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Perfect 7 Day Cancun Itinerary (The Best Things to Do in Cancun)

Are you planning a Cancun trip? Need a little help putting together a Cancun itinerary?

Whether you have one week in Cancun or just a weekend in Cancun, this Cancun Mexico itinerary is for you!

We recently went to Cancun and had a blast. There are so many fun things to do in Cancun! I'm excited to share with you a lot of options so you can plan the perfect Cancun travel itinerary! 

How many days in Cancun do you want to spend? This is the first question you will want to ask yourself! In this Cancun trip guide, I list the best resources, so you can plan a 3,4,5 or 7-day Cancun itinerary. 

Looking forward to Cancun water activities? Maybe more of a jungle adventure tour? Or maybe you just want to relax at a resort pool.  No matter what your preference is, this Cancun itinerary will be adaptable for you.

In this post, we will help you plan a trip to Cancun.  I have put together a 7-day Cancun itinerary.  It will include all the major things to do in Cancun for adults as well as Cancun family activities. We will also add a few day trips from Cancun.

Don't worry if you are not spending one week in Cancun you can form a 3, 4, or 5-day Cancun itinerary based on what interests you most in this 7-day Cancun itinerary.

Let's get started with a perfect Cancun itinerary for your Cancun trip. 

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Getting to Cancun


You will most likely arrive in Cancun at the Cancun International Airport.  If you have never been to Mexico it may be a bit overwhelming.  There are people everywhere trying to sell you timeshares.  (your best bet is to ignore them.)

Transportation to the Cancun Hotel Zone

There are a few options of transportation once you arrive in Cancun.  You can take a shuttle, rent a car, or opt for public transportation.  

Rent A Car

We rented a car, our experience wasn't wonderful. However, it is nice to have the freedom to be able to drive where you want to go, when you want to go.  I highly recommend reading my “Should I rent a car in Mexico” post so you can make a good decision.  

Take a Shuttle

Many of the hotels in the Cancun Hotel Zone offer a shuttle service. These typically cost between $24 to over $100 round trip depending on which hotel you stay at.  

Private Transportation Services

There are many companies that offer private shuttle services.  If you are going to use a shuttle service I would book ahead of time.  

Cancun Hotel Zone

Hotel Zone in Cancun

The best place to book your accommodations is in the Cancun Hotel Zone  There are so many amazing resorts located along this area.  The beach is kept in impeccable shape.  The water is amazingly blue.  It is a gorgeous area.  

There are also many restaurants, shopping areas, clubs, and entertainment options all located in this area.  You really do not have to leave this area to have fun. 

Honestly, it is a lot safer to stay in this area because the police patrol it and want to keep it safe for tourists.  This is great advice when planning a trip to Cancun.

Hotel Brand Recommendations

I am just giving you brand names because each brand has several hotels located in this area.  Some are family-friendly while others are adults-only hotels. There are also all-inclusive options for most hotels.  

Okay, now that the basics are out of the way let's start planning our 7-day Cancun itinerary! Remember if you are limited on time you can easily create a 4-day Cancun itinerary or any amount of time you have available. 

1. Day 1 Resort and Beach Day

Cancun Day Trips

Day 1 of your Cancun trip itinerary starts with checking in at your hotel.  Most resorts in Cancun offer amazing amenities.  Almost, every hotel has beachfront property as well.  Spend some time getting acquainted with the hotel.

Day 1 Cancun Itinerary Agenda

Relax at the Pool

Travel Tips for Cancun - Should I Tip

One of the best things about Cancun is that it is a vacation where you can relax.  For day 1 of your Cancun itinerary, I suggest getting to know your hotel and what it has to offer. 

We stayed at the JW Marriott.  It was amazing and offered a lot of perks.  The pools were amazing! 

Depending on what time of day you arrive at you may have time to enjoy a short excursion. If you want to do something extreme you could do one of the following:

If those Cancun water activities are too extreme you could opt for parasailing or catamaran ride on the ocean as well.  

2. Day 2 - Cancun Itinerary - Ancient Ruins Chichen Itza

Visit Chichen Itza and the Pyramid

An adventure to Chichen Itza is a great day trip from Cancun and is on the schedule for day 2. It is a great option for your itinerary for Cancun Mexico 

Day 2 Cancun Itinerary Agenda

  • Chichen Itza

Ready to get up early?  Today is the day to visit the ancient Mayan ruins of Chicken Itza. There are two options: booking a tour with transportation or if you rent a car, driving to Chichen Itza.

Getting There

Chichen Itza is a day trip from Cancun.  It takes 2 and a half hours to get there.  You will want to spend 3-4 hours exploring the site. This will still give you time to explore more around this area and get back to Cancun.  


Adults $571 MXN (around US $28 based on current exchange rates)

Child $85 MXN (around US $4.24 based on current exchange rates)

Chichen Itza Hours

9:30 am – 5:00 pm  

Word of Advice

When you arrive there are a lot of people begging to give tours (I didn't know which people were official workers) ….this made me highly uncomfortable.  If I could go back in time I would have booked my tour ahead of time.  

What Else Should I Explore in this Area? 

There are many cenotes in this area.  Many of the tours to Chichen Itza will include a cenote stop.  Some will also include a stop in the colonial city of Valladolid.  This is a great place to grab dinner. 

3. Day 3 - Cancun Itinerary - Xcaret

Hotel Xcaret Guys Trip Mexico

Day 3 of your Cancun itinerary is an amusement park day. You could create an itinerary for Cancun and only do Xcaret parks every day of your stay.  There are so many! 

Day 3 Cancun Itinerary Agenda

  • Xcaret

Xcaret is a fun place to visit! It is the premier entertainment park in Mexico.  There are actually a lot of Xcaret locations and activities. You can choose a combination ticket or just one park.  

We went to Xcaret Park on our last visit to Cancun and it was really fun.  I loved the cultural experience.  I highly recommend going to at least one of the Xcaret parks.  


Each park has a different admission price.  The cheapest park is Xsenses and the most expensive park is Xplor

I think you need more than 3 days in Cancun, but if you only have enough time to plan a 3-day Cancun itinerary these are great options. 

4. Day 4 Cancun Itinerary - Isla Mujeres

Cancun Itinerary Isla Mujeres

Day 4 is all about enjoying the Cancun water activities, relaxing, and exploring the ocean. If you have one week in Cancun, I would add a day exploring Isla Mujeres. 

Day 4 Cancun Itinerary Agenda

After two really busy days exploring, let's relax and take a laid-back trip to the Isla Mujeres.  You can take a ferry there or book a catamaran tour.  Once you are there you can:

You probably want to dedicate an entire day to the Isla Mujeres.  

If you wish to plan a 4-day Cancun itinerary this is a good stopping point. Isla Mujeres is relaxing and a great way to end your trip. 

If you have more time to play, let's keep planning a trip to Cancun and complete this itinerary for Cancun. 

5. Day 5 Cancun Itinerary 5 Days - Resort and Beach Day

The Hotel Zone in Cancun

In a 7-day Cancun itinerary, I think there needs to be a day of rest and recovery. Day 5 is all about rejuvenation.

Day 5 Cancun Itinerary Agenda

  • Morning Yoga
  • Spa Treatment
  • Brunch
  • Pool
  • Beach

Rest Rest Rest!!!  This Cancun itinerary has been packed with fun so far.  Take a day to relax and recover.  Enjoy the hotel pool and relax on the beach. 

Tired of Relaxing?

If you are antsy you can book a tour to see the underwater museum.  (But don't worry if you just want to relax, just relax) 

If you only have 5 days in Cancun, your Cancun itinerary will be complete.  If you are planning the entire one week in Cancun experience let's keep going and plan out your 7-day Cancun itinerary.

If you are planning 5 days in Cancun, you may want to spend your last day exploring some of the options we have listed or Day 6. 

6. Day 6 Cancun Mexico Itinerary - Day Trip From Cancun

Xcaret Park in Cancun Mexcio

Day 6 is another exploring day.  Get out and see the Yucatan! 

Day 6 Cancun Itinerary Agenda

  • Pick a Day Trip

There are so many great day trips from Cancun.  Depending on if you want to explore more Mayan ruins, or see more cenotes, or beaches you can pick any of the following options for a day trip from Cancun. 

As you can see there are so many options for day tours.  You can easily plan a 7-day Cancun itinerary and use any of these suggestions. 

Day 7 Cancun Itinerary - Cancun

Cancun Mexico travel tips

The final day of the 7-day Cancun itinerary is about getting ready to go home! 

Day 7 Cancun Itinerary Agenda

  • Relax
  • Pack

Last day in paradise. If this is the day you are headed back to the airport I would suggest not going on a tour and just relaxing by the pool or beach.  You could also check out a spa, do some yoga, or eat some really nice meals.  

Pack Up and Go Home

If you rented a car you can drive yourself to the airport.  If you need a shuttle make sure to make pre-arrangements.  One thing to mention, sometimes traffic back to the airport can be really bad! Give yourself time to get to the airport! 

Ready to Plan a 7-Day Cancun Itinerary?

Cancun itinerary - Cancun sign

Hopefully, this helps you plan your Cancun itinerary. Cancun is a place you can visit over and over again and still experience something new every time you come.  Pack your bags for Cancun and get ready for some fun! 

There are so many things to do in Cancun for Adults as well as Cancun family activities.  It really is a great vacation spot for everyone.  No matter if you are only staying a weekend in Cancun or have the time to plan a complete 7-day Cancun itinerary, I know you will have fun! 

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