Best food at California Adventure

26 Best Disney California Adventure Food Options

Today we are going to give you a list of the best Disney California Adventure food options! The food in California Adventure blows Disneyland out of the water.  If this is your first time to Disneyland, you are in for a treat! 

The California Adventure food is so GOOD!!!  My family has been to Disneyland and California Adventure more times than we can count. We love it! We have enjoyed most of the restaurants and many many California Adventure snacks. 

In this post, we are going to break the best food at California Adventure into three categories: The best California Adventure snacks, the best quick-service places to eat at California Adventure, and the best restaurants in California Adventure. 

The food at California Adventure is AMAZING! I can not wait to share with you my favorite Disney California Adventure food, snacks, and the best California Adventure restaurants!!!

I like to snack, so let's start with the best Disney California Adventure food in the snack department. 

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Best snacks at California Adventure

I have put together 14 of the best treats at California Adventure.  I have ordered them starting with my favorites. Some are California Adventure desserts and others are more savory and salty California Adventure snacks!  

For the most part, I will not include specialty items sold during the Disneyland Halloween Party or the Christmas season.  I believe you should be able to get these California Adventure treats year-round. 

My Top 4 Favorite California Adventure Snacks

  • Churro Toffee
  • Almond Toffee
  • Ghirardelli Ice Cream
  • Adorable Snowman Frosted Treat

I am excited to know what your favorites are. Please comment below and let me know! 

1. Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats

Best California Adventure food

Location: Adorable Snowman Frosted Treat – Pixar Pier

Favorite Item: Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait 

Price Range: $5 – $8 (you can get these frosted treats with alcohol for double the price.)

This was one of my favorite treats at California Adventure! It is so good! Here is the funny thing, this is actually a plant-based and non-dairy food option at California Adventure.  

I do not follow any specific diet, I just wanted something delicious and refreshing.  My plan is to get this treat every time I visit DCA.  It is so amazing! 

2. Churro Toffee

Best Snacks at California Adventure - Churro Toffee

Location: Trolley Treats Candy Shop (Located at the front of the park.)

Favorite Item: Churro Toffee (I will list a few more of my favorites from this location below)

Price Range: $5.50 and up

If you are a toffee fan, the churro toffee is so good!  It makes the top of my list! 

The Trolley Treat Candy Shop is located at the front of the park. You can easily grab this California Adventure snack as you exit the park.  

3. Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums

Best food at Disney's California Adventure- jacl jack cookie

Location: By Pixar Pier near Incredi-Coaster

Favorite Item: Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num

Price Range: $6 and up

There is something about a fresh chocolate chip cookie, you know what I mean.  I think this California Adventure snack is no exception.  The line is always long! That is a good sign!  

I would go with a chocolate chip cookie, however, there are a few cookie choices available if you happen to need a gluten-free option.  Disney is so great at accommodating dietary needs. 

4. Ghirardelli Ice Cream

best treats at California Adventure

Location: Pacific Wharf

Favorite Item: Mint Bliss Chocolate Mint Sundae

Price Range: $3 – $20

I think the main reason the California Adventure food is so much better than Disneyland is that DCA is bringing the best of California to Disney's California Adventure.  This includes some of the famous restaurants and snack options. 

A little taste of San Francisco is offered at DCA. Ghirardelli ice cream and chocolates are so good.  The menu is huge! We have tried many many flavors and honestly, all of them are amazing.

5. Cozy Cones

Best snacks and food at California Adventure- Mac and Cheese Cones

Location: Cozy Cone 3 at Cars Land

Favorite Item: Bacon Mac and Cheese

Price Range: $10

The Cozy Cone area is full of snacks.  However, the bacon mac and cheese is at the top of my list.  Each cone in this area offers different snacks. Cone #3 is where you will want to go to get this California Adventure snack! 

6. Almond Toffee

Almond Toffe - food at California Adventure

Location: Trolley Treats Candy Shop (Located at the front of the park.)

Favorite Item: Almond Toffee

Price Range: $10+

It is kind of funny how I decided to buy this one. I was looking for some California Adventure food with a little protein.  I totally read the nutrition facts on the back wrong.  So in my head, I was thinking this is great! 

This is not a healthy product however, it is now one of my favorite treats at California Adventure! It is so delicious.  It is nice to have a bag throughout the day to share with others.  

7. Giant Pretzel at Pym's Test Kitchen

Disneyland California Adventure Food - Pretzel

Location: Pym's Test Kitchen

Favorite Item: Giant Quantum Pretzel 

Price Range: $13+

Pym's Test Kitchen is so fun! Inspired by Ant-Man, it offers BIG and little dishes.  If you are looking for food in California Adventure to share, this pretzel is perfect.  It is so big! 

8. Sourdough Bread

California Adventure Park Food - Sourdough

Location: Pacific Wharf

Favorite Item: Sourdough Bread

Price Range: $10+

Another San Francisco-inspired food in California Adventure is Sourdough bread from the famous Boudin Bakery.  It is made fresh daily on the Pacific Wharf.  You can actually go on a free bakery tour and see how the bread is made.  You will also get a free sample of the bread on the tour.  

If you love it go ahead and buy a Mickey Sourdough to enjoy as you walk around the park.  It is really good and filling. In fact, this might be one you could eat as a meal or a snack! It is also a great item to share. 

9. Mickey Baked Goods

Best desserts at California Adventure

Location: Trolleys Candy Shop (Located at the front of the park.)

Favorite Item: Giant Cookies

Price Range: $5+

The baked goods are located behind a glass cabinet.  I really don't know if you can go wrong when choosing a snack. These items are baked fresh daily.  They are cute and delicious. 

Trolley's Candy Shop is a great place to grab a quick snack.  California Adventure food and snack options here are delicious.

10. Clarabelle's Hand Scooped Ice Cream

Best Desserts at Disneylands California Adventure - ice cream

Location: Buena Visita (Located in the front of the park.)

Favorite Item: Hand-Dipped Ice Cream Bar

Price Range: $6+ 

If you are in the mood for ice cream, this California Adventure dessert is perfect.  The ice cream is really good however, I think the hand-dipped ice cream bar wins because it is a fun experience.

This is a great choice for a California Adventure snack on a hot day.  

11. Schmoozies

California Adventure food

Location: Hollywood Land

Favorite Item: Shakes

Price Range: $7+

So Schmoozies is hit or miss.  The seasonal or special offerings are where it is at.  These shakes are beautiful.  Seriously, they are Instagram-worthy! 

Schmoozies is a great place to get drinks at California Adventure.  Many people hit this location early in the morning or in the middle of the afternoon for a quick pick-me-up.  


12 Mickey Rice Crispy Treat

Desserts at California Adventure

Location: Trolley Candy Shop (Located in the front of the park.)

Favorite Item: Rice Crispy Treat

Price Range: $5+

Again another winner at Trolleys Candy Shop. The Mickey rice crispy is delicious.  There are a few flavors that you have to try.  M&M and Reeses Pieces are my recommendations.  

This is a quick option for a California Adventure treat. 

13. Classic Churro

Snacks at California Adventure

Location: Various Places Around DCA

Favorite Item: Churro

Price Range: $5+

Senor Buzz Churro's is located near Toy Story Mania.  If you want a plain churro you can stop at any churro cart.  If you want a specialty churro you will have to do a little more research.  

Senor Buzz offers calente churros.  Other carts have different options.  Churros are one of the most popular California Adventure foods! 

14. Poultry Palace - Chicken Drumstick

Disneyland California Adventure Food

Location:  Pixar Pier

Favorite Item: Chicken Drumstick Box

Price Range: $5+

This is another snack shack that has two California Adventure food items worth mentioning.  The turkey leg and the chicken drumstick box.  

I am not a fan of turkey legs however, I know so many people live for them.  So if you are looking for the famous turkey leg you will find it at the Poultry Palace.  

The drumstick box is super juicy and could be considered a snack or a meal.  It is delicious.  However, the side of coleslaw isn't anything to write home about! 

Quick Service California Adventure Food

Disneyland California Adventure Food

If you are not familiar with the lingo, Disney has dining vocabulary words you need to know.  We already talked about the California Adventure snacks, now we are moving on to food at California Adventure that is quick and easy.  

Disney Mobile Ordering

Disney calls this Quick-Service.  They have even made it easier with the addition of Disney's Moblie Ordering.  As long as you have the Disneyland App you can pre-order all your food at California Adventure.  It is amazing! 

Quick Service is basically fast food.  You will not have a waiter or waitress. You can order at the counter or through the app.  There are usually seating options all around.  

If you are looking for California Adventure food that is more filling, get ready because you are in for a treat. DCA has some great options! 

My Top 3 Favorite California Adventure Food Options -Quick Service 

  • Pym's Test Kitchen
  • Pacific Wharf Cafe
  • Cocina Cucamonga

15. Pym's Test Kitchen

Best California Adventure Food

Location: Avengers Campus

Favorite Item: Cinna-Pym Toast (breakfast) and Not so Little Chicken Sandwich (lunch/dinner)

Price Range:  $10+

I have already mentioned Pym's Test Kitchen, as a great place to get a snack, but if you want to find the best breakfast at California Adventure or an incredible lunch, this is the place. 

Pym's Test Kitchen is probably one of the best places to eat at California Adventure.  The food is themed so perfectly.  It was a great addition to DCA and has some of the best food at California Adventure! 

Breakfast Food at California Adventure

Breakfast at California Adventure

Pym's Test Kitchen menu for breakfast is so fun! There are only a few options and they are reasonably priced.  My favorite was the Cinna-pym toast.  It is delicious!  I love how they plate everything at this restaurant. 

Lunch and Dinner at Pym's Test Kitchen

If you are around for lunch or dinner you have to try the Not so-Little Chicken Sandwich.  It is big enough for two people to share.   This is another amazing plated dish!  You really can't go wrong with the food at Pym's. 

16. Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill

Best Food at California Advdenture - Mexican

Location: Pacific Wharf

Favorite Item: Quessa Birria

Price Range: $11+

I have eaten at Cocina Cucamonga a few times.  If you order the right thing it is amazing. I suggest ordering the Quessa Birria.  It is so good! 

I messed up the last time I went and order another menu item and I was not impressed.  In fact, I didn't like it at all! 

17. Pacific Wharf Cafe

Best Food at California Adventure

Location: Pacific Wharf

Favorite Item: Cheese and Broccoli Soup or Mac and Cheese with a Bread Bowl

Price Range: $12+

The Pacific Wharf Cafe features bread from the famous Boudin Bakery in San Francisco

My favorite item at Pacific Wharf is the cheese and broccoli soup.  It is out of this world good. However, it isn't always offered.  We seriously ate lunch and dinner at the Pacific Wharf Cafe because it was unbelievably good.  

Mac and Cheese Bread Bowl

California Adventure Food

I would rate the Pacific Wharf Cafe as one of the best places to eat at California Adventure.  If you love clam chowder or mac and cheese, these are also great options.  

Hopefully, when you go they will have the cheese and broccoli soup. It is the best food at California Adventure. 

18. Flo's 8 Cafe

Flo's 8 Cafe - California Advernture Food

Location: Cars Land

Favorite Item: Chicken and Fries

Price Range: $12+

Flo's 8 Cafe is where you will want to take the kids.  They have classic Chicken Fingers (AKA Chicken Fenders).  They are served with fries and are seriously a good traditional American meal perfect for kids. 

I highly suggest using mobile ordering at this location! 

19. Smoke Jumpers Grill

Best Food at Disneyland California Adventure

Location: Grizzly Peak

Favorite Item: Double Cheese Burger

Price Range: $12+

Smoke Jumpers Grill is one of the best quick-service restaurants at California Adventure for all American food.  It is another great place to take the kids. There are chicken fingers and fries.  My favorite is a classic double-cheese burger.  

There are also vegan options at Smoke Jumpers Grill.  

20. Hot Dogs

California Adventure Food - Hot Dogs/Corn Dogs

Locations: Award Wieners, Angry Dogs, Corn Dog Castle

Favorite Item: Hot Dog/Corn Dog

Price Range: $8+

Let's start with Angry Dogs.  It is located near Pixar Pier.  It is known for its HOT HOT Dogs.  These are spicy dogs.  They also have a slightly annoyed hot dog that is not spicy.  This is the least expensive place to get a normal hot dog. 

Award Wieners has loaded hot dogs with bacon or chili.  It is located in Hollywood land.  You can also get film strip fries. 

Corn Dog Castle is located at Paradise Gardens Park.  Corn Dogs are a great snack or meal.  In fact, Corn Dog Castle has a California Adventure breakfast option.  I bet you weren't expecting that!  They actually have a sausage and egg corn dog option. 

21. Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta

California Adventure Pizza and Pasta

Location: Paradise Gardens Park

Favorite Item: Pasta

Price Range: $10+

If you are in an Italian mood, hop over to boardwalk pizza and pasta.  The chicken tomato pesto is where it is at.  The pasta is much better than the pizza. However, if you have picky eaters, you really can't go wrong with pizza. 

There are gluten-free options as well. 

22. Shawarma

Food at California Adventure Avenger Ca,mpus

Location: Avengers Campus

Favorite Item: New York's Tastiest 

Price Range: $13+

Are you a Marvel fan?  If you are you have to try New York's Tastiest.   I love Marvel but this is not my thing.  I watched lots of people eat it and waited for their reactions.  I saw lots of people throw it away without eating all of it.  The power of observation.  

I love the reference to the movies but unless you like really this type of food you might want to choose another option.  

23. Lucky Fortune Cookery

Quick Service Food at California Adventure

Location: Pacific Wharf

Favorite Item: Teriyaki Chicken

Price Range: $12+

If you are looking for something a little different Lucky Fortune Cookery is a great option. It is a solid restaurant with some good options.  It isn't amazing but will do the trick if you are in the mood for Asian food. 

Disneyland California Adventure Resturants

Calfornia Adventure food

Disney dining vocabulary time.  Disney has table service, character dining, and fine/signature dining. 

Unfortunately, California Adventure does not currently have a character dining experience.  You will have to hop over to one of the Disney hotels or Disneyland Park. 

California Adventure does have a few fine/signature dining options that are incredible.  This type of dining experience is your typical sit-down restaurant with a waiter.  The California Adventure food options are excellent.  

My Top Pick for California Adventure Restaurants

  • Lamplight Lounge

24. Carthay Circle Restaurant

Best California Adventure Food - fine dining

Location: Buena Vista Street (Located at the front of the park.)

Favorite Item: Grilled New York Marinated Za'atar

Price Range: $60+ probably more like $100 per person with sides

This is a fine dining experience with exceptional service and atmosphere.  The menu is small but has enough choices to have a fantastic meal.  

This would be a place to go if you are celebrating a special occasion. 

25. Lamplight Lounge

Lamplight Lounge Dining at California Adventure

Location: Pixar Pier

Favorite Item: Brunch and Lobster Nachos

Price Range: $20+

Lamplight Lounge is an amazing table service option.  It is not as fancy as Carthy Circle.  It is extremely popular.  You will need to make a reservation at least a month in advance if not more.  

The food is amazing but the most popular item is lobster nachos.  The Lamplight Lounge bunch menu at California Adventure is awesome! 

This area used to be Ariels Grotto's character dining experience which I am sad went away but the Lamplight lounge is a delicious replacement. 

26. Wine Country Trattoria

California Adventure Restaurants - Italian

Location: Pacific Wharf

Favorite Item: Chicken Parmesan

Price Range: $21+

Wine Country Trattoria is a great California Adventure food option.  It is reasonably priced and offers an Italian menu slightly better than Olive Garden. 

Don't expect a true wine country experience, you will probably have to travel north to get that.  However, you will get a good Italian meal.

Best California Adventure Food

best snacks and food at California Adventure - ice cream

Hopefully, this guide to the best California Adventure food is helpful! There are so many delicious items to choose from.  I think honestly, you can find something at every location that you will love.  

My favorite types of Disneyland souvenirs are snacks! I love eating the fun Disney foods! 

If you are in the mood for something a little different you can easily hop out of the park and eat in Downtown Disney.  There are lots of great options there.  

Another thing I love about Disneyland is that there are so many hotels close to Disneyland that you can easily go back to rest and eat at your hotel.  

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