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28 Prettiest Cities in Europe

Are you excited about going to Europe? Looking for the prettiest cities in Europe?

Awesome! You are in the right spot. There are so many beautiful European cities to explore.  

In this post, we are going to narrow down your choices based on the prettiest cities in Europe.  

I have been to Europe many times and I am already looking forward to my next trip (which isn't until 2024)  Yes, I plan that far in advance!  There is a reason my blog is called Planningaway! 

This post will help you choose the most beautiful European cities to visit!   

Because there are so many beautiful European cities this list will be focusing on two things.

  1. All of the cities will be in Western Europe
  2. They will be categorized by the prettiest cities in Europe to visit

Let's dive in to the prettiest cities in Europe! 

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1. Bologna, ItalyBologna, Italy Pretties Cities in Europe

Bologna is often overlooked by tourists for Italy’s more famous cities, such as Venice, Rome, or Florence. Escape the crowds and spend some time in this underrated city known as the culinary capital of Italy.

Bologna is one of the prettiest cities in Europe with its historic red brick buildings and arches that line the streets. The lively city is also home to the oldest university in the world, established in 1088.

Things to Do in Bologna

There are many fun things to add to your Bologna itinerary:

  • Explore Maggiore Square: home to many historic buildings, such as Basilica di San Petronio, an Italian Gothic cathedral, and Palazzo dei Banchi, a palace with Renaissance architecture. Afterward, sit at one of the outdoor cafes in the square and enjoy a coffee.
  • Visit the medieval Two Towers: in the historic center and walk up to the top of Asinelli Tower to see a panoramic view of the city.
  • Eat delicious Bolognese cuisine. Have fresh pasta with meat ragout at Osteria Broccaindosso, a locals favorite, or visit Mercato Di Mezzo, a food hall with a variety of Bolognese options.  
  • Drink wine: at Vetro in Serre dei Giardini Margherita, a gorgeous public art space made in former greenhouses. 

Enjoy this beautiful historic city!  

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2. Taormina (Sicily) Italy

Sicily Prettiest cities in Europe

Taormina is not just one of the prettiest cities in Italy, it is also one of the prettiest cities in the whole of Europe. Set high up above the Mediterranean Sea, Taormina is in a stunning position in northeast Sicily.

Things to Do in Taormina

In the centre of Taormina is a warren of pretty streets filled with enticing shops and cafes. If you’re visiting Sicily with kids, you’ll no doubt enjoy visiting nearby Mt Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

There are excellent views of Mt Etna from various vantage points throughout Taormina with the best view being from the incredible Greek-Roman amphitheater.

Taormina is a delightful city for an evening stroll through its piazzas where you can stop for an aperitif or coffee at one of the many bars. Piazza IV Aprile is particularly attractive.


The architecture in Taormina is a mix of styles from Greek through to Baroque with Roman and Renaissance visible in the elegant streets. The beautiful European city is wonderful to visit at any time of year but high summer is best avoided as it can get very busy.

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3. Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy is the prettiest city in Europe

Venice, Italy is my favorite city in the whole world, and arguably the prettiest city in Europe. The island's maze of idyllic canals and bridges provides visitors and locals with picturesque views around every twist and turn.

Gliding along the Grand Canal in a sleek gondola while being serenaded by a native Italian should be on everyone's travel bucket list! It is the romantic Venice experience!

Getting Lost in Venice 

My favorite activity in Venice is simply to wander on foot and lose myself in the charm of this sinking city. And since Venice is an island, you can never really get lost! 

Part of Venice's beauty is actually what's not there…cars. Given that cars are not allowed on the island, there is an absence of parking lots, traffic, auto pollution, and road rage. Without cars to block the amazing views, Venice is a photographer's dream destination.

4.- 5. Murano and Burano

beautiful European Cities - Murano Italy

When visiting Venice, I highly recommend taking a Vaporetto (similar to a ferry) out to the islands of Murano and Burano. Just a short boat ride from the mainland, Murano is where Italy's famous colorful blown glass is made.

Burano is an Instagrammer's dream with brightly colored houses juxtaposed together along scenic canals just begging visitors to take yet another selfie. It is one of the most beautiful European cities.

If you want to be surrounded by beautiful architecture, art, and waterways, you can't go wrong with a trip to Venice, Murano or Burano!

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6. Palermo, Italy

Prettiest Places in Europe

Palermo is the capital of the beautiful land of Sicily, which lies off the coast of Italy. Sicily is the perfect getaway with picture-perfect beaches, wonderful street food, and amazing architecture. Add to that the average of 6,8 hours of sun per day, every day of the year and you have yourself a winner for one of the most beautiful cities in European.

Palermo Churches

Italy is very well known for its beautiful churches. Palermo took one look at the traditional Italian churches and just raised the bar even higher!

The churches here are quaint and filled with history, and each and every one of them is a little different than the rest. Make sure to pop into the Church of the Gesu, San Giuseppe dei Teatini, and the architectural gem that is the 12th century Arab Normal Church of San Cataldo.

Architecture in Palermo

Speaking of Arab-Norman architecture in Palermo, you cannot leave without visiting the Norman Palace. The oldest parts of the palace date all the way back to the 9th century thus making it the oldest royal residence in Europe to date.

The building is currently the seat of the Sicilian Regional Assembly. Make sure you take ample time to bathe in the beauty of the Capella Palatina, believe me, you will be happy you took the time!

This room is a one-of-a-kind architectural gem with colorful mosaics, wooden ceilings, and beautifully detailed frescoes dusted with a generous sprinkling of brilliant gold. 

Street Food 

Aside from being an absolutely stunning city, Palermo also contains one of the liveliest and most scrumptious street food scenes on the island. To get a taste of the traditional Arancini (a fried ball of rice filled with ragu, or in case you are vegetarian a la norma), go to the Antica Focacceria San Francesco located in the heart of the old city.

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7. Copenhagen, Denmark
Best Cities in Europe Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city of many views. It is a city with a lot of history, but you can also see lots of new buildings or its very vibrant hippie neighborhood. With all these aspects it is definitely one of the prettiest cities in Europe.

Things to Do in Copenhagen 

The capital of Denmark has a lot to offer in general. If you love history, you cannot miss the royal palace and the national gallery in one of the castles in the middle of Copenhagen. It is also possible to see the legendary Nyhavn a harbor that is filled with historic boats and lots of colors.


It is also a place for any architecture lover, Denmark has modern buildings and you can find a lot of them in Copenhagen. The national theatre, new library or generally walking around the canals from the old Nyhavn is filled with new buildings.

Even though it might seem a bit strange to see the peak of modern architecture right next to the old historical buildings, it is a unique and very beautiful view of one of the most beautiful European cities.

Little Mermaid Statue

Another typical site that people shouldn't miss in Copenhagen is to see the statue of the little mermaid. It is a little bit further away from the city center and honestly – the statue is very small, but it is still one of the most visited places in Copenhagen and if you don't see it, it is like you have never been there.

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8. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Sweden Beautiful city

Stockholm is one of the prettiest cities in Europe you can visit. The stunning Swedish capital is built on 14 islands, and its archipelago, at over 30,000 islands, is considered one of the most scenic on the planet.

Things to Do in Stockholm

There are many things to do in Stockholm that will help you discover the beauty, history, and architecture of the city. Climb the City Hall tower for magnificent aerial views. Visit Gamla Stan, the Old Town, where the red and gold facades will have you taking tons of photos.

Stockholm has two royal palaces: the one where the royals live, called Drottningholm, is modeled after Versailles and has a beautiful location on the water. The Royal Palace in the Old Town, used for official purposes, is also impressive.

Stockholm's Subway

Some of Stockholm’s most sought-after photo spots are actually in its subway! The Stockholm subway is called the longest art gallery in the world because most of its stations have been decorated with colorful art.

The tunnels of Tunnelbana are a must-visit when you are in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! 

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9. Basel, Switzerland

Basel Munster and Rhine River

Basel is in the top 3 largest cities of Switzerland, after Zurich and Geneva. With enough sights to keep you happy for a couple of days, the 180,000 inhabitants of this picturesque city located just south of the borders with France and Germany will make you feel welcome and safe.

A city trip to Basel is a great idea any time of the year, or visit Basel as the starting point for a Switzerland round trip. Basel has something for anyone, from art museums to cute boutiques to buvette food stalls.

Old Town

Basel’s old town is gorgeous; with cobblestone streets and well-maintained traditional houses. The Basel Minster and the Rhine River form a quaint picture together, moreover at sunset.

In summer, many locals swim in the river. Or simply take one of the wooden non-motorized ferries to the other side.

Check out the frescoes inside the Town Hall, stroll around St. Alban, the University area, etc. 

All of these amazing features make Basel one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. 

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10. Graz, AustriaPrettiest Cities in Europe Graz, Austria

One of the prettiest cities in Europe to visit is definitely Graz in Austria. This city is located in Styria, only about 2 hours away from the Austrian capital of Vienna.

Things to Do in Graz

There are plenty of exciting things to do in Graz! During a visit, you will enjoy an impressive historical old town with many historic attractions, interesting museums, and many shopping possibilities. The absolute highlight and a must-see is the Schlossberg with its clock tower, which is enthroned high above the city and from where the best city views are. 

And not to forget the countless interesting museums, such as the Zeughaus, the Joanneum Quarter, and the futuristic Kunsthaus (art house) at the Mur River.

Best you get yourself the Museum-Card, where you will have for only 12,00 Euros all important museums included.

Main Square  

Really beautiful is the Main Square, the Hauptplatz of Graz, which is full of colorful city-houses and where the big Rathaus is located. If you are there, don`t miss to try one of the traditional Austrian Sausages, which are offered on the food stands.

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11. Lübeck, GermanyLubeck Germany pretty place in Europe

Lübeck in Northern Germany: The Queen of the Hanseatic League, one of the Glories of the Empire – and probably the most underrated jewel in Europe's treasure chest.

History of Lübeck

Even in its home country, not everyone knows that Lübeck was the most important trading city in northern Europe during the Middle Ages. Right here, merchant circles installed the Hanseatic League to maintain the guilds’ economic interests, diplomatic privileges, and protect the trade routes in 1159.

The best way to learn about the heyday of the Hanseatic League is a visit to Lübeck's fantastic European Hansemuseum.

Buildings and Architecture

Let's face it, with wealth comes beauty. To this date, Lübeck's wealth is reflected in the beautiful townhouses built alongside narrow cobblestone alleys.

Nicknamed the City of Seven Spires, there are amazing medieval churches like St. Mary’s, the epitome of the classic North German Brick Gothic. It actually set the standard for about 70 other churches in the Baltic region.

Prettiest City in Europe

All this makes Lübeck one of the prettiest cities in Europe.  My favorite feature, however, is Lübeck's cute and cozy corridors and courtyards.

Due to lack of space, they were constructed in the backyards of the residential buildings rather for the poorest city dwellers. But since they are so picturesque, today, they are sought-after living spaces.

Things to Do in Lübeck 

No wonder the “Altstadtinsel”, the Old Town Island, has been listed as a World Heritage Site since 1987. This island forms a hill between the rivers Trave and Wakenitz. On the Trave, you can go by ferry all the way to Travemünde. An idyllic trip especially in summer, since there you can hit the beach and take a refreshing dip in the cool waves of the Baltic sea.

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12. Munich, Germany

Best Cities in Western Europe Munich Germany

Munich, Germany is definitely among the prettiest cities in Western Europe to visit. From the beautiful gardens to the impressive building architecture, the city will have you stopping at every corner to admire its beauty.


Marienplatz, the central square in the city center, boasts incredible buildings with Gothic Architecture. Each building in this square is unique, and you will walk around in awe admiring the structures. The New Town Hall even has a unique mechanical knight show built-in that’s free to watch!


The numerous gardens in the city are perfect for afternoon strolls, and picnics, and are home to the famous beer gardens. At these beer gardens, you can taste traditional food and drink a large stein of beer while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding gardens.

In the middle of the city, there is a large garden that is home to a man-made surfing spot along the Eisbach channel. Here, you can try surfing the waves if you are experienced, or watch in awe from the side of the river!

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13. Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba Spain prettiest cities in Europe

Cordoba is dramatic, imposing, and certainly one of the prettiest cities in Europe.

Set in the deep south of Spain, Cordoba makes a perfect stop on a road trip of Andalucia. Cordoba is one of a handful of Spanish cities in this region where some of the best Moorish architecture in the world is on display, amongst the heavenly orange trees and palms.

Things to Do in Cordoba

Cordoba is home to the breathtaking Mezquita (mosque-cathedral) with its beguiling mix of Christian and Moorish architecture and decor, which has been standing in this spot since the 8th century. 

Most Beautiful European Cities – Cordoba

Alongside this masterpiece is the Real Alcazar, home to Spanish royalty through the ages and a beautiful lush garden where sunlight bounces off the trickling water, such a feature of Moorish gardens.

Wander the narrow cobbled streets, surrounded by honeyed buildings and pretty and colorful courtyards to find hidden corners and charming squares.

Enjoy the local sherry-like wine, Montilla, with tapas whilst watching a live Flamenco show.  Full of passion and intricate moves, you’ll be as mesmerized by the dancing as you are in the city.

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14. Seville, Spain

Seville Spain one of the prettiest Cities in Europe

Seville, Spain is the capital of Andalusia and definitely one of the prettiest cities in Europe. This town is also the birthplace of flamenco and tapas, so if you’re interested in a highly cultural and historical experience, then definitely consider a 3-day Seville trip. 

Things to Do in Seville

One of the top things to do in Seville is exploring the historical Seville Cathedral and its Giralda tower. The stunning cathedral used to be a mosque in 12th-century Moorish Spain, and today, it even houses the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Make sure to climb to the top of its Giralda tower to take in a beautiful view of the entire city!

Some of the other spectacular things to do in Seville include taking photos at the beautiful Plaza de España, visiting the majestic Alcázar palace, admiring the azulejos of Casa de Pilatos, and watching a flamenco show at a tablao! To get the full experience, don’t forget to enjoy some traditional tapas at Espacio Eslava or El Rinconcillo.

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15. Toledo, SpainBEST CITIES IN Europe Toledo Spain

If you are planning a visit to Spain, make sure to take a day to visit the small, medieval town, Toledo. Toledo is a great day trip from Madrid. The train ride is a quick 30 minutes. It is one of the most prettiest cities in Europe! 

Getting Lost

Once you pass the massive stone walls that encompass the town, it becomes a kid’s dream come true.   An unforgiving labyrinthine of ancient streets, with a large Cathedral located in the center of town.

It is also very easy to get lost in Toledo. Even with the advent of GPS and good old-fashioned maps, you will still most likely get lost. Don’t worry, all signs point back to the Cathedral.

Visitors will notice the many religions that once lived together in the small town, including a thriving Jewish community prior to the inquisition.

Toledo was also once home to the famous artist, El Greco. His paintings can be found throughout the town and are easily recognized by the elongated figures in his painting.

Don't Miss This

Toledo is also well-known for its metalwork and don’t be surprised if you end up buying a sword, they are sold everywhere. 

Make sure not to miss a treat of marzipan. Marzipan is a sweet almond candy usually formed in shapes of fruit with brightly, colored glazes.

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16. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Spain

As the home of world-renowned architect Antoni Gaudí, Barcelona is one of the prettiest cities in Europe! The ocean-side city in Spain is ripe with beautiful mosaic structures designed and built by Gaudí in glimmering, rainbow colors!

Park Guell and La Sagrada Familia are two of the most stunning of Gaudí's creations in Barcelona. They are covered in magnificent mosaics and architectural features and cannot be missed!

Things to Do and See in Barcelona

Barcelona also has incredible beaches and views from Montjuic – don't miss the water fountain show! Enjoy delicious Spanish food (Tapas! Paella!) and explore the city by foot or tour bus to see all that Barcelona has to offer.

I recommend staying in the Las Ramblas area for easy access to many of the sites and fantastic shopping!

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17. Bilbao, Spain

Prettiest City in Europe

Bilbao is a buzzing city. Once you start strolling through the streets, you can’t wait to turn another corner and discover more. Situated in the Basque country, the city’s surroundings are much greener than most other Spanish cities, like Seville or Madrid. – but the climate is accordingly chillier.

Bilbao is only twenty minutes away from the coast, and it’s also close to numerous ski areas. The city, famous for pintxos and the Guggenheim Museum, is tremendously diverse and super charming with vibrantly colorful facades and rich architectural beauty. Bilbao is without a doubt one of the prettiest cities in Europe and definitely worth a visit.

Things to Do in Bilbao

A must-visit during your Bilbao weekend trip is obviously the world-famous Guggenheim Museumcreated by one of the world’s greatest architects, Frank Gehry. This architectural delight attracts a million visitors to the Basque region every year and puts the city on the map as one of Europe’s hottest weekend breaks. 

Prettiest City in Europe

While staying in Bilbao, ensure you get some beautiful photographs of the cityscape. Artxanda’s Cable Car brings you to Mount Artxanda, the most stunning viewpoint over the city. 

The cable car is within walking distance of the Guggenheim museum. It’s open every day from 7 am to 10 pm, and runs up every 15 minutes. The ride will cost you just under 4 euros – definitely worth it for the gorgeous views. These views make Bilboa one of the prettiest cities in Europe! 

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18. Porto, Portugal

Best Europe cities - Porto Portugal

With an abundance of colorful buildings, incredible historical landmarks, museums, parks, and the Douro River alongside it, it's undeniable that Porto is one of the prettiest cities in Europe.

It makes a fantastic weekend getaway, but you can also take a scenic road trip from Lisbon to Porto if you feel like spending a full week or two in Portugal.

Things to Do in Porto

The city itself offers a wide range of interesting and fun things to do and see in Porto. Start by visiting iconic spots like the Igreja do Carmo (and admire its stunning Azulejo tiles), the Lello Bookshop, the Bolhão Market, and the Crystal Palace gardens.

Absorb the views of the city from lookout points like the Clérigos Tower and the Virtudes Garden, and visit some amazing museums like Soares dos Reis National Museum and the Serralves Museum.

Don't forget to also wander freely around charming neighborhoods like Ribeira and Baixa, and of course, indulge yourself with a glass of exquisite port wine while visiting some local wineries. Porto is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.

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19. London, EnglandPrettiest place in London

London is an iconic city on many travelers' bucket lists. This city is filled with many well-known sights that are must-sees, but there are also many lesser-known destinations that should be on your list!

Hidden Gems in London

London is home to Buckingham Palace and Big Ben as well as hidden gems such as a small garden in a historic church courtyard. The history is alive in this city and ready to be taken on by travel lovers.  It makes the list of prettiest cities in western Europe because no matter where you go the beautiful history is all around.  

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20. Bath, England

Pretties Cities in Europe Bath England

I think Bath with its beautiful Georgian architecture is a contender for one of the prettiest cities in Western Europe. It is the only English city to be given UNESCO world heritage status.

History of Bath

There is a Celtic legend that the hot springs were discovered by a swineherd named Bladudd who used the hot mud to cure a skin disease. Bath guide books usually date the history back to the Romans who built a large bath complex, much of which still survives.

The magnificent Bath abbey is medieval and the medieval legacy is also preserved in the names of the roads Eastgate, Westgate, Southgate, and Northgate.

However, Bath grew in importance in the late 18th and early 19th century when the famous terraces were built from the honey-colored local l.limestone. William Herschel discovered Uranus played the organ in a local church and Jane Austen played cards in the assembly rooms.

Prior Park

The photo is of the Palladian Bridge in Prior Park which is said to be one of the ten top places to propose in South West England. Want to purpose or get proposed to, in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe?

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21. York, England

Prettiest City in Europe York England

York is England’s oldest city, dating back to Roman times.  Founded in 71AD, the city is brimming with nearly 2000 years of history.  Today, you can find a spectacular blend of ancient Roman ruins along with Viking settlements, medieval streets, and gothic structures.

Explore the Streets of York

As you navigate your way through its labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets, it’s easy to see why it is worthy of being on a list of the prettiest cities in Europe!

A stroll through this picturesque city feels like a journey back in time with timbered buildings and classic shop fronts lining the narrow alleyways.

Things to Do in York

More than just good looks, you’ll also find plenty of things to do in YorkFrom exploring the city walls that surround York and marveling at the stunning vistas it provides.

To immerse yourself in the darker history at York Dungeon.  Or admiring the 128 stained glass windows, comprised of around two million pieces of glass in the magnificent York Minster.

It’s easy to see why York is such a popular one of the most beautiful cities in Europe to visit.

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22. Edinburgh, ScotlandScotland beautiful city of Edinburgh

Captivating monumental landscapes, gloriously preserved architecture, cobbled streets, and a bustling centre, Edinburgh is one of the prettiest cities in Western Europe that can never fail to impress you.

The city is also a host to a variety of renowned events held throughout the city mostly during summers. It’s an amazing city to explore on foot thanks to its vibrant and lively streets.

Things to Do in Edinburgh

The iconic Royal Mile that stretches between Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace has many fascinating museums, boutique stores, interesting cafes, and restaurants to explore.

A short hike to Arthur's Seat boasts the best and most enchanting views of the city. Some of the other best places in Edinburgh that would certainly leave you mesmerized are the Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, Royal Yacht Britannia, Summerhall, Giles Cathedral, Carlton Hill, and the Scottish Galleries.

The best time to visit Edinburgh is June till August when the average temperature ranges from 10 °C to 19 °C, which is pleasantly cool and perfect to enjoy the most beautiful landmarks of Europe's prettiest cities.

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23. Aix-en-Provence, France

Aix-en-Provence Europe

Aix-en-Provence (Aix for short) is hands down the prettiest city in Western Europe. Aix is about a 30-minute drive inland from Marseille, so it isn't your typical South of France city along the coast. And yes, that means you won't find any beach views here!

Instead, Aix charms you with narrow streets and pastel-colored homes. There's also no shortage of quaint squares with countless fountains to admire.

Prettiest City in Europe

In fact, the beautiful European city was 19th Century painter, Paul Cézanne's, artistic muse. The yellow buildings against the blue sky with lush green trees lining the streets were the inspiration for most of his paintings. He especially loved visiting Mont Sainte Victoire and Bibemus Quarry that are just outside the city.

Take a Stroll in Town

You don't need to do much in Aix-en-Provence to fall head over heels in love. It's all about taking it easy, walking through the city streets, sitting at a café, and picking up food at one of the daily markets.

You'll want to walk along Cours Mirabeau to see the unique moss fountain and the Fontaine de la Rotonde. Make sure not to miss Place des Quatre-Dauphins, Place Albert, and Place d'Hotel de Ville. 

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24. Lyon, France

Lyon France Prettiest City in Europe

Lyon really does not have it easy in the shadow of the much better-known tourist destinations in France like Paris, the Côte d’Azur, or Brittany – but wrongly. You find great things to do in Lyon for one day – or easily more.

The old town “Vieux Lyon”; on the river makes Lyon one of the prettiest cities in Europe.

The region at the confluence of the Rhone and Saône rivers has been populated since Roman times.  The old town, with its magnificent Renaissance buildings and the Saint-Jean Cathedral, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.

Croix-Rousse or Presqu’île de Lyon

Other exciting districts such as Croix-Rousse or Presqu’île de Lyon border on Vieux Lyon, as an island completely framed by the rivers. In the hip district of Croix-Rousse, you have great views of the old town and the Fourvière hill with the magnificent basilica.

Explore the Streets of Lyon

The many traboules in the city.  Partly hidden passages and stairways between houses or streets are particularly exciting.  In Presqu’île de Lyon, some streets with their bright, neat houses are reminiscent of Paris.

Things to Do In Lyon

The centers are the town hall and the spacious Place Bellecour, from which you can start further discovery tours.

You shouldn't miss one highlight: The view from Fourvière Hill over Vieux Lyon and, in good weather, as far as the Alps – including Montblanc, the highest mountain in Europe.

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25. Nice, FranceNice France

Nice is one of the cities that comes to mind when you think of the prettiest cities in Europe. Located along the Mediterranean coast near to the Hollywood famous Cannes, Nice is known for its beaches and great Mediterranean weather, its old town charm, and many more. 

Things to Do in Nice

Walk along Promenade des Anglais, one of the popular walking/ cycling routes that run from city to airport.

Located next to Promenade des Anglais is Nice’s old town Vieux Ville, a historic district and one of the popular tourist hubs. 

Explore the old town, its picturesque narrow streets, and admire the bright-colored buildings which have retained their charm for centuries.  Old town is also a commercial hub filled with many souvenir shops, flowers, veggies, and fruit markets and is dotted with many restaurants.

Yet another thing to do in Nice will be to visit the famous Fennochio ice cream shop that serves lip-smacking varieties of ice creams and sorbets. 

Cote d'Azur Region

Nice is dotted with many apartments and hotels and is a great place to explore the Cote d’Azur region. With warm Mediterranean weather, Nice is a great city to explore all through the year.  

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26. Luxembourg City, Luxembourgprettiest cities in Europe- Luxembourg

One of my favorite beautiful European cities is Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. While this UNESCO World Heritage site may not be a household name, Luxembourg holds a special place in our hearts. It's the birthplace of my husband's mother and grandparents.

Bordered by Germany, France, and Belgium, Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe (smaller than Rhode Island) – and one of the prettiest with a long history.

The fortified Old City of Luxembourg was founded in 963, and while it's very modern with a bustling business center, the city still maintains a small village medieval charm.

Best Places to Visit in Luxembourg City

Here are the best places to visit in Luxembourg City to take in its beauty, history, and architecture in a fairytale setting.

  • Le Chemin de la Corniche: For the best views of Luxembourg, stroll along the ancient fortress walls of Le Chemin de la Corniche.
  • The Grund: Green spaces take up a third of Luxembourg City. The Grund is where you can walk along paths surrounded by trees, flowers, historic buildings, and bridges.
  • The Bock Casemates: Here you'll find miles of 17 th -century underground tunnels, which were instrumental in defending Luxembourg through many centuries.
  • The Adolphe Bridge: You'll fall in love with the beautiful double-decked Adolphe Bridge – one of Luxembourg's most iconic sights and architectural beauties.
  • Grand Ducal Palace: This historical castle is the official residence of the Grand Duke and Duchess. The ruins of the former Castle of the Counts of Luxembourg are nearby.
  • Dräi Eechelen Museum: You'll find seven museums within a mile of each other in Luxembourg. One of our favorites is the fortified Dräi Eechelen, which was originally built-in the 1730s and offers a permanent exhibit: Fortress, History, Identity.

These are just a few of the most beautiful and historical places to visit in Luxembourg City – one of the prettiest cities in Europe. And it's also one of my son's favorite family getaways.

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27. Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of Western Europe's prettiest cities is Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a very picturesque city with a lot to offer. There is beautiful architecture. There are lovely canal houses and canals. Moreover, the canal belt is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Explore the City

When you walk through the city you feel as if you are going back in time. This beautiful European city is perfect in every season! In summer, you can find gorgeous flowers along the canals. But, Amsterdam is pretty in winter too. Especially when it's snowing, the city looks like a fairy tale!

Museums in Amsterdam

Another pretty part of the city lies in its museum collections. There are many museums in Amsterdam with beautiful artworks. For example, there are many paintings by Rembrandt and Van Gogh.

Besides that, the city has some beautiful parks throughout the city. For example, the Vondelpark is especially beautiful! Furthermore, the city is very photogenic and there are many beautiful Instagram photo spots in Amsterdam

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28. Ghent, Belgium

Ghent Belgium

Ghent is one of Belgium’s oldest, prettiest, and most historically interesting cities, yet it’s often overlooked by the more popular Bruges and Brussels. 

Imagine a city full of cathedrals and towers that dates back to the Middle Ages, old cobbled streets home to many restaurants and bars, and a canal that’s twisting in and out of the city center. Ghent is surely one of Western Europe’s prettiest cities.

Things to Do in Ghent

There are plenty of things to do in Ghent.  You can easily spend a full day or two exploring this lively city. You can go up Belgium’s oldest belfry for the best lookout over Ghent. From here you can spot the old Gravensteen castle, the gothic St Nicholas' church, and the beautiful St Bavo's cathedral. 

The St Bavo's cathedral is also home to one of Europe’s most iconic art pieces, “The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb”. In short, there are so many interesting old buildings to explore in Ghent.

Ghent truly deserves a visit from anyone who wants to explore the less-traveled places around Europe, yet don’t want to compromise with beauty and history.

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Are You Ready to Visit the Prettiest Cities in Europe?

Capri Italy

These truly are the prettiest cities in Europe!  I hope that you have lots of ideas now, of where you want to explore on your next trip to Europe. A road trip across Europe, train travel, or flying from destination to destination are great ways to explore all of these cities.

 Have so much fun exploring the beautiful European cities!

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  2. Wow, so many amazing places, many of which are definitely on my bucket list. I am pinning this for later and can’t wait to read about each of these!

    1. I love that so many people come together in one place and have totally different experience and it’s so fun to read them all!

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  4. I’m headed to Europe in a week! Going to read through several of these posts for some last minute inspiration for my trip!

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  9. These are some great posts about some great cities. I can’t wait to add more of these to my “I have been there list”.

  10. We were looking at Italy and/or Greece for 2021, but I think that might get pushed out a bit. Not too far out I hope though!

  11. I always think I am done with Europe but then I see posts like this and want to return. There are so many pretty spots.

  12. What a lovely roundup of the prettiest cities in Europe…so many beautiful places I’ve yet to visit. Excited to be part of this collaboration.

  13. Aaah! Such beautiful places. I want to visit them all for sure. Prague in the Czech Republic is another awesome city, also Positano in Italy and the entire Amalfi Coast…Salzburg in Austria…Maan! There are so many beautiful places in Europe, and I miss it terribly! Thanks for taking me on this amazing European journey! 🙂

  14. Ah such gorgeous cities! I’ve been to several of those, with Edinburgh and Venice being two of my absolute favorites! I can’t wait to get back over there. I was supposed to visit the Edinburgh and possibly London Christmas Markets this December. Hoping I’ll get to next year, if COVID is better.

  15. There are a lot of beautiful cities in this post. We were supposed to see a few of the ones listed in Spain in April 2020 but our trip was postponed to April 2021 but not sure that we will be able to go even then.

  16. Great places to visit in Europe! I’ve been to Italy but not bologna or Venice and those are both in my list. I would like to mention if you get back to Italy you should try to visit Florence, Tuscany and Positano. Those are a few places I have been and they were unforgettable!!

  17. I’m starting to plan a Netherlands/Belgium trip for my husband and I. This just made me even more excited!

  18. Wow! You have been to many places in Europe! I’ve visited 18 on your list but pinned it for future reference when I travel again. I’m lucky that Switzerland where I live is pretty close to all those destinations. Great article!

  19. Anxious to go to Barcelona and Edinburgh! These are all interesting tho. So many we haven’t been too. We loved Luxembourg and it’s so cool that your in laws were born there! I really want to stay in the Old City next time.

  20. Wow! There are a lot of pretty cities from Spain! I love the photo of Porto, Portugal. And my #1 bucket list country is Scotland, so I really hope to make it to Edinburgh. But Bath, England may have just made my list too!

  21. There are so many beautiful places in Europe. I enjoyed Bologna too, we stopped there on our road trip through Italy. I love Venice but it’s so overrun with tourists now which is a shame. My personal favorite is Sienna! We daydream about going back there someday.

  22. I have been to a few of these places… but more of them are on my must-see list. Makes me wish I could start planning a trip!

  23. A lot of great information in one place and all the destinations look fascinating. I love the history of Europe and how beautiful everything looks. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Such amazing pictures! I love Europe and I can’t wait to get back there in the future when they reopen to Americans!

  25. Such beautiful photos! Makes me want to get there even more. We’re planning an anniversary trip there in 2 years–pinning to keep it!

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  27. Wow. So many amazing places to see. My daughter got to visit Europe years ago. She fell in love with Barcelona!

  28. Lisa you’ve done an amazing job compiling this list of so many places to visit… yes they are all beautiful… I’m so jealous. I really like how you gave a little history lesson with each city. I just want to go out and visit them all…

  29. Wow! I would gladly visit any of these cities in Europe! I love how they are all seeped in history. My husband’s side of the family if from the Netherlands and we would love to visit there someday.

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