Great Wolf Lodge Halloween

Great Wolf Lodge Halloween Celebration

Are you thinking about going to the Great Wolf Lodge Halloween celebration?

Awesome! You will love the “Howl-o-Ween” twist at Great Wolf Lodge.  I am excited to tell you all about the Great Wolf Lodge Halloween activities.  

Great Wolf Lodge is one of the best family-friendly hotels in the USA.  It includes an indoor water park and many exciting adventures and activities your kids will love!  

In this post, we are going to give you all the information you need for the Great Wold Lodge Halloween celebration. 

Let's explore all the fun things to do at the Great Wolf Lodge Halloween celebration! This will include the Great Wolf Lodge activities, the Great Wolf Lodge games for Halloween, and all the fun things to do at Great Wolf Lodge for Halloween. 

Plus, I have a great Great Wolf Lodge coupon code I want to share with you! 

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Where is Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge Halloween

The Great Wolf Lodge has many locations throughout the United States and North America.  All of these have a Great Wolf Lodge Halloween celebration. These are the Great Wolf Lodge destinations to choose from. 

Great Wolf Lodge Halloween Locations:

  • Anaheim/Garden Grove, CA
  • Atlanta/La Grange, GA
  • Baltimore/Perryville, MD 
  • Charlotte/ Concord, NC
  • Chicago/Gurnee, IL 
  • Cincinnati/Mason, OH
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Grand Mound, WA
  • Grapevine, TX
  • Kansas City, KS
  • Minneapolis/Bloomington, MN
  • New England/ Boston, MA
  • Naples, FL (coming 2024)
  • Niagara Falls/ Canada
  • Pocono Mountains, PA
  • San Francisco/ Manteca, CA
  • Sandusky, OH
  • Scottsdale/ Salt River, AZ
  • Traverse City, MI
  • Williamsburg, VA
  • Wisconsin Dells, WI

What Makes Great Wolf Lodge at Halloween Special?

Visit Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge is one of the most family-friendly hotels in North America. Not only does it have an indoor water park but it also has an arcade, mini-golf, climbing wall, ropes course, magi quest adventure, Build-A-Bear, and character meet and greets.

Great Wolf Lodge is a kid's dream vacation!  Are you ready to pack for Great Wolf Lodge and get this party started? Not yet? Well, keep reading and you will be ready by the end of this post!

What Ages are Recommended for the Great Wolf Lodge?

Great Wolf Lodge is designed for those under the age of 12.  Almost every Great Wolf Lodge activity is geared toward kids. Some of the bigger water slides are fun for adults and kids alike. 

Great Wolf Lodge Hotel Rooms

Great Wolf Lodge Hotel Rooms

Booking a Room

Booking a room is easy. You can book a room on the website or on the app. There is a $30 resort fee. 

Paw Pass 

When you go to book, it will ask you if you want to purchase a paw pass.  There are three different types. I highly recommend getting one because if you want to do any of the Great Wolf Lodge activities (besides the water park) it is your pass.  

If you are not sure when you book your room, you can buy a pass at the hotel. 

Hot Tip

Great Wolf Lodge almost always has a coupon code.  You can always ask me for one in my Facebook Group.  

Checking In for the Great Wolf Lodge Halloween Celebration

Great Wolf Lodge Check in

Check-in time is at 4:00 pm however, you can arrive as early as 1:00 pm to use the water park.

You can also check in using the app if you have a guaranteed room and a credit card on file. 

However, I suggest stopping at the front desk because they will give you the Great Wolf Lodge schedule of activities being offered during your stay. 

You will also get a wristband that will be your room key and water park entrance ticket, and allows you to check out towels.  

Themed Rooms

One thing I love about Great Wolf Lodge is the hotel rooms.  There are several different choices depending on your party size.  They also are themed.  In some rooms, the bunk beds are designed to look like tree houses. 

We have a big family so a standard room will not accommodate all of us.  We prefer to get a two or three-bedroom suite when we stay at Great Wolf Lodge.  Some of the rooms can accommodate up to 16 people.  This would be a great place to plan a family reunion

How Long Should I Stay at the Great Wolf Lodge?

I recommend staying at least 2 days.  This will allow you enough time to enjoy the water park as well as all the Great Wolf Lodge activities.  

What Great Wolf Lodge Activities are Included in My Stay?

The water park is the main attraction and is included with your stay.  There are also character meet and greets, yoga, storytime, and a dance party every day.  You will also get a cute headband for each kid when you check-in.  During the Great Wolf Lodge Halloween time, they may have something special.  

What Time is Check Out at Great Wolf Lodge?

Check-out is at 11:00 am.  You can request a late check-out time of 2:00 pm for an additional charge.  After you check out you will be allowed to use the water park until it closes.  There are locker rooms to change when you are finished. 

What Should I Bring to The Great Wolf Lodge?

Great Wolf Lodge Halloween

There are a few things you will want to make sure you bring to Great Wolf Lodge. 

Great Wolf Lodge Halloween

Halloween Decorations at Great Wolf Lodge

One of the best fall vacations in the USA is Great Wolf Lodge. Great Wolf Lodge during Halloween is a lot of fun. 

Does the Great Wolf Lodge do Anything for Halloween?

Yes, the celebration is actually called Howl-o-Ween! The lodge is impressively decorated.  Last year, there was a spider almost as big as the entire ceiling hanging above the entry.  

There are also special Halloween activities such as trick or treating, a dance party, and Halloween Great Wolf Lodge games throughout all of October.  

Let's dig into more of the fun things to do at Great Wolf Lodge Halloween activities! 

1. Trick or Treat - Halloween at Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge Halloween

Every night at 6:00 pm (times may vary by location) in the Grand Lobby of Great Wolf Lodge there is trick or treating. 

We had to sign up at the front desk to participate. (It is included in your stay.)  

There are several stations throughout the main lobby where candy is passed out. At each station, there is a little Great Wolf Lodge game to play.  These games include pinning the wolf ear on Mr. Bones, mummy bowling, and witch hat ring toss.  A bag is provided to collect the candy.

Our kids loved this! We had such a fun time trick-or-treating at Great Wolf Lodge Halloween event.  

2. Spooktacular Story Time

Great Wolf Lodge Story Halloween Story Time

Every night at 8:00 pm (times may vary by location) there is story time. During Halloween at Great Wolf Lodge, the stories are a little spooky. 

Don't worry they will not keep your kids up at night.  These stories are designed for a younger audience. 

3. Monster Bash Dance Party - Great Wolf Lodge Halloween

Halloween dance Party

Kids love a good dance party! This is especially fun at Great Wolf Lodges Halloween party.  There are some great songs your little ones will love.  We did the hokey pokey and had a lot of fun.  The kids can wear their Halloween costumes to the party as well. 

My kids are really shy so I had to get out on the dance floor to help them feel okay! 

4. Costume Parade - Great Wolf Lodge Halloween

Halloween Parade at Great Wolf Lodge

The costume parade is a fun way to show off your fun Halloween costumes.  Right before trick or treating your kids can walk around the lobby with other guests and model their costumes for all the parents. 

This is a fun Great Wolf Lodge Halloween activity!

Great Wolf Lodge Activities

Great Wolf Lodge Activities

Great Wolf Lodge is awesome during Halloween but it is still pretty amazing even without the extra holiday activities. 

The Great Wolf Lodge activities that are offered year-round are one of the main reasons we love to come back.  

Let's explore some of the great year round Great Wolf Lodge activities.

5. Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

The water park is the biggest highlight of the Great Wolf Lodge.  Many of the Great Wolf Lodge locations are in colder areas.  Having a heated indoor pool is the best fall/winter getaway.  Kids love having the option to swim during a cooler season.  

Water Slides and Pools at Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

Each water park is slightly different at each Great Wolf Lodge location.  Most parks will have 4-5 big water slides, a huge jungle gym with slides that go off of it. 

Swimming pools, wave pools, and lazy rivers are at most locations. 

There are special areas for babies and toddlers. 

Are There Lockers at Great Wolf Lodge Water Park?

lockers at great wolf lodge

Yes, you can purchase a locker.  This is great if you had to check-out of your room or you just got a Great Wolf Lodge day pass. 

Are Towels Provided? 

Towels at Great Wolf Lodge

Yes, there is a station where you can check out towels. You will use your wristband to check out the towels.

Are There Life Jackets Provided?  

Great Wolf Lodge Lifejackets

Yes. Life Jackets are provided. So there is no need to bring your own. 

Great Wolf Lodge Day Pass

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

Day passes are now available. So, if you live near a Great Wolf Lodge and just want to go to the water park you can buy a day pass.  

Great Wolf Lodge Day Pass Admission

Prices vary by location and if the resort is full the prices for day passes go up.  They start around $55 for weekday full day pass and $44 for a half day pass on weekdays on weekends it is over $85.  

The day passes do not include the Great Wolf Lodge Halloween activities. 

6. Magiquest

Magiquest at Great Wolf Lodge

Magiquest is one of the best activities at Great Wolf Lodge.  This is a Great Wolf Lodge game that is located throughout the hotel.  It is fun during the Great Wolf Lodge Halloween time because many of the areas are decorated. 

The Game

To get started with your Magiquest adventure you will need to head to the Magiquest store.  A wand is necessary to play the game.  There is a selection to choose from.  Once your wand is activated you can begin your quest. 

Magic Quest at Great Wolf Lodge

Each Great Wolf Location has a different setup for the game. At the Wisconsin Dells, an entire 3 floors were designed especially for this game.  In Chicago, the stations were located in the lobby and lower level. 

The game can take some time to complete.  I would allow two hours.  

7. Great Wolf Lodge Arcade

Great Wolf Lodge Arcade

My kids love arcades! There are lots of Great Wolf Lodge fun games to play.  I know when my kids see the flashing lights they cannot resist wanting to play.  

There are game cards you can purchase and prizes after they are done playing. 

8. Bowling

Bowling at Great Wolf Lodge

Bowling at Great Wolf Lodge is on a smaller scale. This isn't a full size bowling lane but it is perfect for kids.  

9. Great Wolf Lodge Ropes Course

Great Wolf Lodge Ropes Course

If you have an adventurous kid, the rope course is perfect.  Depending on your location the course can vary.  At the Chicago location the ropes course was about two stories high.  

I had two kiddos that did it.  One is very adventurous, the other does not like heights.  They both rocked it and loved it. 

10. Great Wolf Lodge Rock Climbing Wall

Rock Climbing Wall at Great Wolf Lodge

The rock climbing wall is a Great Wolf Lodge activity for both parents and children.  You can join in the fun and rock climb with your kiddos. 

All locations may not have the same activities so keep that in mind. 

11. Character Meet and Greets at Halloween Great Wolf Lodge

Character meet and greets at Great Wolf Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge characters are located in the lobby at specific times.  You can take pictures and say hi!  During the Great Wolf Lodge Halloween celebration, they have a spooky backdrop. 

12. Build-A-Bear

Build a bear at great wolf lodge

Build-A-Bear is a great option if you have a younger child that cannot participate in all of the Great Wolf Lodge activities.  

The first time we went, we had a 3 year old and she was not interested in Magiquest and not big enough for the ropes course.  Grandma took her and built a Great Wolf Lodge character.  It was a fun memory for her.  

You can dress up your bears and bring them to the Great Wolf Lodge Halloween costume parade. 

13. Great Wolf Lodge Mini Golf

Mini golf at Great Wolf Lodge

If your kids love mini golf, this is a great Great Wolf Lodge activity.  

The course in Chicago was very tiny.  My kids enjoyed it.  

14. Eating At Great Wolf Lodge Halloween Party

Eating at Great Wolf Lodge

One of the best things about Great Wolf Lodge is that once you check in, you do not have to leave.  Restaurants will differ by location but will be similar to the ones listed below.

In Chicago there were the following:

  • Timbers (To Go by the Pool)
  • Ben and Jerry's
  • Great Wolf Candy Company
  • Hungry as a Wolf

Are you Ready to Go to Great Wolf Lodge Halloween Celebration?

Great Wolf Lodge Halloween

Hopefully, this gives you lots of great ideas of what to expect at the Great Wolf Lodge Halloween celebration.  The Great Wolf Lodge activities are so fun!   No matter what time of year you go Great Wolf Lodge is FUN!

Coupon Code

I always have a coupon code.  The best way to get it from is to ask in the Facebook Group.  

I hope you have a wonderful Howl-O-Ween at Great Wolf Lodge!

Facebook Community

If you have any questions be sure to join  my Facebook Travel Community   This great community can help answer any questions you may have about your upcoming trips. Plus, I try to add any great deals or promotions that companies send me!

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  1. Isn’t Great Wolf Lodge so fun? We have only been to the one in Williamsburg, VA, but I’d love see so many more. I really love this rock climbing wall in Chicago! Great post and amazing pictures!

  2. I agree with you when you say that Great Wolf Lodge is a kids dream holiday. I know my kids wouldn’t know where to go first between the pool, arcade, and rock climbing. Snd I love the paw prints down the hallway, super cute.

  3. Our Great Wolf Lodge is a lot smaller with less amenities. Looks like it would be a lot of fun for the kids around Halloween.

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