Visit Graceland in Memphis Tennessee – The Best Elvis Presley Experience!

Do you want to visit Graceland in Memphis Tennessee? Are you wanting to plan a trip to Memphis, Tennessee?  If you are an Elvis fan, this will be a dream come true! 

I recently went and was blown away by how incredible Graceland was! 

This trip was special because my dad is a huge Elvis fan, and he even named me Lisa Marie!  I thought this would be a great chance to spend some time with my parents and learn all about Elvis.

In this post, we will cover how to get to Graceland, the cost to visit Graceland, how long it takes to tour Graceland, and what to see and do at Graceland in Memphis Tennessee. 

We had a wonderful time and now I am so excited to help you plan a trip to Graceland! Let's explore all the things you need to know when you visit Graceland.

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Where is Graceland?Visit Graceland

Graceland was Elvis's actual home, and it is situated on a 13.8 – acre estate in Memphis, Tennessee.  Currently, the home is under the ownership of Elvis's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

How Do I Get to Graceland?

If you are flying in, you may want to rent a car. If you are planning to stay in the city of Memphis, there are also shuttle services to Graceland.  


The complete address of the Graceland Mansion is:

3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee

How Close is Graceland to the Airport?

The Memphis Airport is located 2 miles away from Graceland. This drive should only take about 7-10 minutes.

How Far is Graceland (Memphis) to Nashville?

You may want to visit both musical cities while you are in Tennessee.  If this is the case,  you can take a 215-mile drive (about 3 hours) between locations.

Admission to GracelandTickets to Graceland

There are a few ticket options for Graceland.

How Much Does it Cost to Visit Graceland?

Four tour options range in price.

Basic Admission

The basic mansion tour is an audio-guided tour with prices that start at $41 for adults and $21 for children ages 7 to 12.

Elvis Experience Tour

The Elvis Experience Tour is $73 for adults and $42 for children.  This is the ticket I recommend getting.  There is so much more to Graceland than just the mansion.  This ticket will give you access to all the museums on site.

Ultimate VIP and Elvis Entourage VIP Tours

The Elvis Entourage Tour includes everything that the Elvis Experience Tour has, as well as a front-of-the-line pass and a backstage pass keepsake. It is $112 per person.

The Ultimate VIP Tour is led by a guide and starts at $174 per person; children 2 and younger tour for free.

The Ultimate VIP tour includes everything the Elvis Entourage Tour includes plus:

  • Access to ultimate lounge and exclusive VIP exhibit
  • Options to purchase special merchandise only available to ultimate guests
  • A meal voucher for the restaurant at Elvis Presley’s Memphis
  • Exclusive photo opportunity
  • Personal Graceland archives show and tell session
  • Keepsake backstage pass

If you are a die-hard Elvis fan, this is for you!

Should I Purchase My Tickets Ahead of Time?

Yes, particularly now.  To address spacing concerns related to  COVID -19,  you will need to schedule your tour time when you book your tickets.

How Long Does it Take to Visit Graceland?Visit Graceland in Memphis Tennessee

You might be wondering how long it takes to tour Graceland. I recommend planning an entire day to visit Graceland.

A tour of the mansion takes about one to one and a half hours. The Elvis Experience Tour, which includes the mansion, car museum, and several other exhibits will take much longer to explore. 

Our Experience

Visit Graceland during Covid

We started our tour at 9:30 am and did not leave until 3:00 pm.  It was not crowded when we went, so I imagine it would have taken much longer with crowds.

To make sure you don’t have to cut your day short, I would definitely plan to dedicate an entire day to Graceland.

Visit GracelandVisit Graceland Career Museum

Is Graceland Worth Visiting?

Absolutely, Graceland is fantastic!  As you visit Graceland, you will fall in love with Elvis!  Elvis has been dead almost as long as I have been alive, and I still loved it!

The Mansion

The mansion is fantastic, it is like stepping back in time!  I enjoyed the audio presentation and touring all the rooms.  Learning all about Elvis was a highlight and actually made me a big fan.

The Museums

After the mansion, we made our way over to the museums.  It was this area that I began to fall in love with 20-year-old Elvis. He was such a heartthrob!  I loved learning about his career, military service, success, and even his personal struggles.

So not that you have a little taste of the overall experience, let's dive in and explore Graceland a little more.

Parking at Graceland

Elvis Shuttle from the Guest House at Graceland

As you visit Graceland, there will be a $10 parking fee.  Your vehicle is secure behind a gated area. 

Free Shuttle

If you are staying at The Guest House at Graceland Hotel located across the street there is a free shuttle that will allow you to avoid the parking fee.

Visit Graceland MansionVisit Graceland in Memphis Tennessee

Let's begin the Graceland tour!

Story of Elvis – Film

Elvis Film

As you enter Graceland, you will watch a film about Elvis's life.  I loved learning all about him before we entered the mansion. 

You will get a professional photograph directly after the film which you can purchase this $30.  I thought it was worth it! 

Self Guided Audio Tour

Audio Tour of Graceland

After the film, you will then be given a self-guided audio tour device.  This device is an iPad with pictures, music, and is controlled by you which is very nice.  

Shuttle to the Mansion

Shuttle to Graceland

Now the fun begins! The shuttle will take you to the Graceland estate.  You will be given a briefing and then be able to enter into the house. 

Tour the House

Staircase at Graceland

The house is a blast from the past! It is in pristine condition and is exactly how it was when Elvis lived there.  On the main floor are the living area, dining area, and kitchen. 

Also, you will see the staircase leading upstairs but no one is allowed to go to the upper floor.  This is out of respect for Elvis and his privacy. 

The Kitchen 

Kitchen at Graceland

The kitchen screams 1970! It is funny that Elvis had every new technology available and yet as we look back, they are basic things everyone in America now has in their houses.  

The Jungle Room

The Jungle Room at Graceland

The jungle room was an entertaining area designed with green shag carpet.  The carpet is even on the ceiling!  There are wild animals all around and the furniture is one of a kind! 

Movie Room

Movie Room at Graceland

The movie room is bright and fun.  When Elvis learned that the President of the United States had three TVs to watch all the news channels at once, Elvis decided he needed 3 TVs to watch all sports events at once! 

The Billiards Room

Billiards room at Graceland

This room is completely decorated with fabric and is very interesting! 

Graceland Estate

Elvis Tombstone

After you exit the house you will get to see the rest of the estate.  There is a racquetball court, pool, and horse stable outback.  Elvis's tombstone is also located outside of the home.  

A small museum is on-site.  It focuses on the family history of the Presley family.  Did you know that Elvis was a twin?  I didn't until walking through this museum.   (His brother died at birth.) 

Elvis Car MuseumElvis Car Museum

Elvis Car Museum is awesome, I counted 15 cars!  This made me want to go on an Elvis car tour through Memphis.

In this same building, there is a section of other toys Elvis had such as; motorcycles, tractors, and golf carts.  There is an interactive game you can play in this area.  It is a simulator that will drive you around Graceland in a golf cart.

Elvis Career MuseumVisit Graceland in Memphis Tennessee

This was my favorite area. It was fun and educational.  This museum takes you through the early days of the 1950s.  1950's Elvis is my favorite Elvis. 

The museum starts with how Elvis got his first hit, “It's Alright Mama,” and how his life changed forever. 

Elvis served in the army in Germany during his early career as well.

1950's Elvis

Elvis in the Army

1950's Elvis is a heartthrob!  He was so handsome.  One thing I loved is how interactive this museum was.   There are screens located around where you can take quizzes about Elvis and then get pictures with Elvis.  They are sent to your email.  

Also, there are two areas where Elvis serenades you.  A green screen is behind you as Elvis Sings.  A video is produced and sent to your email.  

1970's Elvis

Elvis Presley 1970's

One thing about Elvis was his many, many outfits.  They are all displayed in this area as well as those of other actors that have portrayed Elvis.  

Elvis had so many hit records and there is a wall completely full of all of his songs.  It is really amazing!   At the end of the museum, you will watch a 1970 Elvis concert. 

Lisa Marie Museum 

Lisa Marie Presley musuem

There is a Lisa Marie Museum, and I thought I had better mention it since this is my namesake.  The Presley's namesake continues through Lisa and her children.

Places to Eat at GracelandEating at Graceland

We got hungry as we toured the museums.  We ate at Vernon’s Smokehouse, but that is only one of a few options at Graceland.  

Vernon's Smokehouse

Vernon Smoke House at Graceland

Vernon's Smokehouse is named after Elvis's father.  We decided to get a little barbeque since we were in Memphis.  It was really good.  You can choose a meat and two sides.  We liked this restaurant and highly recommend it. 

Glady's Diner

Gladys Diner at Graceland

Glady's Diner is named after Elvis's mother. It's an all- American restaurant serving burgers, chicken, and of course the grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich!  It actually gets really great reviews. 

Minnie Mae Sweets

Sweets at Graceland

Minnie Mae was Elvis's grandma.  If you just want a snack this sweet shop is your one-stop shop.  Ice cream sundaes, candy, and guess what – yes – even, peanut butter and banana cotton candy.  

It has a 1950s dinner décor.  It is super cute. 

Rock N Go Cafe

Rock N Roll Cafe inside Graceland

The Rock N Go Cafe is near the ticket windows as you enter Graceland.  There are grab-and-go items such as sandwiches and salads.

Can I Get Souvenirs at Graceland?Souvenirs at Graceland

Yes, there are many souvenir shops located at Graceland.  One thing I loved was that each store did not have the same things.  There was a variety of merchandise to choose from.

I love buying souvenirs when I travel.  Snow globes always win in my book!

Can you Get Elvis Souvenirs Cheaper Somewhere Else?

Not really.  We went to a few other souvenir shops in Memphis and even Walgreens but found that it was maybe $1 cheaper than the prices at Graceland.

So if price is something that you are worried about, you should feel okay to go ahead and purchase the merchandise that you like as you visit Graceland.

Elvis's PlanesElvis Presley's Planes

Elvis actually had two planes.  One was really large and the other was a commuter jet.  His larger plane was named Lisa Marie!

As I boarded the plane, it kind of hit me that Elvis was really rich! Haha!  That plane must have been so nice back in the '70s.  I think they said that each time he flew the plane it cost over $600,000.  That is so crazy!

But I guess that is nothing for the King of Rock N Roll!  Actually, they say that Elvis is still bringing in the dough — he is the highest-paid dead person bringing in 42 million each year!

Where Should I Stay when I Visit Graceland?Guest House at Graceland

The Guest House at Graceland is beautiful.  It is located across the street from Graceland.  The rooms are really nice and are decorated with Elvis décor.

Pool at Guest House at Graceland

The outside pool area is a great to place relax and have a little fun.  There are outdoor games and beautiful lawn furniture.

The Staircase at the Guest House

The Staircase at Guest House at Graceland

There is a replica of the staircase that is in Graceland leading up to the second floor. Since you can’t climb the stairs at Graceland, the Guest House gives you your best chance at getting a similar experience.

I thought the hotel was beautiful, safe, and I highly recommend staying here if you are planning a trip to Graceland.

What Other Elvis Attractions are Nearby?Elvis Presley

If you want to get more Elvis, consider driving down to Tupelo, Mississippi, just over an hour and a half drive from Graceland.

You can take a tour of the Elvis Presley Birthplace. 

Elvis's Childhood Home in Tupelo 

Elvis was born on January 8, 1935, in his small shotgun house that his father Vernon built for $180 that he borrowed from his employer.

You can take a tour of the Elvis Presley Birthplace home. It is a 2-room house where Elvis was born with his twin brother, who was stillborn.

A family of little means, the Presleys only lived there for a few years after Elvis was born, but they continued to reside in Mississippi until 1948 when they moved to Memphis.

Historic Site

The property stands in its original location and has been restored to its original condition, decorated with period furniture as well as a replica 1939 Plymouth Sedan that the family used to drive.

This historic museum site of the birthplace of  Elvis Presley also includes a tour of the church building where the Presley family worshipped.

Sun Studio

Sun Studio Memphis Tennessee

If you can’t make it to Elvis’s birthplace, there are still plenty of ways to spend an amazing weekend in Memphis. A must-see is Sun Studio, where Elvis recorded his first song, “It's All Right Mama”  This tour will really give you an insight into how Elvis got his start.  I really enjoyed this tour!

Sun Studio and its proprietor, Sam Phillips, had quite the run.  This was also the launching point for such musicians as  Jonny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Roy Orbison.

It also lives on in the musical, Million Dollar Quartet, which reenacts the day Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins played together at the studio.


Admission is $15

You will want to purchase your tickets ahead of time because space is limited because of COVID.

Rock N Soul Museum

Rock N Soul Museum

The Rock N Soul Museum is part of the Smithsonian Institute Affiliate Program. so you know it is going to be nice.  We went and really enjoyed learning all about the famous musicians that have come out of Memphis.   Of course, Elvis is featured in this cool museum.


Admission is $11

Purchase your tickets ahead of time to schedule a time slot to visit.

Are you Ready to Visit Graceland?Visit Graceland

As you get ready to visit Graceland I hope this helps you plan your trip.  Graceland was one of my favorite places in Memphis.  I truly became an Elvis fan after this experience.   I highly recommend going and experiencing it yourself! 

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