Are you looking for the best places to eat in San Francisco?

I love trying new places when I travel.  It may be my favorite part of any trip.

I surveyed a lot of my readers, Instagram, and Facebook followers to gather the Best Places to Eat in San Francisco!  I have been to a lot of them but not all.  The ones I included were repeated numerous times from different people recommending their favorites.

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Let’s explore all the best places to eat in San Francisco! 

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The Best Bakeries in San Francisco

Tartine Bakery

Tartine Bakery in San Francisco

This should be your number one choice when choosing which bakery to eat at in San Francisco.  It is worth all the hype and you will not be disappointed.  My favorite thing about any bakery is walking along the display case and deciding what I want to try!  I love that you can always come back an try something new every time too!

When I went I was able to share a few items with my sister and mom.  We ate every last bit and loved doing it!  Put this on your list.

There will probably be a line but it is worth the wait! It is one of the best places to eat in San Francisco! 

Tartine Bakery in San Francisco

Craftsman and Wolves Bakery

Craftsman and Wolves

Photo courtesy of LA Times


The “Rebel Within” is a soft boiled egg cooked within a ham and cheese muffin.  I have not had the opportunity to try this one but I think I will have to put it one my list!  Craftsman and Wolves comes highly recommended from readers of this very blog.

One person said this bakery has a very masculine feel.

B Patisserie Bakery

B Patisserie Bakery San Francisco

Image Courtesy of


B. Patisserie is another bakery on my list for my next trip to San Francisco.   It is located in the mission district.  A few readers suggest to try the Chocolate Banana Croissant.   I am a huge fan of yummy treats, I’m excited to try it when we go back!

La Boulangerie

La Boulange

This bakery is more a chain bakery in San Francisco but we stopped and got some macaroons.  They were really really good!  We sampled quite a few and this gets my stamp of approval!

Arsicault Bakery

Arsicault Bakery San Francisco

Photo Courtesy of


The croissants are suppose to be just as good as a true French bakery in Paris.  There are lots of reviews that this may very well ruin croissants for you because it is so good you will never be able to compare it except in France.  This is one I haven’t tried yet but you can bet I will be there on my next trip!

Boudin Bakery

Bread at Boudin

Photo Courtesy of By Edward Z. Yang – Wikipedia


I have to include Boudin’s in this list because it is famous!  It is not your typical bakery.  Sourdough bread creations are what it is most known for.  I personally thought it was okay.  I wasn’t a fan of the clam chowder.  But I do think that if you are in San Francisco you need to go!

Best Breakfast in San Francisco

Mama’s on Washington Square

Mama's on Washington Square

If you want a hardy breakfast compared to a simple bakery item than Mama’s on Washington Square is a great place.

I did get to try this last time!  Be ready to wake up super early to stand in a line! It is over an hour wait before the restaurant even opens! 

We had a fun time waiting in line!  Mama’s has a variety of homemade breads that can be made into French toast.  It is very feeling and comes with very large portions.

It is one of the best places to eat in San Francisco! 

Best Mexican Food In San Francisco

I have asked lots of readers, Instagram followers, and Facebook groups what the best places to eat in San Francisco are.  The recommendations came flooding in! These are the top ones that have been recommend over and over again.  I have not tried all of them but will let you know which ones I have.

La Taqueria

La Taqueria San Francisco

Image courtesy of Timeout San Francisco


This may be the number one recommendation for Mexican food in San Francisco!  Located in the Mission area it is a place you must try!

This is not a fancy place and there are many other locations around that serve similar items but this is a local favorite.

Expect to get a foil wrapped burrito for under $10, and be blown away be the taste.

Mission District Food Tour

best food in San Francisco

This is a secret food tour of San Francisco’s Mission DistrictIn this tour you get a highly rated personal tour guide that will lead you to the best foods in the mission district as well as share more about the neighborhood and historical background of the area.  

Best American Restaurants in San Francisco

House of Prime Rib Steak House

House of Prime Rib in San Francisco

Image courtesy of House of Prime Rib


Out of all the survey’s I did amongst readers this was recommended over and over again.  If you want to try the best steak in the city this is where you will want to go.  This is would be a nice sit down dinner especially if you are celebrating something special.  I don’t think you can go wrong here if you love steak.

Foreign Cinema

Foreign Cinema in San Francisco

Image Courtesy of Foreign


I had a lot of people tell me this place is amazing!  The Foreign Cinema serves a California Mediterranean style of food as you watch independent films.  If you are looking for a great atmosphere and amazing food defiantly consider this place.  Be sure to book your reservation ahead of time.

Wayfare Tavern

Way Fare Restaurant in San Francisco

Image courtesy of


Another top restaurant choice in San Francisco is Wayfare Tavern.  It is located at the bottom of Knob Hill very close to the financial district.  This restaurant serves all American fried chicken in a chic and stylish atmosphere.  It ranks in the San Francisco’s best restaurants.

Best Chinese Food in San Francisco

The Slanted Door

Slanted Door in San Francisco

Image Courtesy of


This is Vietnamese cooking at its best. I had several people recommend this restaurant.  It is located in the Ferry Building with a beautiful overlook of the water.  Making a reservation is highly recommended. (temporarily closed as of March 2021)

Chubby Noodle 

Image Courtesy of Chubby Noodle


This is a lighter meal.  If you are ready for some great food and a variety of dishes to choose from this is the place.  Go ahead and check it out!

Mensho Tokyo 

Mensho Tokyo in San Francisco

Image courtesy of


I thought I needed to mention one more Japanese restaurant.  The food looks amazing and if you love this style of food you need to go!

China Town Food Tour

Chine Town in San Francisco Food Tour

San Francisco’s Chinatown Food Tour is a must! This is a great food tasting tour of this amazing area. 

Best Italian Restaurants in San Francisco

The Stinking Rose

The Stinking Rose in San Francisco

Image courtesy of The Stinking Rose

This place is adorable!  The atmosphere will lift your spirits!  If you love garlic this is your place, they use over 3,000 pounds of garlic in a month! (temporarily closed as of March 2021)

54 Mint

54 Mint San Francisco

Image Courtesy of

I love finding a great Italian restaurants that reminds me of my time I spent in Italy.  This one fits that category.  This small restaurant serves up elevated Roman dishes that are to die for! 

The Italian Homemade Company

The Italian Homemade Company in San Francisco

Image Courtesy of


Homemade is the key word here.  Highly recommended if you are in the mood for more authentic cuisine!

Little Italy and North Beach Walking Food Tour

Little Italy San Francisco Tour

The Little Italy and North Beach Walking and Food Tour is a highly recommend adventure.  You will get to eat a lot! The best Italian food in San Francisco! 

Best Seafood Restaurants in San Francisco

Swan Oyster Depot

Swan Oyster Bar San Francisco

Image courtesy of SF Chronicles

As a city located on the Pacific Ocean, of course seafood should be on the top of any foodie’s mind!  I have to confess that I’m not a huge seafood fan (my husband is more of one). But I have heard fantastic reviews about the Swan Oyster Depot and it’s now on my list of places to go.

It’s a fresh sea food bar full of a never ending supply of oysters, crab, and fish.  There will be a wait, but most people say it is well worth it.

Scomas Restaurant


Image Courtesy of Scomas at Sausalito


First things first. There is a Scoma’s Restaurant located on Pier 47, Fisherman’s Wharf, and then there’s Scoma’s Sausalito.

I’ve heard good things about all three places, but today, I’m talking about Scoma’s Sausalito. The location of this sea food restaurant is out of this world.

Located across the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito, it is not to be forgotten.  It is worth the drive to enjoy the atmosphere of the ocean front property.

Or if you’d like, you can take the Blue and Gold Ferry from Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 41. It’s about a four minute walk from the terminal.

Seafood entrées will be about $30 to $50. There is outdoor seating available.  Looks to be a great place for a romantic evening, but if you have kids, we had trouble finding kid items on the menu. (In that case, you may want to instead try Scoma’s Restaurant instead on Pier 47, which has a $9 children’s menu that has fish, as well as the staples of burgers and chicken tenders.)

Best Indian Food in San Francisco

Burma Superstar

Burma Superstar San Francisco

Image courtesy of Burma Superstar


This is the only restaurant I have in the Indian food category because it was recommended over and over again by many readers.  If you love Indian food I have been told this will blow you away!

The location in San Francisco 309 Clement Street, which is about four miles from Fisherman’s Wharf. So if you are staying near Fisherman’s Wharf, it’s probably best to drive, or take a Lyft or Uber.

And from what I can tell, there are not many touristy options in the vicinity, so you’ll be going specifically to eat at this location.

The prices here are reasonable, with most plates currently at $15 or under.

Fast Food In San Francisco

When I say fast food I do not mean McDonalds!  I’m talking about true to San Francisco area counter service.  A place where you can walk in order your food and walk out!   These recommendations were repeated many times by multiple people!

Golden Boy Pizza

Golden Boy Pizza San Francisco

Image courtesy of William Sonoma


Located Near Washington Square, Golden Boy Pizza is about one mile from Fisherman’s Wharf.  This is a local favorite.

Golden boy is known for it’s delicious crust and shape of its pizza — it’s slogan is, “Where it’s hip to be
square!” Well, it looks more rectangular, but I get the point.

There are six menu choices. The standards (cheese, pepperoni, sausage), along with one with a seafood spin — clam and garlic!  The combo is interesting in that it adds zucchini instead of green peppers. And there’s also a pesto veggie.

If you live by the standard of “eat where the locals eat” this is your one stop, pizza spot!

Roli Roti

Roli Roti San Francisco

Image Courtesy of Roli Roti


Rotisserie chicken at its best.  It is located in the Ferry Building in a high tourist spot. This will be a quick stop for some fresh and delicious chicken. The porchetta sandwich is a must try the reviews are outstanding.

Super Duper Burger

Super Duper Burger in San Francisco

Image Courtesy of Yelp

Super Duper Burgers have six location throughout the San Francisco Bay area.  If you are in the mood for a good burger stop in and fulfill those cravings with the fast service and delicious food!

Vegan Burg

Vegan Burg in San Francisco

Image Courtesy of

The meatless bleeding burger is now available in San Francisco.  This top vegan burger joint is highly popular.  If this is your style of eating than check this place out for the best vegan burger in San Francisco!

The Melt

The Melt San Francisco

The Melt is a chain in the San Francisco Bay area.  Specializing in grill cheese. I have been to this one and loved it. Try a few different sandwiches and see what you like best!

Best Ice Cream In San Francisco

Ghiradelli Square

Top Things to do in San Francisco Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli Square is a shopping center and home to the Ghirardelli Ice Cream store.  This is my most favorite place to visit when I am in San Francisco.  Not for the shopping (there’s not much in the square itself), but for the ice cream!

As a warning, the line to get in may wave outside of the store. Don’t be deterred, as the line moves fairly quickly.

One thing I love is that as you walk in you are given a free piece of candy.  We also love looking at the gift shop as we wait in line to enter the ice cream parlor.  For some reason it remind me of Sussigkeiten (the candy shop) in the German Pavilion at Epcot. There’s nothing German about Ghirardelli, but it might be the chocolates and the lighting. Or it might be that I just have fond memories of great trips!

Once you get into the ice cream parlor, there is a main floor and an upstairs. This is a sit down establishment; not counter service. I really enjoyed the environment as you can see machinery used to make chocolate, which is set up to be visually appealing, rather than a distraction.

Keep in mind that this is a place for sweets, and not for eats. The menu provides options, but the categories generally fall into ice cream, sundaes, shakes, and chocolate treats.

I recommend the sundaes! But family members with me also enjoyed the shakes.  This is one of the best places to eat in San Francisco!


Bi-Rite Creamery San Francisco

Bi-Rite Creamery is a very popular ice cream store among locals.  I made sure to make a stop to test this ice cream out! After all, I love ice cream.

We thought it was very good!  Bi-Rite changes their flavors daily so you will be able to have a new experience every time you go in.  The ice cream is organic.

There are a number of Bi-Rite locations located throughout the city. You may want to try out the market food as well. Bi-Rite takes pride in locally sourcing its products.

Best Places to Eat In San Francisco

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Hopefully, this list will help you choose the best place to eat in San Francisco and help you plan a great night out.  Remember, there are so many things to do in San Francisco that you are sure to have an amazing time!  Happy Eating!

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