Harry Potter New York Experience

New York Harry Potter Experience (Amazing Harry Potter VR Ride)

Are you a Harry Potter fan?  Planning a trip to New York?  Did you know that you can have a New York Harry Potter experience?  Guess what??!!  You can! 

Warner Brothers have recently opened a New York Harry Potter store in Manhattan. Which includes a Harry Potter VR (virtual reality) ride!

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. You may have seen my post on our Harry Potter London experience, my post on how to plan a Harry Potter World trip, or my obsession about which Harry Potter park is better at Universal Orlando.  When I found out New York had Harry Potter it was at the top of my list! 

In this post, we will go over how to get to the New York Harry Potter store, what to see, options for the Harry Potter VR ride, and other fun NYC Harry Potter things to do! 

Let's explore Harry Potter NYC style! 

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Harry Potter New York Store

The New York Harry Potter Store is located at:

935 Broadway New York, New York

Now just because this address says Broadway doesn't mean it is near the theater district.  It is actually a 28-minute walk from that area.  The best way to get to the NYC Harry Potter store is to take a Subway and exit near 23rd st. 


What is the Best Time to Visit the New York Harry Potter Store

Harry Potter NYC Store

The Harry Potter Store is popular.  The best time to go is when it first opens or right before it closes. 12-6 pm are the more crowded times.

Store Hours

Monday – Saturday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Sunday 9:00 am -7:00pm

 If you visit during a busy time you may have to scan your phone for a time to return.  There aren't too many tourist attractions around the Harry Potter store.  This means that you will have to scan and come back at another time.  This is a pain!

Exception to the Rule

If you purchase a Harry Potter VR ticket then you can go into the store without waiting in line at the door. 


Know Before You Go to the New York Harry Potter Store

Harry Potter New York Store - Hagrid

As you prepare for your Harry Potter experience in New York, there are a few things you need to know before you go.  


The Harry Potter NYC store is popular.  You might even have to wait to enter the store.  If the store is at capacity the muggle workers will have you scan a QR code with your phone that will give you a time to return.

Download the App

Download the Harry Potter New York App

Harry Potter fans get ready for an interactive experience at the Harry Potter New York Store.  Be sure to download the app.  You will be able to tap on different objects located throughout the store and discover hidden surprises.  

This interactive experience is fun!

Reservation for Harry Potter VR Game

If you want to go on the Harry Potter VR ride you will need to book this in advance.  I would book it about a week in advance. If you are planning on visiting on a Saturday you will want to book out at least 2 weeks in advance. 

New York Harry Potter VR Ride

Harry Potter VR ride entrance

There are two Harry Potter VR rides to choose from.

  • Harry Potter Wizards Take Flight
  • Harry Potter Chaos at Hogwarts


Tickets to the Harry Potter VR game are around $37. To purchase your tickets you will need to go to the New York Harry Potter website. Once you click on purchase tickets you will select the date you want to go and a list of available times will appear.  

There are only 6 spots available per time slot. 

How Long is the Harry Potter VR Ride?

The ride run time is about 30 minutes.  

How Does the Harry Potter VR Ride Work?

Wizards Take Flight Harry Potter VR Ride

I decided to go on Wizards Take Flight.  An employee checked my ticket and had everyone in my time wait at a specific location.  We were guided down the stairs to the ride.  

Once we entered the ride we were given a briefing.  We had to put on virtual reality headgear and gloves.  There are lockers where you can put all of your belongings while you ride.  

There are six seats with wands.  You can choose whatever seat you would like.  

Was the New York Harry Potter VR ride Worth it?

I thought the ride was really cool.  It is fun, I mean you actually get to cast spells and use a wand while riding on a broom.  It was a cool experience to blast a few death eaters.

However, I thought the price of $37 was a little expensive for the experience.  I wanted to have this experience so no regrets. I don't think I would do it again.  

Harry Potter Movie Memorabilia

Death Eaters Mask Harry Potter

One really cool thing about Harry Potter NYC is that inside the store there is movie memorabilia. 

Take a look around and see what cool articles you find! We found the death eaters mask as well as some of the original wands used in the films.   

What Makes the New York Harry Potter Store Awesome?

Harry Potter NYC store

The Harry Potter New York Store is so detailed.  There are so many cool things to see and do as your walk around.  

The store helps you transport yourself into the magical world of Harry Potter.  You can enjoy the treats, and the clothes, and have a New York Harry Potter experience you will never forget. 

Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter NYC wands

I love the wand section of the Harry Potter New York Store! There are so many cool displays.  There are a few types of wands to choose from.  

House Wands

Harry Potter House Wands NYC

Harry Potter House Wands are beautiful.  There are so many unique-looking wands.  They are fun to check out. 

Character Wands

Character Wands Harry Potter NYC

There are character wands for every major character in both Harry Potter and The Fantastic Beast.  I loved looking at all the varieties.  These are a few dollars cheaper than the house wands.  

The Wand Chooses the Wizard

Things that must be Named Wands Harry Potter NYC

There is also the option to choose a wand or should I say a wand to choose you.  These are not associated with a character or a house.  You can take your wand down the Dumbledore staircase and find an area that will engrave your name on the wand. 

Interactive Wand Experience

Interactive wand Harry Potter NYC experience


Get ready for some magic! You can check out all the actual characters using the wands.  There is a magical Pensive. All you have to do is drop a few tears….just kidding. Simply grab a wand and see what magic awaits you.  

The Elevator (AKA Floo Network)

Floo Network Harry Potter New York

For those of you who can't remember what the Floo Network is….It is a magical link from a fireplace to a fireplace in the Wizarding World.  You simply throw some Floo powder into the fireplace and a mist of green will appear.  You will need to speak clearly to get to the correct location you desire. 

Floo Powder Elevator

Floo Powder Harry Potter Elevator

This is a magical elevator you have to step into.  It is amazing! Such a great way for a muggle to experience travel by Floo Powder! You might find yourself riding the elevator many times.  

Butter Beer

Butter Beer at Harry Potter NYC

I love that Harry Potter NYC has butter beer. It is sooooo Good!  I really can't resist Butter Beer! 

Butter Beer

Harry Potter NYC butter Beer

Towards the back of the store is a Butter Beer Café.  You can purchase Butter Beer Ice Cream or just a nice cold glass of Butter Beer.  You can also grab some snacks and Harry Potter-themed baked goods. 

How Much is Butter Beer at the Harry Potter Store NYC?

$12 is the cost of a Butter Beer at the Harry Potter Store NYC.  This includes a souvenir cup. 

Butter Beer Souvenir

Butter Bear Washing Station

Once you have finished your delicious Butter Beer you can keep the cup as a souvenir.  There is a washing station.  You place your cup upside down and it water sprays up and cleans it. 

Take Some Butter Beer Home

Bottled Butter Beer Harry Potter New York

Bottled Butter Beer is available inside the Harry Potter New York Store.  I have never seen this at any other Harry Potter site I have visited.  It is so cool! You can package them up and take them home for later.  These Harry Potter Butter Beer bottles are $6 each or 4 for $16. 

Harry Potter Wizard Treats

Other Harry Potter New York Cafe Options

Are you ready to get some sweet treats from the trolley?  Yes, will take the lot!

Located in the Butter Beer Café are some baked goods such as Harry Potter's birthday cake from Hagrid and some nice Hedwig cupcakes and cookie options. 

Honey Dukes

Honey Dukes at Harry Potter NYC

All of the best Harry Potter candies are at Honey Dukes inside of the New York Harry Potter Store!   You will find chocolate frogs, exploding bonbons, and sherbet lemon drops.  These are classics! 

Harry Potter Souvenirs

Harry Potter Souvenirs

I love Harry Potter Souvenirs! Harry Potter New York Store has a lot of options.  

Traditional Harry Potter Souvenirs

Harry Potter Souvenirs New York

You will find all houses represented with shirts, sweatshirts, robes, hats, scarves, mugs, water bottles, umbrellas, and bags. One thing I look for when purchasing these items is making sure it actually says Harry Potter New York.  This makes these items a little more special.  

Harry Potter Lego Collection

Harry Potter New York Lego Collection

We have huge Lego fans in our house.  This section of the New York Harry Potter Store is a must! It is fun to see all the different sets! 

Harry Potter Toys and Games

Harry Potter Toys and Games

I love all the details of the products that are sold at the store.  You can get Hedwig, Dolby, or even a mandrake.  You can also buy traditional Harry Potter games or creations from Fred and George's Joke Shop.  

Harry Potter Books

Harry Potter Books at New York

Harry Potter all started in a book and there are copies of every book in the Harry Potter series.  There are Harry Potter books hanging from the ceiling.  It is really cool to check out! 

I loved shopping around Harry Potter NYC!  

Harry Potter New York Experience

New York Harry Potter Experience

The New York Harry Potter Store is the perfect place to start your Harry Potter New York experience.  You will love it!   There are a few other Harry Potter things to do in New York to consider.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 

Harry Potter is on Broadway.  The Harry Potter Play is located at the Lyrical theater.  There are actually two plays Part 1 of the Cursed Child and Part 2 of the Cursed Child.  Yes, you have to buy two separate tickets to see the entire show.  

You will want to buy your Harry Potter Cursed Child Tickets in advance.  Each play is about 3.5 hours.   Before Covid, this play would sell out 6 months in advance.  You still can not get tickets the day of so keep that in mind when planning your Harry Potter New York trip.  

Other Harry Potter New York Experiences

You will want to look up local Harry Potter trivia nights around town.  There are Harry Potter-themed restaurants and bars located in New York. The Cauldron is a bar that also exists in both London and Edinburgh.  


Are You Ready to Get the New York Harry Potter Experience?

Harry Potter NYC

Hopefully, you are so excited to visit the New York Harry Potter Store! It really is so cool! My 10-year-old said it was her favorite thing we did in New York!   (We did a lot of cool things too!)  

I love Harry Potter and love that you can get a Harry Potter experience in New York! I highly recommend the Harry Potter New York Store! 

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