Hawaii Gifts and Souvenirs

The Best Hawaiian Gifts and Hawaii Souvenirs

Do you, or someone you know LOVE Hawaii?  Are you looking for a Hawaiian gift or maybe planning ahead so that you can buy the perfect Hawaii souvenir for yourself?   

If you are looking for the perfect Hawaiian gift for yourself or for someone else you are in the right spot!

If you are buying for a birthday, Christmas, or other special occasion these Hawaiian gift ideas will make the process easy.  

Let’s check out some great Hawaiian Gifts and Hawaii Souvenirs! 

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A Hawaiian gift basket is the perfect Hawaiian gift idea. It is popular and can be given all year round.  Let’s explore different items that you can put together. 

Hawaiian Gift Baskets:

Lauhala is the type of baskets that is used in Hawaii.  Let’s find some ideas to fill it up!

Some general Hawaiian items that you can add to any basket are Macadamia nuts, fruit, Hawaiian chocolates, or Hawaiian items that will give it a personal touch. 

Hawaiian Cookie Basket

Purchase cookies from the Honolulu Cookie Company or The Big Island Cookie Company (My mom will always ship these to us when she visits Hawaii.  You can purchase them online as well)

If you are planning on visiting Oahu you need to go to the Honolulu Cookie Company (located near Waikiki),  this is a great Hawaii souvenir for yourself or if you are looking to bring back something special for those you left at home this is perfect. 

The same idea goes for The Big Island Cookie Company if you are visiting Hilo.

Once your cookies arrive you can add them to a basket with a few more Hawaiian items. This is a great Hawaiian gift or Hawaii souvenir.  

Hawaii Breakfast Basket

A Hawaiian breakfast basket is more of a Hawaiian gift idea.  You can purchase a pineapple, mango, tropical pancake mix, Hawaiian SyrupHawaiian jam, and if you drink coffee you could add Kona Coffee to fill your basket.

Now, if this sounds delicious to you, these also make great Hawaii souvenirs that you can purchase while on the Island.  

Hawaiian Fruit Basket

Hawaiian Fruit Basket Gift

If you want an easy Hawaiian gift basket to make.  Grab some tropical fruit at your grocery store and a few lei’s or Hawaiian itemsThis is simple yet elegant.

Hawaiian Fragrance Basket 

Everybody loves the smells of Hawaii.  A pineapple scented candle, perfume, Hawaiian body mist, or Hawaiian essential oils make great items to add to a basket. 

Baskets are the perfect Hawaii gift ideas! 

Christmas Ornaments

Hawaiian gift or Hawaii souvenir Christmas ornament

A Hawaii Christmas ornament is a great idea for a souvenir,  they are also a thoughtful gift.

Christmas ornaments are the perfect Hawaii souvenir or Hawaiian gift idea.  You can find Christmas ornaments at most gift shops in Hawaii, but don’t worry if you can’t make it to the island we’ve got you covered! 

This is a fun Hawaiian Christmas gift!

Ornaments By Island:

Hawaiian Gifts Christmas Ornament
Hawaii souvenirs - Christmas ornament
Hawaii souvenir Christmas ornament

Shirts/Moo Moo's - Hawaiian Dresses

Hawaiian Gifts - Hawaiian Dress

My favorite Hawaiian gift and Hawaii souvenir ideas are those I can wear!  I love Hawaiian dresses, in fact I wore my Hawaiian Moo Moo every night when I was pregnant (It was perfect!)   


Shirts are also a great Hawaii gift idea.  If you are going to Hawaii as a group getting shirts pre-made is a great idea.  You can include the date and the group name or family name on the shirt.

They are the perfect thing to pack for Hawaii because it makes it so easy to know what you are wearing that day! 

I also like to buy shirts as souvenirs.  My daughter did the shark cage dive in Oahu and now has a shirt to remember the experience. 

Hawaiian gifts - shirts

Gift Shop Ideas for Hawaii Souvenirs and Hawaiian Gifts

Hawaii souvenirs tikis

If you are going to Hawaii and are wanting to pick out the perfect Hawaiian gift for someone or are just looking for a great Hawaii souvenir, these options will typically be available.  


Hawaiian Magnets for a Hawaii Souvenir

Magnets are great souvenirs because they can be placed on your fridge when you get home to remind you of the amazing memories you made. 

Snow Globes

Hawaii Souvenir - Snow Globe

Snow globes are great souvenirs to collect. You can almost guarantee there will be one in every place you visit. 

Picture Frames

Hawaii Souvenirs - Hawaiian Picture Frame

Once you get home and can look through all your photos, you most likely will find one that is frame-worthy and really should be displayed.

Buying a frame as a souvenir will make that photo even more special because it will most likely have the location and design of the area you visited.  


Hawaii Souvenirs -Post Cards

Postcards are a fun Hawaii souvenir.  It is fun to send a few to family and friends while you are on vacation.  It is also great to bring a few home to add to a memory book. 


Hawaii Souvenir - Coaster

Coasters are so fun and practical.  I love a good practical souvenir.  You can always use these in your home.  

Pressed Penny

Hawaii Souvenir - Pressed Penny

Pressed pennies are fun and inexpensive.  At Kualoa Ranch there are so many choices to choose from.  Keeping track of them is a little harder! 

Hawaiian Mugs

Hawaii Souvenirs Mugs

Mugs are great souvenirs.  They also make for a great Hawaiian gift idea.  Like the mug says, “I’d rather be in Hawaii” too! 

Reuseable Shopping Bag

Hawaii re-useable bag for a Hawaiian Gift

I love buying reuseable shopping bags.  I actually bought the one above at the Dole Pineapple Plantation.  

Local Hawaiian Foods

Local Food as a Hawaiian Gift or Hawaiian souvenir

I love buying local food while on vacation.  Many gift shops will have items that are unique to Hawaii.  These are great Hawaii souvenirs to consider buying.  

Hawaii Dashboard Hula Girl

Hawaii Souvenir - Hula Girl Dashboard

I think a dashboard hula doll is a must.  It is the perfect Hawaii souvenir!  If there was ever a doubt that you needed this, lets change that! 

Hawaiian Surfboard Sign

Hawaiian Gifts - Hawaii Surf board sign

There are some nice surfboard signs in many of the souvenir shops in Hawaii.  If you want something a little nicer to bring home this might be just for you.  

Hand Carved Hawaii Souvenirs

Hand Carved Hawaii Souvenirs

On the North Shore of Oahu, there is a family that hand-carves beautiful signs.  Their store was located near the food trucks.  You can also pick up a less authentic carving at a gift shop.  

Hawaiian Gifts - Luggage

Hawaiian Gift - Luggage

I love carry-on luggage!  If you plan on visiting Hawaii over and over again, you can go in style with a Hawaii themed bag and even luggage tag

Hawaii Lei and Haku Lei

Hawaii Laie and Head dress Hawaii Souvenir

One Hawaii souvenir that I loved was my Haku Lei.  It was so pretty and it wasn’t very expensive.  The sad thing is that it will not last long. The fresh flowers are beautiful and it is perfect to wear at the Polynesian Cultural Center or a Luau. 

Hawaiian Home Kitchen Essentials

Hawaii souvenir - kitchen wear

Hawaii kitchen essential are great Hawaii gifts for someone who just loves Hawaii.  If you know someone that would love to have a few Hawaii inspired kitchen items, this might be the perfect gift for them.  

Hawaiian Home Décor

Hawaiian Gifts Home décor
Home décor is the perfect Hawaiian gift for someone who loves Hawaii and wants to remember it everyday.  

Types of Hawaii Home Décor 

Hawaiian gifts - décor sign

Hawaiian Artwork

Hawaii Artwork

Photography, painting, or other pieces of art is a great gift for a Hawaii lover.   Bringing a little bit of that Hawaiian beauty home is a perfect gift idea. 

Hawaiian Experiences

Hawaiian Gift -Experiences Jurassic Park

Hawaiian Gifts and Hawaii Souvenirs Recap

Hawaii Souvenirs - chapstick

Make Your Own Hawaiian Gift Basket

  • Hawaiian Breakfast Basket
  • Hawaiian Fruit Basket
  • Hawaiian Cookie Basket
  • Hawaiian Fragrance Basket

Hawaiian Gifts and Souvenirs – Gear

Ultimate Hawaiian Gift – Experiences


Hawaiian Gifts and Hawaii Souvenirs

Hawaii Oahu Hawaii souvenirs

Wow, this is over 40 different Hawaiian gift ideas and Hawaii souvenir options!  I hope this helps you buy the perfect gift for your Hawaii loving friends and family members or for yourself.  

Mahalo until next time!  If you are going to Oahu or Maui.  I have lots of helpful posts to help you plan! 

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  1. Wonderful list! And there are small items on there for travelers like me who only explore with a carryon. I typically bring home postcards and create art, Christmas ornaments or magnets.

  2. So many great ideas! We went to Hawaii this spring, shopping was so fun. We of course got a dress for my little!

  3. We are heading to Hawaii in March, so I went over your best Hawaiian gifts list carefully! LOL. The kids collect pressed pennies, so good to know we will be able to find some there!

  4. Love the gift basket ideas bc they sound delish! I usually go for something I’ll use and be continuously reminded of a trip tho, like those dish towels!

  5. Love Christmas tree ornaments. We have a tradition, and we buy one every time we travel. Our tree is full of memories. Great list, and hopefully, we will visit Hawai someday.

  6. What a unique idea for a post! I love the chill vibe I get when I see Hawaiian gear, and these gifts spread that relaxed island time!

  7. I would love to pick up some of the clothing! It just looks so comfortable and like a vacation every time you wear it!

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