Utah Outdoor Adventure - Summer at Snowbird Ski Resort

Snowbird In The Summer (The Best 10 Summer Activities At Snowbird Ski Resort)

Want to spend some time this summer in the Utah mountains? Guess What?! There are summer activities at Snowbird Ski Resort!

Snowbird is not just about snow. In the summertime, Snowbird provides a smorgasbord of fun activities for the entire family.

In this post, we are going to share all the best summer activities at Snowbird.  These include a rope course, snowbird alpine slides, a climbing wall, tubing, an alpine coaster, a gondola, an obstacle course, free fall, and trampolines.

Let's explore all the fun things to do at Snowbird in the Summer! 

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Where is Snowbird Ski Resort Located?Utah Outdoor Adventure -Little Cottonwood Canyon

Directions and Parking

Snowbird is located in northern Utah near Salt Lake City. Snowbird is accessible via Little Cottonwood Canyon. Once you get into the canyon, it’s a straight shot until you arrive (about 6 miles it’s on your right).

Parking is free, and since the number of people up at Snowbird in the summer is less than in winter, there should be plenty of spots.

Highlights of Snowbird in the Summer

Snowbird in the Summer

Before we jump into all the things to do at Snowbird in the summer. Let's answer some questions you might have about the area. 

What is the Temperature at Snowbird in the Summer?

The weather is wonderful! On a summer day when it’s 95 degrees in the Utah Valley, the canyon can be 20 degrees cooler than the valley. Snowbird is a great place to find both fun and a break from the heat.  This is a great option on a hot day. 

When do the Summer Snowbird Activities Start? 

The summer activities at Snowbird provide an exciting adventure you are going to love!  Summer months include June – August. (weather permitting)

How Long Will the Summer Activities at Snowbird Take?

You probably will spend 2-3 hours on the summer activities at Snowbird, not including the gondola.

If you go on the gondola, you will spend time going up (and perhaps down) and can hike or bike which will take much longer. 

Admission and Hours – Summer Activities at Snowbird Ski ResortSummer at Snowbird Ski Resort

There are a few options when deciding which pass is right for you.  Honestly, the summer activities at Snowbird are better for older kids and teens.  I took my 4-year-old and he could not do most of the activities.

All-Day Activities Pass – 42″ Tall & Over

  • 42″ tall and over.
  • Includes the Tram, Mountain Coaster, Alpine Slide, Vertical Drop, Ropes Course, Climbing Wall, Bungee Trampoline, and Tree Climb.

All-Day Activities Pass – Under 42″ Tall

  • Under 42″ tall.
  • Includes Kids' Inflatables, Aerial Tram, Bungee Trampoline, Alpine Slide, Vertical Drop, Mountain Coaster lap-rider, and Tree Climb. Can include Ropes Course if the under 42″ child is accompanied by a 48″+ climber and the safety harness fits correctly.

Toddler Pass

  • $17 per person
  • Ages 2-6, suggested ages 2-4.
  • Includes Aerial Tram, Kids' Inflatables, Mini Ropes Course, and Mini Tree Climb.
  • Excludes all other summer activities.


11:00 am – 8:00 pm 

At the end of the season, the area will only be open during the weekends and close earlier.

1. Mountain CoasterMountain Coaster Snowbird

The alpine coaster is not a roller coaster. It is similar to an alpine slide but is on a track that resembles the track of a roller coaster. You sit in a cart (you can have up to two riders) and have a control stick to brake as needed.

I really enjoy alpine coasters. I remember going with my then seven-year-old and having a blast. The anticipation of going on a coaster is fantastic. And then being on a track that does not have walls like the Snowbird alpine slide does help drive up the adrenaline.

2. Snowbird Alpine Slide Alpine Slide at Snowbird

Height: Minimum of 48 inches to ride alone. Minimum of 42 inches to ride with an adult.

Snowbird Alpine slides bring back memories for my husband of childhood trips to New Hampshire. This traditional attraction is still a great one and is probably the highlight of the Snowbird summer attractions.

Snowbird has two tracks. In terms of intensity, both tracks seemed equivalent.

Expect to wait in line for twenty minutes.

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort – Chair Lift

Summer at Snowbird Ski Resort

To access the start of the alpine slide, you can walk from the bottom or take a chair lift up. They will hang the slides on the back of the chair lift.  You pick up your sled near the top.

There is not much shade on this attraction (or any attraction), so make sure to bring some sunblock.

Snowbird Alpine Slide Starting Line

Utah outdoor adventure - Alpine Slide

Once you pick your sled up you will have to walk up a hill and wait for your turn.  We did this attraction 3 or 4 times.  It is really fun!

3. Snowbird Rope Course

Height Requirement: 48 inches.

The rope course is suspended up above the ground. So if you’re afraid of heights, this attraction is probably not for you.

For safety, you have a helmet and you have a rope that attaches to a D ring on a harness on one end (you), and a track above you on the other end of the rope. 

You begin the course by climbing up steps and then are suspended in the air.  Part of the challenges includes: crossing bridges and walking on balance beams, as well as other obstacles.

For adventurous kids, this activity is perfect. It probably takes 15 minutes, and so it is a longer attraction for your family to enjoy.

4. Snowbird Rock Climbing WallRock Climbing wall snowbird ski resort

Snowbird has a climbing wall that allows you to test your mountain climbing chops. Grab a rope and see if you can make it to the top.

My kids love climbing.  They have even taken climbing classes at our local gym.  This is a challenging wall. I don't think either kid made it to the top.  So if you are up for a challenge, this is it!

5. Ultimate Obstacle CourseSnowbirds obstacle course

Height Requirement: 42 inches

This is an attraction for older kids and adults. Think Ninja Warriors. This attraction is elevated but is not like the rope course. If you fall, there are mats to break your fall.  There are 10 obstacles that will help you channel your inner ninja.

You can race through the course to try to get your best time!

6. Snowbird Aerial TramUtah Outdoor Adventure - Summer at Snowbird Ski Resort

The Snowbird gondola or Ariel Tram is not included in your general admission but can be purchased separately. The gondola takes you up to the top of the resort. 

It is one of the best Summer Snowbird activities if you want to really get in the mountains and enjoy nature! 

Hike or Bike Down the Mountain

You can spend time at the top enjoying the views, and then can either return to the base via the Gondola, chair lift, or hike or bike down.

Please note that in the Snowbird summer activities pass for 48″ and over the tram is not included. The Snowbird Ariel Tram is included in the under 42″ option but the tram is already free for children under 7.  If you have kids that range in ages it will end up costing you a lot more to add the Ariel tram to your day.

7 Snowbird Summer Tubing

Height Requirement: 4 years and 40 inches

Snowbird also offers a tube ride. You walk up to the entrance of the attraction and get on a tube (one person per tube). The conveyor belt brings the tube to the top of the slide.

This attraction is quick but fun. You slide down the hill, the top layer of which is AstroTurf.

My kids did this one multiple times and really enjoyed it.  It was also nice if there is a line it goes very quickly.

8. Snowbird Vertical Drop Vertical Drop Snowbird Ski Resort

Okay, this attraction is not really called free fall, but it’s how I think about it. My kiddos were too scared to do this one. You climb to the top of a tower. Once you get to the top you get buckled to a bungee cord. Okay, one, two, three, jump!

We watched several people take the plunge and that was just as entertaining!

9. Bungee TrampolineTrampolines at Snowbird Resort

Weight Limit: 30 -230 pounds

If you are looking for an attraction for younger kids, this is the one for you.  Snowbird has four trampolines. You put on a harness attached to ropes and are able to do flips and jumps.

My kids loved jumping but be aware the line can be long as each participant gets 5 minutes to jump!

10. Kids Inflatablesinflatables at snowbird

]Weight Limit: 75 pounds

If you have little kids this is really the only thing they can do.  The toddler pass is $17 so I felt like it was pretty expensive for the few attractions the little kids could actually do.

My kids played on it but were ready to move on pretty fast.

Make it a Weekend Trip to Snowbird in the Summer

Utah Outdoor Adventure - Snowbird Ski Resort in Summer

If you are thinking about a getaway consider staying at the Cliff's Lodge.

Cliff's Lodge

Cliff's Lodge is located on the property of Snowbird Ski Resort.  Usually, in the summer the prices are very affordable.  They have an amazing pool and spa area that overlooks the beauty of the mountains.

We stayed here a few years ago and loved the amenities.  One thing we liked is that you can walk right out of the door and you will be at the summer activities at Snowbird!

One of the main reasons I like to spend the summer in the mountains is the cool temperatures. Staying at the Cliff's Resort will really get you away from the heat and be able to enjoy a great weekend.

Are you Ready to Go to Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort?

Summer Activities at Snowbird

We had a really fun time!  The snowbird summer activities are entertaining and it feels so wonderful to be in the mountains in summer. 

I think the summer activities at Snowbird would be even better if you enjoy this with friends or even include this activity on your Utah family reunion trip.

If you want to spend more time in the mountains hiking or biking there are many kid-friendly hikes in this area.

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I hope this helps you plan an amazing day in the Utah mountains.  If you have any questions follow me over on Facebook and join my private community where I personally answer any travel-related questions!  FACEBOOK COMMUNITY

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