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Visit The Amazing Hershey Park Chocolate World And Go On A Hershey Factory Tour!

Are you planning on visiting Hershey Chocolate World? Want to go on the famous Hershey factory tour?  

Awesome! You are in the right spot. Hershey Park chocolate factory is amazing! We recently went to Hershey Chocolate World and loved it! Who doesn't like chocolate right?!  I'm excited to share with you all of my favorite things to do at Hershey Chocolate World.

In this post, we are going to go over the logistics of visiting Hershey Chocolate World.  From Hershey Chocolate World parking to all of the information for the Hershey factory tour.  This will include the Hershey Chocolate World ticket options, and all the fun things to do at the chocolate factory in Hershey, PA! 

For all you chocolate lovers out there, you are in for a treat! Let's explore all of the amazing things to do at the chocolate factory in PA!

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Directions to Hershey Park Chocolate World

The Pennsylvania Hershey chocolate factory is located in Hershey, PA.  Hershey, Pennsylvania is a pretty awesome location as it is an easy drive from many eastern states.

Travel Time to Hershey Pennsylvania 

Hershey Park Chocolate factory is located next to the official Hershey Park.

Hershey Park Chocolate World

Hershey factory tour

There are two Hershey manufacturing plants located in Hershey.  One is where 70 million Hershey Kisses are produced in a day.  There is also a Reece's plant located nearby.  

There are many plants located all over the world.  In Hershey, PA the Hershey Chocolate Bar, Hershey Kisses, Hershey Chocolate Bars with Almonds, and Hershey Syrup are produced. Reece's peanut butter cups are produced in Hershey, PA as well in another plant.

Hershey Chocolate Factory Tour

If you want to go on a Hershey chocolate factory tour you will have to settle with the Hershey's Chocolate World tour.  Don't worry it is awesome! 

This is where you will get to see how the chocolate is produced and even receive a piece of candy at the end of your Hershey chocolate factory tour!

Admission to Hershey Chocolate World

Hershey factory tour tickets

The Hershey Chocolate tour is free! Yup, you read that right! Hershey Chocolate World is not the Hershey Amusement Park. It is located in the area before you would actually enter the park.  

This area is new and really nice! 

The Hershey Factory tour is a complimentary tour and is not what you would expect a chocolate factory tour to be, it is so much better.  We will get to that later! 

Hershey Chocolate World at Hershey Park Hours

Times vary depending on the season.  Typically during the summer months, the Hershey factory tour will be available from 9:00 am – 9 or 10 pm.  During the spring and fall it will not open until 11:00 am. 

Hershey Factory Tour 

The store and Hershey chocolate factory tour are part of the free experiences at Hershey Chocolate World.  There are some additional experiences that do have a fee.  We will tell you all about them below. 

Hershey Chocolate World Tickets

Hershey Chocolate World tickets

Hershey Park Chocolate World Paid Experiences

  • Create Your Own Candy Bar Experience
  • Hershey's Unwrapped
  • Hershey Trolley Works
  • Photo Opps
  • Hershey Workshop Kit

Hershey Chocolate World Parking

Hershey Chocolate World parking

Hershey Chocolate World parking is nice.  There are two separate Hershey Chocolate World parking lots. One is for the actual amusement park and one is for Hershey Chocolate World. 

Free Hershey Chocolate World Parking

The Hershey Chocolate World parking is free! There is a time limit, you can't park here and then plan to spend the day at the amusement park.  But both Hershey Chocolate World parking lots are pretty close together.  

How Long Should I Spend at the Hershey Chocolate World Tour?

Hershey Chocolate World tour

If you are going to Hershey Chocolate World and only want to do the Hershey Chocolate tour you can be in and out within probably 30-45 minutes. 

Adventure Packages

Most people want to shop and experience an attraction or two.  Hershey Chocolate World has adventure packages that range from 2-3 hours.  This will include creating your own chocolate bar and a trolley tour around town.  

One thing that is nice is Hershey Chocolate World opens before Hershey Park.  You can plan to check it out and then enter the park. 

What is the Difference between Hershey Park and Hershey Chocolate World

Chocolate World vs. Hershey Park

Hershey Park is a legit amusement park with lots of roller coasters and it even has a water park and zoo area.  

Hershey Chocolate World is a store with a free Hershey chocolate ride inside.  This ride is the Hershey factory tour. There are some experiences, but it is basically a cool store.  

I wouldn't necessarily plan the Hershey factor tour on the same day as you visit the amusement park.  Hershey Park is huge and could easily fill two full days! 

What to Do at Hershey Chocolate World

Hershey Chocolate factory tour

Visiting Hershey Chocolate World is a great idea.  There are some fun things to do at Hershey Chocolate World.  The most exciting is the Hershey factory tour.  

Let's explore a little more of what to do at the Hershey park factory.  I am going to list out the best things to do at the Hershey chocolate factory in Hershey PA. 

1. Hershey Chocolate Tour

Chocolate factory in Hershey PA tour

The Hershey chocolate tour will be the highlight of your Hershey Chocolate World experience.

Basically, Hershey has created a Hershey chocolate ride where you hop in a cocoa bean and learn how the chocolate is made through an interactive ride experience.  

Lines for the Hershey Chocolate Factory Tour

The line tends to be long.  But don't worry it feels like you are constantly moving.  I would plan to wait 15-30 minutes on busier days.  

What is the Chocolate Factory Tour Like?

You will begin at the farm and end with the production of chocolate.  There are lots of fun facts along the way.  At the end of the tour, you will get some delicious candy! 

The tour is seriously well done and fun for all ages! Touring Hershey chocolate factory is a highlight and a must when you visit Hershey Park. 

2. Shopping at Hershey Park Chocolate World Hershey PA

Hershey Chocolate Tour Shopping

I don't know about you, but I love themed stores! Hershey Chocolate World has every Hershey chocolate souvenir or candy you could ever hope for.  

Hershey Chocolate Park Products

The number one thing to buy is candy.  I know what you are thinking, you can get that anywhere.  But Hershey claims to have the freshest candy at the Hershey store in Hershey PA.  So maybe it is worth it?!

There are also lots of options to fill a cup or other souvenir collectibles with candy.  you can also get shirts, sweatshirts, stuffed animals, or even Hershey-themed board games.  

There are lots of fun things to shop around for at Hershey Chocolate World!  It is really fun to walk around Hershey Park Chocolate World and look at all of the merchandise!  

3. Create Your Own Candy Bar

Worlds largest Hershey Bar- Hershey chocolate tour

Price: $28.95

Thirty dollars for a candy bar seems a little expensive to me but how often are you going to be in a location that allows you to design your very own candy bar from start to finish? 

Hershey Factory Tour Candy Bar Experience

You will become a professional Hershey factory tour worker and put on a lab coat and hairnet.  You will then be able to pick your flavor of chocolate.(White, Milk, or Dark)  Then you can add 3 ingredients.  

You will get to watch as it rolls along a conveyer belt.  As The Chocolate hardens you can design your wrapper.


4. Hershey's Unwrapped

Hershey Tour - Unwrapped Hershey Chocolate experience

Price: $17.95

The Hershey Unwrapped experience is a great way to test all of your senses including taste which is what you will be most excited about during this interactive show. 

You will be given a chocolate-tasting kit, basically a box of candy!  There will be certain times during the show when you will be asked to taste certain pieces. 

This experience is a live-action show. This show has received rewards for the quality of the production. It is the perfect activity for families because even young children will enjoy this experience. 

5. Hershey Trolley Works

Hershey Trolley Tour at Hershey factory tour

Price: $18.95

The trolley tour is 75+ minutes. It is a tour around the city of Hershey PA. You will want to purchase your tickets inside the Hershey Chocolate World.

This tour is a historical interactive experience.  Live actors sing and talk about the history of Milton Hershey.  I didn't get a chance to go on it but TripAdvisor reviews are outstanding. 

You will get to see historical sites.

Themed Trolleys

During the Christmas season there are two theme trolleys.  The Holly Jolly Trolley has Christmas caroling and magical moments. The Sweet Lights Trolley is a way to view the Christmas lights with a little Hershey chocolate flair. 

The trolley tour is perfect on a day you are not going to Hershey Park. 

6. Hershey Chocolate World Food Court

Hershey Chocolate experience - Hershey chocolate tour

Touring Hershey Chocolate World will lead you to the food court. I am just going to say it! Get a milkshake! Hershey Chocolate World is known for its milkshakes.  There are classic flavors as well as special flavors.  They are so yummy! The line will probably be long so get ready to wait! 

More than Sweets at Hershey Chocolate World

If you feel like you need something more filling than dessert, don't worry the food hall at Hershey Chocolate World has pizza, pretzels, soup, and salads.  But you still might want to save room for dessert! 

7. Hershey's Chocolate World Bakery

Hershey Chocolate factory Tour Bakery

Hershey bakery will call your name and you might as well answer.  All of the baked items have a Hershey's twist. I highly recommend a stuffed cookie sandwich.  Yum

One of my favorite things to do on vacation is hit the best bakeries.  I love picking up delicious cupcakes filled with cream decorated to perfection! After you finish the Hershey factory tour make sure to head to the bakery! 

8. Meet the Characters

Chocolate Factory in Hershey PA - Characters

Taking pictures with chocolate bars needs to be added to your list of things to do at Hershey Chocolate World! The characters are inside Hershey chocolate factory.

Meet and Greet at Hershey Chocolate Factory Tour

Your little kids will love it! These “characters” will wave and want you to come to take a picture with them.  We saw a Hershey Chocolate Bar and a kiss. There is also a Reese's peanut butter cup character.

These characters usually say hi only during the weekend but in the summer they will greet you as you being your Hershey factory tour most days of the week. 

9. Hershey Park Chocolate Factory Photo Op

Pennsylvania Hershey Chocolate Factory

All around the store are picture-perfect photo opps.  You can seriously get some great Instagram-worthy shots in this store! 

If you want a free thing to do at Hershey Chocolate World, just walk around a take picture! 

Seasonal Photos at Hershey Chocolate World

  • Picture with Santa
  • Picture with the Easter Bunny

10. Hershey Factory Tour Hands-on Workshop

Hershey Park Chocolate Factory workshops

Price: $14.95

One of the coolest things for families to do at Hershey Chocolate World is the hands-on family workshops. 

One of the most popular workshops is decorating a huge Hershey Kiss! There are other workshops offered seasonally. During Easter, there is a kit available that comes with cookies from the bakery that you can decorate.  You can decorate these kits in the store or take them home.  

Are you Ready to Visit and Go on a Hershey Chocolate Tour?

Hershey Chocolate World Tour

Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas of all the fun things to do a Hershey Chocolate World.  I highly recommend the Hershey chocolate tour and enjoying some delicious Hershey chocolate.

Hershey Park Chocolate World is worth a visit! 

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