20 Of The Best Things To Do In Branson With Kids

Are you thinking about a trip to Branson, Missouri? Looking for Branson activities for kids? Well, you are in luck. There are so many fun family attractions in Branson, MO. It is a very family-friendly destination!  There are so many things to do in Branson with kids!

Branson is most known for its shows and fun activities around town.   There are so many Branson kid activities, I will not be able to list everything.  However, I will make sure to list the best kid-friendly activities in Branson, so that you can plan the best Branson itinerary for your trip! 

In this post, we are going to explore some of the Branson kid attractions, and some of my favorite Branson Missouri attractions for families!  

Let's explore some of your options for things to do in Branson with kids!  I’ll start you out with all-day activities, and then we’ll go to activities you can combine with others during a single day.

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1. Silver Dollar CitySilver Dollar City

Let’s first talk about the place that started it all. Silver Dollar City, an amusement park in the area, is built around the Marvel Cave. The Marvel Cave has been open four tours since 1894. The large cave is still a favorite for many tourists and provides a unique experience while at an amusement park.

We knew as we were planning a trip to Branson that Silver Dollar City was going to be on our itinerary.

Silver Dollar City is the real deal when it comes to amusement parks. It has roller coasters, great food, and shows.

Hours of Operation

9:30 am – 7:00 pm  (These are hours for the 2020 operating year)


Tickets to Silver Dollar City

Standard ticket price is $72

Can I Get Discount Tickets to Silver Dollar City?

Yes, Silver Dollar City always runs promotions.  Some of the promotions I have seen are:  buy one day get one free, adults at kids prices, military discounts, and kids born in a certain year are free.

Things to Do at Silver Dollar City

Snacks at Silver Dollar City


One of our favorite things to do at amusement parks is eat.  We made sure to eat some really good food. Our favorite was the cinnamon bread at Clara Belles.


Rides at Silver Dollar City

And of course, there are rides. There is a mix of thrill and themed rides at Silver Dollar City. There are a variety of thrills and rides to satisfy all ages. Silver Doller City rides are the best Branson kid attractions.


Silver Dollar City Shows

Silver Dollar City is also known for its shows.  The performers are amazing, coming from all different parts of the country, the variety of shows is very impressive.  Check Silver Dollar City’s website to see who is performing and when.


Christmas store at Silver Dollar City

The shops at Silver Dollar City provide an additional perk for your time in the park. My favorite is Christmas Hollow, a two-story shop with loads of Christmas items.

So if you are thinking about kid-friendly activities in Branson activities in Branson, I would consider putting Silver Dollar City at or near the top of your list.  This was one of our favorite things to do in Branson, Missouri with kids!

2. White Water – Silver Dollar City's Water Park Silver Dollar City White Water Lazy River

Next on the list is White Water, Silver Dollar City’s water park.  The water park is almost five miles from the amusement park and is a completely separate attraction.

White Water was at the top of my list for things to do in Branson with kids.  If you enjoy the water and want to use it to get a break from the heat, you need to consider going to White Water, or else get in the water at Table Rock Lake (more on that later).

Our Experience at White Water 

What I love about White Water was that it provides a variety of options that I am used to in a water park, but at the same time, the size of the park is not overwhelming. Big enough to keep you busy for the day, but small enough to be comfortable as my older kids partnered up with cousins to go off and do slides.


Regular admission price is $48 


It opens daily at 10:00 am, closing at 6:00 pm on weekdays and 7:00 pm on weekends

Things to Do at White Water 

Kalani Towers


There are rides for all ages. There is a wave pool, slides, a kiddie area (which is great a great activity in Branson for toddlers) , and a lazy river. Our older kids loved the Kapau Plummet.  You enter a tube, and after about five seconds or so, the floor drops out from under you! Yes, nerve-wracking while you’re waiting, but it was a blast. It is one of the best kid-friendly activities in Branson, MO. 

Our little kids loved Ohana Falls which has a raft big enough to fit four people. The slide is mild yet really fun.


When you go, of course, bring your sunblock and towels. But my main tip is food. There are places to eat in the park, but not many.

I would plan ahead, and have someone run and get food, or bring food with you. Although you can not eat inside the park there is a picnic area by the outside entrance.

White Water is a perfect way to spend a summer day in Branson with kids.  There is something for all ages.

3. Table Rock LakeThings to do in Branson with kids -Table Rock Lake

Another great way to spend a day is to go to Table Rock Lake. It will likely be close to where you’re staying, making it very accessible, and provides boating and other opportunities.  Spending a day on the lake is one of the best things to do in Branson with kids.

Boat Rentals

I recommend making a reservation ahead of time through State Park MarinaThey have a great variety of speedboats, party boats, jet skis, and fishing boats.

We had a large group and rented two-speed boats (we had a large group)  Tube and ski rentals are also available.  We did both and had so much fun!

While on a boat, occasionally find a cove to relax and to jump in for a swim.

If you love the outdoors, going to the lake is a great choice for family things to do in Branson, MO!

4. Show Boat Branson Belle

Showboat Branson Belle

Another option at Table Rock Lake is the Branson Belle, a 700-passenger showboat.  You get to cruise around the lake, have a three-course meal, and watch a show.  During your cruise, food and entertainment will be provided.


$61  ages 12+

$34  ages 4-11

Themed Cruises

Take a look at the offerings for the time of year you go.  There are themed cruises such as pirates and princesses, southern gospel, and a fireworks finale.  They also have a special Christmas cruise. These cruises are fun things for kids in Branson, MO. 

Food and Entertainment

The 3- course meal, live performance, and time around the lake should take you less than three hours.  There usually are lunchtime, early dinner, and dinner cruise options, which gives you some flexibility in planning out the rest of your day.

5. WonderWorksWonder Works Branson with kids

Branson has many sights for the eye to take in. One of my favorites is the WonderWorks Museum.

As the story goes, once there was a lab in the Bermuda triangle. Mr. Wonder, a professor, was trying to harness the power of a tornado. But unfortunately, the tornado grabbed his lab and it landed upside down in Branson!

This upside-down museum is a STEM experience like you have never before seen.  This is one of the best things to do in Branson with kids!  They will love the story, and the activities at this place.


Adults $31

Children $22

Things to Do at WonderWorks

WonderWorks is a science museum.  There are different sections such as meteorology, physics, space, sounds, and elements.  In each section, there are fun and interactive ways to learn. 

6. Dolly Parton's Stampede

Dolly Parton's Stampede

Branson is known for its shows. There are so many offerings we can go into, but I am going to focus on one: Dolly Partons Stampede.  This show is a fun one for the whole family.   The show depicts American history.  And human actors are not the only mammals that grace the stage – 32 horses perform during the show.

A four-course dinner is served while you watch this extraordinary show, so you shouldn’t go away hungry.


Adults: $66

Children: $32

This show is one of the most popular and best things to do in Branson with kids!  Everyone in your family will love it!

7. The Promised Land ZooPromise Land Zoo Branson Missouri

The Promise Land Zoo is a must if you are an animal lover.  The zoo allows you to really have close contact with a lot of exotic animals. It is a great Branson kid attraction.


Adult 13+ $26.95

Child 2-12 $17.95

Things to Do at the Park

If you want the animal encounters, it does cost more.  Different packages will allow you to interact with different types of animals.

8. The Butterfly PalaceButterfly Palace Branson Missiouri

The Butterfly Palace is an indoor aviary.  There are over 1000 live tropical butterflies. This is an awesome Branson Mo attraction for families!


Adults: $23.95

Children: $15.95

You can purchase tickets to the Butterfly Palace ahead of time.

Things to Do at the Butterfly Palace

There are butterflies from all over the world at the Butterfly Palace.  You can feed the butterflies nectar and actually release newly hatched butterflies and watch them take flight for the first time.  There are also critter encounters with other rainforest animals.

2-D and 3-D movies are also included in the line entrance fee as well as a mirror maze.

9. Titanic MuseumTitanic Museum Branson Missouri

The Titanic Museum is an interactive experience to learn about the Titanic by boarding a replica of the ship. This is a big draw for families in Branson.  It is the best Branson activities for kids that love the Titanic story.


Adults: 13+ $35.00

Children: 5-12 $15.00

You can purchase tickets to the Titanic Museum ahead of time.

Things to Do at the Titanic Museum 

The museum is an interactive experience.  In each area, you will learn about the people on the ship including the captain and crew, and how the unsinkable ship, sunk!

In my opinion, this museum is one of the best things to do in Branson with kids.

10. Hollywood Wax Museum

The Hollywood Wax museum is a fun way to spend an afternoon. If you love taking photo opps and hanging out with the stars, this is the place.


Adults: $34

Children: $20

You can purchase tickets to the Hollywood Wax Museum ahead of time.

Things to Do at the Hollywood Wax Museum and Entertainment Center

There is more than taking amazing pictures at the wax museum. 

  • Castle of Chaos
  • Hanna's Maze of Mirrors
  • Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf

Each of these attractions are great things to do in Branson with kids….really there is so much in Branson that is family-friendly! 

11. Zip Lines in BransonShepards of the Hill Things to do in Branson with kids

Shepherds of the Hill has an outdoor adventure park with some extreme ziplines.


Zipline packages start at $39- $89

There are options for more adventurous zipliners and not-so adventurous.

Things to Do at Shepard on the Hill

There are two things that will quickly get your attention about Shepard on the Hill. One is the various billboards advertising the night show. The other is the huge tower that you can zipline from.

The tower different exudes a wow factor.

And yes, while this location has an adventure park Shepards of the Hill also offers dinner shows and a farm with fun activities. If you go later in the year, you may even catch the fall festival or the Christmas North Pole event.

A restaurant is located on the hill and sweet treat shops as well.

This is one of the best things to do in Branson with kids! There really is something for everyone, especially at Christmas time.

12. Toy Museum

This list of the best things to do in Branson with kids would not be complete without adding the Toy Museum. What kid doesn't love toys?  It is one of the Branson activities for kids that will be a hit! 


Adults: $22.24


Toy Museum Tickets can be purchased ahead of time.

Things to Do at the Toy Museum

There are actually six different museums located in one spot.  Each museum houses different toy collections from the past.  They also have a cool store where you can purchase some fun toys.

13. Big Air Trampoline

One of the fun activities we did in Branson was Big Air Trampoline Park.  We had a group of 22.  It was so fun!


All Day Pass $30

Things to Do at the Trampoline Park

Big Air Trampoline Park is huge. There are over 60 attractions such as rock climbing walls, trampolines, dodge ball, zip lines, and much more.

We bought the all-day pass and played all morning long.  In the afternoon, we took a break for a few hours and then came back and played for a few more hours.  It was so fun! We highly recommend and thought this was one of the best Branson MO attractions for families.

14. Branson Landing and Lake TaneycomoBranson Docks

Next on my list is Branson Landing. This place is wonderful! The landing goes for a half-mile or so and runs along Lake Taneycomo. I didn’t initially realize it was a lake! It has the feel of a river.

On the south end of the landing is Bass Pro Shops and the Bass Pro Shops White River Fish House, which is docked on the lake. Shops line a walking path from south to north.

At the northern end, you will see Parakeet Pete’s Steampunk Balloon, a ride that takes you up 188 feet into the air. All guests 42” and under ride free!

I suggest walking along the lake on the boardwalk with your kiddos and stopping at the fountain to watch the water and fire show. You will also see boats on the lake, and a zipline (or if you’d like to, experience them yourself).  You can add this to your kid-friendly activities in Branson.  Your whole family will love it.

15. Shows Galore

Branson shows
Image Courtesy of Branson.com

Branson has so many options for shows. There are hundreds of different shows each week.

There are so many varieties of shows you are sure to find something that everyone in your family will love. These shows are clean and family-friendly.

Admission and Time

Most shows are about 2 hours long and cost between $30-90

16. Best Places to Eat in BransonPlaces to eat in Branson

There are so many great places to eat in Branson with kids.  We will list a few of our favorites.  Be sure to grab brochures when you see them a lot of them will have discounts and coupons for local places to eat. 

17. Hurts Donuts

Things to eat in Branson

We loved going to this donut shop for breakfast.  I didn't realize that it was a chain since we do not have one in Utah. As such, for us it was special.  There are so many flavors of donuts.  It is so fun to let your kids pick out and choose what they want. This is a Branson kids attraction all on its own!

18. Cakes-N- Cream 

Branson with kids best places to eat

Take a step back in time at Cakes-N-Cream 50's diner and dessert parlor.  If a dessert parlor doesn't excite your kids, I don't know what else will!  Ice cream and shakes are just the start of these delicious dessert creations.

It is a fun family thing to do in Branson, MO! 

19. Andy's Frozen Custard

Best places to eat in Branson

Andy's is a great counter service location.  If you just need a quick snack, Andy's has delicious frozen custard to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Some of the other recommendations we received were:

  • Pizza Ranch
  • Flat Creek
  • Fall Creek
  • American Steak and Chicken House
  • Burger Shack
  • Billy Gails
  • Paula Deans Family Kitchen
  • White River Fish House

If you’ve tried any of these places, please let us know your experience in the comments!

20. A Few More Options at BransonThings to do in Branson

There are so many things to do in Branson with kids. While I won’t list everything, I wanted to mention a few options that are not listed above. 

Ready to Go to Branson With Kids? Branson with kids

Like I said at the start, there are so many fun places in Branson.  It is one of the reasons people love to come back and experience a little more each time.

Branson is a great family vacation that your kids will love and talk about for years to come.  I hope this helps you plan your Branson-with-kids vacation!

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