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30 Best Gifts for an RV Owner (Including Camper RV Gifts!)

Looking for the best gifts for an RV owner? You are in the right spot! I have a lot of fun recommendations for RV camping gifts. You will love these gift ideas for RVers! 

There are lots of different types of RVers. Some live in their RV, others travel all over the country, and some just love a good weekend camping trip. We love renting an RV and going on fun camping trips when we get the chance.  

In this post not only will we have some practical motorhome gifts for an actual RV but we will also have funny gifts for RV campers. 

This list will include gifts for new RV owners as well as gifts for RV enthusiasts.  This list is a good variety of gifts for RV travelers of all kinds! 

Let's get started finding the best gifts for RVers! 

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Best Gifts for an RV Owner

We are starting off with some practical and unique gifts for RVers that will be sure to be a hit! We have used many of these products and feel pretty confident in our recommendations.  These are seriously some of the best gifts for RV owners! 

1. SpaceX Star Link

I am going to start with Star Link.  Star Link is one of the most amazing things to have when RVing.  It is awesome and works better than my local internet provider!  Seriously!!  

This is one of my favorite gift ideas for RVers.  It is a little pricey but the perfect gift for a spouse who is an RV lover.  If you know someone who loves to go off-grid, this needs to be on top of your RV camping gifts list. 

If Amazon is out of stock, Best Buy is another great place to check for availability.  You could also get a cell service booster as another option.  It is nice to be connected even if you are off-grid! 

2. Power Surge Protector

Most RV's come with a standard hook up but if you want to give the gift of an upgrade on an RV surge protector is a great idea.  It is really important to protect your RV from unpredictable voltage spikes. 

3. GPS for RVers

If you are looking for practical gifts for RVers, a GPS is a nice idea.  Sometimes it is hard to use your phone while you drive a Class C.  Plus, you don't want to use all of your battery to get directions.  

I did a little bit of research and found 2 brands of  GPS for RVers that can be mounted on the dashboard and provide up-to-date maps. Garmin and Tom Tom are the best GPS devices on the market and have excellent reviews.  

These are really nice gifts for RV owners! 

Gifts for an RV Owner

Best gifts for RV travelers

I thought of a few more awesome gifts for Motorhomes and wanted to include them so you have more camper gift ideas.

4. Camping Chair

It is so nice to have a camping chair to sit outside and enjoy the view.  This is one of the best rv gifts! 

5. Awning Lights

Awning lights are probably one of the coolest gifts for RV campers.  They bring such a fun atmosphere to any campsite.  More people will want to engage and talk with you just because these lights are so inviting! 

6. Wireless Backup Camera

Okay, driving an RV can be stressful!!!  They are so big! A backup camera is one of the best gifts for RVers. The RV backup cameras have dual cameras.  This is so helpful! This is a very practical gift for an RV owner. 

Kitchen Gifts for RV Campers

Camping RV Gifts for kitchen

RV kitchens are a little smaller and really need compact kitchen utensils. There are lots of kitchen gifts for RV campers out there.

I wanted to share my favorite compactable RV kitchen find and a few cute gift ideas for camper owners.  

7. Collapsable Cutting Board +

I found this really awesome compactable kitchen product that would be a perfect gift for RVers.  It is not only a cutting board but also a food grader, strainer, knife set, and storage basket.  I love this product.  When you do not have much space this is perfect! 

It is one of the best gifts for RVers! 

8. Kitchen Towel Set

It is fun to decorate the RV. These cute RV-inspired towels are the perfect gifts for RV owners.  They are cute and very practical! 

9. Kitchen Oven Mitts

One thing that is nice about having an RV is that you have a mini kitchen.  Oven mitts are the best gifts for RVers.  They are so important to have on hand! 

Decorations for RVs

Gift ideas for rv campers

Who doesn't want to add some cute decor to help the RV feel more homey?  I picked a few fantastic decor gifts for RVers to choose from.

10. RV Welcome Mat

It is really nice to have a mat located right outside the door to the RV.  This helps prevent dirt from getting in.  There are large mats and rugs, but you can also add a smaller decorative mat on top of it.  This is one of the best RV gifts.

11. Home Decor for RV

There are so many cute signs that will make the perfect gifts for motorhomes.  These signs instantly make a RV more homey! 

12. Decorative Pillows

One of the best gifts for an RV owner is some darling decorative RV pillows There are some cute options out there. 

13. Books for RVers

Gifts for full time RVers

One of the best motorhome gifts is a book! Seriously! There are so many great ideas of where to go and what to see along the way.  Part of being an RV lover is planning the adventure. 

I have a few options that would make great Christmas gifts for RV owners. 

50 State Challenge

If you know someone whose dream is to travel around the US and visit all 50 states in their RV there is a 50-state 500 idea book available. This is the perfect RV gift.

USA RV Adventures

The USA RV Adventure book provides 25 epic routes.  This is such a fun gift for new RV owners.  So many places to explore and learn about! 

RV Campers for Dummies

RV Campers for Dummies is one of the best gifts for new RV owners.  Seriously, RVing is a whole new world. There are so many things to learn.  My family fits into the slow learner category. This book is perfect for an RV newbie! 

14. Christmas RV Ornaments

Gifts for camper owners

Christmas ornaments are great gifts all year round.  There are so many cute ornaments to choose from.  If you are looking for gifts for fulltime RVers, this is perfect! 

Here are a few of my favorites! 

15. Gifts for RVers Shirts

Gift ideas for Rvers

Cute camping shirts are the best. We love making shirts for family reunions, so if you know someone who is going on a special RV trip where custom T-shirts would be appreciated, this would be a fantastic idea for gifts for RV lovers.  

RV Mugs or Water Bottles

gift ideas rv owners

There are so many funny RV mugs out there. They are some of the top gifts for campers and RV enthusiasts because they are practical yet can have funny patterns and sayings on them.  

Water Bottles are so important when camping.  It is nice to have a large water bottle to make sure you are staying hydrated.  Stanley is really popular right now and should make your RV gifts list. 

16. Mugs

Mugs are the best when you are RVing.  Waking up and getting your warm drink is nice when you have a good mug.  This is a great gift idea for campers. 

17. Water Bottles

I would suggest getting a nice water bottle like a Stanley and then buying RV water Bottle Stickers to put on it. Those two items combined are perfect gifts for RVers. 

RV Camping Supplies

best gifts for rv owners - hammock

Some more great gifts for RV campers are those that you use once your camper is parked.  You may want to set up a hammock, start a fire, and make some smores or hot chocolate.  These are great gifts for an RV owner. 

18. Hammock

One of my favorite things on our last RV trip was hanging out in the hammock.  You can read, relax, or even take a nap.  Hammocks are awesome gifts for RV travelers. 

19. Mini Stove with Mess Kit

A mini mess kit is perfect for making soup or hot chocolate. You can heat up whatever you would like! 

20. Blow Torch

Want to be able to start a fire in no time?  This blow torch is the coolest gift for RVers! It makes setting up camp so easy! 

Fun Toys to Enjoy while Camping

Best gifts for Rvers -games

Having a few games on hand when you boondock is always nice. There are some fantastic games that make great gifts for RVers! 

21. Corn Hole

Cornhole is a classic outdoor fun game that everyone loves. You really can't go wrong getting a corn hole set as a gift for an RV owner. 

22. Flying Disc Game Set

I had never seen or played the Flying Disc Game until our last RV trip.  It is so much fun! It only takes two players and a little coordination.  The point of the game is to knock over a bottle by throwing the frisbee and hitting the pole.  It is actually really fun! 

23. Ring Toss

Ring Toss is another classic outdoor game everyone loves. They are perfect gifts for RV travelers. 

Fun Gifts for Rvers

gifts for rv owners - fun

If you are looking for fun gifts for RV owners.  These are my favorite.  I believe making memories is one of the best and main reasons we go on adventures.  

These gift ideas for RV owners will help make RV adventure more fun and memorable.  

24. 50 State Challenge

There are so many fun scratch maps.  These maps allow you to see where you have been and where you still need to go.  If you know someone who is doing the 50-state challenge this is one of the best gifts for RV campers! 

25. US National Park Challenge

Another fun scratch map is for those who have a mission to visit all 63 National Parks in the United States.  These gifts for people with RVs are perfect! 

26. Photo College Map

Memories is what it is all about! This photo map is so cute! You take your favorite pictures from each state you have visited and print out cute stickers to add to your map.  It is one of the best RV gift ideas! 

American The Beautiful Pass and National Parks

Admission to Zion National Park

27. American The Beautiful Pass

Traveling to the national parks is such a highlight for Rv owners.  There are so many amazing places to visit and explore.  By having the America the Beautiful National Park Pass you can come up with many RV road trip ideas.  

There are some great East Coast National Parks and West Coast National Parks.

Some of our favorite national parks of course include the Utah National Parks: Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Dinosaur, and Bryce. 

But we have also been and enjoyed Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Redwoods, Badlands, Everglades, Kenai, Denali, Grand Canyon.

28. State Parks

If you are looking for more gift ideas for RVers, a state park pass is a great idea.  Many states have beautiful areas to enjoy nature and great places to RV at.   You will have to individually look at which state you are interested in. 

29. National Park Guide Books

Guidebooks will help you plan your national park family vacation. They help navigate and give details about each area. They are the best gifts for RV owners.  

Admission to Zion National Park

30. Grill

RV camping gifts grill

There is a lot of variety when it comes to camping grills.  You can get one that goes over an open fire, propane grill, or charcoal grill.  

Sometimes it is nice to get the mess outside and not dirty up your RV kitchen.  These grills are awesome for big meals! This is one of the best gifts for an RV owner! 

Gifts for an RV Owner

Gift ideas RV owner

Hopefully, this list of 30 of the best gifts for an RV owner has given you some great gift ideas for motorhome owners! 

I know these gifts for RVers will be perfect for Christmas or Birthdays or any other special occasion.  Have fun shopping! 

If you have any other ideas please share them in the comments or in our Facebook Group.

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