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Tips About Credit Card Travel

Tip 1

Planning ahead is key.  A lot of credit cards have a certain amount you have to spend before you get your points!  If you want to use your points on a specific vacation make sure you are prepared!

Tip 2

Be smart with credit cards!  Make sure you can pay off your card before you charge anything to it!

Which Card is Right?

Southwest Airlines Credit Card

Southwest has a really good credit card! This is a Visa Card. We wanted to go to Disney World but knew it was going to be a lot to fly our family of 5 to Florida.  I wanted to find a way to get FREE plane tickets by signing up for a credit card.  I choose Southwest.

Our Trip was scheduled for February. I applied for this card in July almost an entire year before our trip. I received my bonus points for spending a certain amount within the first three months.  My husband also applied for the same card.  We were able to accumulate 120,000 points (offers vary throughout the year) Southwest runs a sale twice a year for very short time and I wanted to make sure that I could get the tickets for the lowest points possible!

Not only was I able to get 5 tickets to Florida, we had enough points to get 5 round trip tickets to Oklahoma and 5 one way tickets to Chicago!

I used the credit card on most of my expenses and accumulated quite a few extra points.

Over all it was a great option!

Right now you get 40,000 bonus points when you spend $1000 in the first 3 months. There is a $69 fee that is associated with your anniversary, however, they gift you 3000 points every year.

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Delta Skymiles Credit Card

We decided we needed a Delta Credit Card  because we live in a Delta hub.  We wanted to fly direct.

Delta has the same offer right now of 40,000 bonus points after you spend $1000 in the first three months. They have EXTRA BENEFITS! The annual fee is FREE the first year and the $95 after.  They also give a $50 statement credit when you purchase a Delta ticket within the first 3 months of having the card.  My favorite benefit is they allow up to 9 Free Bags per Card!  Plus, priority boarding and discounts for sky club and in flight purchases.

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American Airlines Credit Card

American is another great option, especially if you live in one of their hubs. This card is a MasterCard.  They offer 4 Free Checked Bags per reservation. The annual fee is waived the first year.

Right now you can get 50,000 bonus points when you sign up and spend $2500 in the first 3 months.


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