Oklahoma Pioneer Woman Mercantile

Oklahoma – Explore The Amazing Pioneer Woman Mercantile

Are you planning an Oklahoma Pioneer Woman Mercantile trip? Want to see all of the cool stuff in the Pioneer Woman Store?!

Awesome! We just went and I am excited to share with you all the fun things to do in Pawhuska Oklahoma.  Pioneer Womans Mercantile is a fun part of exploring the town.  

Ree Drummond aka the “Pioneer Woman” started a blog in 2006.  On her blog, she shares recipes and stories of what life is like on an Oklahoma ranch.  She became a ranch food blogger and was offered her own show on the Food Network.  Her show is still a hit and has inspired many people.

Ree Drummond films her show right on the ranch.  When you visit Pawhuska, Oklahoma you can check out the Lodge where the show is filmed.  

In this post, we are going to give you a complete guide to visiting the Pioneer Woman Mercantile Store.  I will share my favorite Oklahoma Pioneer Woman treats from the bakery, and what our favorite food was at the Mercantile Pioneer Woman Restaurant. I will also include some great tips for accommodations and souvenirs at the Pioneer Woman Store. 

We also got the opportunity to drive out to the ranch and see where the show is filmed.  It was awesome to see the Pioneer Woman house and Lodge. 

Let's explore all the fun things do in Pawhuska, Oklahoma including the Pioneer Woman Mercantile Store and Lodge.

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Pioneer Woman Location

Tulsa to Pawhuska Oklahoma Map
Oklahoma City to Pawhuska Oklahoma Map

The closest major city to Pawhuska, Oklahoma is Tulsa.  We actually had spent a few days at the Grand Lake O' the Cherokees near Tulsa and then headed over to the Pioneer Woman Mercantile. 

The drive from Tulsa to Pawhuska was not bad at all.  The roads were well taken care of. We went through a few small towns and found Pawhuska with ease.

On our way back we were actually headed to Oklahoma City where I grew up.  The drive from Oklahoma City to Pawhuska is a little longer but primarily on major interstate highways. 

We liked the drive home going this direction because we added a stop to our favorite Route 66 spot Pops We love visiting this location every time we visit Oklahoma. 

The Pioneer Woman location is easy to find.

Parking Near Pioneer Woman Mercantile Store

Parking at the Oklahoma Pioneer Woman Mercantile

When we first arrived in Pawhuska I was surprised.  I guess I had imagined all the Pioneer Woman activities would be located out on the ranch.  However, I found that most of the attractions were actually located in town.  


Parking at the Pioneer Woman Mercantile store was easy.  There are some spots available right on the street near the mercantile.  If those are full, don't worry there is a huge parking area located one block away and the best part is the parking is free.  

Pioneer Woman Mercantile

Pioneer Women Mercantile

Our first stop in Pushuska was the Pioneer Woman Mercantile.  The Mercantile is a cute store with tons of fun Pioneer Woman products. 

Pioneer Woman Mercantile Hours

Monday – Thursday: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

Friday and Saturday: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm

Closed Sundays

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile (Store)

books at the Pioneer Women Mercantile

Located on the main floor right as you walk in is the Pioneer Woman Mercantile store.  There are products such as cookbooks, decorations, and even clothes. 

The Pioneer Woman actually has a line at Wal-Mart.  However, the items sold at the store are unique and made especially for the Pioneer Woman Mercantile.  

Was the Pioneer Woman Mercantile Busy?

mugs at Pioneer Women Mercantile

The Oklahoma Pioneer Woman Mercantile store is a happening place.  There was always a good amount of people exploring.  We didn't feel overcrowded.  

On our trip, we took our nieces and our daughters.  They loved it! One of the fun things we did was check out all the fun merchandise. We were able to score a few Pioneer Woman Okahoma souvenirs.  

How Long Should I Stay at the Pioneer Womans Mercantile?

bags at the Pioneer Women Mercantile

We hung around town for about 3 hours in total.  We spent about 45 minutes exploring the Pioneer Woman store.  We took our time and had fun.  

Bakery at the Pioneer Woman Mercantile

Pioneer Women Bakery

Located inside the Pioneer Woman Mercantile is the bakery and deli.  It is located on the upper level. 

Pioneer Woman Mercantile Hours for Bakery

Monday – Thursday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

Friday and Saturday 7:00 am – 8:00 pm

Closed Sunday

Pioneer Woman Bakery Choices

The Bakery at Pioneer Women

We were excited to try the treats at the bakery.  We headed upstairs and found that there wasn't a long line.  We were able to check out all the treats and take our time deciding what we wanted to try. 

Texas Sheet Cake

Texas Sheet Cake at Pioneer Women Bakery

I decided to go with a Texas sheet cake.  It is big enough to feed at least 2 people, maybe more.  It was pretty good. 

Lemon Bar

Lemon Square at Pioneer Women Bakery

My daughter is not a chocolate fan so the Lemon Bar was perfect.  We all shared each other's treats. I really liked this one, I think it was my favorite treat. 


Cookies and Cream Cupcake at Pioneer Women Bakery

We also tried out a few cupcakes including the Oreo, chocolate, and brownie.  They were all delicious!   If I had to choose one it would be the Oreo! 

Seating at the Bakery in the Pioneer Woman Mercantile

Seating at Pioneer Women Bakery

One wonderful thing about the Pioneer Woman bakery area is there is plenty of seating.  Not only are there tables and chairs, but they also have couches.  It is a great place to relax. 

My husband was totally indulging me on this adventure.  He spent most of his time in this area working, while me and my daughters and nieces explored and shopped at the Pioneer Woman store.

Deli at the Pioneer Woman Mercantile

Pioneer Woman Deli

The hostess said that you could order off The Deli menu (which looked the same as the Pioneer Woman Restaurant menu) and take your “to-go” order outside to eat. 

This is a great option if you did not have 2-3 hours to wait for a table at the Pioneer Woman restaurant. 

Ree Drummonds Pioneer Woman Mercantile Restaurant

Food at the Pioneer Women Restaurant

The restaurant is located inside the Pioneer Woman Mercantile.  As you enter you can go to the restaurant or start shopping.  

Hot Tip

If you want to eat at the restaurant you will want to put your name on the list right when you arrive.  Typically, the wait will be anywhere from 2-3 hours. 

If you arrive right when it opens or late in the evening you may not have to wait as long.  

When your table is ready you will get a text letting you know.  We waited just under 2 hours for a table. It was worth the wait! 

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile Hours for Restaurant 

Club Sandwich at the Pioneer Women Restaurant

Monday – Thursday: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

Friday – Saturday: 7:00 am – 8:00pm

Closed Sunday 

Food Choices at the Pioneer Woman Mercantile Restaurant (Pioneer Woman Restaurant Menu Favorites)

Chicken at the Pioneer Women Restaurant

Ree Drummond is known for her ranch-style cooking.  We wanted to try a variety of things. 

First up was our appetizer of chicken tenders….. and Wow!   They were huge! They could honestly feed 5-6 people! It was also big enough to be a complete meal for a few people.  I would recommend ordering this item. They were really delicious. 

Favorite Dishes at The Pioneer Woman Mercantile Restaurant 

Grill Cheese and Tomato Soup at the Pioneer Women Restaurant

We ordered the turkey club sandwich, tomato soup and grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, and a fried chicken sandwich.

My favorite was the grilled cheese.  It may have been the best grilled cheese ever!  The soup was pretty good but my niece wasn't a fan.  I thought the turkey club and the macaroni and cheese were really good. (My daughter raved about both of these Pioneer Woman menu items)  However, the fried chicken sandwich was not my favorite.

Serving Sizes 

I am glad we all ordered different menu items and taste-tested each other's meals! The helping sizes were large and if you are not starving you can easily share one plate between two people. 


The service was okay, it did take a long time to get our food, but we were having a good time chatting, so it was no big deal.  

P - Town Pizza

P-town Pizza in Pawhuska

P- Town Pizza is located right across the street from the Pioneer Woman Mercantile.  If you do not want to wait 2-3 hours at the restaurant, head over for an authentic delicious pizza pie.  

Pioneer Woman P- Town Hours

Monday – Thursday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Friday – Saturday: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Ree Drummond opened the pizza parlor in 2018.  The menu includes unique pizza, garlic knots, salad, and chicken wings.   It is a perfect place for a quick bite to eat! 

Ree Drummond Ice Cream and Candy Store

Charlies Sweet Stop Pawhuska Oklahoma

It is always good to do your research before you go on a trip, I failed on this one.  Charlies Sweet Shop is Ree Drummonds ice cream and candy store.  It is located right across the street from the Oklahoma Pioneer Woman Mercantile and below her pizza store – P-Town Pizza.  

It  has the cutest Logo.  It was named after her basset hound who passed away. “In memory of Charlie, the ultimate sweetheart” 

Pioneer Woman Hours for Ice Cream and Sweetshop

Monday  – Saturday: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm 

The sweet shop sells Tillamook Ice Cream.  We love Tillamook.  Tillamook is not an ice cream you can buy in the grocery store in Oklahoma.  (We do have it in Utah.  Also, We have traveled down the Oregon Coast and visited the factory.) 

I did not get a chance to check it out.  Next time I go I will be getting a big scoop of ice cream! 

Pioneer Women Boarding House and Gift Shop

Boarding house at pioneer Women

The Boarding House is located just down the street from the Pioneer Woman Mercantile store.  The boarding house has a cowboy-luxury vibe. 

There are different themed rooms.  Room service is available as well as a guaranteed reservation for the Pioneer Woman Restaurant. 


Depending on which room you choose, prices range from $169 -$279 a night.

Hot Tip

The Boarding House sells out a year in advance.  Planning ahead is essential if you want to stay here. To make a reservation you will need to book online. pwboardinghouse.com 

If you can't get a reservation, there are a few more accommodations options in Pawuska, Oklahoma.

Gift Shop at the Boarding House

Gift Shop at the Boarding house at pioneer Women

Located right next door to the boarding house is a gift shop.  This is different from the Pioneer Woman Mercantile store. 

There are more of the “Pioneer Woman line” products.  I noticed suitcases, dishes, and few a other products that I have seen at Wal-Mart. 

Pioneer Woman Lodge

The Lodge at Pioneer Woman

After you have explored Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and the Pioneer Woman Mercantile, you can head to The Lodge.  The Lodge is not open to visitors all the time.  We were lucky enough to come when it was! This is the true Pioneer Woman location! 

The Pioneer Woman Oklahoma Lodge is located 18 miles out of town, down an unpaved road.  You truly get the Pioneer Woman experience when you visit The Lodge. 

Tour Day Hours

When The Lodge is available for tours the hours are:

9:00 am – 5:00 pm


You will pick up a ticket at the Pioneer Woman Mercantile Store.  Tickets are free. The employees will give you directions.  

We got lost!  Just so you know you do not go back through the town to the main hwy!  We had to backtrack.  

Filming of the Food Network Pioneer Woman Cooking Show

Pioneer Women Filming Kitchen

One of the cool things about visiting The Lodge is that you get to tour the actual set of the Pioneer Woman Cooking Show.  

Pioneer Women Kitchen

We liked looking around and pretending to be on TV. The set kitchen was so nice.  We loved looking at the pantry off to the side.  It was huge! 

The Lodge Guest Quarters

The Lodge Pioneer Woman

Within The Lodge are beautiful hotel-style rooms.  These are primarily for the filming crew or guests of the Drummonds. 

You can take a tour of each room, as you do, be sure to check out the view. It is a beautiful lookout to the ranch. 

Test Kitchen at the Pioneer Woman Oklahoma Ranch

Preparatory Kitchen at the Pioneer Women Lodge

Located at the rear of The Lodge is an industrial test kitchen.  I thought this area would be a great prepping station if you wanted to have a big party at The Lodge.  

Extra Pantry 

Pantry at the Pioneer Woman Lodge

The pantries are really cool to check out.  This one just off the test kitchen is huge! 

There are more kitchen Aides than you can count and tons of seasonings and sauces!   

The View of the Pioneer Womans Oklahoma Ranch

Pioneer Women Ranch

After you tour The Lodge you can step out on the deck and take in the beautiful Oklahoma landscape.  Ree Drummond's ranch house is within view.  One thing I love about Oklahoma is that the land seems to go on forever!  

Things to Do in Pawhuska Near the Pioneer Woman Lodge

Bison near the Pioneer Woman Lodge

After your tour of The Lodge, you may want to consider taking a detour and checking out the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve. The reserve houses 2500 bison.  

There are some employees located at The Lodge. They can give you directions.  

Are you Ready for the Oklahoma Pioneer Woman Mercantile?

Oklahoma Pioneer Woman Mercantile

Hopefully, this information helps you plan your trip to the Oklahoma Pioneer Woman Mercantile.  We had such a fun time exploring, shopping, and eating! 

I highly recommend a visit and hope you enjoy all the things to do in Pawhuska, Oklahoma! 

Have you been to the Pioneer Womans Mercantile?  What were your favorite things?  Comment below and let us know! 

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