Things to do at Blue Mountain Canada

Visit Blue Mountain Ontario Village (Blue Mountain Summer Activities)

Are you planning a summer trip to the Blue Mountain Ontario Village?  Want to explore all of the Blue Mountain activities? 

There are so many things to do in Blue Mountain village! We just went and had a blast! 

We had no idea what a blue mountain getaway would be like.  I was looking for fun things to do in Ontario with kids and actually found the Blue Mountains Ontario Village on the Marriott site.  

The Marriotts Westin was calling my name, so I dug a little deeper and found that there are so many things to do at blue mountain summer village. 

In this post, we will list some of the fun places to stay at Blue Mountain Ontario village, all of the Blue Mountain Summer activities, and the best places to eat and shop at the Blue Mountain Resort village. 

Let's explore all the fun things to do at Blue Mountain attractions! 

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Blue Mountain activites Canada

The blue mountains in Ontario is truly just Blue Mountain like 1.  It is a bunch of rolling hills near Collingwood, Ontario

This was surprising to me since I was coming from the Rocky Mountains, but no worries, put me in a nice resort with fun activities and I am good! 

Blue Mountains Toronto Directions

You might be asking how far is Blue Mountain from Toronto. If you are coming from Toronto, plan for about a 2.5-hour drive to get to the Blue Mountains, Ontario area.  It is a great day trip from Toronto! 

As we drove up to the Blue Mountains in Canada we were pretty much on country roads the entire time.  It was a very beautiful drive.  

How did we Learn about the Blue Mountain Village?

Okay, you might be wondering how did this Utah girl even know the Blue Mountain Resort existed.  Well,  I was planning a trip to Niagara Falls and was looking for a nice resort outside of Toronto.  As I searched on the Marriott website I found the Weston Trillium.   

This place looked really nice and as I did more research I learned there were all sorts of fun Blue Mountain summer activities such as a mountain coaster, zipline, and more.  I thought this would be the perfect place to relax and enjoy Canada before heading to Niagara Falls. 

Where to Stay at Blue Mountain Village

Blue Mountains Canada Resort

I have already mentioned that the Marriott Weston was the main reason, I wanted to visit the Blue Mountains in Canada.  

We were able to book a 2 bedroom suite with a kitchen.  This is so nice when you have a bigger family! 

It is conveniently located to all of the Blue Mountain summer activities.  You can literally walk out of your hotel room and begin having fun at the Blue Mountain attractions. 


Things to Do at Blue Mountain Village

Blue Mountain Ontario

There are so many things to do at Blue Mountain Village.  You can purchase a Play All Day Pass and enjoy many Blue Mountain activities.

Blue Mountain Attractions

  • Mountain Coaster
  • Zip Line
  • Rope Course
  • Climbing Walls
  • Net Adventures
  • Miniature Golf
  • Pong Trikes
  • Gondola
  • Aquatic Center
  • Beach
  • Hike
  • Shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Great Restaurants

As you can see there are many awesome Blue Mountain activities in the summer.  If you want to do all of these activities you can purchase a Play All Day Pass! There are discounts through the hotel if you purchase a few days before you arrive.  

You can also purchase your pass through the actual website, but it is a lot more.  There are also night passes that are good from 5:00 pm to close. 

Blue Mountain Activity Hours

9:00 am – 9:00 pm

We could never adjust to East Coast time.  It was so hard for us to get up early, but if you can, you will beat the heat and longer lines! 

We are going to dive into each Blue Mountain attraction so that you know what to expect!

1. Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster

Things to do at Blue Mountain Village Canada

The Blue Mountain coaster is probably one of the best attractions at the Blue Mountains, Ontario resort.  

It is really fun! I highly recommend getting in line for the Blue Mountain attraction first because it tends to get busier as the day goes along.  

We were only able to ride it one time.  I wish we could have gone more but the line did get longer as the day went on.  

Rules of the Blue Mountain Coaster

There are some rules for the coaster.  There is a short video you have to watch while you wait in line.  

You have to be 13 to ride by yourself.  This was disappointing to my 10-year-old daughter that is 5'4 inches tall. She was squished with her sister! She is taller than both her 16-year-old sister and her mom! 

I rode with my 8-year-old and it was totally fine. 

We loved going on the Blue Mountain coaster.   It is a lot of fun! 


2. Wind Rider Triple Zip Line

Blue Mountain Zip Line

The name Triple Zip might give away that there are actually three parts to the zipline experience.  

You will grab your gear at the bottom of the hill and hike up to the zip tower.  These zip lines are pretty long and really fun.

I was shocked my somewhat timid 14-year-old wanted to do this.  He did awesome! My 16-year-old loved it.  Unfortunately, you have to be 13 to participate.

My 10-year-old again was upset because she is a daredevil and would have loved to zipline. 

3. Timber Challenge and Woodlot Ropes Courses

Blue Mountain Ontario Ropes Course

There are two ropes courses. One is a lower course and the other is much taller.  Again my 10-year-old was disappointed she could not participate in the higher rope course.  The lower course was fun! 

You will pick up your equipment at the same location as you do for the Zip Line.  Once you are outfitted you will head up the hill in the same direction as the zip line for the higher course. The lower course is the bottom of the hill. 

4. Lumber Lanes Climbing Centre

Blue Mountain Ontario Climbing Wall

There are some pretty fun climbing walls you can try.  On top of the climbing walls is where the zip liners will land and be switched to the next zip line.  

You will get outfitted as the bottom of the hill and make your way over to the wall. 

Blue Mountain Attractions 

The wall has 8 different courses you can choose from. All ages can participate.  There is an auto Belay so you can be sure you are safe. 

Some of the courses are easier and others are more challenging.  You can decide which one to try. 

5. Canopy Climb Net Adventures

Blue Mountain Summer Activiites

The Canopy Climb is the perfect activity for kids.  It is designed for kids with huge trampoline areas, suspension bridges, tunnels, and slides, making the ultimate tree houses. 

It is a really fun area to play.  If you go to the top you will find a lookout tower where you can view the Blue Mountain village. 

There are some shaded areas below the Canopy Cimb where parents can sit and watch. 

6. Cascade Putting Course

Things to do at Blue Mountain - putt putt

The Cascade Putting Course is legit. This is an 18-hole putt putt course.

My 14-year-old son loves putt putt and golf.  He was so excited to do the course.  We were able to do it on two different days.  

On the first day, it wasn't busy and he was able to complete it in just over an hour.  The next day it was packed for Canada Day and he made it about 8 holes in about an hour.  

He had a lot of fun! 

7. Mill Pond Activity Centre

Blue Mountain attractions

The Mill Pond Trikes were one of my favorite activities. 

To gain access to the Mill Pond you have to walk into the village and out to the deck behind some of the restaurants.  

There is a place where you can check out a life jacket and board the aqua trikes.  These are operated by peddling forward or backward.  They are so super easy to control. 

I went on 3 rides during our stay at the Blue Mountain Ontario resort. 

Rules of the Blue Mountain Aqua Trikes

This ride requires an adult to be with kids under the age of 12.  This meant my 16-year-old could not ride with my 10-year-old.  She had to wait on the deck while I gave my 8-year-old a ride and then we had to switch.  

We had a good time and enjoyed peddling around the pond. 

8. Open Air Gondola

Collingwood Blue Mountain Gondola

The open-air Gondolas are so fun.  You can hop on the Gondola at the bottom of the hill.  It will take you to the top were you can hike, eat, or enjoy some entertainment. 

Blue Mountain Activities at the Top of the Hill

When we got to the top we decided to hike. We were told there are some fabulous views of the village.

My kids did not really feel up for a hike so they decided to chill on a very large over-sized rocking chair close to the snack shop. 

There is a snack shop and a theater right as you get off the lift.  

If there are performances going on you can rest and enjoy some entertainment. 

9. Plunge Aquatic Centre

Blue Mountain Ontario Pool

You might not believe this but it was so hot and humid at the Blue Mountain resort when we visited. 

I seriously thought I could be in Florida or San Antonio because of the humidity!  

I did not think that Ontario would be that hot and humid! We even had a tornado warning while we were staying at the Blue Mountain!! Crazy! 

Blue Mountain Activities to Cool-Off

We were so glad the Plunge Aquatic centre was a part of the Play-All-Day-Pass.  We spent about an hour or so during the hottest part of the day swimming. 

There is a slide and deep water area where you can jump and rope swing off a platform.  You do have to take a swimming test performed by the lifeguard to do the deep water activities. They will give you a special wristband. 

There is both an indoor splash area and outdoor pools. These can be heated if the weather is cold.  There are also hot tubs to enjoy.

My kids loved playing in the water and had a great time.  

Locker Rooms

There are locker rooms where you can change and store your stuff.  If you need a towel they are offered for an additional cost.  

10. Blue Mountain Private Beach

Bliue Mountain beach

Another Blue Mountain attraction to cool off at is the private beach.

This attraction is actually about 10 minutes from the Blue Mountain village at the Georgian Bay.  I was planning to go but a huge storm came in and we didn't get the chance.

Things to Do at Collingwood Blue Mountain Beach

I'm so sad we didn't get to go because the beach has kayaks, canoes, sup boards, and other fun activities.  I really wanted to do the SUP boards! All of the Blue Mountain activities at the beach are included in your Play All Day Pass admission. 

The water is crystal clear and the beach is perfect for building sand castles.  

11. Blue Mountain Hiking and Biking

Things to do Blue Mountain Ontario Canada

One of the best things to do at Blue Mountain is enjoy the Explore Park.  There are over 20 hiking and biking trails.  This area is accessible with the Play all-day pass as well a few other passes.

Explore Park Pass Access

  • Ikon Pass
  • Explore Season Pass
  • Play All Day Pass
  • Play All Evening Pass
  • Explore All Day Pass
  • Play As You Go Pass

We were able to go on one of the hikes at the top of the gondola.  There are nice paths that are clearly marked.  The views are incredible at the top of Blue Mountain. 

I typically love to trail run, but I felt the humidity was so high that I didn't even want to go outside when were there.  We had to take a lot of breaks and drink plenty of water.  

12. Shopping in Blue Mountain Village

Shopping at Blue Mountain Ontario Village

If you are looking for a few more things to do at Blue Mountain Village that are not included in the Play-all day pass, I have a few ideas.

The Blue Mountains Canada Village is really nice.  It resembles some of the best ski town villages in North America.

Shopping in the village is pretty fun.  There are big stores like North Face and smaller locally-owned stores. 

Stores at Blue Mountain Ontario 

  • Blue Mountain Supply Co.
  • Brights Gallery
  • Burton
  • Colombia Sports
  • Gabby Isabella
  • Georgian Christmas
  • Go Fish Go
  • Hatley
  • Hillside Mountain Accessories
  • Jack and Maddy
  • KOMBI Warmth Centre
  • Lifted
  • Little Blue House and Blue Scoops
  • L'occitane en Provence
  • Madison Clothing Company
  • Olde Staton Store
  • Pepper Palace
  • Red Devil Sports
  • Reiner's Original
  • Roots Canada
  • Singergy Clothing at Blue
  • North Face
  • Village Market

If you are looking for free things to do in Collingwood Ontario, this is a great option! You can just walk around and enjoy the village shops. 

There are also some Blue Mountain activities not included in the pass that are located in the Blue Mountain village.

If you want to enjoy an arcade or spend some time at a Spa.  You can find both of these at the Blue Mountain village area. 

13. Eating at Blue Mountain Village

eating at Blue Mountain Village

If you want to spend a fun weekend in Blue Mountains, enjoy some of the amazing food options! I am going to share with you some of the best eateries and places to visit in Blue Mountains Village. 

Because we don't have poutine in the US, we had to try it in Canada.  The Poutine counter service restaurant in the Blue Mountain village was the best poutine we had on our entire trip. We tried it at 4 different locations! 

We also had to try a Beavertail.  The classic Beavertail was delicious! Beavertails are offered at the Blue Mountain Ontario resort but you will find them all over Canada.

Fun Snacks at Blue Mountain in Canada

  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
  • Bevertails
  • Mile High Poutine
  • Pita Pit
  • Royal Majesty Expresso Bar and Bakery
  • The Happy Valley Candy Co.
  • Tim Hortons
  • Grand Central Lodge
  • Starbucks
  • Menchies

Restaurants at Blue Mountain in Ontario

  • The Pottery Restaurant
  • Jozo's Original Apres
  • Camino Taco
  • Cheezed
  • Chuck Burger
  • Copper Blues Bar & Grill
  • Firehall Pizza Co.
  • Kaytoo Restaurant and Bar
  • Kikaku Sushi Bar
  • Magnone's Italian Kitchen
  • MJ Byrne's Irish Pub
  • Mother Tongue
  • Northwinds Brewery
  • Oliver and Bonocini Cafe Grill
  • Rusty's at Blue
  • Sunset Grill
  • Tholos Restaurant
  • Twist Kitchen and Cocktail
  • Wild Wing

If you are looking for things to do at Blue Mountain Village, the food scene is a fantastic choice.   

A Blue Mountains weekend away would not be complete without trying at least some of the fun snacks and fabulous restaurants. 

14. Entertainment at Blue Mountain Ontario

Blue Mountain what to do - entertainment

One of the best things to do at Blue Mountain Resort is enjoy the entertainment options. There are live bands that perform at different venues throughout Blue Mountain village. 

You can look at the Blue Mountain Events Calendar to see the dates and times of the performers. 

Things to Do at Blue Mountain 

A few more things to do at Blue Mountain that are not included in the Play All Day Pass is the Mountain Top Segway tours, the Monterra Tennis Courts, and the Monterra Golf Course. 

Are you Ready to Visit Blue Mountain Ontario Village

Canada Blue Mountain Village

There are so many things to do at Blue Mountain Ontario! We loved all of the Blue Mountain summer activities.  

I know you will enjoy all of the Blue Mountain attractions as well! 

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    1. There are lots fun things to do. It actually rained one day we were there but we were able to do some of the activities the next day!

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