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What To Pack For Cancun (The Ultimate 2023 Cancun Packing List)

Are you wondering what to pack for Cancun? Need to create a Cancun packing list?  Seem overwhelming?  No worries!  We want to make packing for Cancun easy!

Packing for Cancun is pretty similar, no matter if you are packing for Cancun in May or packing for Cancun in November.  The weather is pretty much perfect all year round.  This packing list for Cancun Mexico will help you know what to pack for Cancun

In this post, we will make sure you know what to bring to Cancun and create the perfect packing list for Cancun! 

There are some essential things to bring to Cancun that we will cover in this post as well as some items that you may just want to purchase when you arrive. Either way, this post will help you get a Cancun packing list together!

Let's help you plan what to pack for Cancun!!!

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What to Wear to Cancun - Weather

What to wear in Cancun - rainy season

Knowing the climate will help you know what to pack for Cancun.  Typically, Cancun averages highs in the '80s and lows in the '70s.  

It is a pretty moderate temperature.  That is why you are going right!! Perfect, weather and a beach!   

As you pack for Cancun, find lightweight comfortable clothes.  Your Cancun outfits should easily fit into your suitcase. 

We will dig in a little deeper on what to wear in Cancun, later in this post!  Let's keep going. 

Cancun Packing List

What to Pack for Cancun - Packing

Are you wondering what to wear in Cancun?  Not sure what to bring to Cancun? Well, the good news is that you will probably be wearing a swimsuit and sandals for the majority of your trip.  This makes packing for Cancun easy!  

Cancun Packing List for Women

For the ladies, you will want to bring a swimsuit, swimsuit cover-up, some comfortable sundresses, workout or hiking attire, and at least one nice night-on-the-town outfit to wear to some of the amazing restaurants in the area.  

Cancun Packing List for Men

For you gentleman, loose comfortable clothing is the way to go.  Also, include a nice outfit to wear when you are hitting the town.  Work out gear or hiking clothes is nice if you are going to explore any cenotes or visit ancient ruins such as Chichen Itza.  

This is a great overview but let's get into detail about essential things you need to bring to Cancun.  These items need to be on your Cancun packing list! 

1. Passport - Things to Bring to Cancun

Passport for Cancun

As you create your Cancun packing list, the number 1 item on the list should be your passport.  You will not get too far if you forget this very important document. 

If this is your first trip out of the country make sure you apply for your passport well in advance.  It took almost 5 months last year for our kids to receive theirs.  I'm glad we received it because it is one of the most important things to take to Cancun.

2. Rain Gear - What to Pack for Cancun

Pack rain gear for Cancun

No one likes rain in paradise but it is always good to be prepared.  When packing for Cancun remember that May – October is the rainy season.  September receives more rain than any other month. 

Rain Gear for Cancun

My favorite option for rain gear is a simple disposable poncho. They are easy to pack and can come in handy when you need them.  However, if I checked the weather right before my trip and found that it was going to be raining the entire time I would pack a more durable rain jacket.  

Another item to consider when packing for Cancun is shoe protectors.  If you have a nice pair of shoes you do not want to ruin but still want to hike and explore this needs to be added to your Cancun packing list.  

When packing for Cancun in May through October don't forget to pack rain gear! 

3. Sun Protection - Things to Take to Cancun

What to Pack for Cancun - Sun Protection

There are some important accessories that you need for your packing list for Cancun. You need to protect yourself from the sun.  Remember, the light reflects off the beautiful ocean and can easily turn you into a lobster!  


Unless you want to pay resort prices, grab some travel-size sunscreen before you go on your trip.  Getting reef-safe sunscreen is important if you are planning to swim in the ocean.  


A sun hat is nice to have on hand. Especially, if you want to relax and read by the pool or beach.  I think hats are a great thing to bring to Cancun.  


You will want some sunglasses.  The sun is beautiful and bright in Cancun.  It is a great thing to add to your Cancun packing list.  

4. Water Proof Phone Protection - What to Pack For Cancun

What to Pack For Cancun - Phone Protection

When packing for Cancun make sure to include a phone protection case. It needs to make the list of things to take to Cancun.  If taking pictures is important to you then you need to buy a phone protector case before your trip.  

What to Pack for Cancun

I loved having it in Cancun.  When we went to Xcaret and floated down the river, I was able to take some amazing shots!  

I highly recommend adding this to your Cancun packing list. 

5. Shoes and Water Shoes - What to Bring to Cancun

What to pack for Cancun - Water Shoes

If you are asking yourself what type of show you should include on your Cancun packing list, I have a few suggestions.  You will need a few different types of shoes for Cancun.

Shoes For Cancun

Flip Flops are the perfect shoes for Cancun.  These are great for walking to the pool and for spending time on the beach.  These are Cancun trip essentials and should be at the top of your Cancun packing list. 

Tennis shoes are important shoes for Cancun.  If you plan to visit Chichen Itza, the Jungle, or any Mayan ruins, you will need a good supportive walking shoe.  I really like the Saucony brand  

Water shoes can come in very handy if you are planning a day trip from Cancun.  There are cenotes located all over the Yucatan Peninsula.   These shoes protect your feet as you enter and swim in them.

I love wearing water shoes on the beach especially if the sand is hot! I would include water shoes on your Cancun packing list. 

The last pair of shoes for Cancun to add when packing for Cancun is a “night out on the town pair of shoes”  These are nicer shoes and will be good for dinner and dancing.  

Packing for Cancun

That is 4 pairs of shoes you will want to pack for Cancun.  One suggestion I have is to wear the biggest pair of shoes on the airplane so you do not have to pack them. 

6. Board Shorts and Rash Guard - What to Wear in Cancun

Cancun Packing List - Surf Gear

When you are thinking about outfits for Cancun.  Think about the outfit you want to wear on the beach. Rash Guards and board shorts are great if you are planning on surfing.  They protect skin from rubbing on the board. If you do plan to surf you will need to head south of Cancun to Playa del Carmen.  

What to Pack for Cancun

When I was packing for Cancun I made sure to bring my rash guard and board shorts.  I love the extra protection from the sun and prefer to swim with both of these items when in the ocean. 

These items are not essential to your Cancun packing list, but these items always make my list of things to take to Cancun.   

7. Swim Suit Cover Up

What to Pack for Cancun - Swim Suit Cover Up

A swimsuit cover-up needs to be added to your Cancun packing list. They are so nice to have at a resort.  You can throw it on easily and walk to/from the pool at your resort.  I like to have a few so one can dry while I use the other. 

Of all the clothes to wear in Cancun, this is probably what you will be wearing majority of the time. 

For men, I think the rash guard is nice to use as a cover-up. 

These cover-ups are the perfect things to take to Cancun. Believe me!!!! You will not regret it! 

8. Beach Bag - Things to Bring to Cancun

What to pack for Cancun - Beach Bag

You can't bring your suitcase to the beach!!! Be sure to add a beach bag to your Cancun packing list, so you can easily bring towels, flip-flops, sunblock, books, and other items to the beach.

Cancun Packing Tip

There are a lot of different sizes of bags.  I would find something that can easily fit into your suitcase.  

9. Snorkel Gear - What to Pack for Cancun

What to Pack in Cancun - Snorkel Gear

I know, I know, you can rent snorkel gear.  I just don't like to.  I much prefer to have my own gear and guess what?!! I usually pack it in my carry-on bag.  

There are some great areas in Cancun where snorkel gear comes in handy.  Any snorkel tour, party boat, or adventure in the ocean are just a few worth mentioning.

If you want to swim in the cenotes and explore a little deeper, snorkel gear is great.  Also, there is an underwater museum in Cancun you can explore.  I liked having my gear when we were at Xcaret as well.  (Xcaret is has underwater caves you can swim in)

I think snorkel gear is something to consider when packing for Cancun. 

10. Travel Money Belt - What to Pack for Cancun

What to Pack for Cancun - money pouch

Any time I travel outside of the country I always pack a money belt.  Money belts can be easily worn under clothes and provide safety for credit cards, cash, and other important documents.  

I would love to say you are totally safe and there is no need to protect your belongings, however, we had a bad experience in Cancun and feel like this is a necessary thing to pack for Cancun.   

11. Medicine for Digestion Problems

Cancun Packing List - Meds

Something you might need for a Cancun trip but not think of is medicine.  It is always good to be prepared.  The most common problem people have on a Cancun vacation is stomach issues.  

Sometimes you might eat or drink too much, ibuprofen is always good to bring as well as some Pepto Bismol.  If you drink some bad water an anti-diarrheal is nice to have on hand.  

Also, don't forget to bring any prescription medication and some basic first aid supplies. 

12. Lock For Suit Case - Cancun Packing List

packing list for Cancun - lock for suitcase

One Cancun travel tip I recommend is buying a lock for your suitcase.  I feel much safer leaving my luggage in my room.  

Types of Locks

There are a few different types of locks.  Some suitcases actually come with a lock but don't worry if yours does not you can buy an external lock.

This isn't an essential thing to bring to Cancun, just a suggestion.  You could also invest in an Apple Air tag which will help you locate your luggage if the airport loses it! 

13-15. What to Pack for Cancun - Accessories

Charger to pack for Cancun

The following list of things to take to Cancun are fun and practical all at the same time. 

External Charger

External chargers are essential for any vacation.  I highly recommend packing this for Cancun.  You never know how long you will be out and about and having a backup power source for your phone is essential.  

Go Pro

A Go-Pro is a fun recommendation to add to your Cancun packing list.  If you want to capture some of the action and adventure on your trip this is the perfect camera.  It can get wet and is very durable. 

Selfie Stick

Are selfie sticks so last year?  Well, if you want to take some great shots and need a good stand to balance your phone they are great things to pack for Cancun.  

16 -17. Travel Guide and Phrase Books

Guide Book to pack for Cancun

I like to buy travel guidebooks to places I have never been to before.  It gets me excited about the trip, lets me know what activities are in the area, and what the best restaurants are.  I recommend buying a good Cancun guidebook before you go.  

Phrase Book

When I travel to a country where a different language is spoken, I try to learn a little.  I think saying please and thank you in the native tongue goes a long way.  We usually buy a phrasebook and study up on the plane ride there. 

A Cancun guidebook might be one of those things to take to Cancun on vacation that you hadn't thought of. 


18. Cancun Shirt - What to Wear to Cancun

What to pack for Cancun - Cute Matching Shirts - Cancun sign

I love the idea of matching shirts for group vacations.  If you are planning a girl's trip, guys' trip, or a family reunion in Cancun, you need to buy matching shirts!  

Matching Shirts

We love buying matching shirts for any vacation.  It is nice because you know exactly what you are going to wear in Cancun.  We love how easy it is to find members of your group and it really completes your Cancun outfit look! 

Clothes to wear in Cancun Mexico - cancun shirt

Cancun Shirt

Outfits for Cancun - Shirts

19. Cancun Dresses

Outfits for Cancun - Beach Dresses Cancun Dresses

For women, a nice beach dress is perfect to add to your Cancun packing list. If you are wondering how to dress for Cancun, the best Cancun dresses are lightweight and flowy. 

There are so many styles, a long skirt with a shirt or just a lightweight dress are great options. These types of Cancun dresses are your daytime outfits for Cancun.  It would be good to pack a few! 

20. Cancun Outfits

Cancun outfits for evening

Maybe you have plenty of Cancun outfits already planned and ready to go. But if you need a few more Amazon has some good options.  

These Cancun outfits are more geared toward evening activities and non-beach events. Not all of us are partiers but it is nice to go out and enjoy a great restaurant in style. 

There are lots of options for what to wear to Cancun for both men and women. I am going to post a few options below.  You can click on the image and head straight to Amazon.   

Cancun Packing List

Cancun Packing List

I want to make this super easy for you.  If you go down this Cancun packing list and see an item you need you can click on the link and order a travel size item off of Amazon.  Super easy and delivered right to your door.  

There may be an additional 20 items to pack for Cancun listed below. This is a great resource of what to pack for Cancun. 



  • Passport
  • Drivers License (If you rent a Car in Cancun)
  • Credit Cards
  • Vaccine Card
  • Hotel Information
  • Tour Booking Confirmations
  • Airport Documentation

What to Wear in Cancun

What to wear to Cancun

We have gone over a lot of things to wear in Cancun.  Hopefully, you know what to pack and feel confident in your choices.  Remember, lightweight clothes that fit easily in your suitcase.  Go for comfort when planning your Cancun outfits.

You will probably be in your swimsuit 70% of the time so make sure to bring a couple to choose from.  

Let's talk more about seasonal things to pack for Cancun.

What to Pack for Cancun - Seasonal Changes

What to pack for Cancun

There isn't too much difference in packing for Cancun in April compared to October.  The only difference is the rainfall that may occur in this area. 

Packing for Cancun in May – October 

During May – October it is slightly hotter in Cancun with highs in the 90's and more humid because there is more rainfall during this time. Be sure to pack lightweight clothes and include rain gear. 

Packing for Cancun November – April

The weather in Cancun during November – April is very pleasant.  It can still get hot but it is not overwhelming.  Because Cancun is right on the ocean the breeze helps keep this area perfect. When packing for Cancun in these months I suggest Cancun outfits that are loose and comfortable.  You probably do not need a rain jacket but ponchos are always good to have on hand. 

We went to Cancun in March and it rained an entire day!  

Things to Avoid When Packing for Cancun

over packing for Cancun

I know we all have those moments when you pull a shirt out of your closet that you haven't worn in two years and think, I am going to pack this for my trip!  Don't do it!  

Don't Pack Things you Don't Need

For real, if you haven't worn those shoes in two years don't pack them!  Only pack things for Cancun you need. 

Don't Pack Heavy Items 

Don't pack heavy items minus your snorkel gear.  Don't bring things that will weigh down your suitcase.  Remember there is a weight limit with most airlines.

Don't Pack Expensive Jewelry

Don't bring expensive jewelry to Mexico. You do not want to lose, misplace, or be a target to get robbed. 

Don't Bring a Lot of Cash

It is better not to carry around a bunch of cash, however, you will need to bring some for tips and souvenirs.  

Questions About Packing For Cancun

Packing for Cancun Questions

Is this a Good Packing List for a Mexican All-Inclusive?

Yes, this is a great list of what to pack for a Mexican all-inclusive resort.  

Do I Need an Outlet Converter?

No, If you are coming from the USA. Mexico uses a similar voltage as the USA of 110/120 volts.  You do not need a plug adapter either. Mexico uses a 2 flat prong plug.

Do I Need a Passport?

Yes, you will need to have your passport to enter Mexico. Before 9/11/01 you only needed a birth certificate to enter Mexico.  Security tightened and a passport is required.

Do I Need to Speak Spanish?

No, in all the major touristy areas everyone speaks Spanish and English.   If you have taken some Spanish classes and want to practice a Spanish phrasebook is a good thing to bring. 

Can I Use US Dollars in Cancun?

Yes, you can use US dollars in the Cancun hotel zone. If you want to go deeper into Mexico you will need Pecos. This is important if you decide to rent a car in Cancun and need to take the tollways. 

Is it Safe to Travel to Cancun?

The Cancun hotel zone is safe. The local officials try to make sure the tourist areas are nice and well-protected.  You should check the US dept of state website to see if travel is safe for US citizens. 

Do I need a Vaccination to Visit Cancun? 

Things are always changing but in short No.  

Are you Ready to Pack for Cancun?

What to pack for Cancun

I hope this Cancun packing list helps you know what to pack for Cancun!  You are going to have an amazing vacation.  If you need help planning a Cancun itinerary I have you covered as well! Please feel free to ask me questions in my Facebook Group.

Packing Checklist

If you want a PDF Cancun packing list that you can print out and check off, I am happy to email it to you. 

Packing Checklist

Facebook Community

If you have any questions be sure to join my Facebook Travel Community   This great community can help answer any questions you may have about your upcoming trips. Plus, I try to add any great deals or promotions that companies send me!


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