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40+ Gift Ideas For Skiers (The Best Gifts For Skiers)

Do you know someone that is a die hard skier? Maybe a friend or family member? Want to give the perfect ski gift? If you are looking for gifts for skiers you are in the right spot.  

I have a great packing list for skiers that is full of the best gear, clothes, and essential accessories for skiers.  Clothes and gear are great skiing accessories gifts but today, we are going to highlight unique gifts for skiers that will be sure to please those ski lovers in your life. This will be the best ski gifts list!

In this post, we will be focusing on gifts for skiers who love being surrounded by ski-inspired products! These ski gift ideas will make great birthday or Christmas presents for skiers. These are some of the top gifts for skiers! 

Let's check out some of the best gifts for skiers! 

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Gifts for Skiers - Home decor

The ski lovers in your life cannot always be on the slopes.  When they come home, it is nice to have the perfect reminder of how much joy skiing brings to them. The following items are great gifts for a skier! 

Best Ski Gifts for the Home

A couple of great gifts for skiers are:

2. Best Gifts for Skiers - Paintings and ArtWork

Gifts for skiers - artwork and paintings

Paintings and artwork are great gifts for skiers.  There are so many amazing landscape shots that are perfect décor and fantastic gifts for ski lovers.  


Photography is a great option for skiers.  The beauty of the mountains can be captured and then printed on sites like Shutterfly This is a great option for a gift for a skier! 

Gifts for Skiers artwork

3. Gifts for Skiers - Picture Frames

Picture frames are great gifts for skiers.  A frame that highlights the “action of skiing” is great for the office or just to have at home.  

If you are looking for thoughtful ski gifts this is a great option! 

These are perfect gifts for the skier in your life! 

4. Gifts for Skiers - Bathroom Décor

If your friend or family member is wanting to dress up their bathroom these items will be the perfect presents for skiers.

If you are looking for funny gifts for skiers, the Ski bum holder has to be the best skiing gift EVER!

This would also be a great gift for someone who owns a ski vacation home! Could you imagine going to a VRBO and seeing this in the bathroom?  It would be awesome! 

Bathroom Decorations 

Gifts for Skiers Bathroom decor

5. Gifts for Skiers- Trinkets

Gifts for Skiers - Trinkets

Trinkets are small items that will look great on shelves and that you can add to a collection.  You can find most of these items in a ski gift shop.  However, they do make great gifts for a skier.

Usually, these are inexpensive and are great gifts for ski lovers. These are cool ski gifts for friends! 

Types of Trinkets

6. Gifts for Skiers - Mugs and Tumblers

Gifts for skiers - mugs and tumblers

Mugs are the best gift for skiers!  There are so many fun options. Plus, who doesn't love hot chocolate after a good long day of skiing! 

Or if you think your skier would prefer a more practical gift a tumbler is great because it will keep drinks warm the entire day. It is the perfect gift for a skier! 

There are some funny gifts for skiers in the Mug department!!!

gifts for skiers  mug

Gifts for skiers tumbler

7. Best Ski Gifts - Christmas Ornaments

Gifts for Skiers - Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments are one of the most popular souvenir items purchased year-round.  It is also a perfect gift idea for skiers. 

Giving it as a Christmas gift is always a good idea.  There are lots of fun options for the perfect Christmas gifts for skiers in your life.

Gifts for Skiers - Christmas ski ornament

8. Gifts for the Ski Lover - Books

Gifts for skiers - books

If you know a die-hard skier that has the desire to ski all over the world there are a few books that would make great skiing gifts. 

The best book to consider is the “Top Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before you Die

Coffee table books are also great gifts for skiers.  There are beautiful pictures of mountains and ski slopes.  

Also, there are great adult coloring books that are geared for ski lovers.  

These are awesome gift ideas for skiers! 

9. Gifts for Skiers - Shirts/Sweatshirts

T-shirts and sweatshirts are great gifts for the skier.  There are so many fun designs. 

This is one of the more practical and in my opinion best gifts for skiers because you really can wear it all winter long! 

Gifts for skiers shirts

10. Best Gifts for Skiers - Keep Yourself Warm

Gifts for Skiers - staying warm

If you are looking for a practical gift for skiers.  You can always buy hats, socks, thermals, ski bibs, ski gloves, and coats.   These are great skiing accessories giftsHowever, better skiing gift options to keep you warm may include the following: 

Stay Warm

These three items are more unique ski gifts and probably more appreciated as an option for a gift for skiers.  

11. Gifts for Skiers - Electronics

gifts for skiers - Electronics

There are a few electronics that are perfect to have when you are on the slopes.  These are great gift ideas for skiers! 

Garmin Watch

The Garmin watch is awesome!  It will track your exercise activity with heart rate monitoring. It is durable, scratch resistant, shock and waterproof, and also serves as a GPS.  GPS is great if you venture off the beaten path while skiing.  

Apple Watch

If you have an iPhone you may want to go with an Apple watch.  You can get all your texts and calls right on your watch as you ski the day away. It is a great present for skiers and anyone who is active and loves convince. 

Go Pro Camera

The Go-Pro Camera is made for action and adventure.  You can easily attach it to your ski helmet and record your awesome moves as you go down the slopes.  It is a fun toy to have.  

These are some cool ski gift options that cost a little more but are perfect presents for skiers you really love!  

12. Best Gifts for Skiers that are Good For the Slopes

Gifts for skiers - essentials

There are a few practical skiing gifts that I think are essential to have when skiing.

Snow Backpack

Snow backpacks are really functional. They are lightweight and waterproof.  These backpacks are great for outdoor winter sports of all kinds but especially skiing. 

Protect your Phone

There have been so many times when I have been at the top of the mountain and my phone just shuts off because of the cold.  A thermal phone case is a great ski gift idea.  

Another phone accessory that is nice to have is a portable battery charger.  It is nice to charge your phone while on the ski lift.  

13. Gifts for Skiers - Backpacks/Storage

Gifts for skiers backpack

I don't know if you have been skiing, but it requires a lot of equipment. Sometimes you feel like your hands are so full you can't carry another item.  A ski strap is a perfect gift for skiers because it will help make the process of carrying the skies so much easier! 

Another essential item that is a great gift idea for skiers a backpack.  You can store your snacks and other items you want to have on hand as you ski. 

There are two types of ski backpacks.  One is great for bringing to the ski resort.  This  snow backpack will hold your boots, gloves, goggles, and other gear.  A separate backpack that is light weight is better for carrying snacks and other essentials. Either way they are both perfect gifts for skiers.  

14. Gifts for Skiers - Relaxation

Gifts for skiers - relaxation

Skiing is exercise.  The muscles are worked hard when you ski.  Jumping in a hot tub is probably the best thing to do after skiing but that would be a very expensive skiing gift!!!!

One way to loosen up those muscles is foam rolling You can also purchase a personal massagerOr better yet, purchase a massage at a professional facility.  

These make really nice ski gifts!

15 Best Gifts for Skiers - Experiences

Gifts for Skiers

If you are thinking of giving the experience of skiing to someone, that is so nice of you.  Skiing is very expensive! 

Buy Ski Lift Tickets

Buying ski lift tickets is a great idea.  

If you want to plan a ski trip to any of the top USA ski resorts in the country you can look at my guides.  If you are looking to plan a beginner/first-time ski trip these resorts are great.  

Ski Lessons

Ski lessons are a great gift for a new skier or maybe someone who wants to take their skiing to the next level.  You could also purchase ski rentals if they do not already have some. 


If you are thinking of planning a family reunion or a group ski vacation.  The perfect gift could be to rent a mountain cabin or a nice resort near the ski resort of your choice .  

All of these will be great gifts for skiers! 

Over 40 Gift Ideas for Skiers

Gifts for skiers - man skiing

Ski Gift Ideas #35-37

Gifts for Skiers – Experiences

Ski Gift Ideas #38-40

Books for Skiers

Best Gifts and Presents for Skiers

Gifts for skiers - skiers

Wow, that was a lot of fun options for gifts for skiers! Hopefully, you have found the best ski gifts to give to your ski-loving friend or family member.  

I know you will pick out the best presents for skiers from this list! Skiing gifts are so fun to buy! 


If you are looking for more Skiing accessory gifts you should check out my “What to Wear Skiing Guide”  You can find some great clothing options that will be perfect practical skiing gifts. 

If you are interested in a Utah ski trip please ask me more questions.  I live in Utah and am very familiar with the ski scene here.  

Good Luck finding the perfect presents for skiers!

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