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15 Awesome Tips For Legoland California

Need some tips for Legoland California? Awesome! You are in the right place! 

Legoland is one of our favorite places to visit!  Over the years, we have learned and come up with some great tips for Legoland California.  

In this post, we have over 15 Legoland tips that will help you plan your trip. These tips include where to stay, what to bring, and lots of Legoland tips and tricks!

Let’s get started with the top 15 tips for Legoland California! 

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Tips for Legoland California - hotel

My number 1 tip for Legoland California is to stay at the Castle or Legoland Hotel.  And just to convince you I am going to give you 10 reason’s why it is the coolest place in the world for kids (in my opinion its better than the amusement park)

1. Scavenger Hunt

The minute you check in to the hotel your kids are given the task of finding the code to a secret treasure box located in your hotel room. This activity is so fun! It is awesome to run around the hotel and find the clues! The prize, in the end, is awesome!

2. The Elevator

The elevator in the hotel is awesome! It plays music and has a disco ball. It’s like a dance party every time you step in!

3. The Rooms

Each room is themed and decorated. The details are amazing! We have stayed in both the pirate-themed and the adventure room! You also have a choice of the kingdom, Ninjago, or Lego Friends-themed rooms. We loved the rooms!

4. Location 

The Castle and Legoland Hotels are at the entrance of the amusement park. It is so easy to access the park!

You can walk right out of the lobby and into the park. If you need to come back in the middle of the day to rest it is very convenient.

5. Early Access to the Park

When you stay at the Castle or Legoland California Hotels you can get into the park before the general public! That means LOW lines! We could walk right on!

6. Free Breakfast Buffet

The restaurant surprised us! It was amazing! We loved the french toast sticks! There was so much variety and something for everyone; even our picky eaters!

7. Nightly Games

A king and a queen host very fun games for the kids to do every night. The presentation lasted for quite some time and my kids loved it.

8. Nightly Dance Party

A room is dedicated to “awesome” music from a DJ. There are strobe lights and plenty of room to dance the night away!

9. Mini-Figure Trading (Lego Trade)

If your kids are into trading mini-figures you can do this at both the hotels and the park. It is just something special to make your trip stand out.

10. Character Dining Meal

You can make a reservation for a character dining experience.  The food is great and perfect for kids. 

Did I convince you? Just so you know it is worth it! 

2. Look for Legoland Ticket and Package Deals

Tips for Legoland California

Legoland tip #2 is to buy your tickets in advance and while you are at it get a good deal! One reason we love Legoland is there are always good deals and promotions for Legoland.  I will give you a few tips for Legoland California ticket deals.  

Legoland Magazine

Check out the Legoland Magazine.  This is a free magazine that ALWAYS has a free child ticket to Legoland!  Sometimes this is a great deal, but you might be able to get a better deal with a package.

The Package Deal

When we stayed at the resort it was actually cheaper the time of year we went to book the hotel and tickets together than to do it separately. Not to mention we had a free breakfast and entertainment included!  It is worth looking at all your options before you book.  

October is Kids are Free Month

Hopefully, October continues to be a free kids month in San Diego.  Double-check if this is the time of year you would like to go. 

Get Away Today

Getaway Today Legoland

Get Away Today is a great place to book a Legoland California vacation package.  They usually have the best deals and promotions for Southern California.  Plus, you can use my promo code: PlanAway10 to get $10 off. 

3. Pick the Best Time to Go to Legoland

Legoland California Tips - Best time to go to Legoland

Because Legoland California is located in San Diego (Carlsbad)  The weather is perfect all year round.  Even in the “heat of the summer” the highs are only 77 degrees.  

Peak Season

San Diego tourist season is June – September.  There will be more people visiting Legoland California.  The crowds may be higher but one thing to consider is that the water park will be open. This allows more room for people to spread out.  If you go in the off-season the crowds will be lower and the water park will be closed for the season. 

Days of the Week 

The middle of the week is the best time to go to Legoland California Carlsbad.  The crowds are lower which allows you to jump on rides quicker!   

4. Get to the Park Early

Tips for Legoland California

Get to the park early! If your kiddos normally wake up early, take advantage of this.  The lines are low and you can walk on to the rides that are most important to you.  

Early Entry for Legoland Hotel Guest

If you are staying at the Castle or Legoland hotel you can enter 30 minutes early and ride the 4 most popular rides:

  • Coastersaurus
  • Fairy Tale Brook
  • Coast Cruise
  • Ninjago The Ride

This is enough time to ride all four when there are no lines. In fact, you can ride them more than once! 

5. Best Things to Bring to Legoland

Tips for Legoland California
These packing tips for Legoland California are great supplies to have in a backpack when you visit the park.  If you are going to the water park you will need:

6. Bring or Rent a Stroller

Stroller Rental Tips for California Legoland

Legoland is a great park for younger kids and having a stroller is a huge help! As the kids get tired there is a place for them to sit.  I love having a stroller to store all of my stuff as well.  It comes in very handy.

If you are coming to Legoland with toddlers or kids under 5  I highly recommend bringing your own or renting one from Legoland.

Can I Rent a Stroller from Legoland?

Yes, strollers are available to rent at Legoland California.

Single Stroller: $17

Double Stroller: $20

7. Download the App

Legoland App California Legoland tip

The Legoland app is pretty awesome.  You can do the following things:

  • Park Hours
  • Purchase Tickets
  • Reserve-N-Ride
  • Find Wait Times for Rides
  • Height Requirements for Rides
  • Map of the Park
  • Show Times

8. Shop and Use Package Pick Up

Tips for California Legoland Shopping

Depending on the crowd levels and the time of year you visit, shopping early in the day may be best.   We didn’t have any problems shopping as we exited the park.  

Package Pick-Up

If you shop earlier in the day and do not want to carry around your merch, you can use the package pick-up service.  Your items will be waiting for pick up when you exit the park.  

9. Mini-Figure Trading (Lego Trade)

Legoland Mini figure tip for Legoland

Have you heard of mini-figure trading? Lego trade is a big deal at Legoland. You can trade your old or unwanted mini-figures at the park and hotels. This happens in three steps.

Lego Trade Tip #1

Bring your Lego mini-figures to the park.  Make sure they have all their major parts; head, body, and legs.  If you do not want to bring your own you can purchase them at the park.  

Lego Trade Tip #2

Find a “Model Citizen” (employee) with a lanyard around their neck.  You simply ask to Lego trade and they are happy to assist you. You may also want to check near the cash registers to see if there is a display box of mini-figures.

Best Places to Find Model Citizens for Lego Trade

Both the Legoland Hotel and the Legoland Castle Hotel will have great options.  Inside the park be sure to stop at the following locations:

  • Mini-Mart
  • Sea Life Aquarium
  • Dino Dig Store
  • Mini-Land Trading Co
  • Lego Idea Shop
  • Kings Market

Lego Trade Tip #3

Once you complete a trade it doesn’t have to end.  You can Lego trade all day long! This is a fun activity and a souvenir combined in one.  

Tips for Legoland California

Now, parents, this is going to take a little planning on your part before you arrive at the park.  If you want to Lego trade you will have to have your kids figure out which mini-figures they can live without and pack them.  You may also want to buy a few Lego mini-figures specifically for trading.

10. Think About Reserve-N-Ride

Reserve n Ride Legoland tip for Legoland California

Tips for Legoland California #10 is really a great one if you plan to go on the busiest days of the year.  

What is Reserve-N-Ride at Legoland?

Reserve-N-Ride is a front-of-the-line pass.  You will pay an additional fee and be able to reserve rides from the mobile app.  It is an awesome option if the park is crowded. 

Do you Need Reserve-N-Ride at Legoland California?

Probably not, if you go and the park is packed then yes, it might be worth it.  Most times of the year you should be good.  

11. Use Parent-Swap

Rider Swap at Legoland tip

Parent-Swap is the best Legoland tip I can give you if you are bringing babies to Legoland. 

Parent-Swap gives you the option as parents or caregivers to both ride the ride with an older child while one parent takes care of the baby.  Your older child will get to ride 2 times, once with you and once with the other adult.   

It is genius! 

12. Height Check

Tip for LEGOLAND California

Before you arrive at the park, it is good to know if your children do not qualify to ride a certain ride because of their height. Measure them before you get to the park. 

Tips for Legoland California

Open your Legoland app and you should be able to see all height requirements.  By doing this you will also know which rides parent-swap will be necessary for. 

13. Be Patient - No Need to Rush

Legoland Tip -play

There is no need to rush around Legoland.  Be patient and let your kids play.  Legoland is more than just rides.  There are lots of hands-on activities.  It is okay to just hang out and build Legos for an hour, chances are you probably have time to do that and ride all the rides. 

Mini-Land USA

One area to be patient and check out is Mini-Land USA.  There are so many amazing Lego creations and even buttons you can press that make everything come alive! 

14. Make Reservations

Legoland tips for Food

Legoland California has a reservation system in place to limit park attendance. (Covid) Make sure you make a reservation! 

But don’t freak out if you bought your tickets and actually entered the dates you were going at that time.  There is no need to make a reservation if your ticket is dated.  (talking from experience)  

Dinner Reservations

There is a character dining restaurant located at the Legoland Hotel. If you want to eat there you will need to make a reservation.  (Even if you pre-purchased it in a package) 

Typically, guests not staying at the hotel were allowed to make reservations as well, however, that is not an option at this time because of Covid. 

15. Check Restaurant Times and Hours

Tips for Legoland California - food

Not all restaurants are open!  Covid has reduced the number of restaurants that are open and the hours of operation.  

The app will let you know which restaurants are open for guests.  This can be frustrating.  Hang in there, hopefully, this will change soon! 

Legoland Tips and Tricks

Legoland California Tips

Hopefully, these 15 tips for Legoland California will help you plan your trip! Legoland is so much fun for the little ones! 

Do you have any additional Legoland tips?  Let us know! 

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