trip?Grand Canal in Venice Italy

Hopefully, this gives you an overview of what a romantic Venice vacation could look like.  Start planning your Venice honeymoon, anniversary, or romantic getaway now.  Italy is beautiful and you will not regret embracing the love the Italians have for love!

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Where will your next stop be? Maybe Florence to Rome or maybe down to the Amalfi Coast?  We loved everywhere we visited in Italy be sure to check out my adventures in Italy!

Also, I highly recommend getting an Italy Travel Guidebook before you plan your trip.

If you are planning a northern or central Italy vacation be sure to check out my other posts Venice, Pisa and Lucca, Romantic Venice, Siena, Florence.

If you are looking for a southern Italy itinerary be sure to check out Capri, Pompeii, Gaeta, and the Amalfi Coast.

Top Travel Tips for Italy is another great place to look for great Italy advice.


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  12. Our gondola ride was far from romantic. We booked ours as part of a walking tour and had the kids with us. The gondolas went through the smaller canals and got in a traffic jam. There was no singing.

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