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Best Tips For Visiting Pompeii – Plan Your Visit To Pompeii Italy

Are you planning on visiting Pompeii Italy? Looking for a good Pompeii tourist guide or tour? Need a few tips for visiting Pompeii? 

Awesome! You are in the right place. 

I was able to go and explore the Pompeii ruins on my last trip to Italy.  I will be honest before this trip I had never studied or learned about Pompeii, so I was a true Pompeii tourist! 

A good friend recommended that we visit Pompeii, so we added it to our itinerary.  I am so glad we did.  I'm excited to share with you all the things to do in Pompeii and all that I learned while visiting Pompeii! 

In this post, we will learn the best way to see Pompeii and the logistics of visiting Pompeii, a little history about the Pompeii ruins, and some highlights of Pompeii and important tips for visiting Pompeii Italy. 

Let's learn some tips for visiting Pompeii Italy! 

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Where is Pompei? Visiting Pompeii

Pompeii is about 24 minutes from Naples and about an hour away from the Amalfi Coast.  

Can You Visit Pompeii?

Yes, visiting Pompeii is something you should do! It is a perfect day trip!  There are certain areas that the public can not explore but you will still get to see some incredible ruins. 

What is the Best Way to Visit Pompeii?

The best way to visit Pompeii is to pick the transportation that works for you.  We decided to take the train from the Amalfi Coast.  It was okay.  There is a stop directly near the Pompeii ruins.  Personally, I would pay for a complete tour with transportation from the hotel next time.

Why Visit Pompeii? Pompeii holiday

Pompeii was an ancient city that was buried by the 79 AD eruption of the Volcano Mt. Vesuvius.  It was preserved by the ash that fell from the sky.  The Pompeii ruins are an amazing look at what life was like in 79 AD.

How Many People Survived Pompeii

Pompeii was a city of about 15,000 to 20,000 people.  Most of which were able to escape but unfortunately not all.  Because the city was so well preserved many bodies have been discovered throughout the excavation.

Mount Vesuvius

Mt. Vesuvius is actually the only active volcano in all of Europe.  You can explore the volcano on your Pompeii holiday or vacation but I would recommend not doing everything in one day.

Pompeii to Mount Vesuvius

If you would like to go to Mount Vesuvius you will want to take the bus from the Ercolano Scavi Station or you could book a tour that includes both Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.  These tours are usually based out of Naples. 

Let's Plan Your Visit To PompeiiPompeii Italy

Pompeii was a thriving city until AD 79 when a massive eruption from a volcano known as Mount Vesuvius covered the city.  Pompeii is now a huge archaeological site.

It is so interesting to walk around and see how the people lived and worked in a perfectly preserved town from about 2000 years ago. 

There are a few things that you should be aware of before visiting on your Pompeii holiday or vacation.  I will give you a few tips for Pompeii. 

Pompeii Tip – Be Safe

We took the train from Sorrento.  Pompeii was not as nice as other areas in Italy. Consequently, I was a little nervous about the type of people on the train. 

Once we got off at the Pompeii-scavi stop I felt fine. The stop is a short walk to Pompeii. There is also a baggage storage area at this stop.

Get Tickets Inside or in Advanced

Pompeii Holiday

The ticket lines for Pompeii can be extremely crowded.  You might consider booking a tour or getting skip-the-line tickets in advance.

How Much are Tickets to Pompeii?

Admission for Pompeii is about 16.50 Euros + 1.50 convenience fee for ordering online.  

A combined ticket for Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, and Boscoreale costs €22.00 for an adult, this ticket is only available to purchase at the ticket office. 

If you are planning on visiting all the sites this might be the best option. Although, you will have to wait in line once you arrive which could take 20-40 minutes depending on how crowded it is.   

Hot Pompeii Tip

There are many vendors outside with Pompeii tourist guides trying to sell tours, but they are not legit.  The official line is inside.  You may have to wait if you get tickets at the gate, you can purchase them online on their website.

However, if you go through a reputable site live Viator. You can book a legit Pompeii TourThese tours are very informational and will make your Pompeii holiday perfect.

Download Rick Steve's Audio Tour

Rick Steves Italy book

We bought Rick Steve's Italy book which is so helpful when planning your Pompeii holiday or vacation. I highly recommend it.  In the book, it suggests downloading different Pompeii tours.  They are free informational guides that are very helpful. 

We downloaded the Pompeii tour, and it was fabulous.  You will see many Rick Steve's fans's here with guidebooks in hand!  However, if you want a more authentic experience a local Pompeii Tourist guide may be a better option.

How Long Should I Spend at Pompeii? Pompeii Holiday Italy

If you are on a Pompeii holiday or vacation this is the highlight of your Pompeii trip.  Pompeii can be done in a minimum of 3-4 hours.  If you love archeological sites and this fascinates you, you could stay all day.

There is so much to learn that if you have a knowledgeable Pompeii tourist guide you will not want to leave!

Best Way to See Pompeii – Take a Pompeii Tour Pompeii tour

There are many areas of Pompeii that are worth visiting.  However, unless you have studied this extensively an audio tour or tour guide is a must. 

There are different areas located throughout Pompeii but without a reference, you will not gain a full appreciation for what is in front of you.  Some of the areas to see include the following:

  • Antiquarium – museum of everyday items used during that time.

  • Forum – Square of a Roman town where shrines, temples, and markets for selling were located.

  • Theaters – The theater in Pompeii held 5000 people.
  • Villa of Mysteries – an area where ancient wall art is preserved with a brilliance of colors.   It could have been a place where a secret society held meetings.
  • Street of Tombs – tombstones were located all along this street.
  • Houses– all the famous residences of those living in Pompeii.
  • Amphitheatre – was able to hold 12,000 spectators.
  • Terme Stabiane (Stabian Baths) – Roman baths 

  • Temple of Isis – Egyptian cult widespread throughout the Roman Empire. 

How to Prepare for my Visit to Pompeii 

Visit Pompeii Italy

As you visit Pompeii, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Let's explore them so you can be prepared. 

Pompeii Tips

Visit Pompeii

Bring Water

It is hot in this area of Italy. There is absolutely no shade! Most of your time spent at Pompeii will be walking.  Make sure to hydrate and have enough water with you.  We went in Spring and it was fine, but I have been to Italy in August and it is HOT!

Restaurant Inside

Don't worry if you forgot your picnic lunch or have no way of bringing one anyway!  There is an Air-Conditioned restaurant located within Pompeii!  It is really nice to stop and grab a snack and rest from all the walking.  It does tend to get crowded.

Educate Yourself

Before your Pompeii holiday or vacation watch a document or read some Pompeii history!  It will help you better understand this vast area! 

You will not be able to see all of it (parts are blocked off)  but know where you are going and what you want to see!  Get a map too when you arrive, it will help out a ton!

Pompeii Holiday Italy

Are You Ready to Visit Pompeii?

Tips for Pompeii Italy

Are you ready to go to Pompeii, Italy?  In addition to Pompeii, there are many amazing romantic cities in Italy to explore. Be sure to check out my other post by clicking on the links below.  These will hopefully inspire you to plan an amazing Italy vacation.

If you have one week in Italy it is possible to visit lots of cities.  We started in Venice with a Romantic Venice getaway. Then headed to FlorencePisa and Lucca, and Siena.  After visiting Tuscany we headed to Gaeta, Naples, Capri, the Amalfi Coast, and Pompeii.

If you are looking for a few more reasons to visit Italy or some great Safety Travel Tips for Italy before you travel be sure to check out my other post. Make sure to get your souvenirs and Italy gifts

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