Buc-ee's World's Largest Gast Station in the World

Buc-ee’s Largest Gas Station In the World

Buc-ee's is the largest gas station in the World!  Which makes it the largest gas station in America. Can you guess where it is located?  

Buc-ees is a chain that has the BIGGEST gas stations in the US. They are HUGE!  So big that they can be considered a tourist attraction. 

We recently went to the largest gas station in Texas, New Braunfels. New Braunfels is located between Austin and San Antonio. We have been to many Bucee's locations over the years and love visiting!

Buc-ee's decided that they needed to build one even bigger in Tennessee.  So Tennessee will be the record holder for the title for a while. But you know Texas, as soon as Tennessee has the title, Texas wants it back. So Buc-ee's is building a 75,000 square foot location in Luling, TX. (Newest Location Coming Soon)

In this post, I'm excited to tell you all about the largest gas station in the world and share with you all the different products and souvenirs you can expect to see when you visit.  

Buc-ee's gas station is out of this world.  It is unlike anything you have ever seen!

 Let's explore the largest gas station in the world! 

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Bucee's Gas Station Biggest in the World

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Buc-ees biggest gas station in the US

Buc-ee's gas station is a chain located in the United States.  Most people spell it wrong when they learn about it. “Bucky's Gas Station” Nope, it really is spelled Buc-ee's.  This will help you when you want to do more research on everything the largest gas station in the world has to offer.  Let's talk locations. 

There are many locations.  Buc-ee's started in Texas in 1982.  So naturally, most of the locations are in Texas.  

Texas likes everything bigger and better! Who knew gas stations would fit into that category?  Buc-ee's has started to expand outside of Texas and is rapidly adding new locations throughout the US. 

I visit Texas a lot and every time I have to stop at the largest gas station chain in Texas! Bucee's is awesome.  I love visiting the largest gas station in the US. I have been to different Bucee locations near Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Let's explore just exactly where the largest gas stations are and what states have Bucees.

Buc-ee's Gas Station Locations 

  • Alabama – 2
  • Georgia – 2
  • Florida – 2
  • Texas – 35 (Two More Coming Soon)
  • Tennessee – 1
  • Colorado – (Coming Soon Spring 2024)
  • Kentucky – 1 (Another One Coming Soon)
  • Mississippi – (Coming Soon Spring 2025)
  • Missouri – 1
  • South Carolina – 1

Biggest Gas Station in the US

As you can see Buc-ee's is expanding from being the largest gas station in Texas to the largest gas station in the US.  

No matter what state Buc-ee's gas stations are built-in they automatically become the biggest gas station in that state.  So you can guess what the biggest gas station in Florida is or Georgia or Alabama.

Largest Gas Station in the World

Tennessee claims the title of the biggest gas station in the world located in Sevierville but Buc-ee's has decided that Texas needs the title back and will build an even larger location in Luling TX. which will be coming soon.  

Let's do a recap to easily answer your questions about Buc-ee's.

What are the Store Hours for Buc-ee's?

Buc-ee's is open 24 hours a day 365 days of the year!  The car wash is open from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm (weather permitting)  Fresh food is available 24 hours a day.  Breakfast is served from 4:00 am – 11:00 am. Lunch starts at 11:00 am.

Bucees Gas Station: Frequently Asked QuestionsBucee's Gas Station - Beaver nuggets

Want to know what all the hype is about? I am going to answer a few questions you have about Bucee's Gas Station and few you might not have thought of.

What is so Special about Bucee's Gas Station?

Bucee's is the ultimate road trip stop. There are rows and rows of gas pumps but even better is the mega convenience stores food options.  There are brisket sandwiches, jerky, and even kolaches! All of this is fresh! 

Why are Bucee's so Popular?

Most people who visit convenience stores may only stay for a few minutes to grab a drink and a snack.  You could spend up to 30 minutes to an hour at Bucees Gas Station.  

Seriously, the options are limitless! There are so many Bucee's products that it is hard to choose just one.  You can get fresh delicious food and even shop for home decor.  Bucee's Gas Station is unlike any other convenience store!

What is the Most Famous Thing at Bucees Gas Station?

The brisket sandwich is the most famous thing to buy at Bucees Gas Station! I get it every time I go! YUM!  

What is Buc-ee's Most Famous Snacks?

Beaver nuggets, fudge, fresh beef jerky, and kolaches top the list of the best snacks at Bucees Gas Station.  

How Many Buc-ee's are There in the US?

Right now there are 46,  this is going to increase tremendously in the next year. Bucee's is the most popular gas stations in Texas and soon to be in all of America. 

How Many Buc-ee's are in Texas?


Is Bucee's the World's Largest Gas Station?

Yes, I think it is safe to say that if Bucee's is the largest gas station in the US it is the largest in the World! 

Where is Buc-ee's Biggest Gas Station in the World?

Sevierville, Tennessee  is the world's largest convenience store in 2023.  New Braunfels lost its title as the world's largest convenience store. 

Bucees quiz

How Big is the Biggest Gas Station in the World?

largest gas station in the world Buc-ee's

The Bucees New Braunfels location is 66,335 square feet.  The Worlds largest gas station in Sevierville is 74,000 square feet.  Luling, TX will be 75,000 square feet. 

How Many Gas Pumps at the Largest Gas Station in the World?

Wondering “how many gas pumps does Bucees have?” There are 120 gas pumps at the New Braunfels store.  The same amount are at the Sevierville store.

Buc ees Gas Station

Do you realize how big that is?  Think football field.  120 pumps seriously span the length of a football field.  It is Huge! ‘

This is the main reason it got the title of largest gas stations in US!

What is Inside Buc-ee's Gas Station?

Inide of Buc-ee's Gas Station

I think the better question is to ask is “what is not inside Buc-ee's Gas Station?” Let's start with the normal things inside a convenience store and what Buc-ee's has to offer that is different.

Soda at Buc-ee's Gas Station

Inside of Buc-ee's Gas Station

One thing that makes Buc-ee's Gas Station so cool is that they carry their own brand of everything, Soda is no exception.  There are of course your traditional Coke, and other products, but you can expect to see is the unique Buc-ee brands of soda.

As you walk inside Buc-ee's you will find an entire wall of this insanely huge gas station dedicated to drinks and pop.  This makes the largest gas station in the US worth visiting! 

Fresh Snacks at Buc-ee's

largest gas station in the world - Buc-ees Fresh Snacks

Most convenience stores have fresh snacks but Buc-ee's has a grocery store-like selection.  There are fresh fruits and pre-packaged healthier selections of snacks. 

I love that they have so much variety! This is perfect if you need something fresh while on a road trip! That is another thing the biggest gas station in the US has to offer! 


Souvenirs at Buc-ee's Gas Station

Biggest Gas Station in the US

Most gas stations will have souvenirs. Buc-ee's takes it to a whole new level.  As I mentioned above, the largest gas station in the world is kind of like a tourist attraction.  There are Buc-ee's souvenirs everywhere.  

Beaver Gas Station

You will find the typical souvenirs such as keychains, snowglobes, and coasters, but you will also find the Beaver mascot Buc-ee!  You can get stuffed animals, puppets, or even blankets with Buc-ee on them.  This is the beaver gas station! 

These are great ideas for souvenirs when visiting the largest gas station in the world…..you really do need something to remember this experience. 

We actually bought a Buc-ee sweatshirt and puppet.  My kids loved them! 

Meet Buc-ee!

largest gas station in Texas Buc-ee's - Bucee

On our most recent visit to the biggest gas station EVER, guess who we saw….BUC-EE!!!

We were so surprised, it was awesome that you can take pictures and shake his hand! He is quite a celebrity! 

Only the largest gas station in the World would have a true mascot! It really is awesome! 

Snacks at Buc-ee's

Biggest Gas Station in the US - snacks

Snacks are a typical convenience store staple. However, Buc-ee's takes snacks seriously!  You will find the normal candy bars and chips but Buc-ee's also offers an entire wall full of specialty candies.  There are lots of different flavors and varieties.

Everything I have tried that is the Buc-ee's brand is really good! The variety is unbelievable.  If you want nuts – they have them and every kind you can imagine. You want chips, there are flavors you love and ones you have never heard of. 

The candy wall is really the most impressive site to see visually.   It spans half the store! For this reason, it is the best gas station USA has to offer! 

What Makes Buc-ee's Different From Other Gas Stations?

Bucee's gas station food

You might be thinking, okay the information so far is what I expected, bigger and better, more variety.  That is good.  But what makes Buc-ee's different?  I'm excited to tell you all the cool things that make Buc-ee's unique.  

Buc-ee's Texas

A lot of the uniqueness has to do with Texas culture.  Things that people love and enjoy in Texas.  Don't worry if you are visiting a Buc-ee's in another state this culture and Texas tradition is following Buc-ee's no matter where it is located. 

Bar-B-Que Sandwiches at Buc-ee's Gas Station

Buc-ee's Bar-b-que Sandwich

In the middle of the store, fresh-made bar-b-que sandwiches are available for purchase.  It is so Texan.  But wow, it smells amazing.  I have never been super excited about well any type of sandwich at a convenience store, but this was different.  

Biggest Sandwich at the Biggest Gas Station

Biggest Gas Station Bar B Que Sandwich

The fact that there are all sorts of sauces and the meat is freshly cut right before your eyes is amazing.  If you live close to a Buc-ee's you can go for lunch or dinner and get a great meal.  If you are on a road trip and stop at Buc-ee's you can plan for a meal.

This is a unique and amazing thing at Buc-ee's gas station you have to try!  

We tried both the chopped bar-b-que sandwich and the sliced bar-b-que sandwich.  I like the chopped brisket the best. It was very good!

Meat Counter at Buc-ee's Gas Station

Jerky counter at Buc-ee's

Have you ever seen a meat counter at a gas station?  Yes, at a grocery store, but never in a gas station.  This meat counter is different.  There are all sorts of dried meat jerky on display.  

There are also beef sticks and freshly sliced meat for deli sandwiches.  This is one of those things that make going to the largest gas station in the world worth it. 

We bought some jerky and it was really good! 

Kolache - Bakery at Buc-ee's Gas Station

Kolaches at Buc-ee's

Kolaches are a Texas thing.  There is a lot of German influence in Texas Hill country where the Buc-ee's New Braunfels is.  


There are two types of Kolaches one is like a “pig in a blanket”  sausage in a roll.  The other type is a dessert.  There is a sweet filling in the middle of yummy bread.  Buc-ee's has a lot of choices to choose from. 

They also have delicious homemade treats to buy in this area such as muffins, cinnamon rolls, and cookies.  

Buc-ee's Fudge

Buc-ee's Gas Station Fudge

There are so many choices of fudge. It is all fresh and delicious. 

Hot Tip for Buc-ee's Gas Station

Let me give you a tip….Fresh is Best.   We bought one piece from the fresh fudge counter but thought why not have a variety and bought a pre-boxed fudge sampler.  It was dry and didn't taste as good. 

Go directly to the fudge counter to get your fudge at the biggest gas station in the World!  

Home Decor and Shopping...At Buc-ees Gas Station?

Buc-ee's home decor

Another unique thing about Buc-ee's is that there is an entire section of home decor, kitchen items, and shopping area.  

Shop at Buc-ee's

In this area, you will find cute souvenirs but also toys, shirts, home decor, kitchen gear, outdoor and camping gear.  It really has everything.  You can spend time shopping.  A lot of the merchandise had a Texas theme to it.  We loved looking around at all of the fun things. 

Buc-ee's Clean Bathrooms

Cleanest restrooms at a gas station

Being that Buc-ees is the biggest gas station in the World, it wants to have a BIG claim to something that not all gas stations can….Clean Bathrooms.  You will see signs up to 200 miles away advertising the remarkable clean bathrooms.  

One thing you can be sure about is that the bathrooms will be clean!  That right there is worth the stop at the Buc-ee's, especially if you are on a road trip. 

Not only should it get a reward for the biggest gas station in the US but one of the best just for this one reason! 

Are you Ready to Go to Buc-ee's - Largest Gas Station in the World?

Biggest gas station in the World Bucee's

Maybe Buc-ee's isn't your typical tourist attraction, but it is still worth visiting if you are in the area.  Hopefully, this gives you an idea of what the biggest gas station in the World is like! 

I loved visiting the biggest gas station in Texas. It is the perfect stop on a Texas road trip. It really is a cool place with some delicious snacks and unique treats! 

Buc-ee's Quiz

I created a fun Buc-ee's Quiz. So if you love Buc-ees or are just on a road trip and need some entertainment get a copy of the Quiz!  

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  3. We stayed near the Buc-cees in St. Augustine and although I didn’t stop in, the kids drove over one night to check it out. They said it was a trip!

  4. I can’t believe my family has driven to Florida about six times from Missouri and we have never stopped. I’ve seen it from the road, but we’ve never thought to exit until we passed it. Maybe we’re just so excited to get to Disney by the time we’re actually in Florida. Who knows? Next time, we need to stop. We are getting one in Springfield, Missouri, so I’ll probably visit that one before the one in Florida.

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  8. Who doesn’t love a clean bathroom? I know I do. I love that they sell brownies, one of my favorite desserts. My husband hates it when I come to the car with home decor after stopping somewhere to use the restroom, but some of my best finds have been in gas stations. I can’t wait to check out a Buc-ee’s when I see one.

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  15. We stopped at our first Buc’ee’s and found it very difficult to get fuel in a class a motor home and our 5th wheel. Be nice if there wS a separate place for camping vehicles! Inside was crowded, but fun!!

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