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The Best Gettysburg Battlefield Tours (6 Types of Gettysburg Tours!)

Are you planning a trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania? Want to experience the best Gettysburg battlefield tours available? 

Awesome! Gettysburg was one of the most influential battles that changed the course of the Civil War.  I love visiting all of the East Coast historical sites. Gettysburg is one of the best,! It is a perfect place to include on your East Coast family vacation.  

In this post, we are going to explore all of the Gettysburg battlefield tours. From the Gettysburg self-guided driving tour to the Gettysburg battlefield ghost tours.  There are lots of great options for civil war battlefield tours at Gettysburg! 

Let's explore the best Gettysburg battlefield tours! 

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Admission and Hours for the Gettysburg Battlefield

Gettysburg Tickets

Gettysburg National Military Park is operated by the National Park Services. It is a Military park, not an official East Coast National Park


Admission is all over the map. Some of the things to do in Gettysburg are free and others are not. 

The Gettysburg battlefield is FREE of charge.  If you want to save money and go on a self-guided Gettysburg battlefield tour it won't cost you anything. You can also enter the Gettysburg visitor center for free.  

The Eisenhower National Historic site and the David Wills House are also free.  

Gettysburg Battlefield Tickets

  • Gettysburg Film Tickets
  • Gettysburg Cyclorama Tickets
  • Gettysburg Museum Tickets

The Gettysburg Museum, film, and cyclorama are amazing! It is worth checking out.  

Admission to Gettysburg Museum, Film and Cyclorama

Adults: $18.75

Children: $13.75

If you only want to go to the Gettysburg museum, tickets are about $12.95 for adults and $10.75 for children. 

Guided Gettysburg Battlefield Tours

Guided tours vary in price.  Get ready! We are going to dig into which guided Gettysburg battlefield tours are the best option for you below. 

How Much is a Tour of Gettysburg?

You can click on the different Gettysburg battlefield tours I will list below to check the price.  They range from as low as $5 for a self-guided audio tour and can go up for guided Gettysburg tours.  

How Many Days Do you Need to Visit Gettysburg?

Gettysburg battlefield tours - visitor center

You will want 1-2 days to explore the Gettysburg battlefields, historic sites, and the Gettysburg Visitor Center.   

We opted for 1 day.  This will give you plenty of time to tour the museum and battlefield.  If you want to do a few tours you will want a second day.  

Accommodations in Gettysburg

There are a lot of Gettysburg campgrounds to check out if you want to stay the night as well as hotels such as the Courtyard Marriott

What is the Best Way to Visit Gettysburg?

Gettysburg Battlefields tour

The best way to visit Gettysburg depends on your budget.  The free national park audio tour is a great option but going on one of the Gettysburg battlefield tours is going to be better.

Gettysburg Battlefield Tour Options

  • Self-Guided Tour using the NPS Audio Tour (Or using other low-cost audio tours.)
  • Group Gettysburg Tour
  • Private Gettysburg Tour with a licensed battlefield tour guide. 

1. Self-Guided Gettysburg Battlefield Drive

Gettysburg self guided driving tour

The self-guided Gettysburg battlefield tour follows 14 stops and takes you through the phases of the 3 days of the battle.

Can you Just Drive Through Gettysburg Battlefield?

Yes, you can drive through the Gettysburg battlefield from sunrise to sunset.  You will want to start at the Gettysburg visitor center to make sure you get a map.  You will also want to download the app so that you can hear the commentary for each stop. 

Self-Guided Driving Tours

Can you Tour Gettysburg on your Own?

Yes, touring Gettysburg on your own is the most affordable way to visit.  There are maps available and an app to make your experience great. 

How Long is the Self-Guided Tour of Gettysburg? 

It will take 2-4 hours to drive through the Gettysburg battlefield. The time it takes you to drive through the Gettysburg battlefield tour really depends on traffic and how many stops you make along the way.  

There are parking lots where you can get out of your car and explore different civil war sites.  You can also take a guided Gettysburg auto tour.

How Many Stops on the Gettysburg Audio Tour

There are 14 stops on the self-guided Gettysburg battlefield tour.  You do not have to stop at each one. You can drive slowly and listen to the audio tour. 

I thought the best stop was the Gettysburg National Cemetery. It is worth parking and exploring. 

Group Gettysburg Battlefield Tour

Gettysburg Battlefield Tour

Touring civil war battlefields with a guide is much better than a self-guided tour.  If you have the budget, time,  and love history this is the way to go!

Let's start with some group tours that will give you the experience you want.

2. Gettysburg Battlefield Bus Tour

Gettysburg Battlefield Bus Tour

The Gettysburg battlefield bus tours are a great option. During the Gettysburg bus tour, the guide will tell you about the different phases of the 3-day battle, which was the turning point of the American Civil War.

This tour will also take you to famous sites such as Devil's Den, Little Round Top, and Pickett's charge.  

I met a few of the tour guides.  They are huge history buffs with lots of information to share.  These Gettysburg bus tours are perfect if you want to learn more and have individual questions answered along the way. 

3. Gettysburg Horseback Tours

Gettysburg Horseback Tour

Going on a Gettysburg horseback tour is awesome.  Not only will you have a licensed battlefield guide but you get to go on a Gettysburg trail ride.  

2 or 4 Gettysburg Horseback Tour

You have the option of a 2-hour Gettysburg Horseback tour or you can go on a 3-4 Hour Horseback riding Gettysburg tour

Horseback riding Gettysburg battlefield is an amazing experience! Honestly, Gettysburg on horseback would be my preference. 

4. Horse Drawn Carriage Gettysburg Battlefield Tour

Gettysburg battlefield Tour by Carriage

If you are looking for fun things to do in Gettysburg for kids, a horse-drawn carriage  Gettysburg battlefield tour is an option.  This is a memorable way to explore the history of Gettysburg. 

The Horse-drawn carriage Gettysburg tour is a guided tour that lasts about 2 hours. 

This Gettysburg battlefield tour will begin at the Gettysburg Heritage Museum.  The horse-drawn carriage will be in the front of the museum. 

5. Walking Tour of Gettysburg Battlefield

Gettysburg Battlefield Tour Walking

Obviously, the Gettysburg battlefield is way too big to walk the entire 14 stops.  But there are some very fun informational self-guided walking tours for different sections of the Gettysburg Battlefield. 

Gettysburg Battlefield Tours (Walking)


6. Gettysburg Ghost Tour

Gettysburg Ghost Tours

The Gettysburg battle was one of the deadliest in all of the Civil War. During the battle of Gettysburg, more than 23,000 men died from the Union Army and over 28,000 died from the Confederacy Army (1/3 of the South's army.)

All of these death's in one place leave a place for a paranormal experience.  Gettysburg haunted tours are very popular.  If a Gettysburg ghost tour interests you there is a lot! 

Gettysburg Ghost Tours

Do you Tip your Gettysburg Tour Guide?

Best Gettysburg battle field tours

Yes, if you decided to go on a guided tour tipping is important.  These guides love what they do.  They offer so much insight and historical knowledge.  Give you guide a tip if they do a good job! 

Are you Ready to Tour Gettysburg Battlefield?

Visiting Gettysburg Battlefield

Hopefully, one of these amazing Gettysburg battlefield tours interests you! A Gettysburg day trip isn't complete without experiencing one of these tours. 

I know I would love to spend a Gettysburg weekend trip soaking in all the history and learning.  I have been a few times to Gettysburg and loved it everything time.  You will too! 

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East Coast Trip

We went on an East Coast trip. We started in New York City and then headed to Hershey Park and Gettysburg.  We spent a week in Washington DC and got to see the monuments at night, DC museums, and my favorite Mount Vernon.

We went south to Shenandoah National Park, Monticello, and Colonial Williamsburg where we went to Jamestown, and rode all the rides at Busch Gardens.

The East Coast is awesome! 


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