Pops in Oklahoma Route 66

Make A Stop At Pops On Route 66 in Oklahoma (Best Family Activity in Oklahoma)

Have you heard of Pops in Acadia Oklahoma? It is awesome and one of the best tourist sites in Oklahoma City!  Pops on Route 66 in Oklahoma is where you will see the largest soda bottle in the US. 

No lie!!! This giant soda bottle is what attracts almost 500,000 people each year!

Pops on Route 66 is home to this iconic site but that is not all.  Pops soda shop is more than just pop. Pops OKC offers a restaurant and souvenir shop.  The Pops gas station is a bonus as you travel down Route 66!

We have made it a tradition to visit Pops 66 as we go to Oklahoma every year to visit family. It really is the highlight of our Oklahoma trips! 

Now let's get down to business. Are you planning a road trip on Route 66?  Oklahoma Route 66 has a lot of fun iconic stops from Tulsa down to Amarillo, Texas.  But we are going to focus on my favorite: Pops in OKC.

In this post, we are going to give you an overview of where Pops OKC is, how much time to spend, and what you HAVE to get when you arrive.  Pops on Route 66 is so fun. 

You will know you made a good choice to visit Pops Soda Ranch when you see the giant soda bottle off the side of the road.  You can not drive past without taking a photo! 

Let's learn all about Pops in Oklahoma! 

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Where is Pops OKC Located?Stop at Pops on Route 66 in Oklahoma

This is not a trick question – it actually is not in Oklahoma City. Pops is located in Acadia, Oklahoma, along Route 66.  

Don’t worry, while it’s a drive, it’s not too long of a drive. It should take you about 24 minutes to make the 17.4 miles drive from downtown Oklahoma City to Acadia.  You will see the iconic signs for Route 66 and know you are on the right track!

Pops Oklahoma Address: 

 660 U.S. Rt. 66, Arcadia, OK

What is Pops OKC? Pops OKC on Route 66

Yes, Pops OKC is a place to eat and drink, but the environment in which you do it and the selection make this place a fave for me.

Giant Soda Bottle 

First off, you can’t miss Pops. As you drive along Route 66, there is a 66-foot-tall “Giant Soda Bottle” along the highway; it lights up at night. I am not sure if the 66 feet along Route 66 is intentional, but it’s big regardless.

The giant soda bottle is located outside a gas station/diner.  Yes, you read that right. It is a gas station and a diner all in one! But somehow they made this place so cool you will want to come back over and over again.

The walls inside the building are made of glass! There are hundreds of colorful soda pop bottles along the walls for decoration. 

Side Note

If you are a fan of cool gas stations you might also want to check out the largest gas station in the World Buc-ees.   Buc-ees is building a new location along Route 66 in Springfield, MO. 

Hours at Pops OKCPops OKC on route 66

The Pops OKC Store and Gas Station Operating Hours

6:00 am -10:00 pm

Pops on Route 66 Diner Operating Hours

10:30 am – 9:00 pm

Breakfast is served Saturday/Sunday 7:00 am – 10:30 am

How Long Should I Spend At Pops OKC?Pops okc on route 66

“How long should you spend at Pops Soda Ranch?” This is a question you probably have if you are on an epic Route 66 road trip! 

You could spend as little as 15 minutes taking a few photos and grabbing a soda pop and getting back on the road or you could take your time and sit down at the diner for a delicious meal. This may take up to an hour, not including wait time for a seat during busy days.

Please note that the diner is sit down, which adds some time.

What is So Cool About Pops OKC? Pops on Route 66 Acadia Oklahoma

We love the Pops OKC store!  There are soda pops from all around the world!  We love checking out all the varieties of every kind of pop. Actually, there are over 600 different choices.

Glass Bottles

All of the pops are in glass bottles. And these bottles are not just in the fridge. Scores decorate the walls of the Pops soda shop, many of which can be seen through the glass from the outside.

1. Pick Your Favorite Route 66 Pops

Pops on Route 66

When I bring my kids they show such excitement in picking out the different varieties, that’s a plus for me. I love seeing my kiddos pick flavors I never would. We have sampled some pretty interesting flavors over the years!

Root Beer Choices at Pops in Oklahoma

Root beer at Pops OKC

I am a fan of root beer!  There are 80 different varieties to choose from at Pops OKC.  It is so crazy!   On our last trip, I got a diet root beer.  It was delicious!

Unique Flavors at Route 66 Pops

Unique flavors at Pops OKC on Route 66

One of our favorite parts is trying new flavors from around the world.  We have tried chocolate pop, blue raspberry lemonade, pickles, and lime pop.

Some of these flavors are disgusting! But we love it.  It really is about the experience! During our experiments, we have also found incredible flavors.  Some have become flavors we buy every time we come to pops! 

Top 5 Favorite Flavors of Pops on Route 66 in Oklahoma

  • Frosty Root Beer
  • Route 66 Orange Cream
  • Route 66 Lime
  • Sioux City Orange
  • Death Valley Orange

Collection of Pops Soda Ranch Bottles

Saving the bottles and caps is something we love doing.  We actually have quite a collection.  It has become a tradition for us.  

2. Memorabilia at Pops in Oklahoma

Route 66 memorabilia

The varieties don’t stop with soda. Pops also has lots of cool Route 66 Oklahoma merchandise to purchase, as well as some awesome shirts that have the Pops OKC symbol on them.

It is fun to shop around and get a Pops OKC souvenir! 

3. Pops Diner Route 66 Diner at Pops on Route 66

If this is your designated rest stop on your iconic Route 66 road trip you are in luck because the food here is fabulous.

 We aren’t talking about grabbing a hot dog off of a rolling grill or grabbing a pre-wrapped sandwich with a bag of chips. This is a grill with fresh food.

The Menu at Pops OKC

Burger at Pops OKC

There are lots of options on the menu.  Mostly good ole fashion American choices such as burgers, fries, chicken strips, and corn dogs.  But that is not all!  Some southern dishes are available as well including chicken fried steak, okra, and bar-b-que sandwiches.

Really Good Food at Pops OKC

This last time I got a Norman Burger, which was a hamburger with pulled pork on top and potato chips actually on the sandwich.  It was delicious!  My kids could not get enough of the french fries.

If you have time to eat, I highly recommend it.  We love the food and thought it was reasonably priced.

Dining Room Options at Pops on Route 66

Outside seating at Pops OKC

If you have a large group, you will be seated in a 1950s-style booth.  For smaller groups, you have the choice of being seated around the store or taking your meal to an outside seating area.

We loved sitting in the booths. It really helps you feel that blast from the past experience.

If you only purchase soda you can go outside and sit.  There are tables located outside. 

5. Pop Route 66 Gas Station Gas Station at Pops on Route 66

Now, that your bellies are no longer on empty and you have tried so many amazing flavors of pop, you can fill that gas tank up and continue your epic Route 66 Oklahoma journey.

The architecture on the outside of the building even makes filling up your gas tank a fun experience!

Backyard at Pops Route 66 Oklahoma Stop

Pops OKC is big. Yes, the store is a good size, but it’s located on a big piece of land.

Out back, there is room to sit and eat, but as my oldest boy reminded me, for him it’s all about running around. That makes Pops a great place to stretch your legs and have some fun in an open space that is not close to the street.

Your kids can run around and play! 

Are you Ready to Stop at Pops on Route 66 in Oklahoma?Pops OKC on Route 66

Hopefully, these top 5 things to do at Pops Route 66 give you an idea of what you can explore when you go.  Go back and check out my top 5 favorite flavors at Pops OKC and give them a try! 

I know you will love Pops OKC as much as we do!  It really is one of our favorite places to visit in OKC with kids

My kids have such great memories of Pops Soda Ranch and love to go back, re-live those memories, and grab their next bottle for their collection.

Touring Route 66 is one of the top things to do in the United States

I hope you have an epic road trip!  If you would like a copy of my Road Trips of the USA Guidebook click the link and I will email it to you.  This book includes some great ideas for road trips, how far it is from point A to point B, as well as places to stop along the way!

Facebook Community 

If you have any questions about Pops OKC or Oklahoma City I would love to help you out.  I grew up in Oklahoma so I am pretty familiar with the area.  Plus, we visit family every year in OKC. You can comment below or better yet join my Travel Facebook Community!

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