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Best Souvenirs From Disneyland

Do you want to get some amazing souvenirs from Disneyland? Awesome! I'm so excited to share the best things to buy at Disneyland!  

We love Disneyland! It has been one of our go-to vacations since our kids were little.  We love buying souvenirs from Disneyland. We know what is better to buy before you hit the park and what you have to get at the park! 

In this post, we are going to include the best things to buy at Disneyland, what Disney souvenirs you should buy before you go, and the best Disneyland gifts to get while in the park! 

Let's start with the most popular souvenirs from Disneyland! 

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Souvenirs from Disneyland

Mouse Ears are the #1 Disney souvenir! Whether you are at Disney World or Disneyland these are popular.

This is an item I recommend buying at Disneyland or at the online Disney Store!  The quality is so much nicer than what you will find outside of the park.

Most Popular Mickey Mouse Ears

  • Classic Minnie Polka Dots
  • Bridal Ears
  • Star Wars Ears
  • Marvel Ears
  • Light-up Ears
  • Pixar Ears
  • Birthday Ears

Many of the gift shops throughout Disneyland and California Adventure will have ears.  You will have to walk around and check out what each individual shop has.  In Star Wars land, you will find all your Star Wars-themed ears in the Marvel Campus you will find the Marvel character ears.  

Who Wants Ears?! 

Honestly, I think this is one of the best souvenirs from Disneyland to give as a gift!  They last a really long time if taken care of.  We have some from 10 years ago in great shape! 

2. Mickey Mouse Water Spraying Fans

Souvenirs at Disneyland

Do you want Mickey Mouse water spraying fans?  This is an item that is so essential in the heat of summer. They do sell them at the park! Should you buy it there?

Make Your Own? 

Disneyland souvenir prices tend to be higher, however in this case Amazon has this item priced for about what you can get in the park.   If you are crafty you can buy the spray bottles for $12 and print a vinyl sticker to put on them for much cheaper.  

It is a great Disney souvenir but I wouldn't buy this one in the park unless my baby was burning hot and needed it! 

3. Loungefly Bag

Loungefly Bay - Disney Souvenir

HOT, HOT, HOT!  This item is a must! Loungefly bags are so cute! They have them in every character and color! These bags are really well made and are popular for both adults and kids. (This is a hot Disneyland souvenir for adults!)

Should I Buy this at the Park?

Maybe.  I am going to tell you a secret….the price is crazy high at the park, but it is not your only option. 

Hot Topic sells these exact Loungefly bags for so much cheaper!   They do not have every character and color, however, they are $50 compared to $80+ at the park. Plus, if you sign up for the Hot Topic email list you can get another 30% off.  

If there is a certain character you are dying to have then paying the Disneyland souvenir price tag is no big deal! If you want to save some money on this Disneyland souvenir buy it ahead of time and wear it at the park.  No one will know if you bought it online or at the park because they are the exact same product! 

4. Water Bottles

Water Bottles - Disneyland Souvenir

Water bottles are a good option for souvenirs at Disneyland.  If there is one that calls your name that you would definitely not find anywhere else, then buy it.  

It is nice to have a water bottle at Disneyland, you can get free ice-cold water at every restaurant at Disneyland.  It is easy to refill and use them while in the park. 

Buy It Ahead of Time

I think I vote to buy a water bottle ahead of time.  My suggestion is to get a thermally insulated bottle like Hydro-flask and add some Disney stickers on it!  

5. Disney Pins

Pin Trading at Downtown Disney

Pins are essential, if you are a Disney nerd like me! Disney pins are one of the best souvenirs from Disneyland! 

What is Disney Pin Trading?

Pin trading is awesome.  Disney produces all sorts of amazing pins you can buy and trade with cast members.  

Disneyland Souvenir

Yes, buy pins at Disneyland…..But, DON'T TRADE THEM!  Wait what?!!!  You just said pin trading was amazing and I should buy a pin as a souvenir.  Yes, but you do not want to trade your expensive Disneyland souvenir.  Before you head to Disneyland buy cheap Disney pins on Amazon or eBay.  These are the ones you will trade with cast members.  

Those who do not know this tip will be trading expensive pins that you can collect! (We made that mistake the first time to Disney World, it happens to the best of us.) 

6. Lanyards

Lanyards - Disney Souvenir

You need a lanyard for pin trading!

Buy your Lanyard Ahead of Time! 

These are Disney souvenirs you can purchase ahead of time and save yourself a lot of money.  Amazon has some great options, in fact, some of the options are exactly the ones you will find in the park.  

7. Shirts - Newest Products From Disney

Souvenirs from Disneyland - Shirts

There are some Disney shirts that you will not find anywhere else except at Disneyland.  If there is a design that catches your eye then this just might be your souvenir from Disneyland choice! 

Hot Tip

I would stick with the ones that actually say Disneyland Resort because you can get Disney shirts at many locations that will be significantly lower in price.  

8. Disney Sweatshirts

Disney Souvenirs - Sweatshirts

Disney sweatshirts are in the same category as shirts.  If you visit Disneyland on a cold day this Disney souvenir might be calling your name.  

When you Don't Want to Buy Clothes at Disneyland

Okay, on my last trip to Disneyland I went on Splash Mountain.  I was soaking wet and it was cold! So cold I had to get new clothes!!!  Yes, I really didn't want to buy new clothes but I had to!  I paid $50 for pants and $20 for a shirt.  Ouch!!!  My pants were not very good quality after only wearing them for 20 minutes the fabric started to fray.  I tried to return them and they refused to exchange them for a new pair.  

Learn from me, wear a poncho on Splash Mountain! 

9. Disney Princess Souvenirs

Character Dining Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

If you have a little princess, I have a suggestion for you…..Disney Store.  You can get a really nice quality princess dresses at the Disney Store.  If you buy it around Halloween time there will be additional savings.   This is an item you will want to get before you go to Disneyland.  

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

If you didn't plan ahead, you do have a few options.  One is to make an appointment at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and buy a dress and get dressed up like a princess.  The boutique is temporarily closed but hopefully will open soon. 

This is a very special souvenir from Disneyland because when you are finished you will look amazing in all the pictures you will take around the park.  It is very magical and expensive.  

10. Marvel Souvenirs

Marvel Disney Souvenirs

The Avenger Campus at California Adventure has all the Marvel goodies that superhero fans could ask for.  Toys.  Check.  Clothes.  Check.  Treats.  That too.  

Our family has a mixture of superhero faves, so this is a fun place for all of us.  A couple of my kiddos love Spiderman.  My husband likes Captain America.  I like Iron Man.  We can get the goods here.  

Marvel Shirts

Marvel Disneyland souvenir shirts

Avenger Campus is amazing there are some unique shirts that you will want to check out.  Also, the Disney superhero and villain ears are so cool.  My favorite was Loki! 

12. Star Wars Disney Souvenirs

Star Wars Trading post Downtown Disney in Anahiem

Some of the best souvenirs from Disneyland is anything Star Wars!  Star Wars land is open at Disneyland but you may not know that in Downtown Disney the Star Wars Trading Post is a new store that has everything Star Wars! 

Star Wars Clothes Disney Souvenir


There are lots of traditional star wars items like shirts, dolls, and light sabers.  In Star Wars Land you will find a market full of goods.  You will need plenty of credits to buy your Disneyland souvenirs. 

13. Build A Droid

Build A Droid - Disney Souvenir

Disney has taken souvenirs to the next level.  At Star Wars Land, one of the highlights involves droids.  You have the opportunity to build your own droid.  As you walk into the droid depot, you will see droid parts along the wall, together with parts moving along an assembly line. 

Step on up to the front on the other side of the assembly line to pay.  Then pick your parts, and have your droid assembled.  You can control the droid via controller.  Surrounded by rides, you probably won't have much time to spend on the droid.  But Disney will package and store it for you, and even ship it to your house.   

14. Buy or Build a Light Saber

Build a Light Saber - Disney Souvenir

Another great option for a souvenir from Disneyland is buying of building a light saber.  As you enter Savi's Workshop you will be able to picke1 of 4 themed sabers. This Disneyland souvenir runs for over $200.  

Another option is to purchase a specific light saber that belongs to a specific Star Wars character. These are still pretty expensive.  

If you want to build your own you will need to make an appointment.  This is an experience you will not forget!  

15. Disney Souvenir - Christmas Ornaments

Disneyland Souvenir Christmas Ornaments

One of my favorite souvenirs no matter where I travel is Christmas ornaments.  Disneyland ornaments are a great souvenir from Disneyland that is perfect.  

You can find ornaments at the stores located at the front of the park or in Downtown Disney.  

16. Souvenirs from Disneyland - Puzzle's and Games

souvenirs from Disenyland - Puzzell's and Games

If you are looking for a Disneyland gift for someone a puzzle is a great idea.  There are lots of choices!  

You can also find really cool Disney board games at the park.  Some of the games are available on Amazon but you may find Disney park-specific games like Haunted Mansion Monopoly. 

17. Disney Souvenirs - Mugs

Disney Souvenir - Mugs

Do you collect mugs?  This is a great Disneyland souvenir! There are always great options in every store you visit! 

It is a popular souvenir from Disneyland. 

18. Disney Buttons

Disney World

A free Disneyland souvenir is a button! Head to guest services.  If you are celebrating a birthday, 1st-time visit to Disneyland, or anniversary, you can get a free button.  

These buttons are so fun!  All you have to do is ask and a cast member will give them to you!

Are You Ready to Get Some Souvenirs from Disneyland?

Souvenirs from Disneyland

Hopefully, this gives you an idea of what souvenirs from Disneyland you want to get! There are so many fun options! 

I love getting something special when I visit the most magical place on earth! 

What is your favorite souvenir from Disneyland?  Let us know in the comments! 

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