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What to Pack for Alaska – The Complete Alaska Summer Packing List (38 Items!)

Are you wondering what to wear in Alaska?  Trying to get ready and pack for Alaska?  Not quite sure, what you should bring? No worries! I will help you prepare a complete Alaska packing list.

In this post, we will include a complete packing list for Alaska.  When we went to Alaska I packed completely wrong.  In my head, I thought Alaska is cold and we will need sweatshirts and pants and snow gear.  The clothes for Alaska I picked were totally wrong! 

We arrived in June with 80-degree weather.  It was beautiful! I am excited to help you get started packing for Alaska. (Alaska Summer Packing List) So you do not make the same mistakes I did! 

Let's get started with the complete Alaska summer packing list! 

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Before we jump into all the products I think are great for this Alaska packing list, let's answer a few common questions when planning your first trip to Alaska.  

Is Alaska Cold All Year-Round? 

No, this was my big mistake. Summer is actually warm and nice in Alaska. We experienced 80-degree weather in June.  

Do I Need Base Layers?

No, in the summer you do not need to buy long johns or extra layers to keep you warm. 

Do I Need to Pack Summer Clothes?

Short sleeve shirts are great.  Many in our group wore shorts.  It is also very comfortable to wear lightweight pants.  Don't pack winter clothes in the summer! 

What are the Best Clothes for Alaska?

I recommend lightweight, water-resistant sportswear.  Alaska is the Last Frontier you will want to dress casually.  If most of your adventures are outside I recommend workout clothes that are breathable.  

1. Clothes for Alaska - Shirts

Kenai Fjords Boat Tour Alaska

I am going to recommend bringing layers (not a base layer). I mean short sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt for your Alaska packing summer list.  That way when you get hot you can take of the sweatshirt.  


The closer to the ocean you are the cooler it is going to be.  If you are planning on visiting Seward or other popular sea towns bring a sweatshirt.  If you are mainly going to be inland in Anchorage or Fairbanks, you won't really need a sweatshirt during the summer.  

2. Clothes for Alaska - Pants

Denali Natinal Park

In some areas, it really is warm enough to wear shorts. However, I don't recommend bringing too many mainly because the mosquitos are insane!  I would recommend lightweight jogger pants. 

These types of pants are light and comfortable. These pants are also a great way for packing light for Alaska. For kids, we packed jogging pants and jeans. 

If you plan to hike, I would also recommend bringing workout clothes for those days. 

Jeans are okay but they do take up a lot of space in your suitcase.  


I have all of these jogging pants below.  They are awesome! If you are thinking about what to wear in Alaska in June these are perfect! Really any summer month. 

3. Shoes for Alaska - Hiking Shoes

Hiking Shoes for Alaska

One of the things I made sure to include on my Alaska summer packing list and buy before we went to Alaska was hiking shoes.  I knew we would be hiking a Denali National Park and Kenai National Park and wanted to make sure everyone in my family had good shoes.  


The top brands we looked at were:

We ended up buying Colombia.  We thought they were really comfortable.  It was a good choice.  I highly recommend adding hiking shoes to your Alaska packing list. 

4. Clothes for Alaska - Rain Gear and Light Jacket

Clothes for Alaska

It is good to pack a light jacket or rain jacket.  We didn't hit a lot of rain in the summer months but it is always good to be prepared.  

The light jacket can be used for the morning until it is warm enough to go without.  If you are near the ocean you will probably want to have it the entire day.  It really is a great item to include on your packing list for Alaska.

To save room in my suitcase and with the idea of packing light for Alaska, I would get one jacket that can serve two purposes: keep you dry and keep you warm.  I also would pack some ponchos if you are hiking and it starts to rain.  


I recommend three options:

5. - 8. Useful Things to Pack for Alaska

Clothes for Alaska - Sunglasses

5. Guide Book

If you are wondering what to pack for Alaska, an Alaska guidebook is extremely useful.  I would recommend purchasing one before you go on your trip.  I am going to link the milepost book below.  This was amazing as we did an Alaska road trip from Fairbanks to Seward.  Another great guidebook is Lonely Planet

6. Sleep Mask

The best part of Alaska in the summer is the midnight sun!  It is awesome, however, you may want to bring a sleep mask so you can get a good night's sleep. This is a pretty important item to include in your packing list for Alaska. 

7. Sun Glasses

If you are wondering what things to take to Alaska, make sure to pack your sunglasses.  It might not be the first thing you think about for Alaska but it is beautiful and bright all day and night long in the summer!

8. Water Bottle

If you are planning on hiking, packing your favorite water bottle is a good option.  You could also just run to Costco and buy a big pack once you get to Alaska. 


9. - 17. Alaska Packing List Hiking Supplies

Hiking Alaska packing list

If you are planning on hiking in Alaska you will want to make sure you include a few things in your Alaska summer packing list.  A good hiking backpack filled with the following recommended items.


If you are planning on camping you will need to bring additional camping items. Don't forget to pack any meds you or your family may need. 

Alaska Packing Tips

Kenai Fjords National Park Alaska

I have given a few Alaska packing tips throughout this post, but here are a few more so you can feel ready to pack and enjoy your trip.

Pack Light 

Lightweight clothes are easy to wash.  You will probably have access to a washer/dryer during your trip.  Remember, that you can do laundry so don't feel like you have to pack your entire closet! Packing light for Alaska is a good idea! 

Think Casual  

You will most likely be outside being one with nature.  Bring clothes that can get dirty and enjoy yourself.  The best clothes to wear in Alaska are those that fit your environment! 

Think Comfort

Even if you plan to go out on the town. Most restaurants won't mind if you are wearing jeans and a nice shirt.  Nothing fancy! 

Plan Ahead

Think of the activities you are going to participate in.  If you are river rafting, bring a swimsuit…hiking…bring good shoes.  All of these essential items should be in your Alaska summer packing list. 

Complete Alaska Summer Packing List (38 total Items!)

things to do at Kenai Fjords National Park

The complete Alaska packing list is below.  As you go through the items and you realize you do not have a certain item you need or want you can easily click on the links below and order whatever you need off of Amazon.  

Useful Things for Alaska


  • Phone
  • Computer
  • Chargers

Are you Ready to Pack for Alaska?

packing for Alaska suitcase

Hopefully, this Alaska packing list helps you know which clothes for Alaska are essential. Alaska is such an amazing place.  Hopefully, you do not feel overwhelmed with all the things to bring to Alaska! I know I did when packing for Alaska in June! 

Remember, the only things to take to Alaska are the ones you can't buy while are there!!!  Seriously, if you forget something you can run to the store! I hope you enjoy the Alaska trip packing list!

Want More Packing Help

I have a generic printable packing list that you can use as you pack for Alaska.  Click on the link and I will email it to you.  

Adventures in Alaska

We planned an amazing Alaska itinerary.  We started with all the fun things to do in Fairbanks, including a Riverboat tour, and a trip to the North Pole to visit Santa. Then headed to Denali National Park

 We stopped in Talkeetna and took a flightseeing tour that actually landed on Mt. Denali.  We also spent some time in Anchorage. We took a road trip from Anchorage to Seward.  We enjoyed all the things to do in Seward. It was incredible and we loved visiting.  We love Alaska and highly recommend planning a trip! 

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