Gifts for Beach Lovers

50 Ideas For Gifts For Beach Lovers

Do you know someone who LOVES the beach?  I am sure many of you fit into that category! If you are looking for gifts for beach lovers, you are in the right spot! 

I know how hard it is to find the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, or other special occasion.  This gift guide will hopefully give you a few ideas, so you can cross the “beach lover” friend or family member off your list.  

Let’s explore some of the best gifts for beach lovers! 

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Relaxation Gifts for Beach Lovers

Gifts for Beach Lovers - relaxing on the beach

Many people love to go to the beach and relax in the sun.  The sound of the waves is calming and reading a nice book is a dream for many.  

Perhaps your friends live near the beach or have to travel to get to a beach, either way the following gifts for beach lovers will help your friend or family member truly relax on the beach.  

Beach Chairs

If you think your friend or family member might really enjoy a beach chair, there are few things to consider. 

  • Comfortable (Seat height between 8 to 12 inches.)
  • High Ratings
  • Light Weight

There are a lot of varieties of beach chairs to check out! 

Beach Tent

Some beach lovers prefer a beach tent.  This would make a perfect gift.  These tents offer a great place to get out of the sun on extremely hot days. 

Types of Beach Tents

Some of these tents are similar to camping tents. (without the door) You assemble them in the same way.  There are pop-up tents and manual assembly as well.  The canopies are also another option that serves the same purpose. 

Beach Bed

Inflatable beach beds are great gifts for beach lovers.  They are water-resistant and take relaxing on the beach to a new level.

Beach Blankets

Maybe your beach lover friend already has those essential relaxation items such as chairs and tents.  For those friends, a beach blanket is a great idea.  They come in super cute bags and make a perfect gift.


Beach blankets come in all types of colors and patterns.  Some are water resistant.

Beach Umbrellas

A beach umbrella is another great gift for beach lovers!  It is a great way to take a break from the sun!

Shade From the Sun 

One thing to consider when buying a beach umbrella is how many people you want to provide shade for.  A smaller umbrella is good for one person but if you are buying a family gift a larger umbrella is a better option. 

Beach Towels

Everyone needs a new beach towel.  I personally think the personalized towels (featured below) would make a great gift for a beach lover! 

Gift Presentation 

If you buy a few beach towels, you can roll them up and tie a ribbon around each of them.  You can place them in a beach bag.  That would be the perfect gift for a beach lover! 

gifts for beach lovers - beach towel

Gifts for Beach Lovers - Journals and Books

gifts for beach lovers - books

A great gift for your beach lover friend is a audible membership.  This will allow them to listen to books while they relax on the beach. 


Journals are also a great gift.  The beach is a great place to ponder and write down thoughts and feelings.

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are a fun gift.  This will allow your friend or family to showcase their favorite thing in an area where everyone can see.


If you know your friend or family well enough, a book is a great gift.  It doesn’t have to be beach related.  You could even just get them an Amazon Gift Card so they could purchase a book of their choice. 

gifts for beach lovers - Journal

Gifts for Beach Lovers - Beach Bags

gifts for beach lovers - beach bags

Everyone needs a beach bag!  There are a few different bags to choose from.  A traditional bag to hold your stuff is always a good idea.  A cooler bag is another great option for beach picnic items that need to stay cold.  

This is a gift that beach lovers can never have enough of.

Gifts for Beach Lovers - Water Bottles

Gifts for beach lovers - water bottles

It is so important to stay hydrated at the beach.  There are some cute options for water bottles that your beach lover friend or family member will love.

Water Bottle Brands

The best water bottle brands are Yeti and Hydro flask These will keep your water cool the entire day at the beach.

gifts for beach lovers - water bottle.

Gifts for Beach Lovers - Beach Toys

Gifts for beach lovers - Beach Toys

Entertainment at the beach is essential.  Let’s explore some of the fun entertainment gifts for beach lovers.   

Body Boards

This is probably not the best gift if your friend is a surfer but body boards are great family gifts because most kids love playing in the waves.  

Inflatable Body Boards 

If traveling is mandatory to get to the beach there are inflatable body boards that are perfect space savers in the suitcase. 

Traditional Body Boards

Traditional body boards are awesome to have if you live near a beach!

Snorkel Gear

Gifts for Beach Lovers - Snorkel Set

Not all beaches are great snorkel spots. Consider where your friends or family members typically like to spend their time. 

Is Snorkeling an Option?

Snorkeling in Hawaii was amazing and we loved having a snorkel set of our own.  This is a great gift if you know your friends like to travel to areas where snorkeling is common. 

Beach Games

Consider if your beach lover likes to be more active at the beach.  Many people bring activities to enjoy at the beach.  Here are a few options:

Beach Kite

A beach kite is perfect any time of the year.  The wind right off the ocean makes the weather conditions for kite flying perfect.  This is an amazing gift! 


A frisbee is a great gift! A game of ultimate frisbee on the beach is amazing!  Tossing a frisbee is also really fun! 

Volley Ball Set

A volleyball set is a great gift if your friend or family member lives near the beach.  We usually plan family reunions every year. This is the perfect item to bring that a large group can enjoy. 

Beach Balls and Parachute

Beach balls are fun to bring and play with on the beach.  Also, a parachute is a fun addition to the game.  

Sand Castle Equipment

If you are looking for a gift for a younger beach lover. A sand bucket and the tools to build a sand castle is a great idea! 

Gifts for Beach Lovers -Electronics

gifts for Beach Lovers - go pro

Everyone needs those electronics even on the beach! 

Listening to Music

It is great to listen to music with some Airpods or wireless earbuds for non-Apple users.  We also love having a Bluetooth portable speaker at the beach. 

Go Pro Camera 

The Go Pro is a great gift to catch the action at the beach without having to worry about your phone or camera getting wet.  

Waterproof Phone Case and Portable Charger

A waterproof phone case would be a great addition if you plan to make a basket of “favorite beach items.”  A portable charger is also a nice thing to have on the beach.


If you are brave enough to buy a swimsuit for a friend, go for it.  Men’s suits are much easier to buy!   Kids swim suits are probably the easiest to purchase for someone else. 

Board Shorts and Rash Guard

Surf boards

This might be a great gift for a teenager or young adult who loves to surf or would love to learn to surf.  Rash guards and board shorts protect your skin when you are surfing without them you will get a bad rash. (don’t ask me how I know) 

Surf Lessons

Another great idea would be to purchase surf lessons for your friend or family member.  That would be an unforgettable experience! 

Swim Suit Cover Ups

Swimsuit cover ups are a great gift for beach lovers! There are some really cute options! 

Beach Hat

Beach hats are awesome! They are great ways to protect your skin from the sun. Hats are great gifts for beach lovers! 


  • Oversized Hat
  • Ball Cap
  • Visor


Sunglasses are an essential beach item.  You can get cheap to very expensive options.  For kids there are actually color changing sunglasses!

Name Brands

If you want quality sunglasses Ray-Ban, Oakley, and MauiJim are great choices. 

Beach Shirts

I love beach shirts! When your friend or family member is not at the beach but wants to sport their love of the beach this is a great option!

Beach Shirt 

Gifts for Beach Lovers - Sandals and Water Shoes

Water shoes

A great gift for beach lovers is sandals or water shoes.  There are so many great options.  I love practical gifts!

Gifts for Beach Lovers - Jewelry

Jewelry is always a great gift. There are so many cute beach themed products.  This is one of the easier beach gifts to purchase! 

Beach Jewelry

Gifts for Beach Lovers - Bath and Body

Gifts for beach lovers - hygiene products

If you want the fresh smell of the beach when you are not at the beach, these personal hygiene products are perfect.

Soap and Body Wash

There are so many  varieties of  Soap.  Not only do they smell good but a lot of the options are cute seashells or beach themed. Body wash typically smells wonderful and is a great gift.

Perfume, Lotion, and Shampoo

Bath and Body Works has some fun beach themed lotion. Perfume and shampoo that have a tropical fragrance are perfect gifts for beach lovers.

gifts for beach lovers -Soap

gifts for beach lovers -Beach Box Set

Gifts for Beach Lovers - Candles

There are some fun candles that not only smell like the beach but are cute beach decorations. 

gifts for beach lovers- Beach Candle

Gifts For Beach Lovers - Beach Candle

Beach Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are popular gifts all year round.  Most people I have talked to actually collect Christmas ornaments as souvenirs when they travel.  

Beach Ornament

A special ornament that represents your favorite location is the perfect gift! A beach themed Christmas tree would be awesome! 

Beach Christmas Ornaments

Gifts for Beach Lovers - Home Decorations

Beach décor

Have a friend that loves to decorate?  There are so many beach themed home decorations that would make perfect gifts for a beach lover. 

Beach Art

Beach art is one of the best gifts for beach lovers.  There are inexpensive options!

Wall Décor

Many people decorate with a beach theme.  There are great wall décor options to choose from. 

Beach Signs

This falls under wall décor, but if your friend or family member has an Airbnb or vacation home, you can custom make a sign to hang up.

Gifts for Beach Lovers - Glassware

Beach glassware is beautiful and a special gift your friend or family member will love.  It isn’t the most common gift. If you want something unique, this is it! 

gifts for beach lovers -Beach Glassware

Gifts for Beach Lovers - Smaller Items

Classic souvenirs are great gifts for holidays or birthdays.  A key chain, snow globe, or coaster that are beach themed are perfect gifts for beach lovers!

Random Beach Lover Necessities

If you are a practical gift giver, think about some of the following items below. Towel clips for your beach chair, sand removal kit, or portable fan!  These are all great ideas for gifts for beach lovers.

Gifts for Beach Lovers Recap

Wow, there are so many amazing products out there that your beach lover friend or family member will love.  Let’s recap the products to make it easier for you to decide what to get! 


Beach Experiences

Beach Personal Care Items

Over 50 Gift Ideas for the Beach Lover

Gifts for beach lovers person on beach

Hopefully, this helps you as you shop for the beach lover in your life.  There are so many fun gifts for beach lovers!  

My Favorite Beach Gifts

It is really hard to choose my favorites!  My top five would be the beach home décor, the cute Etsy beach T-shirts, Etsy beach towel, a beach chair, and the Go Pro. 

I already have some of the items and love them like the portable speaker.  It is awesome!  


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