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11 Top Lake Tahoe Tours (Summer and Winter Options!)

Headed to Lake Tahoe? Want to book some amazing Lake Tahoe tours? Lake Tahoe is a happening place in both winter and summer.  You are in the right place if you are looking to book a Lake Tahoe tour! 

There are so many fun things to do at Lake Tahoe! We recently went and had a blast! We tried to experience all of the Lake Tahoe attractions.  I'm excited to share with you some of the fun things we did and give you lots of options for the best Lake Tahoe tours available! 

In this post, we will start with the Lake Tahoe tours offered in the summer and then give you a few options for winter Lake Tahoe tours.  There are a lot of great options! 

Let's explore the best Lake Tahoe tours! 

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One of the best Lake Tahoe tours are the boat tours.  Getting out on the lake is amazing! It is so gorgeous.  There are 22 miles across the lake with lots of coves and fun areas to explore.

There are different boat rentals and Lake Tahoe tours available.  Most of these boat tours are located in the Emerald Bay area of Lake Tahoe. 

Best Lake Tahoe Boat Tours

I would definitely plan to spend at least one day on the lake! Renting a boat is a great way to take in the surroundings of the area. You won't regret going on a few boat rides on Lake Tahoe.

Boat Tours of Lake Tahoe 

Another option is to book a Lake Tahoe cruise. You can book through the Zephyr Cove Resort.  It is a 2-2.5 hour scenic cruise on a riverboat.  

Seriously, Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful areas, with its crystal clear waters, beautiful forest, and gorgeous mountains.  What better way to explore it than from above.  Lake Tahoe Helicopter tours are super popular.

There are a few options for Lake Tahoe Helicopter tours that focus on different parts of the lake. 

Best Lake Tahoe Helicopter Tours

Lake Tahoe is one of the best places for star gazing.  There are over 300 clear nights a year at Lake Tahoe. In the middle of summer, the night sky even reflects off the water of the Lake.  

Lake Tahoe Tours

If you love to stargaze there is one stargazing tour I would recommend.  This Lake Tahoe stargazing tour actually takes you out on the lake for a 2-hour star-gazing exploration from the middle of the lake.  This is such a cool option for stargazing! 

This South Lake Tahoe Tour is a great option if you love photography.  A guide will take you to some of the best areas so you can get some amazing shots not only of yourself but of the landscape.

Lake Tahoe Tours

This Lake Tahoe tour is available in both summer and winter.  The guide will give you tips for photography and show you beautiful areas worth capturing! 

The kayak and clear kayak Lake Tahoe tours are some of the most popular options.  The best place to rent kayaks is at Sand Harbor.  This area is gorgeous.  The water is crystal clear with beautiful rocks and coves.  

There are other areas of Lake Tahoe where you can rent a kayak as well.

We did this Lake Tahoe activity at Sand Harbor and loved it! We had so much fun! It is absolutely crazy how clear the water is.  We did this during the day but the nighttime options are pretty cool.  

One thing I like is that there are lifeguards that monitor the weather and swells of Lake Tahoe.  It is kind of funny to think that big waves could come in, but they do.  This lake is really big! 

Lake Tahoe Kayak Rentals 

If you have ever wanted to learn how to paddleboard.  Lake Tahoe is a great area to learn. There are paddleboarding lessons on the crystal clear water. 

Lake Tahoe Tours

This is a great option if you have never tried paddleboarding before. We saw a lot of people out on the lake learning how to paddleboard while enjoying the view.  

Like I said earlier, the waves can get pretty big so you have to plan on a clam part of the day to do this Lake Tahoe activity. 

The East Shore Bike Trail at Lake Tahoe is awesome! When we visited locals told us how there are plans to extend the trail even farther.  It is very nice. We were able to enjoy it on our trip. 

East Shore Bike Trail Lake Tahoe Tour

If you bring your own bikes you are good to go you can do a Lake Tahoe self-guided tour.  If you did not you can rent bikes and still do a self-guided tour. There are bike rental companies located at different areas around the lake, so there are lots of options. 

Mountain Biking Lake Tahoe Tours

During the summer you can also take an E-bike Mountain biking tour and explore the mountains and trails. This area is steep I would ask for beginner trails if you have never mountain biked before. 

It is legal to fish on Lake Tahoe at certain times of the day. One hour before sunrise and 2 hours after sunset.  There are also areas near Lake Tahoe where fishing tours are available. 

Lake Tahoe Fishing Tours


Lake Tahoe Winter Tours

Lake Tahoe Winter Tours

Lake Tahoe is popular in the summer and it might be even more popular in winter.  If you love to ski there are a ton of ski resorts in the area.  I had no idea.  

I knew of Heavenly Ski Resort, which is the most popular but there are 14-15 resorts near this area.  This blows my mind! I have seen the snow in this area and it is crazy! There was snow 20 feet high on both sides of the HWY when we drove through a few years ago.  

There are lots of nice ski in ski out resorts near Lake Tahoe. It is a great place with lots of resorts for beginners.  Skiing is the most popular Lake Tahoe activity in winter. 

So dress warm and get ready to have some winter fun.  There are a few more Lake Tahoe winter tour options you can do as well. Let's explore those options below. 

If you are looking for more of an adventure than a traditional ski resort there are back-country ski tours that might meet your needs. 

Winter Lake Tahoe Tours

There is some excitement in exploring the unknown but doing it with a guide is probably a better option! You can easily book a back-country ski tour while visiting Lake Tahoe in the winter. 

10. Snow Shoeing Tour

The Lake Tahoe area has a ton of hikes that are perfect for snowshoeing.  Be warned this area is pretty steep but with a good guide, you can enjoy an amazing snowshoe tour.  

Lake Tahoe Tours

The main tour company in this area is awesome and super flexible.  You will love there guides and awesome options. 

Another awesome winter Lake Tahoe tour to try is ski biking.  This is a fairly new sport that is gaining more popularity.  I have heard that it is a really good idea to take a lesson before jumping in just like you would with skiing or snowboarding. 

The closest sport to ski biking is dirt biking.  But I think it would be good to know how to ski and dirt bike and hopefully, you will pick it up quickly. 

hikes in north lake tahoe - monkey rock

Are you ready to book a few Lake Tahoe Tours? There are so many great options! We really loved Kayaking and hiking.  A scenic drive around the lake is another great option.

I know you are going to have so much fun at Lake Tahoe! If you have any questions ask me in my Facebook Group.

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  3. I’ve never been to Lake Tahoe. So beautiful in every season! Love all 11 of these top tours for summer or winter.

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