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16 Exciting Things To Do In Buda Texas and Near Buda

Are you looking for some exciting things to do in Buda, Texas? Wondering what to see in Buda, TX?

Awesome! You are in the right spot.  We were able to get the complete tour from my sister who lived in the area for over 20 years.  We have visited Buda more times than we can count but it was so fun being a Buda, TX tourist! 

We loved visiting downtown Buda and trying out all the delicious Buda restaurants. There are some fun places to eat in Buda Texas! We also explored the town of Buda, TX, and had so much fun!'

In this post, we are going to list out some of the best things to do in Buda Texas.  This will include some of the best places to eat in Buda, historic sites in Buda Texas, and fun things to do near Buda TX! 

Let's explore all of the fun and extremely cute things to do in Buda Texas!

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Where is Buda Texas?

Directions Austin to Buda

Buda Texas (not pronounced like the Buddha but buuuDA.  Buda is located just south of Austin, Texas about 14 miles or an 18-minute drive and north of San Antonio.

You might be thinking about moving to this area.  Maybe buying land or buying a house in Buda?  Probably not thinking about a vacation to the little small town!

Well, either way, this may help you decide if visiting Buda or perhaps living here is the right choice for you!

This area is close to what is known as Hill Country and when I say country I mean country. Let's explore some of the things to do in Buda Texas.

1. Breakfast Taco Tour 

Things to do in Buda Texas

One thing you need to know is breakfast tacos are a staple religion in Texas.  Everyone eats them and loves them!  There are many locations around the Austin area that claim to have the best around.

Helen's Casa Alde

Helen's Casa Alde located in Buda makes the cut with their amazing breakfast taco called the “FATTIE” and it is definitely worth the drive to try one of these delicious Texan specialties.

Things to do in Buda Texas -Helens

As part of your day, tour, or hot breakfast date in Buda, Texas make sure to stop by multiple locations and do a taste testing and decide which location you like the best!  If you do this let us know in the comments!

We always visit Helen's we are visiting Buda, TX. It is so good and worth stopping by! If you are looking for exciting Things to Do in Buda Texas, start with a taco tour! 

2. Downtown Buda – Things to Do in Buda Texas

Downtown Buda Texas

Downtown Buda, Texas is really cute.  It has a very historical charm that you don't find very many places.  Buda is a growing city but still keeps the downtown area as quaint as ever.

It really will not take you more than a couple of hours to walk along in the downtown area.  I love that it is close together and has easy access to all the stores without having to travel far.  It is one of my favorite things to do in Buda Texas

3. Water Towers

Downtown Buda Texas

Check out these water towers (pictured above and below).  I grew up in Oklahoma with water towers, but in Utah where I live now, they do not exist.  When I travel and see them I really love them! 

If you are wondering what to see in Buda, just look up! 

Buda Water Tower

This is one of the best things to see in Buda! 

4. Buda Texas Antiques

Downtown Buda Texas

If you love to antique shop, Buda, Texas has lots of antique shops.  Antique Shop on Main is an outdoor store with a variety of old-timey signs and handmade crafts. 

Antique shopping is a great thing to do in Buda Texas! 

The Little House on Main/ Little BlueBird

You will probably want to check out The Little House on Main and Little BlueBird as well. These stores not only have antiques but are more boutiques with cute crafts and decor.  You will fall in love with it!

5. Mockingbird Furniture Maker

Downtown Buda Texas

Mockingbird is a furniture maker located in downtown Buda, Texas. How cool is that?! 

I guess I don't live in an area where you can have furniture handmade. I also just loved the sign and couldn't resist taking a picture!

6. Carrington House

Downtown Buda Texas

In the late 1800s this house, which is now known as the Carrington house, was a hotel where train passengers could get a meal and board for the night.

According to popular legend, two sisters who had lost their husbands ran the Carrington Hotel. They were known for cooking the best food in central Texas. Many people would stop on their way to San Antonio.

A Little Buda Texas History

The name Buda evolved from the Spanish word for widow, viuda.  Buda was supposedly named after the sisters who started the Carrington Hotel, if you would like to read more about Buda Texas History it is very interesting.

7. Food Trucks and Fun

Rail Switch Buda Texas

As you walk downtown you will come to an area with cute food trucks called the Rail Crossing.

Snowball's Chance

food Trucks Buda Texas

Snowball’s Chance is a snow cone stand that serves up velvety smooth shave ice that is just as delicious as what I’ve had in Hawaii! You can even buy a couple of snowballs to throw at the targets!

Snowball TargetsRail Switch Buda Texas

If you have been to Texas in the summer you know it gets hot! Visiting a snowcone stand is where it is at! My kids love them! This is one of the best things to do in Buda Texas in summer!  

8. Buda Mill and Grain – Things to Do in Buda Texas

Buda Grain and Mill Buda Texas

Buda Mill and Grain is a business district in Buda.  I love the exterior décor of all the buildings and shops.

Elipsis Boutique and Nate's

Stop by for some shopping at the Elipsis Boutique and then over to Nate’s for a cold drink and a sandwich. This development is filled with fun stores, a salon, and even a yoga studio. The design and architecture is gorgeous!

Buda Texas Nates

This Buda Mill and Grain website has some really cool history and pictures.

9. Sweet Cakes 4 U 

Sweet Cakes in Buda Texas

Also, located in Buda Mill and Grain is Sweet Cakes 4 U.  This is a cake shop where you can get it by the slice! 

Actually, I am updating this and this delicious cake shop closed!!!!  So sad! 

We loved looking at all the different types of cakes displayed in the case. This made it difficult to choose just one!  We decided to have a variety!

Sweet Cakes in Buda Texas

Top Picks

The top picks were triple c, cookies and cream, the chocolate cookies and cream, creme brulee, and the strawberry cake.

Sweet Cakes in Buda Texas

Creme Brulee

Sweet Cakes Buda Texas

Oreo and Cream

Sweet Cakes Buda Texas

Triple C

Sweet Cake Buda Texas

Chocolate Oreo and Cream

This cute little shop is worth a stop!  If you are like me and want a variety of delicious choices this will not disappoint! If you do decide to go tell them I sent you! 

This is one of the best things to do in Buda!!!


10. Buda Drugstore and Soda Fountain – Things to Do in Buda Texas

The Fountain Buda Texas

Drug Store and Soda Fountain buda Texas

I love this cup because if you read closely it says wiener dog races. This is a huge event in Buda. If you live nearby or just happen to be traveling through this is a must-do in Buda.  Check out this video!

Drug Store and Soda Fountain

The Soda Fountain has old-time candy and yummy Blue Bell Ice Cream. If you are not from Texas or the area and you haven't tried Blue Bell you are in for a treat.  In Utah we do not have it, so we love to indulge in Texas!

Drug Store and Soda Fountain Buda Texas

Drug Store and Soda Fountain Buda Texas

11. Buda Texas Train Tracks

Buda Train Tracks

Located right outside the Drug Store and Soda Fountain is the original train tracks that have been bringing people to Buda since the 1800s.

There’s no longer a train stop in Buda but you will see lots of trains pass through and hear them blowing their horns as you stroll around downtown. This is a big hit for some of the train lovers in our family!

Penny on the TrackPenny from Buda Train Track

What better way to spend your time in a small town than to put a penny on a train track and wait for it to get smashed! (Don't worry we were really really safe! We left while the train crossed and drove back by later on to pick up our pennies)

12. Award Winning Buda Library – Things to do in Buda Texas

Buda Texas Library

The Buda, Texas library is new and has just been awarded the Urban Land Institute Best Public Place Award.  This alone may convince you to move to Buda.  Such a great resource for a small town!

If you get a chance, go check it out and be sure to admire its beautiful architecture!

13. Maverick's Dance Hall – Things to Do in Buda Texas

Buda Mavericks Dance Hall

Image courtesy of Maverick Dance Hall

I'm so excited to add this to my top things to do in Buda post!  This venue is officially open!

George Straight hosted a pre- opening event for first responders at the Buda location!   I'm excited to go and check it out next time I am in town and when I do I will give you more information!

14. Cabela's In Buda, Texas – Things to Do in Buda Texas

Cabela's Buda

Image courtesy of Buda Tourism

Cabela's in Buda, Texas is worth checking out.  If you are unfamiliar with Cabela's it is an outdoor superstore.  Cabela's offer's more than just a shopping experience, there is an aquarium, taxidermy museum, and a shooting range game area.

We love stopping at Cabela's with our kids because they love looking around and seeing all the animals.  We also love to eat some of the delicious snacks they offer. Cabela's fudge is so yummy!  Visiting Cabela's is a must if you are in Buda Texas!

Things to Do Near Buda TexasThings to do in Buda Texas

We decided to drive a few short miles to some surrounding towns.  This tour was so fun and could easily be added to your day in Buda.  Let's check out these great locations.

 15. Driftwood Texas

If you love finding small-town treasures and mouth-watering Barbeque you are going to love what we found as we headed west of Buda into Driftwood, Texas. 

Driftwood Texas abandoned gas station

Small Church in Driftwood Texas

These sites are quaint little historical sites and some are still in operation. 

16. The Salt Lick BBQ

Salt Lick Driftwood Texas

Located in Driftwood, Texas this may be one of the most famous BBQ joints around Austin, Texas.  It is a drive into the country to get the best food around. 

Salt Lick has been around since 1967.  It has earned a great reputation for its moist brisket, ribs, sausage, and even homemade blackberry cobbler (ala mode..bluebell of course!)

The grounds around Saltlick are beautiful.  We had a chance to walk around and enjoy ourselves!

Grounds at Saltlick

Salt Lick Wedding Venue

The restaurant itself is very nice with gardens and a rustic feel but, if you drive down the street a little more there is a beautiful property owned by Salt Lick.  It is where they host weddings and other events.  There is a waterfall and park.

Salt Lick Wedding Venue

Of all the fun things to do in Texas with kids, we like this one a lot. It is such a great place to run around and have fun. 

Are you Ready For Some Exciting Things to Do in Buda Texas?

Salt Lick Drift Wood Texas

Hopefully, this helps you plan a fun day in Buda TX!  We loved our visit. There are some great things to do in Buda Texas!

If you are looking for other great day trips in Central Texas check out my Family Fun things to do in Austin , Largest Gas Station in the World Buc-ee's, Canyon Lake Texas Hill Country, and My Magnolia Market posts!

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