Visit the Santa Claus House -North Pole Alaska

Visit The Magical Santa Claus House North Pole Alaska

Want to go to the North Pole and visit Santa?  You can! The Santa Claus House in North Pole Alaska is where you will find him. (Yes, even year-round) 

If you are looking for an adventure to the North Pole to visit Santa, this is the perfect location to fulfill your wish.  The Santa Claus House in North Pole Alaska is awesome! 

North Pole, Alaska is a town with the Christmas spirit all year round.  Everywhere you look there are candy cane striped poles and even the street signs are Christmas-oriented.  

In this post, we will direct you on how to visit the Santa Claus house in North Pole Alaska, we will also include the Santa Claus house hours.  We will include all the fun things to do in North Pole Alaska, especially at the Santa Claus house.  

Let’s explore the Santa Claus House in North Pole Alaska! 

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North Pole Alaska Santa Claus House

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Is North Pole Alaska Magical?

North Pole Alaska McDonalds

Is North Pole Alaska magical?!! Depends what you think of when you think of magic.  If having every street light and sign candy cane striped is your idea of magic then yes!   

The street names are St. Nicholas Drive, Kris Kringle Drive, Snowman Lane, and Santa Claus Lane. 

Winter Fest

During the winter North Pole, Alaska holds a magical festival.  There are over 60 vendors that line the streets with food, drinks, and Alaska-made gifts. 

Ice sculptures are all around the town.  There is also a Candle-light processional when a king and queen are chosen.  To top it off fireworks light up the night sky. It is a fun festival to get you into the Christmas spirit and one of the best things to do in North Pole, Alaska during the Christmas season. 

Summer Fest

If you are visiting in the summer don’t worry Christmas is still alive with a summer festival.  There is a Jingle in July Jingle Bell 5K.  Arts and crafts, vintage cars, food vendors, and a parade are a few other magical things to look forward to in the summer. 

Why Visit North Pole Alaska?

Santa House North Pole Alaska

Does Santa Claus Live in North Pole Alaska?

Yes, this is the place!   Come meet Santa at the Santa Claus House! 

How Long Should I Spend at the Santa Claus House – North Pole Alaska?

I would plan to spend around an hour visiting Santa and shopping.  If you want to hang out with the reindeer you will need to allow a little more time.  

Is North Pole Alaska Santa Claus House Where I Mail a Letter to Santa?


The Address is: 

101 St. Nicholas Dr.

North Pole, Alaska 99705

The Santa Claus House

Santa Claus House North Pole Alaska

What is the Santa Claus House?

The Santa Claus House is where Santa lives…..and also a gift shop, sweet shop, and where you can meet Santa. 

Origins of the Santa Claus House

Santa Claus House began as a trading post over 65 years ago.  People would congregate to pick up groceries, mail, and hang out for a soda.  In 1972 Santa came to town…..literally a 900lb 42 ft tall Santa.  North Pole Alaska has a deep connection with Christmas.  Santa also has been answering with personalized letters since stamps were only 3 cents.

Meeting Santa 

Meeting Santa at North Pole

Wow, you wouldn’t believe how much Santa knows about the world.  Have a conversation with Santa and Ms. Claus.  They have seen it all.  You can visit with Santa year-round.  Children will also receive something special after the visit.  

Lines are a little longer during the Christmas season but if you visit during the summer you will get a lot of one on one attention.  

Santa Claus North Pole Experience

The final weeks before Christmas the Santa Claus North Pole experience becomes crazy.  You may have to wait 2-3 hours to get the chance to visit Santa.  Go in early December to the Sana Claus house and you will have a much better experience! 

Gift Shop 

Gift Shop at Santa Claus House North Pole Alaska


If you need an idea for souvenirs, a Christmas ornament is the perfect option.  The gift shop is full of amazing ornaments and fun Christmas items.  From nutcrackers, nativities, and traditional Santa Claus’s you will find it all. 

It is a great area to pick up a special souvenir of the North Pole. 

Sweet Shop

Sweet Shop at Santa Claus House North Pole Alaska

The Santa Claus House offers a sweet shop with candies and fudge.  We love fudge and decided to pick up a few flavors.

Favorite Flavors

Fudge at Santa Claus House North Pole Alaska


We tested out six flavors.  The fudge was soft and delicious.  We loved the mint and the orange cream options the best.  

Seating Area

Seating Area at the Santa Claus House North Pole Alaska

There is a seating area where you can eat and talk with other people who come to visit Santa.  We met a lot of people from all over. 

It is funny because Christmas brings people together and that is exactly what you will get at the Santa Claus house.   

Meet Santa's Reindeer

Meet Reindeer Santa Claus House North Pole Alaska

Located next to the Santa Claus House is the Antler Academy of Flying and Reindeer Games.  This is where you will meet the reindeer.  

Big Red Barn

Santa's Reindeer

The reindeer live in a big red barn.  You can learn all about Santa’s reindeer, feed and pet them.  You can even get your picture taken with them.  

These Santa Claus house activities are only available during the summer months as winter is a busy time for the reindeer as they prepare for Christmas. 


Children: $7.95

Adults: $12.95

Are you Ready to Visit Santa Claus House - North Pole Alaska

Santa Claus House North Pole Alaska

Are you ready to visit Santa Claus House in North Pole Alaska?  I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect when you arrive.  Meeting Santa and exploring North Pole Alaska is an adventure you will want to take!  

This is a great way to visit Santa at the North Pole and enjoy Christmas all year round!  The Santa Claus house is so fun! 

More Adventures in Alaska 

We did an amazing road trip in Alaska.  We started with all the fun things to do in Fairbanks, including a Riverboat tour, and a trip to the North Pole to visit Santa. Then headed to Denali National Park.  

We stopped in Talkeetna and took a flightseeing tour that actually landed on Mt. Denali.  We also spent some time in Anchorage.  Our last stop was Seward.  It was incredible and we loved visiting.  We love Alaska and highly recommend planning a trip! You might enjoy this Alaska itinerary. If you need help packing for Alaska, I have you covered there as well. 

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