Are you planning a trip to Branson,Missouri and want to go to White Water – Silver Dollar City’s water park?

If so, you have come to the right place. Of all the attractions in Branson we thought White Water was worth a visit.

We recently went to Silver Dollar City and its water park (white water).  This will be the perfect guide to help you plan your day at Silver Dollar City, White Water!

Let’s get started!

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White Water Silver Dollar City

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Planning your Trip to Silver Dollar City, White Water During Covid-19

White Water Branson Missouri

We live in crazy times right now, so you have to plan accordingly.  Silver Dollar City, White Water is open and it has Covid-19 procedures in place:


Masks must be worn into the park until you get to a beach chair where you can put down your items (there are lockers, and so this doesn’t mean you need to store your valuables in the open).

Once you have claimed your spot, you can take the mask off for the rest of the day, with two exceptions. You are required to put your mask on in restrooms, and the gift shop.

When we went to White Water, they had masks on hand if you forgot yours, free of charge.


You will need to get your temperature taken before entering the park. There is a temperature tent located by the park entrance.

Space Markers

At places to eat and for rides, there are space markers on the ground to help you social distance.


All beach chairs are sanitized, and the front part is folded inward to let you know it has been cleaned between uses. We constantly saw workers with spray bottles in hand.


The wave pool has a rope running along the entrance to help park guests enter the wave pool in a designated spot instead of congregating.

What is White Water - Silver Dollar City Water Park

White Water Branson Missouri

Silver Dollar City White Water is a 13 acre water park in Branson, Missouri.  There are ten different slides and attractions, including a lazy river, wave pool, and children’s play area.

Is Silver Dollar City Water Park Close to Silver Dollar City Amusement Park?

The answer is no.  It is not one of those water parks that is connected to the amusement park.  It is actually located five miles away or about a 10 minute drive.

So don’t plan on doing White Water the same day that you do the Silver Dollar City amusement park.

Location of White Water – Silver Dollar City’s Water Park

Silver Dollar City White Water Park Adress:

3505 West, MO-76, Branson, MO 65616

Admission, Hours, and Parking

Entrance to White Water

I love knowing all the logistics before I got to a park.  I find it super helpful in planning!


Regular admission price is $72 for adults and $62 for children


It opens at 10:00 am everyday, closing at 6:00 pm on weekdays and 10:00 pm on weekends


It is free to park!  There is a large parking lot that has plenty of parking.

Food and Lockers

Food at White Water Branson Missouri

Are There Place to Eat in the Park?

Silver Dollar City, White Water has restaurants located within the park. They are more quick service locations where you order at the counter.

I believe if you have a Silver Dollar City Mug you can use it at White Water Branson as well.

Is Outside Food Allowed?

Outside food is not allowed in the park. However, there is a picnic area located just out in front of the park.  We were able to have a picnic in this spot and thought it was great.

Lockers and Bags

Locket at white water Branson

You may bring a backpack into the park.  Lockers are available if you need to lock up valuables.  Small lockers cost $10 and family lockers are $18.  A $10 refundable deposit is taken as well.

Plan of Attack!

White Water Branson

Before we start on any plans we should address a few things.

Dressing Rooms and Showers

If you need to change before or after the park showers and dressing rooms are available.

Life Jackets

Life jackets are free to use for children and non-swimmers.

Let’s Plan a Day at  White Water- Silver Dollar City’s Water Park

Obviously, the ages of your group will determine how to tackle the park.  The good news is it is fun for all ages. The ages of children and teens we had with us ranged from 5 to 18, and all had fun!

There are two areas for younger children (more on that later) And of course there are slides for the older kids and teenagers, including drop towers.

What I love about Silver Dollar City, White Water was that it provided a variety of options that I am used to in a water park, but at the same time the size of the park is not overwhelming. Big enough to keep you busy for the day, but small enough so I felt very comfortable with my family splitting up.  I am pretty paranoid normally.

Favorite Rides at White Water Branson for Little Kids

Splashaway Cay at White Water Branson

This plan of attack is if you have little kids who do not want to or can not ride the bigger slides.  When my kids were little I would scope out all the areas of the water park that would be fun for my littles.  At Silver Dollar City White Water I could easily find the areas that would be ideal for families with young children.

I would recommend Splashway Cay, Coconut Cove, the lazy river, and the Wave pool.

Splashway Cay

Silver Dollar City White Water Kids Area

Splashway Cay is a huge splash pad with slides.  You can climb to different levels as you get sprayed with water.  There is a huge bucket on top that will dump every few minutes.

Unfortunately, when we went this area was closed.

Coconut Cove

Coconut Cove at White Water Branson

Coconut Cove is an area for younger kids.  This area has fun slides that even really little kids can enjoy.  My five year old loved this area.  He felt confident going up and sliding down all by himself.

Surf’s Up Wave Pool

Wave pool at Silver Dollar City White Water Branson Missouri

Everyone loves a good wave pool!  If you are with younger children staying in the shallow area of the wave pool is really fun for them.

If they have life jackets on you may feel more comfortable bringing them in a little deeper.  Although most wave pools I have been in usually have a line that indicates that anyone in life jackets are not permitted past that point.

Aloha River at Hula Hula Bay

Silver Dollar City White Water Lazy River

When my kids were really little sometimes grandma or grandpa would float on the river with one of the kids and they would just fall right asleep.  When my kids were a little older I would walk with them as they were inside the tube.

If you are entertain little kids this will be fun and take up time!

Plan for Older Children and Adults

White Water Branson Water Slide

White Water Branson has some amazing water slides.  This plan will list out the slides that we loved and what our older kids thought about each one.

Ohana Falls

Ohana Falls

Ohana Falls is a fun family ride.  As long as your child is at least 36″ they can come one this ride.  This ride has a big raft (think of the type of raft used for a rapids ride at an amusement park), that goes down a wide slide.  Four people are allowed to go on at a time, and you will need at least two people.

What is nice about this ride is the raft is waiting at the top for you. So you do not have to carry it up.  The bad news is that as you exit this ride you are at the very bottom of a large hill.  You have to climb what seems like a million stairs to get back to the main level of the water park.  (or go back around by the entrance).

We did it 4-5 times and the climb back up didn’t bother us too much!

Kapau Plummet

Kapau Plummet at White Water Branson

Everyone in our family reunion group loved this ride.  What is unique about it is that you stand at the top of the ride and the floor disappears.  You are dropped down into a slide.

Personally, this was not my favorite ride because it hurts my back…I am just getting old.  And my husband had a great time with no complaints.  Kids love it!

Kalani Tower Mat Racers and Tower Drop

Kalani Towers

Kalani Tower Mat Racers is perfect when you have a larger group that is competitive.  Our family reunion crew loved racing each other.

The towers were a hit with our teenagers in our group.  They said it hurt but they kept going back from more.

Waikiki Wave 

Wakiki Wave

This is a classic tube ride that twist and turns.  This ride is fun and will be one of your favorites!

Pipeline Plunge

Pipeline Plunge Branson White Water

Pipeline Plunge is more intense than the Wakiki Wave.  It is faster and twist a little more.  At the end of this ride you will be splashed maybe even emerged in water.

Is White Water Worth It?

White Water Branson

I think this is a legit question.  There are so many fun activities in Branson, more than anyone could possible do in one trip. Trying to narrow down what you want to add on your itinerary is important.

For us White Water made sence because we went during a pandemic and there were not a lot of open attractions.  We were excited that Silver Dollar City was open and so was the water park.  It just made sence to do both.

We also had a big group which made White Water Branson perfect! There is something fun for everyone.  The kids loved splitting off with their cousins and enjoying the park.  The adults could relax by the pool or jump on the rides.

Overall, we all had a great day and loved White Water Branson.

Ready to Go to White Water Branson?

White Water Branson Missouri

I hope this helps you plan your trip to Silver Dollar City White Water Park.  We had a fabulous time and we know you will too.

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White Water - Silver Dollar City\'s Water Park